Calling all citizen scientists!

This year, we are challenging divers and snorkelers to conduct and submit 20 or more REEF surveys during the year 2020. It's our 20 in 2020 Challenge!

It's easy to participate: go diving or snorkeling and conduct a REEF survey. After you have conducted and submitted 20 surveys, send an email to to notify us. Don't worry if you lose track of where you're at - you can ask us to check at any time.

How it works:

  • Surveys must be conducted and submitted during 2020 (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31)
  • Surveys may be from a single REEF survey region or multiple REEF regions combined
  • Surveys can be done by diving or snorkeling
  • If you get another 20 surveys, you can receive another decal, and be entered into the grand prize drawing again.

Everyone who completes the 20 in 2020 Challenge will get a special decal and be entered into a drawing to win a prize.

Interested surveyors will also have the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition 20 in 2020 shirt. More details coming soon.

Have you conducted and submitted 20 surveys in 2020? If so, email and let us know!

New to REEF surveying? You don't have to be an expert to get started. Anyone can participate in the Volunteer Fish Survey Project; no matter if you know little to nothing about fish ID, are an expert at fish ID, or anything in between. Get started by viewing a quick video:

Challenge has been Completed!

First Quarter
January - March

  • Ed Gullekson
  • Cassandra Neal
  • Mike Snow
  • Mary Adams
  • Peter Leahy
  • Pam Wade
  • Pieter Booth
  • Sue Manning
  • Marta Zahalak
  • Nick Brilliande
  • Molly Myers
  • MJ Farr
  • Don McCoy
  • Richard Olson
  • Doug Harder
  • Dennis Bensen
  • Lindsay Hurst
  • Kara Curry
  • Rocio Bunker
  • Chuck Curry
  • Janet Eyre
  • Tiffany Poon
  • Don Gordon
  • Lillian Kenney
  • Janet Camp
  • Joe Mangiafico
  • Marilyn Bentley

Second Quarter
April - June

  • Fred Hartner
  • Mimi Hayakawa
  • Kat Fenner
  • Robert Bentley
  • Pat Richardson
  • Kathie Comerford
  • Diana Gevers
  • Tammy Coble
  • Amy Lee
  • Deborah Cacace
  • Melanie Moreno
  • Mona & Gary Wirth
  • Ron Wolfe
  • Judith Cucco
  • Carmen Toanchina
  • Jill Hearne
  • Todd Cliff
  • Herb Gruenhagen
  • Marta Bonatz
  • Paul Bonatz
  • Angela Steinway

Third Quarter
July - September

  • Rhoda Green
  • Callie Mack
  • Frank Krasovec
  • Daryl Duda
  • Siena McKim
  • Amy Newfield
  • Jonathan Lavan
  • David Ehlert
  • David Meyer
  • Gail Roberts
  • Carol Cox
  • Doug Miller
  • Jennifer Walker
  • Madalyn Mussey
  • Stephanie Letourneau
  • Will Ribbens

Fourth Quarter
September - December