Building Inclusive Programming and Access

REEF’s Oceans for All Fund has been created to support individuals who have had limited opportunities to learn about, experience, and explore the ocean. 

REEF is committed to using our programs, platform, and voice to build a better world for the conservation community. And through that, a place where all feel comfortable, safe, and welcome. We are critically assessing how REEF programming can be more inclusive for populations with limited access and representation in science, diving, and conservation. Oceans for All is designed to meet that goal, supporting scholarships, programming, and outreach initiatives that provide experience and increase awareness of opportunities in marine conservation amongst traditionally underrepresented groups and those with financial need. 

REEF uses the fund in partnership with established organizations that serve underrepresented groups and directly provides both in-person and online programs, ensuring that cultivating connections with the ocean is not limited by zip code. The Oceans for All Fund reduces barriers that limit diverse individuals and groups from participating in REEF programs. The fund also provides scholarships to support participation in REEF activities, including:

  • Online virtual Ocean Explorers Programs
  • Marine Conservation Internship
  • Ocean Explorers Summer Camps in Key Largo
  • In-person Discovery Programs for groups at the REEF Campus in Key Largo
  • Volunteer Fish Survey Project Activities

The Ocean for All Fund is a pooled scholarship fund supported by businesses, foundations, and individuals committed to investing in a more equitable future for marine conservation. These donors are creating opportunities for the next generation of ocean stewards and supporting foundational change in how we work going forward. Add your voice to this commitment; donate to the Oceans for All Fund here and mention the fund in the comments, or mail your donation to REEF at PO Box 370246, Key Largo, FL 33037, or call us at (305) 852-0030

The Oceans for All Fund promotes inclusive opportunities for people to connect with, enjoy, and learn about the underwater world. There are many ways to join in this endeavor, and we hope that you choose to lend your support in any way that you can. Small actions can add up to make a big difference for the marine environment and the people who care for it; a healthy future for the oceans is dependent on what we can do together. 

Individuals or groups interested in programming through the Oceans for All Fund can email for more information.