Dates: 4/4/22 - 4/5/22

Region: TWA

Led by: David Ehlert and Stacey Henderson

Surveyors: Alice Ribbens, Ann Johnson, Anna DeLoach, Brad Sherman, David Ehlert, David Thompson, Fred Hartner, Jeff Haines, Lillian Kenney, Luanne Betz, Pamela Hillegas, Stacey Henderson, Terry Hillegas and William Ribbens

Total Surveys: 79

#Species Reported: 175

Survey Type: SA = Species & Abundance; SO = Species Only - How to interpret REEF data?
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%SF = Sighting Frequency; DEN = Density Score - How to interpret REEF data?
Bar length corresponds to sighting frequency
Color saturation corresponds to density score
Click + to display species image and additional information.
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