Step One: Become a REEF Member and get your member number

Step Two: Login to the Data Entry portal page

Click on the 'Submit Data' button on home page, and log in using your last name and member ID number. Or just go here:

Step Three: Moving through the data entry screens

  • Progress through the screens using the Next and Back buttons.
  • If you need to interrupt your session, you can also hit Save or Logout at anytime.
  • If you lose your internet connection or need to logout before finishing, the information will be there to complete and submit when you log back in.

Step Four: Geographic Zone Codes

  • To submit a survey from a particular location, REEF must have an 8-digit zone code for the site in our database. Geographic Zone Codes are found here:
  • Or, on the data entry form, you can also enter all or part of the name in the “Refine Search” box to search for a dive location and find the 8-digit REEF code.
  • Can't find the zone code? Request one by contacting and providing the name of the site, and its location (lats/longs) or nearby landmarks.

Step Five: Listed and Unlisted Species Pages

  • You can match the online data entry form to the underwater survey paper you used by selecting from the "Species List Order" drop-down menu.
  • The first page lists the most common species found in that region. You can display by common name, scientific name, or both. Select Single, Few, Many or Abundant.
  • The next screen is the Unlisted Species, where you will be able to add any additional fish species you saw. Search by common, scientific, and family names (or enter in the specific species code if already known). Enter the quantity, and click on 'Save Changes' to add that species.

Step Six: Error Checking and Summary Pages

  • On the Error Checking page, your sightings data will be compared to REEF’s existing data and any rare sightings, new sightings, or species that are commonly misidentified will be flagged. You will be asked to confirm these sightings.
  • After you finish entering the data, your entries will be summarized. Please review the summary and confirm that all information is correct.
  • Review any photos you may have taken and add any species you may have left off.
  • Pay particular attention to the dive site name, start time and date.

Step Seven: Submit your survey

  • Each survey is assigned a survey number that is shown at the top of both the summary page and the 'thank you for submitting' page.
  • Keep track of this number! Write it on your underwater paper, or in your dive log.
  • You can also use your browser’s print function to print the final review page, including the survey number, for your records.
  • Once you select “Submit” the survey data will be stored in a permanent file and you will no longer be able to review or edit the data.
  • The data will not be added to the database immediately, and takes up to 6 weeks to go through the error checking phase.
  • If you found you made a mistake after submitting and need to change something, please email and include your survey's confirmation number.