Areas of Focus for Caribbean Tropical Ecology Programs

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Florida Keys Ecology 

Explore South Florida's diverse ecosystems, understand their importance, and discover how individuals can make a difference for conservation. We'll cover the five central tropical ecosystems found in South Florida, as well as the amazing species of plants and animals that call them home. 

Mangrove Ecology 

The uniqueness of these marine habitats, combined with their vital importance to coastal ecosystems, makes mangrove forests the perfect study area. Discover why these trees are so essential throughout the Caribbean and what wildlife depends on their persistence for survival. Groups will also learn how to identify mangroves species and the most common species of animals that reside in this incredible habitat. 

Seagrass Ecology

An essential part of marine environments, seagrass beds often receive little attention. With over 2 million acres of nearshore seagrass found just in Florida, these diverse habitats have many valuable functions. Find out just how productive this ecosystem is and what services seagrass provides to the hundreds and thousands of species that live there and people. 

Coral Reef Ecology

Though coral reefs only cover about two percent of the ocean floor, they are among the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Coral reefs benefit all the ocean species that depend on them for food, shelter, and protection and humans through billions of dollars worth of economic and environmental services. Learn what makes the "rainforests of the sea" a critically important ecosystem for planet earth.