Janna Nichols and Wes Nicholson - 2003

This year we awarded the REEF Volunteer of the Year Award to two individuals who have dedicated themselves to creating a REEF community in the Pacific Northwest.

Janna Nichols and Wes Nicholson, both longtime REEF members and active surveyors (both are members of the Pacific Advanced Assessment Team and Wes is also a member of the tropical western Atlantic AAT), created the REEF Pacific Northwest Critter Watchers group in 2002 as a way to bring together area REEF members and to inspire other divers to join in the fun of critter watching.

They organize Quarterly Survey Dives, encourage REEF surveying at a core set of 4 sites throughout the year, teach seminars during and year round, make REEF presentations to area dive clubs, and maintain a listserv and a website.

With limited time and resources, REEF relies on volunteers to organize and support regional REEF activities and the Critter Watchers is a great example. Janna and Wes were presented their award at the summer Critter Watchers Quarterly dive.

The REEF staff and Board of Trustees extend a big thanks to them and to the many other volunteers who help REEF achieve success.