REEF Board of Trustees

Paul H. Humann

REEF founder
Marine life author and photographer

Ned DeLoach

REEF founder
President New World Publications

James P. Dalle Pazze, Esq.

Herdeg, du Pont & Dalle Pazze, LLP

Marta Bonatz

Retired, DuPont

Alex Brylske, Ph.D.

Ocean Education International (OEI)

Janet Camp

Pelton Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Anna DeLoach

Underwater Videographer

Harris Friedberg, Ph.D.

Wesleyan University

Scott Heppell, Ph.D.

Oregon State University

Mary "Mel" McCombie, Ph.D.

Fulbright Scholar, Trinity College


Science Liaison to the Board

James Bohnsack, Ph.D.

Research Fishery Biologist, retired
NOAA Fisheries