The Indo-Pacific lionfish invasion front is rapidly moving south into the Caribbean. Through REEF’s on-the-ground work, lionfish impacts are being documented in the Bahamas and initial results suggest these impacts will be devastating. Belize saw their first lionfish in 2008, and they are spreading fast. Divers are starting to see more fish on more sites. Now, Belizean organizations are offering a $50.00 per fish bounty to remove the fish before they become established.

We need to act now! Peter Hughes Diving and REEF have teamed up to coordinate a special benefit research, education and removal project on board the Sun Dancer II from June 13-20, 2009. Join Peter Hughes and Lad Akins in this important week of diving. During the week we will look for Lionfish on Belize’s famous walls and magnificent reefs. We will talk each day about Lionfish issues and the current state of knowledge about the invasion. Any Lionfish encountered during the week will be collected and any bounties will go to the diver who first spotted the fish.

For more information on the project and to sign up, please contact Peter Hughes Diving at (800) 9-DANCER.