Last summer, we launched a brand-new version of the REEF website! There are many improved features on this new interface that we'd like to share with you. This month, we'll show you how to sort your REEF Survey Log.

Step 1: After logging into your REEF account, go to My REEF > My Survey Log
Step 2: Notice that you can click on any of the headers to sort in ascending or descending order.

• Want to know the highest (or lowest) number of species you saw on a dive? Click on Species.
• Want to know the longest (or shortest) dive you had? Click on Bottom Time.
• Want to see how many dives you have done at a particular site? Click on Site or Code.
• Want to see the exact species you saw on a particular dive? Click on the "Form ID" number.
• Want to get fancier? Click on + Click for Report Options and play with the choices there.
• You can even download your entire log by clicking on the "Download as .csv" button.
• Want to print out your log summary? Click on the + button in the lower right corner.

We hope you'll give some of these new features a try! Please email with any comments or questions.