Did you know that the ocean regulates our climate, generates most of the oxygen we breathe, and is home to millions of different living creatures? On June 8, people will come together to honor and help protect our world’s oceans. Whether you live near the coast or inland, you can take part in this special day to reflect on what the ocean means to you. Here are some ways you can join REEF in celebrating World Oceans Day. 

Watch a Fishinar: We are kicking off the World Oceans Day celebration with a free Fishinar! Join us on June 7 from 8-9 p.m. for an engaging online presentation that will commemorate the 25th year of the Volunteer Fish Survey Project while discussing the past, present, and future of this monumental citizen science program. Can’t make it to the live session? All Fishinars are archived so you can watch at your convenience. Visit www.REEF.org/resources/fishinars for more information or to register. 

Remove a Lionfish: Our Miami Lionfish Derby will be held June 8-10 at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. The event will feature scoring, cash prizes, raffles, lionfish tastings, and dissection and filleting demonstrations. Prizes will be awarded to derby teams who bring in the most, largest, and smallest lionfish. For more information as well as the full event schedule and registration, visit www.REEF.org/lionfish/derbies

Conduct a Fish Survey: Get involved in citizen science and ocean conservation by snorkeling or diving to conduct a fish survey in any of our project regions. When you conduct a survey, you are contributing to the world’s largest database of marine life sightings. All you need to get started is a slate and pencil. To learn more or get started, visit www.REEF.org/vfsp

Donate to REEF: From mapping biodiversity, to combating invasive species and helping protect special places such Nassau Grouper spawning aggregations, we are proud to be making an difference in conservation, and your support makes this possible! You can donate by visiting  www.REEF.org/donate

We hope you will join us in recognizing the importance of conserving our marine environments this World Oceans Day.