REEF's research and education efforts on the invasion of the Indo-Pacific lionfish have been featured in numerous news stories, publications and documentaries.

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Recent national news documentaries created from REEF's Lionfish Derby Series

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  • Associated Press (AP) contacted REEF in June 2008 regarding the lionfish invasion in the Caribbean. Lad Akins, REEF’s lionfish expert and project leader put together a list of resources, experts, wrote a script, and secured all the footage needed to produce these stories. This material was used across the internet, newspapers and brought REEF to the attention of many as the pivotal source for information and contacts - On August 4, the AP story was first featured on YouTube.

- On August 13, the AP piece appeared in newspapers across the country and on MSNBC.

- On August 22, National Geographic used the extended AP story on their Daily News website.

Special thanks to Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas and Sally Burrows, camera woman extraordinaire, for providing the support necessary to help REEF make this extensive AP coverage possible.

  • Scuba Diving Magazine Video News (August, 2008) - Anna DeLoach produced a 5-minute video that summarized the work REEF is doing on coordinating the lionfish invasion. This video takes a look at the recent lionfish population explosion, the reasons lionfish are the perfect invader and how they got to the wrong sea. The video also provides ways for REEF members to help, including participating in a REEF Lionfish Trip and by contributing financially to REEF so that we have the ability to continue research, set up management protocol and seek solutions. As Anna states, "The threat is too grave to sit back and do nothing."
  • Fox News Live Desk with Martha and Trace, Lad Akins discussed the lionfish invasion and REEF’s involvement, 8/15/2008
  • The NBC Nightly News, Michelle Kosinski reported on REEF’s crusade against the invasion of Pacific Lionfish in the Atlantic, 6/30/08
  • Forbes On-Line Magazine, 5/8/08

    REEF continues to seek solutions for this growing environmental problem affecting reefs in the Caribbean basin. For more information, check out the REEF Invasive Species page and our REEF Field Surveys and Trips. To support our work on this project, become an Invasive Species Program Sponsor