Lionfish Collection Kit - Nets, Gloves, and Bag


Everything you need to safely collect lionfish. The kit includes your choice of net style:


  • Two vinyl nets (Kit cost - $126.50)


  • Two monofilament nets (Kit cost - $87.50)



  • A pair of Hex Armor Sharpsmaster II gloves (yellow ones)
  • One X-large vinyl collection bag

Gloves available in sizes 7-11 (S-XL), please indicate glove size in order comments.

Price for the kit represents a 20% savings over purchasing items individually.

Description of collection net styles:

Monofilament Nets: These shallow-bellied bait nets have a 9” mouth with fine mesh monofilament netting. The PVC handle is lightweight and barely negatively buoyant. Plastic tubing around the mouth of the net helps prevent entanglement with the substrate. Useful for freediving or diving, these nets require and allow faster movement through the water than traditional deep-bellied collecting nets. Overall length 29”.

Vinyl Nets:These are much larger with a square bottom, clear sides, and a window screen mesh at the end for easy water flow out of the net.