REEF Board of Trustees

Paul H. Humann

REEF founder
Marine life author and photographer

Ned DeLoach

REEF founder
President New World Publications

James P. Dalle Pazze, Esq.

Herdeg, du Pont & Dalle Pazze, LLP

Janet Camp

Anna DeLoach

Underwater Videographer

Harris Friedberg

Wesleyan University

Mary "Mel" McCombie

Fulbright Scholar, Trinity College


Science Liaison to the Board

Dr. James Bohnsack - NOAA

Research Fishery Biologist
NOAA Fisheries

REEF Educator's Advisory Committee

Rick Bonney

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Paul Detwiler

Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education

Marissa Lopez

Teaching Fellow

Dr. David Niebuhr

Mote Marine Laboratory

Ryan Richter

High School Educator

Ben St. Pierre

High School Educator

John Williams

University of Texas Marine Science Institute

REEF Advisory Panel

Billy Causey

Superintendent, Southeast Region of the National Marine Sanctuary Program

Dr. Ken Deaver

Ethnoscience, LLP

Kalli de Meyer

Executive Director, Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance

Stephen Frink

Stephen Frink Photographic

Dr. Steven Gittings

Science Coordinator, National Marine Sanctuary Program

Wolcott Henry

President, Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation

William Horn

Marine Resource Consulting

Dr. Tom Isgar

Wild Images Photography

Ken Marks

Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA) Program

Chris Ostrom

National Marine Sanctuary Program

Deena Wells Reppen

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Dr. Emily Schmitt-Lavin

Nova University

Dr. Edwin Steiner

Mo’Alem, Inc.

Dr. Kathleen Sullivan Sealey

University of Miami

Anne Walton

National Marine Sanctuary Program