Led by World-Renowned Underwater Photographer and Marine Life Author -- PAUL HUMANN

In 2001 the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) introduced an exciting new program called the REEF Discovery Tour. The program was so successful it was decided to make it an annual event. One 2001 participant wrote, “I was about to drop out of diving, thought I’d seen it all and getting bored, but the REEF Discovery Tour opened my eyes and changed the way I dive. In the past I would rush around the reef looking only for the large charismatic fish and creatures -- knowing nothing about most of “the stuff” I was seeing. Now I go much slower, stopping to enjoy all the animals on the reef because I know what they are, how they function, and the role they play. As a result every dive is special, whether I see that big fish or not. Thank you REEF!” The week is for all, beginner and experienced divers/snorkelers alike, who are interested in learning about marine life and seeing more on their dives/snorkels. Paul Humann, the man who wrote the books, is leading the Discovery Tour! Paul will be presenting daily, late afternoon, informative slide programs teaching reef fish and creature identification, how these animals function and their behavior, enhancing the participants’ knowledge and enjoyment of diving. Discover not only what to look for on beautiful reefs, but also the exciting finds that can me made out on the sand flats, in gorgonian fields and areas of muck and rubble. Environmental topics and ways recreational divers can play a role in preserving our marine life heritage will also be on the agenda. There will be pre and post dive discussions with Paul to call attention to specific fish, creatures and behaviors to discover.