Linda Schillinger -1998

With over 15,000 REEF members, it might seem difficult to single out one person for recognition. But this year, member #834 stands out above the REEF! She is long-time volunteer, Linda Schillinger, who was recently honored in Ft. Lauderdale as REEF's Volunteer of the Year for 1998.

Residing in New York, Linda works to dive. She has been an active REEF member since 1993, joining us on eleven week-long REEF Field Surveys. In addition, she conducts surveys on her own dive trips and now has contributed over 300 surveys! In the process, she has identified 273 species of fish!!

Because of her demonstrated expertise, she was selected to become a member of REEF's elite Advanced Assessment Team. Linda is a great asset to REEF staff and team members on our Field Surveys and Advanced Assessment dives, where she helps new members with identification and manages survey forms. Linda has become an invaluable volunteer, one who we hope many will emulate. No wonder she was chosen to be our Volunteer of the Year for 1998!