We are happy to welcome four new Marine Conservation Interns to REEF. These individuals will play a vital role in the organization by assisting with numerous summer projects including Lionfish Derbies and Ocean Explorers Summer Camp, while working to support daily office operations and other mission-oriented tasks. They will also have many opportunities to dive, conduct fish surveys, and volunteer with environmental organizations in South Florida and the Florida Keys. Each group of interns brings a unique perspective and skill set to REEF. Our Summer 2018 interns include:

Lisa Burton from Flagstaff, AZ: Lisa has a B.S. in Biology from Northern Arizona University. She has worked as a fisheries technician and aquaculturist for the AZ Dept. of Game and Fish, and is interested in expanding her focus from freshwater fishes to pursue a career dedicated to preserving marine ecosystems.

Sophie Costa from Austin, TX: Sophie has a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Spanish from Rhodes College. Sophie has studied the threats facing the Meso-American barrier reef while conducting conservation work and studying invasive lionfish in Belize, and hopes to use scientific research and outreach to support marine life.

David Ehlert from Lexington, KY: David is currently pursuing a B.S. in Natural Resource and Environmental Science from the University of Kentucky. David has studied abroad in Mexico, where he assessed lionfish effects on fish populations and participated in coastal cleanup efforts. He hopes to one day develop a conservation program that gives college students from non-coastal states an opportunity to learn about the ocean.

Ronnie Noonan from Halifax, Nova Scotia: Ronnie is currently pursuing a B.S. in Marine Biology with a certificate in Leadership in Science and Communication from Dalhousie University. She has interned at a research lab in Zavora, Mozambique, and discovered her passion for communicating ocean science while working as a touch tank interpreter. Her goal is to become a science communicator. 

We are so happy to have Lisa, Sophie, David, and Ronnie with us this summer. Our interns are a crucial part of REEF and we couldn’t accomplish our mission without them! For more information about the Marine Conservation Internship or to apply for a future semester, visit www.REEF.org/internship.