Tom Isgar - 1999

Although this year's decision was difficult because of the dedication and support of so many REEF members, we are pleased to announce that REEF's Volunteer of the Year is Advisory Board member Tom Isgar.

A REEF member since 1994, Tom regularly takes part in REEF Field Surveys, racking up a life list of 238 fish species and surveys totaling 94. This past December, Tom traveled to St. Marteen and conducted a fish identification seminar with several local divers, dive operators, and environmental officers. The event was lauded in the local newspaper as a success.

A Platinum Sustainer, Tom has also been a tremendous help over the years volunteering to staff the REEF booth at scuba shows such as OceanFest and DEMA. With his generous donation of a Xerox machine, printer, and fax, REEF's office efficiency has increased dramatically. Recently, Tom helped compile an email list of REEF members and scanned slides for the new Gulf of California program. This October, Tom will once again be participating in REEF's Advanced Assessment Team project in the Florida Keys and will join us on the Dominica trip in June.

Thanks Tom!!