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Photo Categories

REEF members may submit three photos from each of five different categories:
Fish Portrait: A portrait shot of fish only. Portrait shots usually focus on one fish and can be of its whole body or framed tightly around its head.
Macro: Shots that are extremely close up, making the subject appear larger than life-size.
Invertebrates: Images featuring a marine invertebrate.
REEF Theme: Photos involving something REEF themed, examples are REEF survey dives, REEF events or activities, creative REEF "surveys" from home, etc.
Reefscape/Habitat/Environment: These photos must be of a marine environment or reefscape. They do not have to be underwater but must be marine-focused, examples are over/under shots, mangroves, topside water shots, etc.

Guidelines for Entry

Contestants should submit photos following the links below for each of the five categories. You are limited to one photo per submission but are allowed to submit up to three photos per category. For multiple submissions please follow the links below for each entry.

  • Please include contact information in your submission.
  • All entries must be received by 12:00pm EDT on July 31.
  • There is no fee to participate.
  • The 2021 Photo Contest winners will be featured on REEF’s website, social media, and other communications channels.

Submisson Form Links

Fish Portrait:
REEF Theme:

Rules and Policies

● Submissions are for REEF members only. If you are not a REEF member, please join here:
● Photographers can enter any and all of the five categories (described above), submitting no more than 3 photos per category.
● Photos do not have to be underwater but must be marine-focused.
● Photos taken as a result of harassment to marine life that could be harmful to the subject may be disqualified at our discretion.
● To ensure anonymity in judging, please do not watermark your images.
● All photos submitted must follow all guidelines set by REEF. REEF reserves the right to disqualify any photos deemed unfit.


Judging will be from Aug 2-9. Submissions will be judged by a popular vote in each of five categories with the photos receiving the most votes winning in their respective categories. The winning photos and photographers will be announced the week following the judging.

Image Usage

Copyright of all photos submitted is maintained by the author. REEF reserves the right to reproduce all submitted photos for training and conservation programming with photo credit.

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