We are honored to release the 2010 REEF Annual Report. The report is posted online at www.REEF.org/reef_files/annual2010.pdf.

In 2010, REEF once again accomplished a successful year with significant advances in research, outreach, and education. REEF continued to manage the world’s largest fish sightings database, with over 146,000 surveys conducted by volunteer divers and snorkelers. These surveys have been used in numerous scientific publications since REEF's inception in 1990, and requests for data hit an all time high in 2010. Last year, REEF expanded lionfish outreach by publishing the Lionfish Cookbook and conducting derbies, helping to educate and engage the dive community. In an effort to increase outreach, REEF added 3,441 new members and teamed up with 49 new REEF Field Stations, which serve as active centers of fish identification education. Next year promises to be just as exciting with new Grouper Moon larvae tracking research, continued lionfish outreach, and new fish identification webinar classes.