Lionfish Pop Art Rashguard


Made from a comfortable, lightweight, dry-fit material, this rashguard features our Lionfish pop art design.

Unisex sizing.

Representing REEF's Invasive Species Program:

Non-native marine fishes can pose a major threat to marine fisheries, habitats, and eco-system function. Since 1994, REEF has maintained an on-line educational section on non-native species as well as an on-line exotic species reporting page. Divers are encouraged to submit any sightings of non-native species via this sightings reporting form. Since 2006, REEF has been working in close partnership with government agencies and partners throughout the region to help develop lionfish response plans, train resource managers and dive operators in effective collecting and handling techniques and conduct cutting edge research to help address the invasion. To aid in this effort, REEF currently enlists interested divers and snorkelers to join organized lionfish research and removal projects and encourages public participation in helping address the invasion.  To learn more about this program please visit: