REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
0Zone Code listGeographic Report
1Zone Code listGeographic ReportBritish Columbia
11Zone Code listGeographic ReportQueen Charlotte Strait
111Zone Code listGeographic Reportnorth of Cape Mudge - Chatham Point (Discovery Passage)
1111Zone Code listGeographic ReportSarah Pt - Brettell Pt
111101Zone Code listGeographic ReportKinghorn Island
111102Zone Code listGeographic ReportMink Island
1112Zone Code listGeographic ReportToba Inlet (Bretell Pt - Toba River)
1113Zone Code listGeographic ReportCortes Island and Marina Island (incl. Twin Islands)
11130001Geographic ReportManson Landing Provincial ParkYes
1114Zone Code listGeographic ReportRedonda Island incl. West and East Redonda Islands
11140001Geographic ReportRedonda Isle - Christy IslandYes
11140002Geographic ReportDean Point (West Redonda Island)Yes
11140003Geographic ReportButler Point (Walsh Cove Marine Park West Redonda Island)Yes
1115Zone Code listGeographic ReportRead Island and Raza Island (incl. Rendezvous Islands)
1116Zone Code listGeographic ReportQuadra Island and Maurelle Island
111601Zone Code listGeographic ReportLower Quadra Island
11160101Geographic ReportGrouse IslandYes
11160102Geographic ReportHMCS ColumbiaYes
11160103Geographic ReportSteep IslandYes
11160104Geographic ReportCopper CliffsYes
11160105Geographic ReportKathy's Chase (Maud Island)Yes
11160106Geographic ReportWhisky PointNo
11160107Geographic ReportRow and Be DamnedYes
11160108Geographic ReportMiddle of the RoadYes
11160109Geographic ReportApril Point WallYes
11160110Geographic ReportQ. (Quathiaski) CoveYes
11160111Geographic ReportMay Island Ferry (Quadra Island)Yes
11160112Geographic ReportMoulds BayYes
11160113Geographic ReportRebecca Spit Park Drew HarbourYes
11160114Geographic ReportRebecca Spit Park Sutil ChannelYes
11160115Geographic ReportLone TreeYes
11160116Geographic ReportLone Tree BayYes
11160117Geographic ReportEnd of the RoadYes
11160118Geographic ReportThe ExpanseYes
11160119Geographic ReportThe Gully / Richmond Reef (Quadra Island)Yes
11160120Geographic ReportThe RockYes
11160121Geographic ReportSteep Island North TipYes
1117Zone Code listGeographic ReportSonora Island and Stuart Island
11170001Geographic ReportDiamond Bay (Sonora Island)Yes
1118Zone Code listGeographic ReportRamsey Arm and Bute Inlet
1119Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth of Cape Mudge to Chatham Point - mainland
11190001Geographic ReportArgonaut Wharf (Campbell River)Yes
11190002Geographic ReportSeymour NarrowsYes
112Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth of Chatham Point - Telegraph Cove (Johnstone Strait)
112010Zone Code listGeographic ReportTelegraph Cove area and Plumper Islands
11201001Geographic ReportMarg's WallYes
11201003Geographic ReportPlumper RockYes
11201004Geographic ReportBlah PassYes
11201005Geographic ReportBob's SpotYes
11201006Geographic ReportPlumper PassYes
11201007Geographic ReportTelegraph Cove (near marina)Yes
11201008Geographic ReportGumboot AlleyYes
11201009Geographic ReportWarbonnet Wall / War Bonnet Wall (Plumper Islands)Yes
11201010Geographic ReportPlumper WallYes
11201011Geographic ReportThe Blow Hole (pass off NW Hanson Island)No
11201012Geographic ReportElla Bay (Telegraph Cove area)Yes
11201013Geographic ReportBauza Cove (Telegraph Cove area)Yes
1121Zone Code listGeographic ReportFrederick Arm and Phillips Arm
1122Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Thurlowe Island and West Thurlowe Island
1123Zone Code listGeographic ReportLoughborough Inlet
1124Zone Code listGeographic ReportHardwicke Island and Helmcken Island
1125Zone Code listGeographic ReportForward Harbor and Topaze Harbor and Port Neville
1126Zone Code listGeographic ReportCracroft Island, East Cracroft Island, Minstrel Island
11260001Geographic ReportDad's GirlYes
1127Zone Code listGeographic ReportCall Inlet
1128Zone Code listGeographic ReportKnight Inlet
1129Zone Code listGeographic ReportHarbledown Island and Turnour Island
113Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth of Telegraph Cove - Dillon Point
1131Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalcolm, Cormorant, Pearse Islands
11310001Geographic ReportNE PearseYes
11310002Geographic ReportHaddington IslandYes
11310003Geographic ReportBlowholeNo
11310004Geographic ReportWalt's WallYes
11310005Geographic ReportStephenson ShadowYes
11310006Geographic ReportSilver LiningYes
11310007Geographic ReportLizard PointYes
1132Zone Code listGeographic ReportSwanson, Hanson and Stubbs Islands
11320001Geographic ReportStubbs Island (SE)Yes
1133Zone Code listGeographic ReportBeaver Cove
1134Zone Code listGeographic ReportLewis Point - Ledge Point (incl Port McNeill)
11340001Geographic ReportBeach CampNo
11340002Geographic ReportLewis PointYes
1135Zone Code listGeographic ReportLedge Point - False Hood
1136Zone Code listGeographic ReportFalse Hood - Dillon Point
114Zone Code listGeographic Reportnorth of Dillon Point - Gorotisa Point
114001Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort McNeill
11400101Geographic ReportBeach CampYes
114002Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Hardy
11400201Geographic ReportBear CoveYes
11400202Geographic ReportUse 11470102 (was Lou's Hole)No
11400203Geographic ReportUse 11470101 (was Outer Narrows)No
11400204Geographic ReportUse 11470103 (was Johnson's Point)No
11400205Geographic ReportSouth-West Masterman GrupNo
11400206Geographic ReportLittle Masterman IslandYes
11400207Geographic ReportFive Fathom PinnacleYes
11400208Geographic ReportDaphne PointYes
1141Zone Code listGeographic ReportBroughton Island and North Broughton Island
11410001Geographic ReportBooker Lagoon NarrowsYes
1142Zone Code listGeographic ReportKinnaird Island and Watson Island
1143Zone Code listGeographic ReportMackenzie Sound and Grappler Sound
1144Zone Code listGeographic ReportDrury Inlet
1145Zone Code listGeographic ReportCompton Point - Blunden Harbor
114501Zone Code listGeographic ReportNumas Islands
11450101Geographic ReportWild RideYes
1146Zone Code listGeographic Reportnorth of Blunden Harbor - City Pt
114601Zone Code listGeographic ReportWalker Group
11460102Geographic ReportSussex Reefs (Redfern Island)Yes
11460103Geographic ReportFantasy IslandYes
11460104Geographic ReportBarry Islet (Ripple Passage)Yes
11460105Geographic ReportWet TeeYes
114602Zone Code listGeographic ReportMillar Group
114603Zone Code listGeographic ReportStorm Islands
114604Zone Code listGeographic ReportDeserters Group
11460401Geographic ReportCastle PointYes
11460402Geographic ReportToyboyYes
11460403Geographic ReportToyman GapNo
11460404Geographic ReportRace IslandYes
11460405Geographic ReportCastle GapYes
1147Zone Code listGeographic ReportBramham Island
114701Zone Code listGeographic ReportSlingsby Channel
11470101Geographic ReportOuter NarrowsYes
11470102Geographic ReportLou's HoleYes
11470103Geographic ReportJohnson PointYes
1148Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeymour Inlet
114801Zone Code listGeographic ReportNakwakto Rapids
11480101Geographic ReportTurret RockYes
1149Zone Code listGeographic ReportNigei Island and Balaklava Island and Hurst Island
114901Zone Code listGeographic ReportBell Island
114902Zone Code listGeographic ReportHeard Island
114903Zone Code listGeographic ReportGordon Islands
11490301Geographic ReportDoyle Island (w. of Gordon Isl)No
114904Zone Code listGeographic ReportDuncan Island
11490401Geographic ReportMouat RockNo
114905Zone Code listGeographic ReportHurst Island
11490501Geographic ReportHurst - BellYes
11490502Geographic ReportGod's Pocket Resort DockYes
11490503Geographic ReportGeorge Rock (Christie Passage)Yes
11490504Geographic ReportBig WindYes
11490505Geographic ReportChristie Point (Hurst Island)Yes
11490506Geographic ReportTribune Rock (NE of Hurst Island)Yes
114906Zone Code listGeographic ReportBalaklava Island
11490601Geographic ReportSS ThemisYes
114907Zone Code listGeographic ReportNigei Island
11490701Geographic ReportPort Alexander WallYes
11490702Geographic ReportClam CoveNo
11490703Geographic ReportHussar PointYes
11490704Geographic ReportSnowball / Buttertart / Rock of LifeYes
11490705Geographic ReportShadwell PassageYes
11490706Geographic ReportBonzai Pt. (NE Browning Passage)Yes
11490707Geographic ReportBrowning WallYes
11490708Geographic ReportSeven Tree IslandYes
11490709Geographic ReportLucan ShuteYes
11490710Geographic ReportFrank's RockYes
11490711Geographic ReportTriple Rock / Fishbowl / Rainbow Reef / Ruth's RocksYes
11490712Geographic ReportNoname Wall (NE Browning Passage)Yes
11490713Geographic ReportPlease use 11490711 (was Triple Rock)No
11490714Geographic ReportSnowfall (Browning Passage)Yes
11490715Geographic ReportHunt Rock (Gordon Channel)Yes
11490716Geographic ReportEagle Rock - Browning PassYes
11490717Geographic ReportHideaway Wall (North End)Yes
11490718Geographic ReportSuwanee ReefYes
11490719Geographic ReportAquarium (Browning Pass)No
11490720Geographic ReportNorth Wall / Northwest Passage WallYes
11490721Geographic ReportHussar Bay / Hoodie-Nudi BayYes
11490722Geographic ReportLandslideYes
11490723Geographic ReportBrowning Islets / Eagles NestNo
11490724Geographic ReportHussar EastNo
115Zone Code listGeographic Reportn.of Gorotisa Pt - Frederiksen Pt
1151Zone Code listGeographic ReportShushartie Bay
11510001Geographic ReportDillon RockYes
11510002Geographic ReportShushartie Bay PilingsYes
12Zone Code listGeographic ReportWESTERN VANCOUVER ISLAND (Fredericksen Pt - Cape Beale)
1201Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Frederiksen Pt - Cape Parkins
1202Zone Code listGeographic ReportQuatsino Sound
120201Zone Code listGeographic ReportDrake Island
120202Zone Code listGeographic ReportHolberg Inlet
120203Zone Code listGeographic ReportRupert Inlet
120204Zone Code listGeographic ReportNeroutsos Inlet
1203Zone Code listGeographic ReportKwakiuti Pt - Kyuquot
120301Zone Code listGeographic ReportBrooks Bay
120302Zone Code listGeographic ReportKlaskino Inlet
120303Zone Code listGeographic ReportKlaskish Inlet
120304Zone Code listGeographic ReportChecleset Bay
120305Zone Code listGeographic ReportNasparti Inlet
120306Zone Code listGeographic ReportOuoukinsh Inlet
120307Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalksope Inlet
1204Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Kyuquot - Tatchu Pt.
120401Zone Code listGeographic ReportKyuquot Sound
120402Zone Code listGeographic ReportKyuquot Channel
120403Zone Code listGeographic ReportUnion Island
120404Zone Code listGeographic ReportHohoae Island
120405Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoketas Island
120406Zone Code listGeographic ReportKashuti Inlet
120407Zone Code listGeographic ReportTahsish Inlet
1205Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Tatchu Pt. - Bajo Pt. (Nootka Isl)
120501Zone Code listGeographic ReportCatala Island
120502Zone Code listGeographic ReportEsperanza Inlet
12050201Geographic ReportGarden Point - Esperanza InletYes
120503Zone Code listGeographic ReportEspinosa Inlet
12050301Geographic ReportThe Gardens - Espinoza InletYes
120504Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeballos Inlet
120505Zone Code listGeographic ReportNuchatlitz Inlet
120506Zone Code listGeographic ReportFerrer Pt. - Bajo Pt. (Nootka Isl.)
1206Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Bajo Pt. - Estevan Pt.
120601Zone Code listGeographic ReportBajo Pt. - Yuquot
120602Zone Code listGeographic ReportNootka Sound
120603Zone Code listGeographic ReportBligh Isl & surrounding isls.
120604Zone Code listGeographic ReportTahsis Inlet
12060401Geographic ReportMozino PointYes
12060402Geographic ReportBoulder AlleyYes
12060403Geographic ReportShark PointYes
12060404Geographic ReportThe ZooYes
12060405Geographic ReportMaquinna Resort DockYes
12060406Geographic ReportTahsis Government Dock / Public DockYes
12060407Geographic ReportBull of the WoodsYes
12060408Geographic ReportMcBride BayYes
120605Zone Code listGeographic ReportStrange Isl. & Bodega Isl.
120606Zone Code listGeographic ReportTlupana Inlet
120607Zone Code listGeographic ReportZuciarte Channel
120608Zone Code listGeographic ReportMuchalat Inlet
120609Zone Code listGeographic ReportGore Island
1207Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Estevan Pt. - Tofino
120701Zone Code listGeographic ReportHesquiat Harbor
120702Zone Code listGeographic ReportStewardson Inlet
120703Zone Code listGeographic ReportSydney Inlet
120704Zone Code listGeographic ReportFlores Island
120705Zone Code listGeographic ReportShelter Inlet
120706Zone Code listGeographic ReportMillar Channel
120707Zone Code listGeographic ReportHerbert Inlet
120708Zone Code listGeographic ReportClayoquot Sound
120709Zone Code listGeographic ReportBartlett Island
120710Zone Code listGeographic ReportVargas Island
120711Zone Code listGeographic ReportCypress Bay
120712Zone Code listGeographic ReportBedwell Sound
120713Zone Code listGeographic ReportWarn Bay
120714Zone Code listGeographic ReportFortune Channel
120715Zone Code listGeographic ReportMeares Island
12071501Geographic ReportDunlap Island (NE side)Yes
1208Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Tofino - Ucluelet
120801Zone Code listGeographic ReportBrowning Passage
120802Zone Code listGeographic ReportGrice Bay
120803Zone Code listGeographic ReportTofino Inlet
120804Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Tofino - Wickaninnish Bay
120805Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Wickaninnish Bay - Florencia Bay
120806Zone Code listGeographic ReportFlorencia Bay - Ucluelet
1209Zone Code listGeographic ReportUcluelet - Cape Beale
12090007Geographic ReportHong Kong Express Wreck (Barclay Sound)Yes
120901Zone Code listGeographic ReportUcluelet Inlet
12090101Geographic ReportEagle Rock (near Ucluelet)Yes
12090102Geographic ReportFood Island (Stewart Bay, Ucluelet Brit Col.)No
12090103Geographic ReportBuoy Y46 (Stewart Bay, Ucluelet)No
12090104Geographic ReportJanson IslandYes
120902Zone Code listGeographic ReportLoudoun Channel
12090201Geographic ReportBeg IslandYes
12090202Geographic ReportSykes Reef (Chrow Isle)Yes
120903Zone Code listGeographic ReportMacoah Passage
120904Zone Code listGeographic ReportToquaht Bay
120905Zone Code listGeographic ReportPipestem Inlet
120906Zone Code listGeographic ReportImperial Eagle Channel
12090601Geographic ReportKyen PointYes
12090602Geographic ReportMahk ReefYes
12090603Geographic ReportBull RocksYes
12090604Geographic ReportRenate's ReefYes
12090605Geographic ReportBaeria Rocks Provincial Reserve - North IsletYes
12090606Geographic ReportBaeria Rocks Provincial Reserve - South IsletYes
12090607Geographic ReportJanit ReefYes
12090608Geographic ReportHornby RockYes
12090609Geographic ReportFolger's PinnacleYes
120907Zone Code listGeographic ReportDeer Group Islands
12090701Geographic ReportOhiat IslandYes
12090702Geographic ReportBlackfish Rocks (Helby Isl)Yes
12090703Geographic ReportCia Rocks (Diana Isl)Yes
12090704Geographic ReportWizard RocksYes
12090705Geographic ReportEdward King Island Site 1 (east side of island)Yes
12090706Geographic ReportSanford IsletsYes
12090707Geographic ReportSatellite Reef (Barkley Sound)Yes
12090708Geographic ReportHelby IslandYes
12090709Geographic ReportFleming Island 1Yes
12090710Geographic ReportFleming Island 2Yes
12090711Geographic ReportChristie ReefNo
12090712Geographic ReportRobbers PassageYes
12090713Geographic ReportAdamson's ArchYes
12090714Geographic ReportDon's PeakYes
12090715Geographic ReportSouth Fleming RocksYes
12090716Geographic ReportBanana ReefYes
12090717Geographic ReportRobber's ReefYes
12090718Geographic ReportSelf Point (Helby Island)Yes
12090719Geographic ReportDodger's Point (Seppings Island)Yes
12090720Geographic ReportKirby Reef (N. Seppings Island)Yes
12090721Geographic ReportEdward King Island NorthYes
12090722Geographic ReportFolger Island NEYes
12090723Geographic ReportTaylor IsletYes
12090724Geographic ReportSanford RocksYes
120908Zone Code listGeographic ReportTrevor Channel
12090801Geographic ReportSea Pool RocksYes
12090802Geographic ReportScott's Bay (s. of Bamfield Inlet)Yes
12090803Geographic ReportBrady's Beach EastNo
12090805Geographic ReportAguilar PointYes
12090806Geographic ReportDixon Point W of Bamfield InletYes
12090807Geographic ReportGoby Town East (mouth of Bamfield Inlet)Yes
12090808Geographic ReportBMSC N Dock (Bamfield Marine Science Centre)Yes
12090809Geographic ReportMutine ReefYes
12090810Geographic ReportBarnacle BashYes
12090811Geographic ReportDanvers IslandYes
12090812Geographic ReportKeeshan PointYes
12090813Geographic ReportDixon IslandYes
12090814Geographic ReportWayne's WorldYes
12090815Geographic ReportHosie IsletsYes
12090816Geographic ReportNanat Island WallYes
12090817Geographic ReportExecution RockYes
12090818Geographic ReportPisaster Rock Yes
12090819Geographic ReportNanat CoveYes
12090820Geographic ReportGrappler Not-the-WallYes
120909Zone Code listGeographic ReportTzartus, Diplock, Meade Islands
12090901Geographic ReportDiplock IslYes
12090902Geographic ReportTyler RockYes
12090903Geographic ReportStud IsletsYes
12090904Geographic ReportRendezvous House Reef (SW of dock) Yes
12090905Geographic ReportTealia Terrace (Rendezvous House Reef North of dock)Yes
12090906Geographic ReportRingtop ReefYes
12090907Geographic ReportPlan B (off NW Tzartus Island)Yes
12090908Geographic ReportMeade Island FingersYes
12090909Geographic ReportJupe Rock / Jupe Reef (near Meade Islets)Yes
120910Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeddall Island
12091001Geographic ReportPill Point WallYes
12091002Geographic ReportChup Point (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091003Geographic ReportFriend Island Rocks (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091004Geographic ReportTwin Peaks (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091005Geographic ReportHook Point (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091006Geographic ReportCrosse Point (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091008Geographic ReportLacoabalone Alley (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091009Geographic ReportSeddall Island WallYes
12091010Geographic ReportWeibe Rock (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091011Geographic ReportBay Near Chup PointYes
12091012Geographic ReportBoyson IsletYes
12091013Geographic ReportUrchin BayYes
12091014Geographic ReportThe Point / Riley's ReefYes
12091015Geographic ReportJingle RockYes
12091016Geographic ReportShark AlleyYes
12091017Geographic ReportPill Point LightYes
12091018Geographic ReportPlumose CastleYes
120911Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlberni Inlet
12091101Geographic ReportChina CreekYes
12091102Geographic ReportChina Creek Ship WreckYes
120912Zone Code listGeographic ReportUchucklesit Inlet
12092Zone Code listGeographic ReportBroken Group Islands (Barkley Sound)
120921Zone Code listGeographic ReportBrabant, Hand, Pinkerton Isls.
12092101Geographic ReportHand 1Yes
12092102Geographic ReportHand 2Yes
12092103Geographic ReportBrabant LightYes
120922Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrideaux, Nettle, Reek Isls.
12092201Geographic ReportPrideaux Isl.Yes
12092202Geographic ReportNettle Isl.Yes
12092204Geographic ReportRocky Islet (btw Gibraltar & Nettle Isls.)Yes
12092205Geographic ReportHank's PointYes
12092206Geographic ReportHank's Point East (btw Nettle Isl & Green Rocks)Yes
12092207Geographic ReportJen Jewell (North of Prideaux Island)Yes
120923Zone Code listGeographic ReportJarvis, Jacques, Gibraltar, Dempster Isls.
12092301Geographic ReportSitka CabinYes
12092302Geographic ReportReef off Dempster Isl.Yes
12092303Geographic ReportOnion Isl.Yes
12092304Geographic ReportTip of Jarvis Isl.Yes
12092305Geographic ReportIsland Harbor (south of Jaques Is.)Yes
12092306Geographic ReportBarnacle GardenYes
120924Zone Code listGeographic ReportDodd, Willis, Turtle & surrounding Isls.
12092401Geographic ReportReef btw Mullins & Turtle Isls.Yes
12092402Geographic ReportTurtle Isl.Yes
12092403Geographic ReportReef off Hankin Isl.Yes
12092404Geographic ReportWillis IslandYes
120925Zone Code listGeographic ReportTurret, Lovett, & surrounding Isls.
12092501Geographic ReportThiepval ChannelYes
12092502Geographic ReportReef off Turret Isl.Yes
12092503Geographic ReportTurret SWYes
12092504Geographic ReportTurret Island SouthYes
12092505Geographic ReportWreck of the ThiepvalYes
120926Zone Code listGeographic ReportClarke, Benson, Owens Isls.
120927Zone Code listGeographic ReportCooper, Batley, Wouwer, Cambian Isls.
12092701Geographic ReportWouwer Island, South sideYes
120928Zone Code listGeographic ReportEffinham, Gilbert, Bauk, Austin Isls.
12092801Geographic ReportEffingham BayYes
12092802Geographic ReportAquasocYes
120929Zone Code listGeographic ReportHowell, Dicebox, Cree Isls.
12092901Geographic ReportDicebox Isl.Yes
12092902Geographic ReportPinnacle RockYes
12092903Geographic ReportWreck of the VanleneYes
12092904Geographic ReportEagle's Landing PinnacleYes
13Zone Code listGeographic ReportSTRAIT OF GEORGIA
131Zone Code listGeographic ReportUpper Strait
1311Zone Code listGeographic ReportHernando Island and Savary Island
13110001Geographic ReportMilenatch Island Site 1Yes
13110002Geographic ReportMilenatch Island Site 2Yes
13110003Geographic ReportMilenatch Island Site 3Yes
1312Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Mudge - Cape Lazo
13120001Geographic ReportSinging SandsYes
13120002Geographic ReportOyster River Data LoggersYes
1313Zone Code listGeographic ReportSarah Point - Greif Point
131301Zone Code listGeographic ReportSarah Point - Turner Bay
131302Zone Code listGeographic ReportPowell Islets
131303Zone Code listGeographic ReportTownley Islands
131304Zone Code listGeographic ReportCopeland Islands
131305Zone Code listGeographic ReportTurner Bay - Lund (peninsula)
131306Zone Code listGeographic ReportHurtado Point - Atrevida Rock
131307Zone Code listGeographic ReportS.Atrevida - N Powell River
13130701Geographic ReportWreck of the CapilanoYes
131308Zone Code listGeographic ReportPowell River
13130801Geographic ReportMalahat WreckNo
13130802Geographic ReportAtrevida ReefYes
13130803Geographic ReportMystery ReefYes
13130804Geographic ReportWreck of the AdventurerNo
13130805Geographic ReportYOGN 82 Barge (Powell River)Yes
131309Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Powell River Breakwater - Greif Point
131310Zone Code listGeographic ReportHarwood Island
13131001Geographic ReportWreck of Shamrock (Vivian Island)Yes
1314Zone Code listGeographic ReportDesolation Sound
131401Zone Code listGeographic ReportOkeover Inlet
13140101Geographic ReportOkeover Gov't Dock & BreakwaterNo
13140102Geographic ReportOkeover BluffsYes
131402Zone Code listGeographic ReportLancelot Inlet
132Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. Cape Lazo - Qualicum Beach
1321Zone Code listGeographic ReportLasqueti Island
13210001Geographic ReportSheer Island NorthYes
13210002Geographic ReportCircle IsletYes
13210003Geographic ReportBull Island WallYes
13210004Geographic ReportSleeping Seal PointYes
13210005Geographic ReportSpring BayNo
1322Zone Code listGeographic ReportDenman Island
13220001Geographic ReportChrome IslandYes
13220002Geographic ReportEagle Rock - Denman IslandYes
13220003Geographic ReportDinner Plate - Denman IslandNo
13220004Geographic ReportWolf eel AlleyNo
13220005Geographic ReportRepulse PointYes
13220006Geographic ReportBoyle Point Boulder FieldNo
13220007Geographic ReportEagle Rock Kelp PlantationYes
1323Zone Code listGeographic ReportHornby Island
13230001Geographic ReportFord Cove Reef (outside harbour near store)Yes
13230002Geographic ReportFlora Islets East / Float #2Yes
13230003Geographic ReportFlora Islets West / Float #1Yes
13230004Geographic ReportNorris Rocks NorthYes
13230005Geographic ReportToby IsletYes
13230006Geographic ReportMaude ReefYes
13230007Geographic ReportNash BankYes
13230008Geographic ReportRock City Reef / 2 Fathom RockNo
13230009Geographic ReportBarney's ReefYes
13230010Geographic ReportNorris Rocks SouthYes
13230011Geographic ReportFlora's BacksideYes
13230012Geographic ReportMaude Reef Kelp PlantationYes
13230013Geographic ReportNorris Rocks EastYes
13230014Geographic ReportFord Cove inside harbourYes
13230015Geographic ReportFlora Islets Float #1.5Yes
13230016Geographic ReportSavoie ReefYes
13230017Geographic ReportReef west of Downes PointYes
13230018Geographic ReportDownes Point SouthYes
13230019Geographic ReportSand Dollar Beach (Outside)Yes
13230020Geographic ReportFlora Islets #3No
133Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. Qualicum Beach - Nanaimo
133001Zone Code listGeographic ReportNanaimo Bay
13300101Geographic ReportSaskatchewan WreckYes
13300102Geographic ReportDodd NarrowsNo
13300103Geographic ReportCape Breton WreckYes
13300104Geographic ReportFour Fathom ReefYes
13300105Geographic ReportKeel CoveYes
13300106Geographic ReportRivtow Lion (Depature Bay, Nanaimo)Yes
13300107Geographic ReportSnake PinnacleYes
1331Zone Code listGeographic ReportBallenas Islands
1332Zone Code listGeographic ReportBlunden Point - Hammond Bay
13320001Geographic ReportNeck PointYes
13320002Geographic ReportFinn BeachYes
1333Zone Code listGeographic ReportNanoose Harbor
1334Zone Code listGeographic ReportWallis Point - Dorcas Point and islands
13340001Geographic ReportSeducer's BeachYes
13340002Geographic ReportAmelia Island SouthwestYes
13340003Geographic ReportDolphin BeachYes
13340004Geographic ReportTyee Cove / Blueback Community ParkYes
13340005Geographic ReportAbandonment Pinnacle (btw Ada & Southey Isls)Yes
13340006Geographic ReportRudder Rock (Winchelsea Isl)Yes
13340007Geographic ReportOak Leaf / Es-hw Sme~nts ParkYes
1335Zone Code listGeographic ReportDorcas Point N - Madrona Point (Northwest Bay)
13350001Geographic ReportMadrona Point (Main/Big Wall)Yes
13350002Geographic ReportCottam PointYes
13350003Geographic ReportThe JibYes
13350004Geographic ReportWall BeachYes
13350005Geographic ReportBeachcomber ParkYes
13350006Geographic ReportMadrona Point (Small/Little Wall)Yes
13350007Geographic ReportMadrona Beach / The Maze (sand/rock area before wall)Yes
1336Zone Code listGeographic Report N Madrona Point  - Qualicum Beach
134Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. Nanaimo - Victoria
1341Zone Code listGeographic ReportGulf Islands
134101Zone Code listGeographic ReportGabriola Island
13410101Geographic ReportOrlebar PointYes
13410102Geographic ReportDodd Narrows (Between VI and Mudge Island)Yes
13410103Geographic ReportGabriola PassageYes
13410104Geographic ReportWest Snake IslandYes
13410105Geographic ReportLaw PointYes
13410106Geographic ReportBreakwater IslandYes
13410107Geographic ReportNorth Snake IslandYes
13410108Geographic ReportAcorn ReefYes
13410109Geographic ReportCarlos IslandYes
13410110Geographic ReportGabriola BluffsYes
13410111Geographic ReportXihwa Reef Boeing 737 ChemainusYes
13410112Geographic ReportRound Island PinnacleYes
13410113Geographic ReportMalaspina GalleriesYes
134102Zone Code listGeographic ReportValdes Island
13410202Geographic ReportHole-in-the-Wall Valdes IslandYes
13410203Geographic ReportFive Finger PinnacleYes
13410204Geographic ReportVernaci PointYes
134103Zone Code listGeographic ReportGaliano Island
13410301Geographic ReportTrincomali ChannelNo
13410302Geographic ReportBold Bluff PointNo
13410303Geographic ReportLinklater RoadYes
13410304Geographic ReportMathews Point Active PassYes
13410305Geographic ReportRace Point Porlier PassYes
13410306Geographic ReportDionisio Point ReefYes
13410307Geographic ReportOctopus Wall Porlier PassNo
13410308Geographic ReportAlcala Wall Porlier PassYes
13410309Geographic ReportSpanish Hills Wall (North Galiano)Yes
13410310Geographic ReportMadrona LodgeYes
13410311Geographic ReportBallingall Islets (off Galiano Island)Yes
13410312Geographic ReportBoscowitz Rock, Porlier PassYes
13410313Geographic ReportBayne's Point - Porlier PassYes
13410314Geographic ReportCollinson Point - Active Pass Galiano Island)Yes
13410315Geographic ReportVirago Pt Wall (Porlier Pass)Yes
13410316Geographic ReportConservancy Cove - GalianoYes
13410317Geographic ReportRetreat Island (Galiano Trincomali)Yes
13410318Geographic ReportWalker Rock (off Galiano in Trincomali Channel)Yes
134104Zone Code listGeographic ReportThetis / Kuper (Penelakut) Islands
13410401Geographic ReportEscape ReefYes
13410402Geographic ReportNorth ReefYes
13410403Geographic ReportHall Island West (between Kuper / Penelakut and Galiano)Yes
13410404Geographic ReportRagged Island ReefYes
13410405Geographic ReportNorth Cove Reef Yes
13410406Geographic ReportTent Island WallYes
13410407Geographic ReportTent Island RocksYes
13410408Geographic ReportMowgli IslandYes
13410409Geographic ReportHall Island SouthYes
13410410Geographic ReportEscape RidgeYes
13410411Geographic ReportNorth Secretary Island NEYes
13410412Geographic ReportActive Point (Penelakut Island)Yes
13410413Geographic ReportHudson Island Reef NorthYes
13410414Geographic ReportWreck of the Robert KerrYes
134105Zone Code listGeographic ReportMayne Island
13410501Geographic ReportEnterprise ReefYes
13410502Geographic ReportMayne RCA (Rockfish Conservation Area)Yes
134106Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaturna Island
13410601Geographic ReportTumbo Island South WallYes
134107Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaltspring Island
13410701Geographic ReportTrincomali ChannelYes
13410703Geographic ReportBeaver Point (Saltspring Island)Yes
13410704Geographic ReportVesuvius RocksYes
13410705Geographic ReportPanther Wreck and Reef (Wallace Island)Yes
13410706Geographic ReportChannel Islands (east of Saltspring) Yes
13410707Geographic ReportVesuvius NorthYes
13410708Geographic ReportRussell Island NE PinnacleYes
13410709Geographic ReportEl-Bea Pinnacle (Saltspring Island)Yes
13410710Geographic ReportErskine PointYes
13410711Geographic ReportParminter Point (Saltspring Island)Yes
134108Zone Code listGeographic ReportPender Islands
13410801Geographic ReportTilly PointYes
13410802Geographic ReportNorth Pender Island CliffsYes
134109Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrevost Island
13410901Geographic ReportSelby PointYes
13410902Geographic ReportRed Islet off Prevost IslandNo
134110Zone Code listGeographic ReportSidney
13411001Geographic ReportSidney HotelYes
13411002Geographic ReportRoberts BayYes
13411003Geographic ReportSidney Reef BallsYes
13411004Geographic ReportHMCS Mackenzie (Gooch Isl)Yes
13411005Geographic ReportGraham's Wall (Domville Island)Yes
13411006Geographic ReportArachne ReefYes
13411007Geographic ReportMandarte IslandYes
134111Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoresby
13411101Geographic ReportMV G.B. Church (Portland Isl)Yes
13411102Geographic ReportChad's Island (off Portland Island)Yes
134112Zone Code listGeographic Report Newcastle Island
13411201Geographic ReportClarke RockYes
13411202Geographic ReportJesse IslandYes
13411203Geographic ReportRivton Island WreckYes
134113Zone Code listGeographic ReportDeCourcy Group
13411301Geographic ReportRuxton Pass WallYes
1342Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. Nanaimo - Coffin Point
13420001Geographic ReportElephant HeadYes
13420002Geographic ReportNare's RockYes
13420003Geographic ReportSharpe PointYes
13420004Geographic ReportCoffin IslandYes
1343Zone Code listGeographic ReportLadysmith Harbor - Grave Point
13430001Geographic ReportEvening Cove / Elliot BayYes
13430002Geographic ReportBare Pinnacle (near Chemainus)Yes
13430003Geographic ReportWolf Eel Reef (near 737)Yes
13430004Geographic ReportBare Point WallYes
13430005Geographic ReportWilly Island Reef, Stuart ChannelYes
13430006Geographic ReportKin Beach / Chemainus BargesYes
1344Zone Code listGeographic ReportSansum Narrows (incl Maple Bay)
13440001Geographic ReportMaple Bay Gov. Dock & ReefYes
13440002Geographic ReportBold Bluff PointYes
13440003Geographic ReportBurial IsletYes
13440004Geographic ReportSeparation Point EastYes
13440006Geographic ReportFishfarm WallYes
13440007Geographic ReportOctopus PointYes
13440008Geographic ReportNorth End Sansum NarrowsNo
13440009Geographic ReportNudibranch WallYes
13440010Geographic ReportArbutus HolesYes
13440011Geographic ReportGrave PointYes
13440012Geographic ReportMusgrave PointYes
13440013Geographic ReportArbutus PointYes
13440014Geographic ReportBold Bluff WallYes
13440015Geographic ReportPower Line (Sansum Narrows)Yes
13440016Geographic ReportPaddy Mile Stone (Maple Bay)Yes
13440017Geographic ReportTamar's ReefYes
13440018Geographic ReportOctopus CavernsYes
13440019Geographic ReportEleanor's CoveYes
1345Zone Code listGeographic ReportCowichan Bay - Cherry Point
134501Zone Code listGeographic ReportBay area
13450101Geographic ReportSkinner PointYes
1346Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaanich Inlet
13460001Geographic ReportHenderson PointYes
13460002Geographic ReportRepulse RockYes
13460003Geographic ReportTodd Inlet EntranceYes
13460004Geographic ReportSawluctus IslandYes
13460005Geographic ReportElbow PointYes
13460006Geographic ReportMcKenzie Bight Site 2Yes
13460007Geographic ReportWillis Point (shore dive)Yes
13460008Geographic ReportMcKenzie Bight Site 1Yes
13460009Geographic ReportMcKenzie Bight Site 3Yes
13460010Geographic ReportMcKenzie Bight Site 4Yes
13460011Geographic ReportDeep Cove Barge WreckYes
13460012Geographic ReportBraemar RoadYes
13460013Geographic ReportSenanus Sponge ReefYes
13460014Geographic ReportChristmas PointYes
13460015Geographic ReportTanner RockYes
13460016Geographic ReportVerdier PointYes
13460017Geographic ReportBamberton Cement WorksYes
13460018Geographic ReportMcCurdy PointYes
13460019Geographic ReportWain RockYes
13460020Geographic ReportMckenzie Bight Site 5Yes
13460021Geographic ReportTozier RockYes
13460022Geographic ReportSluggett PointYes
13460023Geographic ReportSheppard PointYes
13460024Geographic ReportPatey RockYes
13460025Geographic ReportDaphne IsletYes
13460026Geographic ReportDeep Cove Reef / Setchell PointYes
13460027Geographic ReportDeep Cove Deep SiteYes
13460028Geographic ReportSenanus Island SW SideYes
13460029Geographic ReportWillis Point (Boat Dive)Yes
13460030Geographic ReportYarrow PointYes
13460031Geographic ReportDyers RocksYes
13460032Geographic ReportTsartlip LaunchYes
13460033Geographic ReportMystery PinnacleYes
13460034Geographic ReportLord Jim WreckYes
13460035Geographic ReportAnchor CoveYes
1347Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoses Point - Cadboro Point
13470001Geographic ReportArbutus IslandYes
13470002Geographic ReportTen Mile PointYes
13470003Geographic ReportJames Isl Wharf at Turgoose Pt.Yes
13470004Geographic ReportSpring BayYes
13470005Geographic ReportAmity DriveYes
13470006Geographic ReportTelegraph Cove (Victoria)Yes
13470007Geographic ReportGyro Park Cadboro BayYes
13470008Geographic ReportMoses PointYes
13470009Geographic ReportGordon Head / Glencoe CoveYes
13470010Geographic ReportShute ReefYes
135Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalaspina Strait
1351Zone Code listGeographic ReportTexada Island
13510001Geographic ReportPartington PointYes
13510002Geographic ReportGrilse PointNo
13510003Geographic ReportAnderson IslandYes
13510004Geographic ReportMt. Dyck WallNo
13510005Geographic ReportSheer Island (near Texada Island)No
1352Zone Code listGeographic ReportGreif Point - Scotch Fir Pt
13520001Geographic ReportGrief PointNo
1353Zone Code listGeographic ReportJervis Inlet
13530001Geographic ReportOctopus City Saltery Bay ParkYes
135301Zone Code listGeographic ReportInlet
13530101Geographic ReportMermaid Cove (Saltery Bay)Yes
13530102Geographic ReportJervis South WiresYes
13530103Geographic ReportArgonaut Point (Foley Head)Yes
135302Zone Code listGeographic ReportHotham Sound
135303Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrince of Wales Reach
135304Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrincess Royal Reach
135305Zone Code listGeographic ReportQueens Reach and Princess Louisa Inlet
1354Zone Code listGeographic ReportNelson Island (strait side) and Hardy Island
13540001Geographic ReportNelson RockNo
1355Zone Code listGeographic ReportAgamemnon Bay Area (Fearney Point - Francis Point)
135501Zone Code listGeographic ReportPender Harbour
13550101Geographic ReportBall PointNo
13550102Geographic ReportMartin CoveYes
135502Zone Code listGeographic ReportBeaver Island
13550201Geographic ReportFrancis PointYes
1356Zone Code listGeographic ReportAgamemnon Channel (inc Captain Island)
13560001Geographic ReportNortheast WiresYes
13560002Geographic ReportSydney ChannelYes
13560003Geographic ReportFearney BluffsYes
13560004Geographic ReportSS Aliford Wreck (Nelson Island)Yes
13560005Geographic ReportPowerlines - Agamemnon ChannelYes
13560006Geographic ReportCaptains Island, Marker LightsYes
13560007Geographic ReportAgnew Passage (between Nelson and Captain Islands, Jervis Inlet)Yes
13560008Geographic ReportCaptains Notch (East side of island)Yes
1357Zone Code listGeographic ReportFrancis Point - Wilbraham Point
1359Zone Code listGeographic ReportSechelt Inlet - Gower Point
135901Zone Code listGeographic ReportPorpoise Bay, Tuwanek Area
13590101Geographic ReportTuwanek BeachYes
13590102Geographic ReportKim's ReefNo
13590103Geographic ReportTuwanek PointYes
13590104Geographic ReportStal WallYes
13590105Geographic ReportSakinaw RockNo
13590106Geographic ReportPiper PointNo
13590107Geographic ReportSnake BayYes
13590108Geographic Report4 Mile ShoalNo
13590109Geographic ReportStag WallYes
13590110Geographic ReportLamb Islets West SideYes
135902Zone Code listGeographic ReportSecret Cove, Halfmoon Bay, Trail Bay, Davis Bay
13590201Geographic ReportCoopers Green (Halfmoon Bay)Yes
13590202Geographic ReportOle's CoveYes
13590203Geographic ReportRockwaterYes
13590204Geographic ReportDavis Bay PierYes
135903Zone Code listGeographic ReportNarrows Inlet
13590301Geographic ReportTzoonie NarrowsYes
135904Zone Code listGeographic ReportSalmon Inlet
13590401Geographic ReportScuttled ChaudiereYes
135905Zone Code listGeographic ReportSkookumchuck Narrows
13590501Geographic ReportSutton IsletsYes
13590502Geographic ReportMiller's RockYes
13590503Geographic ReportEgmont PointYes
13590504Geographic ReportSwede's ReefYes
13590505Geographic ReportNemo's LeapYes
13590506Geographic ReportNorth Sutton Island South ChannelYes
13590507Geographic ReportSouth Sutton Island North Channel (Greenlight)Yes
13590508Geographic ReportBathgate RockYes
13590509Geographic ReportSkookumchuck RapidsYes
13590510Geographic ReportObservation Wall - Skookumchuck RapidsYes
13590511Geographic ReportJervis PointYes
13590512Geographic ReportNorth Sutton Island Main ChannelYes
13590513Geographic ReportStrongwater Retreat DockYes
13590514Geographic ReportBack Eddy (near Egmont Marina)Yes
13590515Geographic ReportJaggy CrackNo
136Zone Code listGeographic ReportHowe Sound
13600001Geographic ReportCaulfield Cove (Howe Sound)Yes
1361Zone Code listGeographic ReportBowyer Island
13610001Geographic ReportCloud Nine (Bowyer Island)Yes
13610101Geographic ReportNorth Bowyer BuoyNo
13610102Geographic ReportSouth Bowyer BuoyNo
13610103Geographic ReportEast Wall Bowyer IslandNo
1362Zone Code listGeographic ReportGambier Island
13620001Geographic ReportPam RocksYes
13620002Geographic ReportAlexandra and Gambier Island (Howe Sound)Yes
13620003Geographic ReportCarmelo Point (Gambier Island)Yes
13620004Geographic ReportHalkett Wall (Gambier Island Howe Sound)Yes
13620005Geographic ReportHMCS Annapolis Wreck / Halkett BayYes
13620006Geographic ReportGrace Islets off Gambier IslandYes
13620007Geographic ReportMariner's RestYes
13620008Geographic ReportPort GravesYes
1363Zone Code listGeographic ReportBowen Island
13630001Geographic ReportMillers LandingYes
13630003Geographic ReportSnug CoveYes
13630004Geographic ReportMount Gardner DockYes
13630005Geographic ReportSeymour Bay South IsletYes
13630006Geographic ReportPassage IslandYes
13630007Geographic ReportCates Bay - Howe SoundYes
13630008Geographic ReportMannion Bay - Deep Bay Howe SoundYes
13630009Geographic ReportBowen Bay - Howe SoundYes
13630010Geographic ReportCollingwood Channel Day Beacon/Mini Reef Master/West Bowen MarkerYes
13630011Geographic ReportFerndale (SSW side of Hutt Island)Yes
13630012Geographic ReportWorlcombe Island (east side)Yes
13630013Geographic ReportBowen Island - South shoreYes
13630014Geographic ReportDorman Bay / PointYes
13630015Geographic ReportFinisterre Island / Hood PointYes
13630016Geographic ReportSW Passage Island ReefYes
13630017Geographic ReportPopham Island West Gap ReefYes
13630018Geographic ReportPopham Island SouthYes
13630019Geographic ReportWorlcombe Island West ReefYes
1364Zone Code listGeographic ReportAnvil Island and nearby islands
13640001Geographic ReportEast Defence Island (Defense)Yes
13640002Geographic ReportChristie Islet Howe SoundYes
13640003Geographic ReportDragon's Den (Anvil Island)Yes
13640004Geographic ReportUse 13650204 No
13640005Geographic ReportAnvil Island South TipYes
1365Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt Atkinson - Squamish
136501Zone Code listGeographic ReportHorseshoe Bay - South Porteau Cove
13650101Geographic ReportWhytecliff ParkYes
13650102Geographic ReportAnsel PointYes
13650103Geographic ReportLookout PointNo
13650104Geographic ReportBrunswick BeachYes
13650105Geographic ReportLarsen BayNo
13650106Geographic ReportCopper CoveYes
13650107Geographic ReportBatchelor Bay (Bachelor)Yes
13650108Geographic ReportLighthouse Park (Pt. Atkinson)Yes
13650109Geographic ReportKelvin GroveYes
13650110Geographic ReportLion's Bay MarinaYes
13650111Geographic ReportBird Islet WestYes
136502Zone Code listGeographic ReportPorteau Cove Bay - Squamish
13650201Geographic ReportPorteau Cove BayYes
13650202Geographic ReportFurry CreekNo
13650203Geographic ReportPorteau - 2008 rockslide areaYes
13650204Geographic ReportBrittania Beach Mystery WrecksYes
1366Zone Code listGeographic ReportSquamish - Gower Pt
1367Zone Code listGeographic ReportKeats Island
13670001Geographic ReportEastbourne WallNo
1368Zone Code listGeographic ReportPasley Island (and associated Isls.)
13680001Geographic ReportWorlcombe Island MarkerNo
1369Zone Code listGeographic ReportBurrard Inlet
136901Zone Code listGeographic ReportIndian Arm
13690101Geographic ReportWhiskey CoveYes
13690102Geographic ReportCates ParkYes
13690103Geographic ReportBelcarra BayYes
13690104Geographic ReportBuntzen Plant NorthYes
13690105Geographic ReportWreck of the VT-100Yes
13690106Geographic ReportJug IslandYes
13690107Geographic ReportGrey RocksYes
13690108Geographic ReportTwin IslandsYes
13690109Geographic ReportTupper RockYes
13690110Geographic ReportPort Moody InletYes
13690111Geographic ReportCroker Island South tipYes
13690112Geographic ReportCroker Island North tipYes
13690113Geographic ReportWoodlands / Lone Rock Pt.Yes
13690114Geographic ReportJohnson's BayYes
13690115Geographic ReportWestern Dispatcher / Bedwell Bay Yes
13690116Geographic ReportBest Point Yes
14Zone Code listGeographic ReportSTRAIT OF JUAN DE FUCA (VICTORIA - CAPE BEAL)
1401Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest of Discovery Island and Cadboro Point - Albert Head (incl Victoria)
14010001Geographic ReportOgden Point Breakwater (Lighthouse)Yes
14010002Geographic ReportAlbert HeadYes
14010003Geographic ReportGriffin Island (near Discovery Isl)Yes
14010004Geographic ReportRoyal Roads SpitYes
14010005Geographic ReportSouth Reef (Discovery Isl)Yes
14010006Geographic ReportCadboro PointYes
14010007Geographic ReportOgden Point Breakwater Site 4Yes
14010008Geographic ReportOgden Point Breakwater Site 3Yes
14010009Geographic ReportOgden Point LighthouseYes
14010010Geographic ReportOgden Point Breakwater Site 5Yes
14010011Geographic ReportClover PointYes
14010012Geographic ReportSaxe Point ParkYes
14010013Geographic ReportFleming Bay BreakwaterYes
14010014Geographic ReportOgden Point Breakwater Site 2Yes
14010015Geographic ReportOgden Point Breakwater Site 1Yes
14010016Geographic ReportMcNeill BayYes
14010017Geographic ReportBrotchie Ledge / Wreck of the San PedroYes
14010018Geographic ReportS.F. Tolmie Wreck (Harrison Island)Yes
14010019Geographic ReportAlbert Head Lagoon (not in lagoon)Yes
1402Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest of Albert Head - Christopher Point
14020001Geographic ReportGreat Race RockYes
14020002Geographic ReportWest Race Wall & RocksYes
14020004Geographic ReportRosedale RocksYes
14020005Geographic ReportWilliam Head (Club Fed)Yes
14020006Geographic ReportRace Rocks - Strawberry FieldsYes
14020007Geographic ReportNorth Race RocksYes
14020008Geographic ReportFossil PointYes
1403Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest of Christopher Point - Possession Point
14030001Geographic ReportSwordfish IslandYes
14030002Geographic Report775 West Coast Road (Strait Juan de Fuca)Yes
14030003Geographic ReportOtter Point EastYes
14030004Geographic ReportSecretary Island (Possession Point, East Sooke)Yes
14030005Geographic ReportBedford Islands (Metchosin)Yes
14030006Geographic ReportBeechy HeadYes
14030007Geographic ReportPossession Point (East Sooke)Yes
1404Zone Code listGeographic ReportSooke Inlet, Harbor, Basin
1405Zone Code listGeographic ReportOtter Point - San Juan Point
14050001Geographic ReportSombrio Beach (Juan de Fuca Strait)Yes
1406Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort San Juan - Clo-oose
1407Zone Code listGeographic ReportNitinat Inlet - Cape Beale
15Zone Code listGeographic ReportQueen Charlotte Sound
1501Zone Code listGeographic ReportHecate, Calvert and nearby Islands
15010001Geographic ReportRock between Odlum and Starfish IslandsYes
15010002Geographic ReportPinnacle SE of Rattenbury IslandYes
16Zone Code listGeographic ReportHecate Strait
17Zone Code listGeographic ReportQueen Charlotte Islands
1701Zone Code listGeographic ReportGraham Island
1702Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoresby Island
18Zone Code listGeographic ReportDixon Entrance
19Zone Code listGeographic ReportChatham Sound & Browns Passage
1901Zone Code listGeographic ReportPorcher Isl
1902Zone Code listGeographic ReportStephens Isl
1903Zone Code listGeographic ReportKennedy Isl
1904Zone Code listGeographic ReportDeHorsey Isl
1905Zone Code listGeographic ReportSmith Isl
1906Zone Code listGeographic ReportKaien Isl (Prince Rupert)
19060001Geographic ReportRushbrooke Trail Slide SiteYes
19060002Geographic ReportBay NE of Galloway RapidsYes
19060003Geographic ReportPrince Rupert HarbourYes
19060004Geographic ReportPrince Rupert Harbour (S end Wolfe Island)Yes
19060005Geographic ReportVigalent Island (Prince Rupert Sound)Yes
19060006Geographic ReportPinnacle Hakai PassYes
19060007Geographic ReportClavella Wall (Hakai Pass)Yes
19060008Geographic ReportDrum Rock WreckYes
1907Zone Code listGeographic ReportDigby Isl
19070001Geographic ReportKerr Rocks (Digby Island)No
1908Zone Code listGeographic ReportTsimpsean Peninsula
1909Zone Code listGeographic ReportChatham Sound proper
19090001Geographic ReportLucy IslandYes
1910Zone Code listGeographic ReportBrown Passage proper
19100001Geographic ReportRock south of Osborne IslYes
19100002Geographic ReportOsborne Isl (Tree Nob Group)Yes
1911Zone Code listGeographic ReportDundas-Melville Group
1912Zone Code listGeographic ReportZayas Isl
1913Zone Code listGeographic ReportTugwell Island
19130000Geographic ReportTugwell IslandNo
19130001Geographic ReportDawes Rock (Tugwell Island)Yes
2Zone Code listGeographic ReportWashington
21Zone Code listGeographic ReportBLAINE (US Border) - MT VERNON
21000001Geographic ReportLighthouse Marine Park, Point RobertsYes
21000002Geographic ReportLily Point, Point RobertsYes
2110Zone Code listGeographic ReportLummi Island
211001Zone Code listGeographic ReportEliza Island
21100101Geographic ReportEliza RockYes
2111Zone Code listGeographic ReportChuckanut Bay
21110001Geographic ReportChuckanut IslandYes
21110002Geographic ReportChuckanut RockNo
21110003Geographic ReportLarrabee State Park Boat LaunchYes
2112Zone Code listGeographic ReportBellingham Bay
21120001Geographic ReportTaylor Avenue DockYes
21120002Geographic ReportBellingham / Fairhaven Marine ParkYes
2113Zone Code listGeographic ReportVendovi Island
21130001Geographic ReportWedoviYes
22Zone Code listGeographic ReportSAN JUAN ISLANDS
2210Zone Code listGeographic ReportOrcas Island
22100001Geographic ReportPoint Lawrence / Lawrence PointYes
22100002Geographic ReportBell Island - WestYes
22100003Geographic ReportPeapod Rocks NYes
22100004Geographic ReportPeapod Rocks SYes
22100005Geographic ReportNW Crane IslandYes
22100006Geographic ReportBell Island - EastYes
22100007Geographic ReportTommy's DropoffYes
22100008Geographic ReportEast SoundYes
22100009Geographic ReportBird Rocks (East Sound)Yes
22100010Geographic ReportRosario Wall (East Sound)Yes
22100011Geographic ReportHarney Toad / Cable Crossing (Harney Channel)Yes
22100012Geographic ReportCliff Island EastYes
22100013Geographic ReportYellow Island - NorthYes
22100014Geographic ReportDouble Island (east)Yes
22100015Geographic ReportYellow Island -northeastYes
22100016Geographic ReportYellow Island - SouthYes
22100017Geographic ReportYellow Island -WestYes
22100018Geographic ReportShirt-tail ReefYes
22100019Geographic ReportLow Island - NorthYes
22100020Geographic ReportCaldwell Point (Orca Island)Yes
22100021Geographic ReportBayhead Marina (Orcas Island)Yes
22100022Geographic ReportAussie Wall (SanJuan Islands, West Sound Orcas Island)No
22100023Geographic ReportSE Crane IslandYes
22100024Geographic ReportParker ReefYes
22100025Geographic ReportNob Island ReefYes
22100026Geographic ReportJoe's PinnacleYes
22100027Geographic ReportDoe BayYes
22100028Geographic ReportLydia ShoalYes
22100029Geographic ReportMercedes RockYes
22100030Geographic ReportWest Beach ResortYes
22100031Geographic ReportYellow Island West OuterYes
22100032Geographic ReportDeer Harbor DocksYes
22100033Geographic ReportSeverson Eelgrass meadowYes
22100034Geographic ReportNorth BeachYes
2211Zone Code listGeographic ReportShaw Island
22110001Geographic ReportBroken Point - EastYes
22110002Geographic ReportBroken Point - WestYes
22110003Geographic ReportVictoria's SecretYes
22110004Geographic ReportSir Walters Wall (Pt. George)Yes
22110005Geographic ReportNear Point GeorgeYes
22110006Geographic ReportPicnic Cove (eelgrass survey)Yes
22110007Geographic ReportHick's WallYes
22110008Geographic ReportBahrych BayYes
22110009Geographic ReportSouth Point, Shaw IslandYes
22110010Geographic ReportEast Bay off Broken PointYes
2212Zone Code listGeographic ReportLopez Island
22120001Geographic ReportCharles IslandYes
22120002Geographic ReportLong IslandYes
22120003Geographic ReportHumphrey Head JettyYes
22120004Geographic ReportRichardson DockYes
22120005Geographic ReportLong Island Wall / Strawberry Wall / Dawn's BottomYes
22120006Geographic ReportFrost Island - East SideYes
22120007Geographic ReportLong Island South SideYes
22120008Geographic ReportBarlow BayYes
22120009Geographic ReportLong Island North Wall / Pirates Cove WallYes
22120010Geographic ReportReef Net RocksYes
22120011Geographic ReportWatmough HeadYes
22120012Geographic ReportIceberg PointYes
22120013Geographic ReportSwirl Island / Swirl RockYes
22120014Geographic ReportBethke BumpYes
22120015Geographic ReportMarker 4 PinnacleYes
22120016Geographic ReportWhale RocksYes
22120017Geographic ReportHunter BayYes
22120018Geographic ReportColville Island NorthYes
22120019Geographic ReportCarlson Kelp BedsYes
22120020Geographic ReportShark ReefYes
22120021Geographic ReportLumpsucker LaneYes
22120022Geographic ReportDavidson RockYes
22120023Geographic ReportShoal Bay (eelgrass survey)Yes
22120024Geographic ReportOutside Fisherman Bay (eelgrass survey)Yes
22120025Geographic ReportInside Fisherman Bay (eelgrass survey)Yes
22120026Geographic ReportAgate Beach County ParkYes
22120027Geographic ReportFisherman Bay (north end)Yes
22120028Geographic ReportSecar RockYes
22120029Geographic ReportDeadman's WallYes
22120030Geographic ReportCastle IslandYes
22120031Geographic ReportColville Reef (west of island)Yes
22120032Geographic ReportLopez PassYes
22120033Geographic ReportReef North of Swirl RockYes
22120034Geographic ReportFrost Island - North endYes
22120035Geographic ReportFisherman Bay SpitYes
22120036Geographic ReportFisherman Bay Lagoon (south end)Yes
22120037Geographic ReportBetween Watmough Head and Boulder IslandYes
2213Zone Code listGeographic ReportBlakely Island
22130001Geographic ReportSW Obstruction IslandYes
22130002Geographic ReportPeavine PassYes
22130003Geographic ReportBlakely Island WallNo
22130004Geographic ReportPete's PinnacleYes
22130005Geographic ReportBlack Rock Yes
2214Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Juan Island (including Henry)
22140001Geographic ReportPile PointYes
22140002Geographic ReportLime Kiln LighthouseYes
22140003Geographic ReportKellet BluffNo
22140004Geographic ReportNorth Turn RockYes
22140005Geographic ReportTurn IslandYes
22140006Geographic ReportSan Juan County ParkYes
22140007Geographic ReportEagle CoveYes
22140008Geographic ReportBreakfast Rock / Dinner Rock (Griffin Bay)Yes
22140009Geographic ReportLarry's Lair / Glass HouseYes
22140010Geographic ReportSmall Pox BayNo
22140011Geographic ReportEagle PointYes
22140012Geographic ReportKellett Reserve WestYes
22140013Geographic ReportKellett Open BayYes
22140014Geographic ReportReuben Tarte ParkYes
22140015Geographic ReportDeadman BayYes
22140016Geographic ReportUW Wall / Friday Harbor Reserve incl. Pt. CautionYes
22140017Geographic ReportPlease use 22240003 Lawson's BluffYes
22140018Geographic ReportO'Neal Island - southsideYes
22140019Geographic ReportO'Neal Island - NW sideYes
22140020Geographic ReportWillow IslandYes
22140021Geographic ReportGoose Island - cattle pass - off San Juan IslandYes
22140022Geographic ReportHat Island - West WallNo
22140023Geographic ReportHuckelberry Island - East WallNo
22140024Geographic ReportEdwards PointNo
22140025Geographic ReportWillow Island - NorthsideNo
22140026Geographic ReportFriday Harbor Lab Harbor and DocksNo
22140027Geographic ReportPema's HouseYes
22140028Geographic ReportReef PointYes
22140029Geographic ReportChristmas ReefYes
22140030Geographic ReportBrunch Reef (Griffin Bay)Yes
22140031Geographic ReportSeiner WreckYes
22140032Geographic ReportHarbor RockYes
22140033Geographic ReportJackie's KnotYes
22140034Geographic ReportTurn Rock - South SideYes
22140035Geographic ReportJackson Beach Park PilingsYes
22140036Geographic ReportJackson Beach Park West EndYes
22140037Geographic ReportSouth BeachYes
22140038Geographic ReportJacksons Beach Argyle Lagoon Eelgrass meadowYes
22140039Geographic ReportBattleship Island EastYes
22140040Geographic ReportBrown Island, SE sideYes
2215Zone Code listGeographic ReportStuart & Spieden Isls. (incl Jones and Flattop)
22150001Geographic ReportGull RockYes
22150002Geographic ReportFlattop Island SouthYes
22150003Geographic ReportFlattop Island Marine ReserveYes
22150004Geographic ReportGreen Point (Spieden Isl)Yes
22150005Geographic ReportTurn PointYes
22150006Geographic ReportSpieden BluffYes
22150007Geographic ReportCharles Point Prevost HBR (Stuart Island)No
22150008Geographic ReportSatellite Island, North WallYes
22150009Geographic ReportAndrea's DebutYes
22150010Geographic ReportJones Island North CoveYes
22150011Geographic ReportSentinel Island - NW sideYes
22150012Geographic ReportDanger ShoalYes
22150013Geographic ReportGossip IslandNo
22150014Geographic ReportSentinel Island - NE sideYes
22150015Geographic ReportSentinel Island - SE cornerYes
22150016Geographic ReportRock NW of Jones Island Marine ParkYes
22150017Geographic ReportJohns Island NW sideYes
22150018Geographic ReportRipple Island NE sideYes
22150019Geographic ReportJones Island SW PointYes
22150020Geographic ReportSatellite Island Bay and Reef North SideYes
2216Zone Code listGeographic ReportWaldron Island
22160001Geographic ReportBare IslandYes
22160002Geographic ReportWhite RockYes
22160003Geographic ReportSkipjack Island SouthYes
22160004Geographic ReportDanger RockYes
22160005Geographic ReportPoint DisneyYes
22160006Geographic ReportCowlitz Bay (Waldron Island)Yes
2217Zone Code listGeographic ReportSinclair Island
22170001Geographic ReportSinclair Island South / Octopus WallYes
2219Zone Code listGeographic ReportCypress Island
22190001Geographic ReportStrawberry Island / GobsmackedYes
22190002Geographic ReportLittle Cone Island, SW sideYes
22190003Geographic ReportEagle CliffYes
22190004Geographic ReportCypress Reef (N End)Yes
22190005Geographic ReportCypress HeadYes
22190006Geographic ReportPelican WallYes
22190007Geographic ReportRevolutionYes
22190008Geographic ReportNW Big Cone IslandYes
22190009Geographic ReportLittle Cone Island, North sideYes
2220Zone Code listGeographic ReportGuemes Island
22200001Geographic ReportMel's Wall - East Wall - Guemes IslandNo
22200002Geographic ReportGuemes Island Resort (north of)Yes
22200003Geographic ReportHungover HeadYes
22200004Geographic ReportSaddlebag Island, West sideYes
22200005Geographic ReportHunt's ParkYes
22200006Geographic ReportJack IslandYes
2221Zone Code listGeographic ReportFidalgo Island (including Allan and Burrows)
222101Zone Code listGeographic ReportAnacortes
22210101Geographic ReportMarch PointYes
22210102Geographic ReportBurrows ChannelYes
22210103Geographic ReportGreen Point (WA Park, Fidalgo Is.)Yes
22210104Geographic ReportPOA Pier 1 and 2 / O Ave BeachYes
22210105Geographic ReportUse 22210207 (was NW Island)No
22210107Geographic ReportPlease use 22210401 (was Burrows Island, NE corner)No
22210108Geographic ReportSkyline Marina WallYes
22210109Geographic ReportWyman's Marina / Secret Cove / U Ave beachYes
22210110Geographic ReportAnacortes Ship HarborYes
222102Zone Code listGeographic ReportRosario Beach
22210201Geographic ReportUrchin RocksYes
22210202Geographic ReportNorth CliffNo
22210203Geographic ReportRosario Beach - general areaNo
22210204Geographic ReportSares HeadYes
22210205Geographic ReportRosario Beach FlatsNo
22210206Geographic ReportBowman Bay Rock - Deception Pass State ParkYes
22210207Geographic ReportNorthwest Island (off Rosario Beach)Yes
22210208Geographic ReportTriton Wall (near Sares Head)Yes
22210209Geographic ReportCove at Lighthouse Point (Bowman Bay)Yes
222103Zone Code listGeographic ReportAllan Island
22210301Geographic ReportAllan Island North SideYes
22210302Geographic ReportWilliamson Rocks (off Allan Island)Yes
22210303Geographic ReportDennis ShoalYes
22210304Geographic ReportYoung Island SE InletYes
22210305Geographic ReportAllan Island SE SideYes
22210306Geographic ReportYoung Island SW tipYes
222104Zone Code listGeographic ReportBurrows Island
22210401Geographic ReportBurrows Island NE CornerYes
22210402Geographic ReportBurrows Island LighthouseYes
22210403Geographic ReportBurrows BayYes
2222Zone Code listGeographic ReportDecatur
22220001Geographic ReportJames Island North SideYes
22220002Geographic ReportCannonball Quarry in Thatcher PassYes
22220003Geographic ReportJames Island East SideYes
22220004Geographic ReportBird Rocks, South EndYes
2223Zone Code listGeographic ReportSamish Island
22230001Geographic ReportSamish BayYes
2224Zone Code listGeographic ReportSucia and Matia Islands
22240001Geographic ReportSucia Islands NorthYes
22240002Geographic ReportEwing CoveYes
22240003Geographic ReportLawson's Bluff - Sucia IslandYes
22240004Geographic ReportKelsey's Wall (Ewing Island North Side)Yes
22240005Geographic ReportAround corner from Matia Island DockYes
22240006Geographic ReportPuffin IslandYes
22240007Geographic ReportShallow Bay (Sucia)Yes
2225Zone Code listGeographic ReportPatos Island
22250001Geographic ReportBoundary Pass BuoyYes
22250002Geographic ReportKing Crab Hole - Patos IslandYes
23Zone Code listGeographic ReportHOOD CANAL
2310Zone Code listGeographic ReportTermination Point - Oak Head (Toandos Penninsula)
23100001Geographic ReportThe SistersYes
23100002Geographic ReportParadise ReefNo
23100003Geographic ReportKitsap Memorial State ParkYes
2320Zone Code listGeographic ReportDabob Bay
23200001Geographic ReportPulali Point East WallYes
23200002Geographic ReportPulali Point West WallYes
23200003Geographic ReportThe Pinnacle (Seamount)Yes
23200004Geographic ReportSeal RockYes
23200005Geographic ReportPoint Whitney Shellfish Lab Pipeline (by ponds)Yes
23200006Geographic ReportBlack PointYes
23200007Geographic ReportPleasant Harbor MarinaYes
23200008Geographic ReportPulali Point South Fingers / WallYes
23200009Geographic ReportPleasant Harbor WDFW Boat RampYes
23200010Geographic ReportPleasant Harbor State Park MoorageYes
23200011Geographic ReportBlack Point North Tip (Boston Point)Yes
23200012Geographic ReportBroken Leg RocksYes
23200013Geographic Report85 StairsYes
23200014Geographic ReportPoint Whitney Shellfish Labs South Pipeline (by main building)Yes
2330Zone Code listGeographic ReportQuatsap Pt. and Misery Pt. - Potlatch State Park
23301Zone Code listGeographic ReportQuatsap Pt. and Misery Pt - Eldon
23301002Geographic ReportQuatsap PointYes
23301003Geographic ReportRosie's Ravine (deep wall)Yes
23301004Geographic ReportGoby Garden (shallow wall)Yes
23301005Geographic ReportTriton HeadYes
23301006Geographic ReportThe Knuckle / Flagpole Point East - (deep)Yes
23301007Geographic ReportMike's Beach ResortYes
23301008Geographic ReportElephant WallYes
23301009Geographic ReportArrowhead (Hood Canal)Yes
23301010Geographic ReportMisery Point NorthYes
23301011Geographic ReportMisery Point SouthYes
23301012Geographic ReportFlagpole Point West (shallow)Yes
23301013Geographic ReportWreck of the F/V Skookum, Seabeck BayYes
23301014Geographic ReportHidden Cove PointYes
23301015Geographic ReportScenic Beach State ParkYes
23301016Geographic ReportBoyd's Boulders / Boydski's BouldersYes
23301017Geographic ReportFulton Creek ReefYes
23301018Geographic ReportParadise CoveYes
23301019Geographic ReportTriton Cove State ParkYes
23303Zone Code listGeographic ReportEldon - Lilliwaup
23303001Geographic ReportJorsted Creek AreaYes
23303002Geographic ReportAyock Point NorthYes
23304Zone Code listGeographic ReportLilliwaup - Potlatch State Park
23304001Geographic ReportOctopus HoleYes
23304002Geographic ReportHoodsportNo
23304003Geographic ReportYellowhouseYes
23304004Geographic ReportUse 23400006 (duplicate)No
23304005Geographic ReportSund Rock North Wall Marine PreserveYes
23304006Geographic ReportSund Rock (south wall)Yes
23304007Geographic ReportWhip GardenYes
23304008Geographic ReportGlen Ayr MotelYes
23304009Geographic ReportCloud Nine / Dewatto WallYes
23304010Geographic ReportSunrise MotelYes
23304011Geographic ReportLittle Dewatto Bay - south sideYes
23304012Geographic ReportIngvald Gronvold Park (next to dive shop)Yes
23304013Geographic ReportKat's CornerYes
2340Zone Code listGeographic ReportPotlatch State Park - Lynch Cove (s. end of Canal)
23400001Geographic ReportTwanoh State ParkYes
23400002Geographic ReportUse 23301012 (was Flagpole Point West)No
23400003Geographic ReportOlympic Vista (Hood Canal East of Union)Yes
23400004Geographic ReportSimply CionaYes
23400005Geographic ReportAyers PointYes
23400006Geographic ReportPotlatch State ParkYes
24Zone Code listGeographic ReportMT VERNON-EVERETT
2401Zone Code listGeographic ReportSkagit Bay
2402Zone Code listGeographic ReportWhidbey Island
24020001Geographic ReportKeystone State Park JettyYes
24020002Geographic ReportFort Ebey State ParkNo
24020003Geographic ReportPossession Point FingersYes
24020004Geographic ReportPossession Point Ferry WreckYes
24020005Geographic ReportLangley Tire ReefYes
24020006Geographic ReportKeystone State Park PilingsYes
24020007Geographic ReportDeception Pass State ParkYes
24020008Geographic ReportGedney / Hat Island BarYes
24020009Geographic ReportAdmiralty Beach / Driftwood Park Coupeville Tire ReefYes
24020010Geographic ReportNorth Wall Deception Pass (S. side Pass / Canoe island)Yes
24020011Geographic ReportStrawberry Island Deception Pass State ParkYes
24020012Geographic ReportBen Ure Island (North Side)Yes
24020013Geographic ReportSouth Camp CaseyYes
24020014Geographic ReportDouble Bluff / Big FishYes
24020015Geographic ReportRolling Hills Pier - Penn CoveYes
24020016Geographic ReportGlendale - Whidbey IslandYes
24020017Geographic ReportPossession Beach Waterfront ParkYes
24020018Geographic ReportDeception Island, West sideYes
24020019Geographic ReportKeystone area between Jetty and PilingsYes
24020020Geographic ReportAdmiralty BeachYes
24020021Geographic ReportDriftwood Park / Admiralty Beach 2 (by cement blockhouse)Yes
24020023Geographic ReportKeystone General - no site specifiedYes
24020024Geographic ReportHolmes HarborYes
24020025Geographic ReportEbey's Landing SouthYes
24020026Geographic ReportHolmes Harbor Boat RampYes
24020027Geographic ReportBeverly Beach (Whidbey Island)Yes
24020028Geographic ReportWonn Beach (Greenbank)Yes
24020029Geographic ReportWhidbey Camano Land TrustYes
24020030Geographic ReportCanoe Pass South side (mid north side of Canoe / Pass Island)Yes
24020031Geographic ReportSnatelum PointYes
2403Zone Code listGeographic ReportCamano Island State Park
24030001Geographic ReportOnamac PointYes
24030002Geographic ReportLowell PointYes
24030003Geographic ReportCamano Island Boat Ramp AreaYes
24030004Geographic ReportCama Beach State ParkYes
24030005Geographic ReportNorth Beach, Camano Island State ParkYes
24030006Geographic ReportMadrona MudpitYes
2404Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Susan and Possession Sound
24040001Geographic ReportMukilteo State Park / Lighthouse ParkYes
24040002Geographic ReportMukilteo Fuel Pier (removed 2016)Yes
24040003Geographic ReportMukilteo T - DockYes
24040004Geographic ReportMukilteo Tire ReefsYes
24040005Geographic ReportKayak Point Regional County Park CoveYes
24040006Geographic ReportKayak Point Regional County Park North BeachYes
24040007Geographic ReportBoeing Pier / Dock / Edgewater Beach Park (north of Mukilteo)Yes
24040008Geographic ReportOld Mukilteo Ferry Dock PilingsYes
2405Zone Code listGeographic ReportMinor and Smith Islands
24050001Geographic ReportSW Side Kelp Forest (Smith)Yes
25Zone Code listGeographic ReportEVERETT - SEATTLE
2510Zone Code listGeographic ReportEdmonds
251001Zone Code listGeographic ReportEdmonds UW Park
25100100Geographic ReportEdmonds UW Park (no site specified)Yes
25100101Geographic ReportDry Dock, Edmonds UWPYes
25100102Geographic ReportEnhancements, Edmonds UWPYes
25100103Geographic ReportCathedrals, Edmonds UWPYes
25100104Geographic ReportTube Henge, Edmonds UWPYes
25100105Geographic ReportZig Zag, Edmonds UWPYes
25100106Geographic ReportHiccup, Edmonds UWPYes
25100108Geographic ReportNorth End, Edmonds UWPYes
25100109Geographic ReportThe Jetty, Edmonds UWPYes
251002Zone Code listGeographic ReportOutside Edmonds
25100201Geographic ReportOil DockYes
25100202Geographic Report100 ft. Rock (Meadowdale)Yes
25100203Geographic ReportEdmonds Fishing PierYes
25100204Geographic ReportEdmonds South BreakwaterYes
25100205Geographic ReportSunset Bay Beach CampYes
25100206Geographic ReportPicnic PointYes
25100207Geographic ReportOlympic Beach ParkYes
25100208Geographic ReportMeadowdale Beach ParkYes
2511Zone Code listGeographic ReportEdwards Pt. - Meadow Pt.
25110001Geographic ReportBoeing Creek ReefYes
26Zone Code listGeographic ReportSEATTLE - OLYMPIA
261Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeattle - Point Defiance
2611Zone Code listGeographic ReportBainbridge Island
26110001Geographic ReportNorranders Reef / Rockaway BeachYes
26110002Geographic ReportOrchard RocksYes
26110003Geographic ReportBlakely RockYes
26110004Geographic ReportBlakely HarborYes
26110005Geographic ReportPoint WhiteYes
26110006Geographic ReportMetridium WallYes
26110007Geographic ReportPoint White Dock (Crystal Springs Pier)Yes
26110008Geographic ReportSE Pier of SR 305 BridgeYes
26110009Geographic ReportDevil's BoulderYes
26110010Geographic ReportFort Ward State ParkYes
26110011Geographic ReportNW Orchard Rocks (PMSC2)Yes
26110012Geographic ReportThe CribsNo
26110013Geographic ReportSouth Wing PointYes
26110014Geographic ReportFay Bainbridge State ParkYes
26110015Geographic ReportToe Jam RocksYes
26110016Geographic ReportBattle Point NorthYes
26110017Geographic ReportLikers PointYes
26110018Geographic ReportSeattle Aquarium Pier 59Yes
26110019Geographic ReportAgate PassNo
26110020Geographic ReportShangrila (Blakely Rock East)Yes
26110021Geographic ReportChina Wall (Blakely Wall East)No
26110022Geographic ReportThe Boss Wreck (Blakely Harbor)Yes
26110023Geographic ReportBainbridge ReefYes
26110024Geographic ReportDecatur Reef (Restoration Point)Yes
2612Zone Code listGeographic ReportVashon Island
26120001Geographic ReportDalco WallYes
26120002Geographic ReportMaury Island Regional Park PierYes
26120003Geographic ReportBottle Garden (Tramp Harbor)Yes
26120004Geographic ReportSandy Shores PierYes
26120005Geographic ReportPlease use 26140015 (was Ed Munro Seahurst Park)No
26120006Geographic ReportKVI TowerYes
26120007Geographic ReportMaury Island Barges (Old Glacier Gravel Pit)Yes
26120008Geographic ReportPortage Vashon (Maury Island south of Bottle Gardens)Yes
26120009Geographic ReportDockton ParkYes
26120010Geographic ReportBlake Island ReefYes
26120011Geographic ReportThe MurphYes
26120012Geographic ReportDockton 5Yes
26120013Geographic ReportQuartermaster WreckYes
26120014Geographic ReportTramp Harbor Fishing PierYes
2613Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Seattle Area
26130001Geographic ReportAlki PipelineYes
26130002Geographic ReportAlki Artificial / Fishing Reef (north end buoy)Yes
26130003Geographic ReportUse 26140016 (was Des Moines Sunken Boat)No
26130004Geographic ReportSeacrest Park Cove 2 (Alki)Yes
26130005Geographic ReportStatue of Liberty (Alki Beach)Yes
26130006Geographic ReportBrace Point SouthYes
26130007Geographic ReportSeacrest Park Cove 3 (Alki)Yes
26130008Geographic ReportAlki Junk YardYes
26130009Geographic ReportSeacrest Park Cove 1 (Alki)Yes
26130010Geographic ReportNorth Lincoln ParkYes
26130011Geographic Report53rd Avenue SW CSO aka AlkiYes
26130012Geographic ReportLowman Beach (Murray Pumpstation)Yes
26130013Geographic ReportJack's BlockNo
26130014Geographic ReportNorth end of Don Armeni boat ramp parkYes
26130015Geographic ReportMicrosoftYes
26130016Geographic ReportDon Armeni Boat Ramp SouthYes
26130017Geographic ReportAlki LighthouseYes
2614Zone Code listGeographic ReportBurien - Tacoma Area
26140001Geographic ReportLes Davis Pier Artificial ReefYes
26140002Geographic ReportNarrows Bridge, East sideYes
26140003Geographic ReportSaltwater State ParkYes
26140004Geographic ReportThree Tree Point NorthYes
26140005Geographic ReportDash Point Fishing PierYes
26140006Geographic ReportOld Town DockYes
26140007Geographic ReportRedondo M.S.C. Pier (MaST)Yes
26140008Geographic ReportOwen BeachYes
26140009Geographic ReportRuston Way - Commencement BayNo
26140010Geographic ReportLobster Shop WallYes
26140011Geographic ReportDall's IslandYes
26140012Geographic ReportRedondo Floating BreakwaterYes
26140013Geographic ReportTacoma Pooper Pipe / Marine Park PipelineYes
26140014Geographic ReportHarbor Lights / Dickman MillYes
26140015Geographic ReportSeahurst ParkYes
26140016Geographic ReportDes Moines Sunken BoatYes
26140017Geographic ReportShenanigansYes
26140018Geographic ReportThree Tree Point SouthYes
26140019Geographic ReportKatie DownsYes
26140020Geographic ReportSilver CloudYes
26140021Geographic ReportCummings Park Pilings Yes
26140022Geographic ReportRedondo Beach (South of Boat Ramp)Yes
26140023Geographic ReportChinese Reconciliation ParkYes
26140024Geographic ReportSouth of SWMSPYes
26140025Geographic ReportPyramid Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140026Geographic ReportMPA Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140027Geographic ReportNorthern Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140028Geographic ReportNorth of Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140029Geographic ReportRedondo NorthYes
26140030Geographic ReportRuston Point / Arsenic Wall / Historic FerryYes
26140031Geographic ReportFoss WaterwayYes
26140032Geographic ReportDes Moines Marina PierYes
26140033Geographic ReportHeron PointYes
26140034Geographic ReportLogan's RunYes
2615Zone Code listGeographic ReportKing Co line (north) to S. Elliot Bay
261501Zone Code listGeographic ReportN. King Co. line to Medow Pt/Shilshole Bay
26150101Geographic ReportRichmond Beach Marine ParkYes
26150102Geographic ReportCarkeek ParkYes
261502Zone Code listGeographic ReportShilshole Bay
26150201Geographic ReportGolden GardensNo
26150202Geographic ReportShilshole Marina North Jetty 2nd LightNo
26150203Geographic ReportShilshole Northern Entrance/Seaview Avenue PierYes
26150204Geographic ReportShilshole Marina South Jetty 3rd LightYes
26150205Geographic ReportWreck of the OmarYes
26150206Geographic ReportNorth Discovery Park Kelp BedYes
26150207Geographic ReportDauntless WreckYes
26150208Geographic ReportVertical BargeYes
26150209Geographic ReportHorizontal BargeYes
26150210Geographic ReportShilshole Bay - Outside BreakwaterYes
26150211Geographic ReportSecret Beach (Ballard Elks Lodge)Yes
26150212Geographic ReportNW 60th Viewpoint (Shilshole Bay)Yes
26150213Geographic ReportCommodore Park (near the Locks)Yes
261503Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Point Lighthouse to Duwamish Head (incl. Elliot Bay)
26150301Geographic ReportSeattle Aquarium Pier 59No
26150302Geographic ReportMagnolia Barges 4 Mile RockYes
26150303Geographic ReportMagnolia Jetty (Smith Cove)Yes
262Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Defiance - Olympia
2621Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt. Defiance - Nisqually River
26210001Geographic ReportPt. Defiance North WallYes
26210002Geographic ReportPt. Defiance West WallYes
26210003Geographic ReportNarrows Bridge (West End)Yes
26210004Geographic ReportDay Island WallYes
26210005Geographic ReportTitlow BeachYes
26210007Geographic ReportSunnyside Beach (Steilacoom)Yes
26210008Geographic ReportMilepost 8 (The Narrows)No
26210009Geographic ReportSaltar's Point (Steilacoom)Yes
26210010Geographic ReportToliva ShoalYes
26210011Geographic ReportSolo Point BeachYes
2622Zone Code listGeographic ReportNisqually River - Cooper Point (W. Budd Inlet)
26220001Geographic ReportTolmie BargesYes
26220002Geographic ReportSwantown MarinaYes
27Zone Code listGeographic ReportOLYMPIC PENINSULA
2701Zone Code listGeographic ReportHood Head - Dungeness Bay
270101Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Townsend
27010101Geographic ReportFort Worden State Park Artificial ReefYes
27010102Geographic ReportUnion WharfYes
27010103Geographic ReportMarine Science Center Wharf (Fort Worden State Park)Yes
27010104Geographic ReportNorth BeachYes
27010105Geographic ReportPoint Hudson JettyYes
27010106Geographic ReportOld Alcohol Plant Marina (Port Hadlock)No
27010107Geographic ReportComet WreckYes
27010108Geographic ReportRanger WreckYes
27010109Geographic ReportSwain'sYes
27010110Geographic ReportPoint Wilson Kelp Beds (NW side of point)Yes
27010111Geographic ReportMonroe Street Boat RampYes
27010112Geographic ReportOld Ferry Landing Port TownsendYes
270102Zone Code listGeographic ReportMarrowstone Island and Indian Island
27010201Geographic ReportFort Flagler Artificial ReefYes
27010202Geographic ReportAlaska Reefer WreckYes
270103Zone Code listGeographic ReportDiscovery Bay
27010301Geographic ReportEd's FaultYes
27010302Geographic ReportWarhawk WreckYes
27010303Geographic ReportGardiner Boat LaunchYes
270104Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Ludlow Area
27010401Geographic ReportKlas RockYes
27010402Geographic ReportMats Mats QuarryYes
270105Zone Code listGeographic ReportSequim Bay
27010501Geographic ReportPort Williams Boat RampYes
27010502Geographic ReportSequim Bay State Park DockYes
2702Zone Code listGeographic ReportDungeness Bay - Kydaka Point
270201Zone Code listGeographic ReportDungeness Bay - Pillar Pt (incl. Pt. Angeles)
27020101Geographic ReportSalt Creek Westmost Stairs (Tongue Point)Yes
27020102Geographic ReportSalt Creek Middle West Stairs (Tongue Point)Yes
27020103Geographic ReportSalt Creek Middle East Stairs (Tongue Point)No
27020104Geographic ReportSalt Creek Eastmost Stairs (Tongue Point)Yes
27020105Geographic ReportEdiz Hook ParkYes
27020106Geographic ReportEdiz Hook Cell TowerYes
27020107Geographic ReportFreshwater BayYes
27020108Geographic ReportCrescent BeachYes
27020109Geographic ReportJamestown Eel Grass BedYes
27020110Geographic ReportDiamond Knot WreckYes
27020111Geographic ReportPort Angeles Yacht ClubYes
27020112Geographic ReportEdiz Hook Log DumpYes
27020113Geographic ReportMartha FossYes
27020114Geographic ReportDungeness CraneYes
27020115Geographic ReportPort Angeles City PierYes
27020116Geographic ReportBachelor RockYes
27020117Geographic ReportBill's CoveYes
27020118Geographic ReportCormorant CliffYes
27020119Geographic ReportOcean CoveYes
270202Zone Code listGeographic ReportPillar Pt - Kydaka Pt. (incl. Clallum Bay)
27020201Geographic ReportEagle PointNo
27020202Geographic ReportSekiu Rocks Reef (west of Jetty)Yes
27020203Geographic ReportSekiu Jetty (the actual jetty)Yes
27020204Geographic ReportCoho Resort JettyYes
27020205Geographic ReportRed Shack - Clallam BayYes
27020206Geographic ReportSlip Point EastYes
2703Zone Code listGeographic ReportKydaka Point - Cape Flattery
270301Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Flattery - Koitlah Pt (OCNMS boundary)
27030101Geographic ReportKoitlah PointYes
27030102Geographic ReportWarm House BeachYes
27030103Geographic ReportChibahdehl RocksYes
27030104Geographic ReportPuffin Pt (between Chibendahl and Slant Rocks)Yes
27030105Geographic ReportSlant RockYes
27030106Geographic ReportMushroom RockYes
27030107Geographic ReportBox Canyon (West of Mushroom Rock)Yes
27030108Geographic ReportTatoosh (Tatooche) Island SouthYes
27030109Geographic ReportOle's HoleYes
27030110Geographic ReportTatoosh (Tatooche) Island EastYes
27030111Geographic ReportKydikabbit PointYes
27030112Geographic ReportJanna's JoyYes
27030113Geographic ReportFour Fathoms Near Duncan RockYes
27030114Geographic ReportGnome Zone - West Tatoosh IslandYes
27030115Geographic ReportWhalebackYes
27030116Geographic ReportSteve's CavesYes
270302Zone Code listGeographic ReportKydaka Point (124 21.5W) - E. of Koitlah Pt (Neah Bay)
27030201Geographic ReportHoko River Reef (west of Kydaka Pt)No
27030202Geographic ReportPinnacle Rock (MM 4)Yes
27030203Geographic ReportThird Beach Reef / FingersYes
27030204Geographic ReportAndalusia Wreck (Bow), Bullman BayYes
27030205Geographic ReportAndalusia Wreck (Stern), Bullman BayYes
27030206Geographic ReportSouth Finger Reef (The Fingers), Waadah IslandYes
27030207Geographic ReportDuncan RockYes
27030208Geographic ReportNorth Finger Reef (The Fingers), Waadah IslandYes
27030209Geographic ReportDeep East Fingers (Waadah Raceway), Waadah IslandYes
27030210Geographic ReportNeah Bay Marina Dock (aka Makah)Yes
27030211Geographic ReportWaadah Island FingersYes
27030212Geographic ReportSandy area S. of Deep East Fingers reef, Waadah IslandYes
27030213Geographic ReportKelp Reef E.of Green can buoy, near Second BeachYes
27030214Geographic ReportRockhead (Neah Bay Jetty outside)Yes
27030215Geographic ReportSE of Koitlah PointYes
27030216Geographic ReportEye of the TigerYes
2810Zone Code listGeographic ReportKitsap Peninsula (Port Gamble - Gig Harbor (includes Poulsbo and Bremerton))
28100002Geographic ReportWautauga BeachYes
28100003Geographic ReportOrchard Point Artificial ReefYes
28100004Geographic ReportPoint Richmond Minesweeper WreckYes
28100005Geographic ReportSunrise Beach County ParkYes
28100006Geographic ReportBremerton MarinaYes
28100007Geographic ReportPoint Washington NarrowsYes
28100008Geographic ReportHarper Ferry Dock (Yukon Harbor)Yes
28100010Geographic ReportManchester State ParkYes
28100011Geographic ReportPoint Glover / Point Glover FingersYes
28100012Geographic ReportPt. Richmond BeachYes
28100013Geographic ReportIllahee State Park (Kitsap Penninsula, WA)Yes
28100014Geographic ReportWatermans Wall (11 Mile Point/ Lighthouse)Yes
28100015Geographic ReportWarren Avenue Bridge, BremertonYes
28100016Geographic ReportManette Bridge, BremertonYes
28100017Geographic ReportWest of Pt. Glover - Rich PassageYes
28100018Geographic ReportSullivan Point WallYes
28100019Geographic ReportThe Tides Tavern (Gig Harbor)Yes
28100020Geographic ReportEast Gig Harbor Public Boat RampYes
28100021Geographic ReportSulphur SpringsYes
28100022Geographic ReportTracyton Boat LaunchYes
28100023Geographic ReportWaterman BeachYes
28100024Geographic ReportIlahee Tire Reef (Ilahee Town Dock)Yes
28100025Geographic ReportWynn Jones ParkYes
28100026Geographic ReportJefferson Point MinesweeperYes
28100027Geographic ReportJerisich Dock (Gig Harbor)Yes
28100028Geographic ReportMaritime Pier (Gig Harbor)Yes
2820Zone Code listGeographic ReportGig Harbor - Devil's Head (Key Peninsula)
28200001Geographic ReportPenrose Point State Park (Key Peninsula)Yes
28200002Geographic ReportLongbranch Marina (Filucy Bay)Yes
2821Zone Code listGeographic ReportFox Island
28210001Geographic ReportToy Point (Fox Island)Yes
28210002Geographic ReportZ's Reef / Zees Reef (Fox Island)Yes
28210003Geographic ReportWest Wall Fox IslandYes
28210004Geographic ReportKopachuck Artificial Reef (Carr Inlet)Yes
28210005Geographic ReportFox Island BridgeYes
28210006Geographic ReportEast Wall Fox IslandYes
28210007Geographic ReportFox Island historic ferry terminalYes
28210008Geographic ReportTanglewood IslandYes
2822Zone Code listGeographic ReportMcNeil, Anderson and nearby Islands
28220001Geographic ReportEagle Island West RidgeYes
28220002Geographic ReportCarlson Bay (Anderson Island)Yes
2830Zone Code listGeographic ReportDevil's Head (Key Peninsula) - Shelton (except Case Inlet)
28300001Geographic ReportUse 28200002 (was Longbranch Marina)No
2831Zone Code listGeographic ReportCase Inlet
28310001Geographic ReportWreck at Taylor Bay (Case Inlet)Yes
28310002Geographic ReportSteamboat Island Wall (Squaxin Passage)Yes
28310003Geographic ReportHartstene Point Marina (Indian Cove)Yes
28310004Geographic ReportHope Island East SideYes
28310005Geographic ReportHope Island Marine Park CampYes
29Zone Code listGeographic ReportCAPE FLATTERY - N COLUMBIA RIVER (Pacific Coast)
2901Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Flattery - Cape Alava
29010001Geographic ReportSkagway RocksYes
29010002Geographic ReportFuca PillarYes
29010003Geographic ReportStrawberry RockNo
29010004Geographic ReportRock SE of Fuca PillarYes
29010005Geographic ReportRock SW of Fuca PillarYes
29010006Geographic ReportBodelteh Islands (SE of)Yes
2902Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Alava - Teahwhit Head
2903Zone Code listGeographic ReportTeahwhit Head - Copalis River (OCNMS boundary)
29030001Geographic ReportCopalis PinnaclesYes
2904Zone Code listGeographic ReportCopalis River - Cape Disappointment (WA/OR border)
3Zone Code listGeographic ReportOregon
31Zone Code listGeographic ReportS COLUMBIA RIVER - YAQUINA HEAD
3101Zone Code listGeographic ReportFort Stevens -Seaside
3102Zone Code listGeographic ReportTillamook Head - Cape Falcon
31020001Geographic ReportTillamook HeadYes
31020002Geographic ReportTillamook LighthouseYes
3103Zone Code listGeographic ReportManzanita - Tillamook Bay
310301Zone Code listGeographic ReportTillamook Bay
31030101Geographic ReportBarview Park (North Jetty)Yes
31030102Geographic ReportThree GracesYes
31030103Geographic ReportHobsonville PointYes
31030104Geographic ReportPort of Garibaldi DocksYes
3104Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Mears - Cape Lookout
310401Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Mears
31040101Geographic ReportPyramid RockYes
310402Zone Code listGeographic ReportOceanside
31040201Geographic ReportThree Arch RocksYes
310403Zone Code listGeographic ReportNetarts
31040301Geographic ReportNetarts BayYes
3105Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. of Cape Lookout -Cascade Heads
31050001Geographic ReportWhalen IslandYes
31050002Geographic ReportCape Lookout wallsYes
310501Zone Code listGeographic ReportPacific City
31050101Geographic ReportHaystack RockYes
31050102Geographic ReportHaystack PinnacleNo
3106Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. of Cascade Heads -Depoe Bay
310601Zone Code listGeographic ReportLincoln City
31060101Geographic ReportTacklebuster ReefYes
31060102Geographic ReportSiletz Reef PinnaclesYes
310602Zone Code listGeographic ReportDepoe Bay
31060201Geographic ReportGovernment PointYes
31060202Geographic ReportNorth ReefYes
31060203Geographic ReportFlat Rock (South Reef)Yes
31060204Geographic ReportJohn's PinnacleNo
31060205Geographic ReportWhale Cove (South of Depoe Bay)Yes
310603Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth of Depoe Bay
31060301Geographic ReportRocky Creek - Otter Crest Loop BridgeYes
3107Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Foulweather -Yaquina Head
31070101Geographic ReportNorth of Gull RockYes
310702Zone Code listGeographic ReportOtter Rock Marine Reserve
31070201Geographic ReportGull Rock, east sideYes
31070202Geographic ReportOtter RockYes
32Zone Code listGeographic ReportSOUTH BEACH - NORTH BEND
3201Zone Code listGeographic ReportNewport - Waldport
320101Zone Code listGeographic ReportYaquina Bay
32010101Geographic ReportNorth Jetty, Yaquina BayYes
32010102Geographic ReportWECOMA DockYes
32010103Geographic ReportCrab Dock, Yaquina BayYes
32010104Geographic ReportThe FingersYes
32010105Geographic ReportSouth Jetty West of Turnaround, Yaquina BayYes
32010106Geographic ReportOutside South Jetty, Yaquina BayYes
32010107Geographic ReportNorth and South PinnaclesYes
32010108Geographic ReportArchYes
32010109Geographic ReportJohnson RockYes
32010110Geographic ReportKawika's South Reef (S. to Pinnacles)Yes
32010111Geographic ReportYaquina ReefYes
32010112Geographic ReportEmbarcadero MarinaYes
32010113Geographic ReportSouth Beach MarinaYes
32010114Geographic ReportEel Grass Bed - Center Slough LNG TankYes
32010115Geographic ReportYaquina Bridge pilingsYes
32010116Geographic ReportRiver Bend boat wreckYes
32010117Geographic ReportRogue Brewery DockYes
3202Zone Code listGeographic ReportWaldport - Sea Lion Caves
320201Zone Code listGeographic ReportWaldport
32020101Geographic ReportYaquina John Point / Waldport SW WallYes
32020102Geographic ReportAbyssal Plain (near Sea Lion Cave)Yes
32020103Geographic ReportAlsea Bay Crab HoleYes
32020104Geographic ReportWaldport North Shore Old Boat RampYes
3203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSutton Creek - Reedsport
320301Zone Code listGeographic ReportSiuslaw River
32030101Geographic ReportNorth Jetty, Fish LadderYes
32030102Geographic ReportSouth Jetty, Crab DockYes
32030103Geographic ReportRhody Wall (Siuslaw River, Florence)Yes
3204Zone Code listGeographic ReportWinchester Bay - North Bend
320401Zone Code listGeographic ReportWinchester Bay
32040101Geographic ReportCrab DockYes
32040102Geographic ReportHalf Moon BayYes
32040103Geographic Report(inside) The TriangleYes
32040104Geographic ReportSouth Jetty (Umpqua Coast Guard Tower)Yes
32040105Geographic ReportTriangle South Jetty (ocean side)Yes
32040106Geographic ReportDeep Hole off North Jetty, Umpqua RiverYes
32040107Geographic ReportNorth Jetty Umpqua RiverYes
33Zone Code listGeographic ReportCOOS BAY - CAPE BLANCO
3301Zone Code listGeographic ReportEmpire - Bandon
33010001Geographic ReportNorth Jetty, CharlestonYes
33010002Geographic ReportCharleston BridgeYes
33010003Geographic ReportSimpson ReefYes
33010004Geographic ReportBaltimore ReefYes
33010005Geographic ReportEmpire DocksYes
33010006Geographic ReportPigeon PointYes
33010007Geographic ReportNorton Cove / Norton GulchYes
33010008Geographic ReportThe CribsYes
33010009Geographic ReportCharleston Small Boat HarborYes
33010010Geographic ReportCharleston Commercial Boat HarborYes
33010011Geographic ReportSunset BayYes
33010012Geographic ReportRandy's ReefYes
33010015Geographic ReportOIMB BeachYes
33010016Geographic ReportSunset PinnacleYes
33010017Geographic ReportSouth Slough Light #1 Yes
33010018Geographic ReportCape Arago LighthouseYes
33010113Geographic ReportSouth Jetty (Charleston)Yes
33010114Geographic ReportCoquille LighthouseYes
3302Zone Code listGeographic ReportCoquille Point - Cape Blanco
34Zone Code listGeographic ReportORFORD REEF - CALIFORNIA BORDER
3401Zone Code listGeographic ReportOrford Reef - Gold Beach
340101Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Orford
34010101Geographic ReportTichenor Rock and The CovesYes
34010102Geographic ReportOrford ReefYes
34010103Geographic ReportIsland RockYes
34010104Geographic ReportRedfish RocksYes
34010105Geographic ReportThe Dock and Jetty Pt. OrfordYes
34010106Geographic ReportThe Sisters Rocks (South of Port Orford near Arizona Beach)Yes
34010107Geographic ReportESDS PinnacleYes
3402Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Sebastian - California Border
34020001Geographic ReportWhale's HeadYes
34020002Geographic ReportTwin RocksYes
34020003Geographic ReportChetco PointYes
34020004Geographic ReportMacklyn Cove Yes
4Zone Code listGeographic ReportCalifornia
41Zone Code listGeographic ReportNORTHERN CALIFORNIA
4101Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Cape Ferrelo - Point St. George
41010001Geographic ReportSt George Reef LighthouseYes
4102Zone Code listGeographic ReportCrescent City - Patricks Point
4103Zone Code listGeographic ReportTrinidad Head - N Cape Mendicino
4104Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Cape Mendicino - N Punta Gorda
41040001Geographic ReportSouth Cape Mendeicino Fort BraggNo
4105Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Punta Gorda - N Point Belgada
4106Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Delgada - N Point Cabrillo
4107Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Cabrillo - N Point Arena
41070001Geographic ReportMendicino HeadlandsNo
41070002Geographic ReportRussian Gulch State ParkNo
41070003Geographic ReportVan Damme ReefYes
41070004Geographic ReportArena RockYes
4108Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Arena - Salmon Creek
410801Zone Code listGeographic ReportSalt Point State Park
41080101Geographic ReportSalt PointYes
41080102Geographic ReportGerstle CoveYes
41080103Geographic ReportStill Water CoveNo
41080104Geographic ReportCasper Cove (between Salt Point and Gualala)Yes
41080105Geographic ReportVantage Road (north of sea ranch)No
41080106Geographic ReportWindemere Point (Sonoma County)Yes
41080107Geographic ReportOcean Cove (Sonoma County)Yes
41080108Geographic ReportFort Ross (Sonoma County)Yes
41080109Geographic ReportTimber CoveYes
4109Zone Code listGeographic ReportBodega Bay - N Point Reyes
4110Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Reyes - N San Francisco Bay
41100001Geographic ReportDrake's Estero (Schooner Bay)No
4111Zone Code listGeographic ReportFarallon Islands
41110001Geographic ReportRuby Tuesday - Fanny ShoalNo
41110002Geographic ReportNoonday Rock - Fanny ShoalNo
41110003Geographic ReportAlan's High Spot - Fanny ShoalYes
41110004Geographic ReportFair to Middling - Middle FarallonYes
4112Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Francisco Bay
41120001Geographic ReportBlackie's PastureYes
4113Zone Code listGeographic ReportS San Francisco Bay - N Davenport
4114Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Davenport - Point Lobos Reserve
411401Zone Code listGeographic ReportDel Monte Beach area
41140101Geographic ReportCable Grid (Tankers Reef Kelp Project)Yes
41140112Geographic ReportSailboat & APC Amtrack WrecksYes
41140113Geographic ReportWharf 2 (incl wharf wall and pilings)Yes
41140114Geographic ReportMarinaNo
41140115Geographic ReportMonterey Beach Hotel/Hole in the WallYes
41140116Geographic ReportShale BedsYes
41140117Geographic ReportDel Monte Beach at Casa Verde/Beach Way (shore dive)Yes
41140118Geographic ReportTioga AvenueYes
41140119Geographic ReportK Dock Monterey HarborYes
411402Zone Code listGeographic ReportBreakwater - Pt Pinos
4114021Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Carlos Beach area
41140211Geographic ReportMonterey Breakwater (San Carlos Beach)Yes
41140212Geographic ReportSewer/Cannery Pipe (west end)Yes
41140213Geographic ReportMetridium FieldsYes
41140214Geographic ReportMid San Carlos Beach/Shallow ReefsYes
41140215Geographic ReportBarge Wreck at San CarlosYes
41140216Geographic ReportAnchor Farm at San CarlosYes
41140217Geographic ReportNew Anchor Farm (after cruise ship)No
41140218Geographic ReportMating AmtracksYes
4114022Zone Code listGeographic ReportCannery Row Street area
41140221Geographic ReportHidden Beach/Monterey Plaza HotelYes
41140222Geographic ReportCannery PipesNo
41140223Geographic ReportMcAbee Beach shore diveYes
41140224Geographic ReportOuter McAbee/Sammet Spire/Margaritaville (boat dive)Yes
4114023Zone Code listGeographic ReportMonterey Bay Aquarium
41140231Geographic ReportAquarium PipeYes
41140232Geographic ReportAquarium ReefYes
41140233Geographic ReportMile BuoyYes
4114024Zone Code listGeographic ReportHopkins Marine Station
41140241Geographic ReportInside Hopkins ReserveYes
41140242Geographic ReportHopkins Deep ReefYes
41140243Geographic ReportSand Near Hopkins Deep ReefNo
4114025Zone Code listGeographic ReportLover's Point area
41140251Geographic ReportLover's Cove Main BeachYes
41140252Geographic ReportLover's Point Rocks/Lovers 2Yes
41140253Geographic ReportOuter Lovers/White Wall (boat dive)Yes
41140254Geographic ReportBat Ray ReefNo
41140255Geographic ReportThird Beach at LoversYes
41140256Geographic ReportLover's Loop - 3rd Beach to/fr Lovers Main BeachYes
4114026Zone Code listGeographic ReportOtter Cove/Pacific Grove Area
41140261Geographic ReportEric's PinnacleYes
41140262Geographic ReportSiren StreetYes
41140264Geographic ReportOtter Cove offshore (boat dive)Yes
41140265Geographic ReportOtter Cove Beach (shore dive)Yes
41140266Geographic Report5th StreetYes
41140267Geographic ReportBallbusterYes
41140268Geographic ReportThree Kings - Pacific GroveYes
41140269Geographic ReportStairs at Beach StreetNo
4114027Zone Code listGeographic ReportCoral Street area
41140271Geographic ReportCoral Street CoveYes
41140272Geographic ReportInner Chase ReefYes
41140273Geographic ReportOuter Chase ReefYes
41140274Geographic ReportAumentosYes
4114028Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt. Pinos area
41140281Geographic ReportPt. PinosYes
41140282Geographic ReportSewers - East Side of Pt. PinosYes
41140283Geographic ReportWest Side of Pt. PinosYes
41140284Geographic ReportMola MountainYes
411403Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. of Pt. Pinos - N Cypress Pt.
4114031Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoss Cove area
41140311Geographic ReportCoast Guard WreckNo
4114032Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Joe area
41140321Geographic ReportCelia WreckNo
41140322Geographic ReportSt Paul WreckNo
41140323Geographic ReportPoint JoeYes
4114033Zone Code listGeographic ReportCypress Point area
41140331Geographic ReportFanshell Pinnacle (off Cypress Pt.)Yes
41140332Geographic ReportShip WrecksNo
41140333Geographic ReportCypress Point RocksNo
41140334Geographic ReportNorth CypressYes
41140335Geographic ReportWest Cypress PointYes
41140336Geographic ReportLocal's LedgeYes
4114034Zone Code listGeographic ReportSpanish Bay area
411404Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Cypress Point - Pescadero Point
4114041Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Cypress Point
41140411Geographic ReportLone Cypress TreeYes
41140412Geographic ReportInner Ocean Pinnacles (Off Castle House)Yes
41140413Geographic ReportOuter Ocean Pinnacles (Off Castle House)Yes
41140414Geographic ReportCastle House (along Lingcod Reef)Yes
41140415Geographic ReportBlack Dog RidgeYes
41140416Geographic ReportEast PinnacleYes
41140417Geographic ReportForgotten PinnacleYes
41140418Geographic ReportPink House (Lingcod Reef b/t Lone Cypress & Castle House)Yes
41140419Geographic ReportLunaticos AnnexYes
411405Zone Code listGeographic ReportPescadero Point - Carmel River State Beach
4114051Zone Code listGeographic ReportPescadero Point area
41140511Geographic ReportN. Pescadero Reef / Brice's Bump / Stillwater CoveYes
41140512Geographic ReportPescadero Reef / Dali's WallYes
41140513Geographic ReportPlease use 41140523 - Ocean Ave (Carmel Beach City Park)No
41140514Geographic ReportCopper Roof House (Carmel Beach City Park)Yes
41140515Geographic ReportButterfly House shore diveYes
41140516Geographic ReportOuter Butterfly House (boat dive)Yes
41140517Geographic ReportPescadero Wash Rocks / Pinnacles / Fire RockYes
41140518Geographic ReportOuter Copper Roof House (boat dive)Yes
4114052Zone Code listGeographic ReportCarmel River State Beach
41140521Geographic ReportStewart's PointYes
41140522Geographic ReportCarmel MeadowsNo
41140523Geographic ReportCarmel City Beach Shale Bed / CRABS/ Carmel Reef and Beds of ShaleYes
41140524Geographic ReportNorthern Reef off Ribera RoadYes
41140525Geographic ReportSouthern Reef off Ribera RoadYes
41140526Geographic ReportRed School House (N and outside of Pt. Lobos MR)Yes
4114053Zone Code listGeographic ReportMonastery Beach
41140531Geographic ReportNorth MonasteryYes
41140532Geographic ReportSouth MonasteryYes
41140533Geographic ReportMono Lobo WallYes
411406Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt Lobos State Reserve
4114061Zone Code listGeographic ReportWhaler's Cove
41140611Geographic ReportPt. Lobos Cannery PointYes
41140612Geographic ReportOuter Whaler's Cove (Middle Reef)Yes
41140613Geographic ReportCoal Chute PointYes
41140614Geographic ReportGranite Point WallYes
41140615Geographic ReportBird RocksYes
41140616Geographic ReportThumbs UpYes
41140617Geographic ReportWhalers Cove (Inner Cove)No
4114062Zone Code listGeographic ReportBluefish Cove
41140621Geographic ReportInner Bluefish CoveYes
41140622Geographic ReportGuillemont RockNo
41140623Geographic ReportBluefish Cove PinnaclesYes
4114063Zone Code listGeographic ReportOuter Pinnacle
41140631Geographic ReportOuter Bluefish Pinnacles (Great Pinnacle)Yes
41140632Geographic ReportMarco's PinnacleYes
4114064Zone Code listGeographic ReportSea Lion Rocks to China Cove
41140641Geographic ReportWeston (restricted area)Yes
4114065Zone Code listGeographic ReportOuter Pinnacle to Sea Lion Rocks
41140651Geographic ReportDeep E3Yes
41140652Geographic ReportE3No
41140653Geographic ReportBeto's ReefYes
41140654Geographic ReportThe Road to Twin PeaksYes
41140655Geographic ReportDave's RidgeYes
41140656Geographic ReportMontanaYes
41140700Geographic ReportMoss Landing area (Monterey Canyon Head)No
41140701Geographic ReportMoss LandingYes
4115Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Lobos Reserve - N Point Sur
411501Zone Code listGeographic ReportYankee Point
41150101Geographic ReportYankee Point PinnaclesYes
41150102Geographic ReportQue Paso PinnacleYes
41150103Geographic ReportHoneymoonYes
41150104Geographic ReportFlintstonesYes
41150105Geographic ReportMalcontentYes
41150106Geographic ReportPTP (Pinnacle of Tremendous Proportion)Yes
41150107Geographic ReportMachu PicchuYes
411502Zone Code listGeographic ReportGarapata State Beach Park
41150201Geographic ReportMile Marker 67No
41150202Geographic ReportMoby Ling CoveNo
41150203Geographic ReportFour PointYes
41150204Geographic ReportSobranes PointNo
41150205Geographic ReportMalpasos Creek MLPAYes
41150206Geographic ReportMalpasos Creek South (outside of MLPA)Yes
411503Zone Code listGeographic ReportSobranes Pt - N Pt Sur
41150301Geographic ReportLobos RocksYes
41150302Geographic ReportGranite CanyonNo
41150303Geographic ReportLittle River SurNo
41150305Geographic ReportDiablo PinnaclesYes
41150306Geographic ReportLas Piedras PinnacleYes
411504Zone Code listGeographic ReportN Pt Sur
41150401Geographic ReportVentura Wreck/RocksYes
41150501Geographic ReportOrca PinnacleYes
4116Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Sur - N Point Estero
41160001Geographic ReportKawika's KoneYes
41160002Geographic ReportSur 19Yes
4117Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Estero - N Point Buchon
41170001Geographic ReportSpooner's Cove at Montana de Oro (boat dive)Yes
41170002Geographic ReportCayucos Reef (boat)Yes
41170003Geographic ReportMorro BayYes
41170004Geographic ReportMorro Bay North T-DockYes
41170005Geographic ReportTarget Rock / Morro Rock (Morro Bay)Yes
41170006Geographic ReportSpooner Cove Shore DiveYes
4118Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Buchon - N Point Sal
41180001Geographic ReportPt. Buchon (about 1. mile south of)Yes
4119Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Sal - N Point Conception
411901Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Louis Obisbo County
411902Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Barbara County
4119021Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Arguello
41190211Geographic ReportArguello Boat HouseYes
4119022Zone Code listGeographic ReportJalama Beach County Park
411903Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoat House Vandenburg AF Base
42Zone Code listGeographic ReportSOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
4201Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Conception - N Point Heuneme
4201023Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Conception
42010231Geographic ReportSM-1 WreckYes
4201024Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Pt. Conception - Santa Barbara
42010241Geographic ReportRefugio State BeachYes
42010242Geographic ReportSt. Augustine Reef/AugiesYes
42010243Geographic ReportTajiguasYes
42010244Geographic ReportCampus PointYes
42010245Geographic ReportGaviota State Park BeachYes
42010246Geographic ReportHaskell's BeachYes
42010247Geographic ReportHammond's Beach (w side of Fernald Point)No
42010248Geographic ReportSands Beach - Coal Oil Point (west side)Yes
42010249Geographic ReportCoal Oil Point (East Side)Yes
4201025Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Barbara
42010251Geographic ReportArroyo Burro Beach / Hendry's BeachYes
42010252Geographic ReportMesa LaneNo
42010253Geographic ReportSanta Cruz Street (Thousand Steps)No
42010254Geographic ReportLeadbetter BeachNo
42010255Geographic ReportBiltmore StepsNo
42010256Geographic ReportNaples ReefYes
42010257Geographic ReportGoleta Sewer PipelineNo
42010258Geographic ReportRincon PointYes
42010259Geographic ReportYucca's Del Playa Steps (W of Isla Vista)Yes
4201026Zone Code listGeographic ReportCarpenteria
42010261Geographic ReportPlatform Holly (3 miles offshore)Yes
420103Zone Code listGeographic ReportVentura County.
42010301Geographic ReportDeer Creek Rd.Yes
42010302Geographic ReportLa JenelleYes
42010303Geographic ReportBird IslandYes
4202Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Channel Islands
420201Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Miguel
42020101Geographic ReportCrook PointYes
42020102Geographic ReportRain BarrelYes
42020103Geographic ReportMiracleYes
42020104Geographic ReportInside Wycoff LedgeYes
42020105Geographic ReportHare RockYes
42020106Geographic ReportLovers / Little LoversYes
42020107Geographic ReportCan RockYes
42020108Geographic ReportKidd RockYes
42020109Geographic ReportCraveyYes
42020110Geographic ReportLurker'sYes
42020111Geographic ReportOtter HarborYes
42020112Geographic ReportCuba ShipwreckYes
42020113Geographic ReportPrince IslandNo
42020114Geographic ReportBat RockNo
42020115Geographic ReportPt. BennettYes
42020116Geographic ReportAdam's CoveYes
42020117Geographic ReportTyleer BightYes
42020118Geographic ReportOil SpringYes
42020119Geographic ReportWestcott ShoalsYes
42020120Geographic ReportJudith Rock SouthYes
42020121Geographic ReportNifty RockYes
42020122Geographic ReportCrab CityYes
42020123Geographic ReportAbalone AlleyNo
420202Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Rosa
42020201Geographic ReportEast End PinnaclesYes
42020202Geographic ReportScallop ReefYes
42020203Geographic ReportEast PointYes
42020204Geographic ReportRancho ViejoYes
42020205Geographic ReportRodes ReefYes
42020206Geographic ReportJohnsons Lee (south)Yes
42020207Geographic ReportJohnsons Lee (north)Yes
42020208Geographic ReportAggi WreckYes
42020210Geographic ReportEagle RockYes
42020211Geographic ReportSouth Point/Chickasaw WreckYes
42020212Geographic ReportCrown of England AnchorYes
42020213Geographic ReportAggi ShipwreckYes
42020214Geographic ReportSouth Point WestYes
42020215Geographic ReportCarrington Point CentralYes
420203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Cruz Island
42020301Geographic ReportAlberts AnchorageYes
42020302Geographic ReportYellow BanksYes
42020303Geographic ReportSailboatYes
42020304Geographic ReportPotato RockYes
42020305Geographic ReportPelican BayYes
42020306Geographic ReportThree SistersNo
42020307Geographic ReportWhite RibbonNo
42020308Geographic ReportPeacock WreckYes
42020309Geographic ReportWillows CoveYes
42020310Geographic ReportBowens PointYes
42020312Geographic ReportBlack BayYes
42020313Geographic ReportGull IslandYes
42020314Geographic ReportDrop-Off ReefYes
42020315Geographic ReportForney's CoveYes
42020316Geographic ReportScorpion Anchorage -East ScorpionYes
42020317Geographic ReportCuevo Valdez / Echo PointYes
42020318Geographic ReportBig RockYes
42020319Geographic ReportLittle ScorpionYes
42020320Geographic ReportGreen GrottoYes
42020321Geographic ReportQuail RockYes
42020322Geographic ReportCavern PointYes
42020323Geographic ReportPrisoner's HarborYes
42020324Geographic ReportFry's HarborYes
42020325Geographic ReportTravis RockNo
42020326Geographic ReportLobster Spot / Scorpion WallYes
42020327Geographic ReportThe TowersYes
42020328Geographic ReportYellow BanksYes
42020329Geographic ReportSandstone PointYes
42020330Geographic ReportMiddle AnchorageYes
42020331Geographic ReportCoches Prietos AnchorageYes
42020332Geographic ReportPainted Cave AnnexYes
42020333Geographic ReportDiablo PinnacleYes
42020334Geographic ReportWest CoveYes
42020335Geographic ReportSpelunkers / Adams CaveYes
42020336Geographic ReportPotato HarborYes
42020337Geographic ReportCobra HeadYes
42020338Geographic ReportPunta ArenaYes
42020339Geographic ReportGrummen Guardian AirplaneYes
42020340Geographic ReportLady's Anchorage Santa Cruz IslandYes
42020341Geographic ReportPlatt's (Santa Cruz Island)Yes
42020342Geographic ReportHazzards / Hazzard WallYes
42020343Geographic ReportScorpion Anchorage / West Scorpion / Big ScorpionYes
42020344Geographic ReportWest Posa PointYes
42020345Geographic ReportKinton PointYes
42020346Geographic ReportFraser PointYes
42020347Geographic ReportPedro ReefNo
42020348Geographic ReportFlame ReefYes
42020349Geographic ReportEast of Golfball (southside Santa Cruz Is)No
42020350Geographic ReportHungry Man Cove (nr E end, close to Smugglers Cove)Yes
42020351Geographic ReportFern GrottoYes
42020352Geographic ReportBlue BanksYes
42020353Geographic ReportInside Painted Cave Marine PreserveYes
42020354Geographic ReportPalm ParkYes
42020355Geographic ReportNear Eagle RockYes
42020356Geographic ReportNear Profile Point (Painted Cave Marine Preserve)Yes
42020357Geographic ReportDiablo PointYes
42020358Geographic ReportFence LineNo
42020359Geographic ReportWizard's SleeveYes
42020360Geographic ReportDonna's WallYes
42020361Geographic ReportWhale RockYes
42020362Geographic ReportCoches PrietosYes
42020363Geographic ReportCobble CaveYes
42020364Geographic ReportTen Fathoms / 10 FathomsYes
42020365Geographic ReportEcho WallYes
42020366Geographic ReportTiny's LandingYes
42020367Geographic ReportSeal Rocks (Santa Cruz)Yes
42020368Geographic ReportBump RockYes
42020369Geographic ReportCoche CoveYes
42020370Geographic ReportFive StonesYes
42020371Geographic ReportThe AntfarmYes
42020372Geographic ReportCalico ReefNo
42020373Geographic ReportMorse PointYes
42020374Geographic ReportYellow Bank Site 1Yes
42020375Geographic ReportYellow Bank Site 2Yes
42020376Geographic ReportYellow Bank Site 3Yes
42020377Geographic ReportWrench RockYes
42020378Geographic ReportTiny'sYes
42020379Geographic ReportShadesYes
42020380Geographic ReportEmerald Gardens and CavesYes
42020381Geographic ReportPedro Point CavesYes
42020382Geographic ReportAthensNo
42020384Geographic ReportPainted Cave Yes
42020385Geographic ReportSea Lion PinnacleYes
42020386Geographic ReportDiablo BayYes
42020387Geographic ReportArch RockYes
42020388Geographic ReportNemesisYes
42020389Geographic ReportDouble ArchYes
420204Zone Code listGeographic ReportAnacapa Island
42020401Geographic ReportCat RockYes
42020402Geographic ReportRat RockYes
42020403Geographic ReportCoral Reef (Anacapa Sea Cove - West)Yes
42020404Geographic ReportHappy Dog RockYes
42020405Geographic ReportSurveyor's RockYes
42020406Geographic ReportLighthouse / Landing Cove PointYes
42020407Geographic ReportLanding Cove / Landing Cove ArchYes
42020408Geographic ReportEast Fish CampYes
42020409Geographic ReportWest End Anacapa -south sideYes
42020410Geographic ReportWest End Anacapa - north sideYes
42020411Geographic ReportUnderwater IslandYes
42020412Geographic ReportArch Rock (Anacapa Island)Yes
42020413Geographic ReportGoldfish BowlYes
42020414Geographic ReportPortuguese Rock (Sailboat Cove)Yes
42020415Geographic ReportCathedral CoveYes
42020416Geographic ReportAdmiral's CoveYes
42020417Geographic ReportWinfield ScottYes
42020418Geographic ReportFrenchy's CoveYes
42020419Geographic ReportMiddle reef - Backside AnacapaYes
42020420Geographic ReportGarden SpotYes
42020421Geographic ReportGunsight ReefYes
42020422Geographic ReportChannelsYes
42020423Geographic ReportSeabass Reef (Anacapa Island)No
42020424Geographic ReportUnderwater Arch at Sea Lion Haulout (southside of island)Yes
42020425Geographic ReportThe Caverns (Anacapa)Yes
42020426Geographic ReportLanding Cove (Anacapa)Yes
42020427Geographic ReportParallel ReefsYes
42020428Geographic ReportBat CaveYes
42020429Geographic ReportFar WestYes
42020430Geographic ReportLandslide (West Anacapa)Yes
42020431Geographic ReportUpper AquariumNo
42020432Geographic ReportLower AquariumNo
42020433Geographic ReportWinfield Scott OutsideYes
42020434Geographic ReportCanyonsYes
42020435Geographic ReportTrash Dump / Garbage CoveYes
42020436Geographic ReportCoral PinnacleYes
42020437Geographic ReportRandy's New SiteYes
42020438Geographic ReportFish BowlNo
42020439Geographic ReportTwin Bay PointYes
42020440Geographic ReportPelican Preserve - Anacapa IslandNo
42020441Geographic ReportAmphitheater (Anacapa)No
42020442Geographic ReportSea Lion Beach (Anacapa)Yes
4203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern Channel Islands
420301Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Barbara
42030102Geographic ReportLanding Cove North BuoyYes
42030103Geographic ReportLanding Cove South BuoyYes
42030104Geographic ReportSouth East Side SBIYes
42030105Geographic ReportSutil IslandYes
42030106Geographic ReportElephant Seal Cove / East Elephant SealYes
42030107Geographic ReportSea Lion RookeryYes
42030108Geographic ReportCat CanyonYes
42030109Geographic ReportHidden ReefYes
42030110Geographic ReportArch Reef / Santa Barbara ArchYes
42030111Geographic ReportShearwater PointYes
42030112Geographic ReportRay RidgeNo
42030113Geographic ReportCat Plateau, SE SBIYes
42030114Geographic ReportMaytag Point SE Sutil IslandYes
42030115Geographic ReportGraveyard CaynonYes
42030116Geographic ReportDeckersNo
42030117Geographic ReportSoutheast ReefYes
42030118Geographic ReportArch PointYes
42030119Geographic ReportShag RockYes
42030120Geographic ReportReserve ReefYes
42030121Geographic ReportWebster Point (Santa Barbara)Yes
42030122Geographic ReportKelp SkylineNo
42030123Geographic ReportBrittle Star ReefYes
420302Zone Code listGeographic ReportCatalina Island
42030200Geographic ReportCatalina Island General Area - no site specifiedNo
42030201Geographic ReportCasino PointYes
42030202Geographic ReportU/W Snorkel Park (Lover's Cove - Avalon)Yes
42030203Geographic ReportToyon BayYes
42030204Geographic ReportFarnsworth BanksYes
42030205Geographic ReportHen RockYes
42030206Geographic ReportPirates CoveYes
42030207Geographic ReportTorqua SpringsYes
42030208Geographic ReportLong Point, CatalinaYes
42030209Geographic ReportGuano Rock / Bird RockYes
42030210Geographic ReportBig Fishermans CoveYes
42030211Geographic ReportHamilton CoveYes
42030212Geographic ReportTwo Harbors (Isthmus Cove)Yes
42030213Geographic ReportLand's EndYes
42030214Geographic ReportParson's LandingYes
42030215Geographic ReportMiddle QuarryYes
42030216Geographic ReportLion's HeadYes
42030217Geographic ReportCampus by the SeaNo
42030218Geographic ReportShip RockYes
42030219Geographic ReportGallagher's CoveYes
42030220Geographic ReportItalian GardensYes
42030221Geographic ReportYellowtail PointYes
42030222Geographic ReportEagle ReefYes
42030223Geographic ReportBlue CavernsYes
42030224Geographic ReportBlack PointYes
42030225Geographic ReportIndian RocksYes
42030226Geographic ReportRed BluffsYes
42030227Geographic ReportDoctor's CoveYes
42030228Geographic ReportUSC Preserve -Cataline IslandYes
42030229Geographic ReportSea Fan GrottoYes
42030230Geographic ReportEel Rock / Eel CoveYes
42030231Geographic ReportLittle GeigerYes
42030232Geographic ReportLittle Gibraltar PointYes
42030233Geographic ReportTwin RocksYes
42030234Geographic ReportPlease use 42030235 (was West Quarry)No
42030235Geographic ReportWest QuarryYes
42030236Geographic ReportHowlands Landing (near two harbors)Yes
42030237Geographic ReportGoat HarborYes
42030238Geographic ReportRippers CoveYes
42030239Geographic ReportEmpire Landing (Catalina Island)Yes
42030240Geographic ReportBlue CarYes
42030241Geographic ReportAfrica WestYes
42030242Geographic ReportBig Geiger ReefYes
42030243Geographic ReportArrow PointYes
42030244Geographic ReportCape Cortes / Cape of CortezYes
42030245Geographic ReportIron Bound CoveYes
42030246Geographic ReportJohnson's RocksYes
42030247Geographic ReportOld Rock QuarryYes
42030248Geographic ReportCan DumpYes
42030249Geographic ReportOld Crane / Crane PointYes
42030250Geographic ReportEmpire BeachYes
42030251Geographic ReportBlack RockYes
42030252Geographic ReportDeadmans (Catalina) / Schaefer'sYes
42030253Geographic ReportRusty PipesYes
42030254Geographic ReportFraggle RockYes
42030255Geographic ReportKrollsYes
42030256Geographic ReportNooks and CranniesYes
42030257Geographic ReportLittle FarnsworthYes
42030258Geographic ReportGaribaldi ReefNo
42030259Geographic ReportCactus CoveYes
42030260Geographic ReportWest Point / West EndYes
42030261Geographic ReportLulu ReefYes
42030262Geographic ReportStony PointYes
42030263Geographic ReportFoul PointYes
42030264Geographic ReportStarlightYes
42030265Geographic ReportReflector CoveYes
42030266Geographic ReportValiant ShipwreckYes
42030267Geographic ReportIntake PipesYes
42030268Geographic ReportChalk Cliff CoveYes
42030269Geographic ReportPedestal RockYes
42030270Geographic ReportDescanso BeachYes
42030271Geographic ReportWhale RockYes
42030272Geographic ReportSeal Rocks (Catalina Island)Yes
42030273Geographic ReportPumpernickelYes
42030274Geographic ReportMiracle PinnacleYes
42030275Geographic ReportEast of Stuart CoveYes
42030276Geographic ReportEmerald PointYes
42030277Geographic ReportTasty RockNo
42030278Geographic ReportLure Reef / Gibraltar ReefYes
42030279Geographic ReportIsthmus Cove NW SideYes
42030280Geographic ReportBleu GrottoYes
420303Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Nicholas
420304Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Clemente Island
42030401Geographic ReportPyramid HeadYes
42030402Geographic ReportPyramid PointNo
42030403Geographic ReportPyramid CoveYes
42030404Geographic ReportWindow PaneYes
42030405Geographic ReportBlockhouseNo
42030406Geographic ReportLittle WindowNo
42030407Geographic ReportCastle RockNo
42030408Geographic ReportEast of Middle LightNo
42030409Geographic ReportLittle FlowerYes
42030410Geographic ReportFish HookYes
42030411Geographic ReportDisneylandYes
42030412Geographic ReportHalf BoilersNo
42030413Geographic ReportInside LCINo
42030414Geographic ReportFroggy RocksNo
42030415Geographic ReportChina Point PlateauNo
42030416Geographic ReportCalico CoveYes
42030417Geographic ReportArrowheadYes
42030418Geographic ReportBat Ray CityNo
42030419Geographic ReportProud BirdYes
42030420Geographic ReportNorthwest HarborYes
42030421Geographic ReportWilson CoveYes
42030422Geographic ReportWest CoveNo
42030423Geographic ReportWilson Cove PierYes
42030424Geographic ReportWilson Cove Pier SouthYes
42030425Geographic ReportSouth Wilson CoveYes
42030426Geographic ReportDune Point San Clemente IslandYes
42030427Geographic ReportNosc Pier SouthYes
42030428Geographic ReportNosc Pier NorthYes
42030429Geographic ReportBill's Big Hairy CrackYes
42030430Geographic ReportEast Wall #2Yes
42030431Geographic ReportEast Wall #1 / East End Wall / East of BlissYes
42030432Geographic ReportSunpointYes
42030433Geographic ReportPetter's RockYes
42030434Geographic ReportThe GarageYes
42030435Geographic ReportTwin Peaks (East Side)Yes
42030436Geographic ReportTwin Peaks (West Side)Yes
42030437Geographic ReportNeptune's WallYes
42030438Geographic ReportOctopus GardenYes
42030439Geographic ReportLittle Arch / Pyramid ArchYes
42030440Geographic ReportArch PinnacleYes
42030441Geographic ReportCliffs of InsanityYes
42030442Geographic ReportDanny's Dive Inn / Sun Point Amphitheater / CavernsYes
42030443Geographic ReportMosquito WallYes
42030444Geographic ReportPerry's CaveYes
42030445Geographic ReportBlack CavernsYes
42030446Geographic ReportTwo CavesYes
42030447Geographic ReportScream WallYes
42030448Geographic ReportLittle Finger WallYes
42030449Geographic ReportChina Hat Yes
42030450Geographic ReportInside Boiler Yes
42030451Geographic ReportInside Boiler 2Yes
42030452Geographic ReportWest DisneylandYes
42030453Geographic ReportBat Ray CoveYes
42030454Geographic ReportSoupfin ReefYes
42030455Geographic ReportRunway Point Yes
42030456Geographic ReportRunway SouthYes
42030457Geographic ReportBlissYes
420305Zone Code listGeographic ReportSutil Island
42030501Geographic ReportThe NotchYes
4204Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Port Hueneme - N Point Fermin (LA County)
420401Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeo Carillo State Beach
42040101Geographic ReportLeo Carillo SouthYes
42040102Geographic ReportLeo Carillo NorthYes
420402Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Dume
42040201Geographic ReportPoint Dume Submarine CanyonYes
420403Zone Code listGeographic ReportCoral Beach
42040301Geographic ReportBroad BeachYes
420404Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalibu Beach
42040401Geographic ReportLas Flores (Dukes)Yes
42040402Geographic ReportAmarillo Beach (North Pepperdine)Yes
42040403Geographic ReportPuerco BeachYes
42040404Geographic ReportMalibu CoveYes
42040405Geographic ReportEscondido Beach (South)Yes
42040406Geographic ReportEscondido Beach (Middle)Yes
42040407Geographic ReportEscondido Beach (North)Yes
42040408Geographic ReportEscondido B4 (Paradise Cove Pier)/(Wooden House)Yes
42040409Geographic ReportParadise Cove (South)Yes
42040410Geographic ReportParadise Cove (Middle)Yes
42040411Geographic ReportLas Tunas State BeachYes
42040412Geographic Report120 Reef / Terranea Resort BeachYes
420405Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Monica Bay (Topanga Beach - Manhattan State Park)
42040501Geographic ReportStar of Scotland WreckYes
420406Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Santa Monica Bay (Manhattan Beach - Pt. Vincente)
42040601Geographic ReportRAT Beach (Redondo and Torrance Beach)Yes
42040602Geographic ReportMalaga CoveYes
42040603Geographic ReportHaggerty'sYes
42040604Geographic ReportFlat RockYes
42040605Geographic ReportRocky PointYes
42040606Geographic ReportLunada BayYes
42040607Geographic ReportRedondo Beach Submarine CanyonYes
42040608Geographic ReportChristmas Tree CoveYes
42040609Geographic ReportPalawan wreckYes
420407Zone Code listGeographic ReportRancho Palos Verde (Pt. Vincente - White Point)
42040701Geographic ReportAbalone CoveYes
42040702Geographic ReportLong Point (old Marineland)Yes
42040703Geographic ReportRoyal Palms PipelineYes
42040704Geographic ReportInspiration PointYes
42040705Geographic ReportPt. Vincente Fishing AccessYes
42040706Geographic ReportPoint VincenteYes
42040707Geographic ReportPalos Verde PeninsulaNo
420408Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest San Pedro (White Point - N. Point Fermin)
42040801Geographic ReportWhite PointYes
4205Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Fermin - N Dana Point
420501Zone Code listGeographic ReportLong Beach
42050101Geographic ReportLong Beach Navy Base MoleYes
42050102Geographic ReportOlympic WreckYes
42050103Geographic ReportCabrillo BeachYes
420502Zone Code listGeographic ReportHuntington Beach
42050201Geographic ReportEureka Oil PlatformYes
42050202Geographic ReportEllen / Elly Oil PlatformYes
420503Zone Code listGeographic ReportNewport Beach
42050301Geographic ReportNewport HarborNo
420504Zone Code listGeographic ReportLaguna Beach
42050400Geographic ReportLaguna Beach General Area - no site specifiedNo
42050401Geographic ReportFisherman's CoveYes
42050402Geographic ReportCrescent BayYes
42050403Geographic ReportDiver's CoveYes
42050404Geographic ReportShaws CoveYes
42050405Geographic ReportCress StreetNo
42050406Geographic ReportCrystal Cove State Park - Reef PointYes
42050407Geographic ReportWoods CoveYes
42050408Geographic ReportMontage / Treasure Island / Goff IslandYes
42050409Geographic ReportCrystal Cove State Park - Historic DistrictYes
42050410Geographic ReportCrystal Cove State Park – Crystal HeightsYes
42050411Geographic ReportHeisler ParkYes
42050412Geographic ReportBluebird Canyon RoadYes
42050413Geographic ReportSalt CreekYes
42050414Geographic ReportPicnic Point ReefYes
42050415Geographic ReportMussel CoveYes
42050416Geographic ReportCorona del MarYes
4206Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Dana Point - N La Jolla
420601Zone Code listGeographic ReportEncinitas Area
42060101Geographic ReportPipes - Cardiff Campground, San Elijo State BeachYes
42060102Geographic ReportSwami's Beach, EncinitasYes
42060103Geographic ReportAgua Hedionda West BasinNo
42060104Geographic ReportNorth Bird Rock (La Jolla)Yes
42060105Geographic ReportCardiff Outflow PipesYes
42060106Geographic ReportSouth Ponto BeachYes
42060107Geographic ReportGrandviewYes
42060108Geographic ReportBeaconsYes
42060109Geographic ReportStone StepsYes
42060110Geographic ReportMoonlight BeachYes
42060111Geographic ReportD Street BeachYes
42060112Geographic ReportBoneyardsYes
42060113Geographic ReportSouth Cardiff CampgroundsYes
42060114Geographic ReportCardiff ReefYes
42060115Geographic ReportTabletops (Encinitas area)Yes
42060116Geographic ReportFletcher's CoveYes
420602Zone Code listGeographic ReportDel Mar area
42060200Geographic ReportDel Mar General Area - no site specifiedNo
42060201Geographic ReportTorrey Pines Reef #2Yes
42060202Geographic ReportCorona BreakwaterNo
42060203Geographic ReportLittle CoronaNo
42060204Geographic ReportDel Mar Boat Basin - Camp PendletonYes
420603Zone Code listGeographic ReportLa Jolla
42060300Geographic ReportPlease use 42060309 (was La Jolla General Area - no site specified)No
42060301Geographic ReportLa Jolla CanyonYes
42060302Geographic ReportMarine RoomYes
42060303Geographic ReportWipeout BeachNo
42060304Geographic ReportShell BeachYes
42060305Geographic ReportBoomers BeachYes
42060306Geographic ReportLa Jolla ShoresYes
42060307Geographic ReportHospital PointYes
42060308Geographic ReportScripps Canyon (La Jolla Canyon Sumner Branch East)Yes
42060309Geographic ReportLa Jolla Cove - general areaYes
42060310Geographic ReportQuest RockYes
42060311Geographic ReportGod's RockYes
42060312Geographic ReportCaves at La Jolla CoveYes
42060313Geographic ReportScripps PierYes
42060314Geographic ReportGoldfish Pt. (b/t La Jolla Caves & Emerald Cove)Yes
42060315Geographic ReportLa Jolla Cove Yellow BuoyYes
42060316Geographic ReportMia's ReefYes
42060318Geographic ReportChildren's Pool Beach / Casa MainYes
42060319Geographic ReportSouth CasaYes
42060320Geographic ReportGhost Forest / Point La JollaYes
42060321Geographic ReportWind n Sea Beach (Westbourne to Nautilus)Yes
42060322Geographic ReportWestbourne to Belvedere St.Yes
42060323Geographic ReportMarine StreetYes
42060324Geographic ReportDike Rock - Scripps State Marine Conservation AreaYes
42060325Geographic ReportWest of Bird Rock, 1 mileYes
42060326Geographic ReportCoast Blvd. ParkYes
42060327Geographic ReportBig Rock Reef (south La Jolla State Marine Reserve)Yes
42060328Geographic ReportSunglass Rock (submerged rocks 1/4 mile N of Scripp's Pier)Yes
42060329Geographic ReportBoundary Wall / South WallYes
42060330Geographic ReportMurray Head (La Jolla Canyon)Yes
42060331Geographic ReportLa Jolla Tide PoolsYes
42060332Geographic ReportNautilus ForestYes
420604Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Clemente
42060401Geographic ReportSeal RockNo
42060402Geographic ReportState beach Campground entryNo
4207Zone Code listGeographic ReportS La Jolla - Tijuana
420701Zone Code listGeographic ReportMission Beach
42070100Geographic ReportMission Beach General Area - no site specifiedNo
42070101Geographic ReportRuby EYes
42070102Geographic ReportHMCS YukonYes
42070103Geographic ReportHospitality Point (Mission Bay)Yes
42070104Geographic ReportEl RayYes
42070105Geographic ReportNOSC TowerYes
42070106Geographic ReportOld Ingraham Street BridgeYes
42070107Geographic ReportBonita Cove (Mission Bay Park)Yes
42070108Geographic ReportMission Beach Artificial Reef (b/t Ingraham St. Bridge & NOSC)Yes
42070109Geographic ReportMariners Basin (Mission Bay)Yes
42070110Geographic ReportMission Point from beachNo
42070111Geographic ReportMission Point Southside of jettyNo
42070112Geographic ReportSDOF White Seabass Pens - Mission BayYes
42070113Geographic ReportMission Point off Bayside LaneYes
42070114Geographic ReportMission Bay Inlet (along parking lot)Yes
42070115Geographic ReportSouth Mission Beach (North side of Jetty)Yes
42070116Geographic ReportVentura Cove (Mission Bay)Yes
420702Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Loma
42070200Geographic ReportPt. Loma General Area - no site specifiedNo
42070201Geographic ReportPt. Loma Kelp BedsYes
42070204Geographic Report2000 TimesYes
42070205Geographic ReportNew Hope ReefYes
42070206Geographic ReportKelp Cabo Reef (Point Loma)Yes
42070207Geographic ReportAncient Sea CliffsYes
42070208Geographic ReportThree Fingers ReefYes
42070209Geographic ReportTrain Wheels / The CrackYes
42070210Geographic ReportSunset Cliffs Pt. LomaNo
42070211Geographic ReportPt. Loma - general rocky reefsNo
42070212Geographic ReportDragon Head WallYes
42070213Geographic ReportLazy Days WreckYes
42070214Geographic Report3 Hole (SW of Point Loma)Yes
42070215Geographic ReportBroomtail ReefYes
42070216Geographic ReportKinane PassYes
42070217Geographic ReportMain Channel Point Loma Kelp BedsYes
42070218Geographic ReportHorseheadYes
42070219Geographic ReportGreen TankYes
42070220Geographic ReportPoint Loma Main Wall Yes
42070221Geographic ReportPoint Loma Dino Head Yes
42070222Geographic ReportNRAD WestYes
42070223Geographic ReportNew Hope Rock (Pt. Loma Kelp Beds)Yes
42070224Geographic ReportSeven Fathoms - 7 Fathoms (Point Loma)Yes
42070225Geographic ReportTable Tops - Point LomaNo
42070226Geographic ReportGoat Point - Point LomaNo
42070227Geographic ReportFlagpoleYes
42070228Geographic ReportN-ROD (not N-RAD)Yes
42070229Geographic ReportBrian's BoulderYes
42070230Geographic ReportConner's CanyonYes
42070231Geographic ReportSea Bass CityYes
42070232Geographic ReportLost CityYes
42070233Geographic ReportCallie's WindowsYes
42070234Geographic ReportPoint Loma Sewage Outfall PipeNo
42070235Geographic ReportChelsea Lee ReefYes
42070236Geographic ReportRod's RidgeYes
42070237Geographic ReportHigh Point (Point Loma)Yes
42070238Geographic ReportDark Forest (Point Loma)Yes
42070239Geographic ReportHigh Spot (Point Loma)Yes
42070240Geographic ReportChris's RockYes
42070241Geographic ReportSix FathomsYes
42070242Geographic ReportRock Rol (Pt. Loma Kelp Beds)Yes
42070243Geographic ReportLucky StrikeYes
42070244Geographic ReportGoal PostYes
42070245Geographic ReportPuzzle Piece Reef / Jigsaw WallYes
42070246Geographic ReportOld Encrusted Anchor - Point LomaYes
42070247Geographic ReportThe Cave - Point LomaYes
42070248Geographic ReportStrawberry Fields LedgesYes
42070249Geographic ReportDeer Head CanyonYes
42070250Geographic ReportOne Stop RockYes
42070251Geographic ReportThe LedgesYes
42070252Geographic ReportSub SeaYes
42070253Geographic ReportTic Tac Toe PlateauYes
42070254Geographic ReportTetons RidgeYes
42070255Geographic Report10 Fathoms KelpYes
42070256Geographic ReportWet RocksYes
42070257Geographic ReportCaptain's Mast (Point Loma)Yes
42070258Geographic ReportScout's Out (Point Loma)Yes
420703Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. of Pt. Loma - US Border (incl. San Diego Bay and Imperial Beach)
42070301Geographic ReportSDOF White Seabass Pens - San Diego BayYes
42070302Geographic ReportHigh Seas WreckYes
42070303Geographic ReportWreck of the Hogan (1919 Navy Destroyer) Yes
42070304Geographic ReportNine Mile Bank / 9 Mile BankYes
420704Zone Code listGeographic ReportTanner and Cortes Banks
42070401Geographic ReportCortes Mid BankYes
42070402Geographic ReportCortes Banks East Canyon Yes
42070403Geographic ReportCortes Banks Canyon 5 Yes
5Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlaska
51Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Alaska Coast (Canadian Border to Cape Prince of Wales)
52Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern Alaska Coast (Cape Prince of Wales to Naknek)
53Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlaska Peninsula and Aleutian Chain (Naknek to Cape Douglas)
54Zone Code listGeographic ReportKodiak and adjacent Islands
5401Zone Code listGeographic ReportKodiak Island
54010001Geographic ReportShahafka Cove (mission Beach)Yes
54010002Geographic ReportMill Bay BeachYes
54010003Geographic ReportRam site - Fort AbercrombieYes
54010004Geographic ReportVFW (access code required)Yes
54010005Geographic ReportPillar Creek Yes
54010006Geographic ReportCliff PointYes
54010007Geographic ReportViesoki IslandYes
54010008Geographic ReportInner HumpbackYes
54010009Geographic ReportPinnacle outside Long IslandYes
54010010Geographic ReportOuter HumpbackYes
55Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Central Alaska (Cape Douglas - Yakutat Bay)
5501Zone Code listGeographic ReportCook Inlet - Cape Douglas to Port Chatham inc. Homer
55010001Geographic ReportHomer SpitYes
55010002Geographic ReportFerry DockYes
55010003Geographic ReportYukon IslandYes
55010004Geographic ReportSeldoviaYes
55010005Geographic ReportJakolof BayYes
55010006Geographic ReportTutka BayYes
55010007Geographic ReportKasitsna bayYes
5502Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Chatham to Aialik Cape
5503Zone Code listGeographic ReportAialik Cape to Cape Puget (including Resurrection Bay and Seward)
55030001Geographic ReportShackleYes
55030002Geographic ReportFox Island WreckYes
55030003Geographic ReportBoulder CityYes
55030004Geographic ReportHidden TreasureYes
55030005Geographic ReportSharktoothNo
55030006Geographic ReportLowell PointNo
55030007Geographic ReportThe BallfieldNo
55030008Geographic ReportSeward Sea Life CenterNo
55030009Geographic ReportHumpy CoveNo
55030010Geographic ReportMary's RockNo
55030011Geographic ReportBarwell IslandNo
55030012Geographic ReportThe GrottoNo
5504Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrince William Sound (Cape Puget to Point Whitshed inc. Whittier)
55040001Geographic ReportSmitty?s CoveYes
55040002Geographic ReportKittywake RookeryNo
55040003Geographic ReportPaulson CoveNo
55040004Geographic ReportCulross PassageYes
55040005Geographic ReportEshamy Bay Site #1Yes
55040006Geographic ReportEshamy Bay Site #2Yes
5505Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Whitshed to Yakutat Bay (including Yakutat Bay)
56Zone Code listGeographic ReportSoutheast Alaska (Yakutat Bay to Canadian Border)
5601Zone Code listGeographic ReportYakutat Bay to Pt. Bishop (including Juneau)
56010001Geographic ReportPrincess KathleenYes
56010002Geographic ReportPrincess Sophia, Vanderbilt ReefYes
56010003Geographic ReportAnn Coleman WallYes
56010004Geographic ReportAdlersheim LodgeYes
56010005Geographic ReportBirdNo
56010006Geographic ReportAuke Rec Dive ParkYes
56010007Geographic ReportLena CoveYes
56010008Geographic ReportAmalga Harbor - Kayak RampYes
56010009Geographic ReportAmalga Harbor - Big IslandYes
56010010Geographic ReportAmalga Harbor - Cabin DiveYes
56010011Geographic ReportLarry's Secret wall No
56010012Geographic ReportBarlow Cove No
56010013Geographic ReportRopeswing CoveNo
56010014Geographic ReportMayflower IslandYes
56010015Geographic ReportAuke Bay Boat HarborYes
56010016Geographic ReportTee Harbor Yes
56010017Geographic ReportJuneau Waterfront No
56010018Geographic ReportSheep Creek No
56010019Geographic ReportShrine of Saint ThereseYes
56010020Geographic ReportDouglas Cold Storage DockYes
56010021Geographic ReportIntermediate Vessel FloatYes
56010022Geographic ReportLightering DockYes
56010023Geographic ReportFalse Outer PointYes
56010024Geographic ReportEagle Beach Kayak RampYes
56010025Geographic ReportSunshine CoveYes
5602Zone Code listGeographic ReportChichagof Island
56020001Geographic ReportSea Lion Wall (Inian Islands - Icy Strait)Yes
56020002Geographic ReportSusan's Hooters (Inian Islands - Icy Strait)No
56020003Geographic ReportWall of Life (Inian Islands - Icy Strait)Yes
56020004Geographic ReportInian WallNo
56020005Geographic ReportGaff Rock (Inian Islands)No
56020006Geographic ReportBasket Bay Point (Chatham Strait)Yes
56020007Geographic ReportBasket Bay WallYes
56020008Geographic ReportSergius RockYes
56020009Geographic ReportSouth Inian Pass ReefYes
56020010Geographic ReportSuloia RockYes
5603Zone Code listGeographic ReportBaranof Island inc. Sitka
56030001Geographic ReportMagic Island Underwater AreaYes
56030002Geographic ReportRob PointYes
56030003Geographic ReportPoint BrownYes
56030004Geographic ReportSt. Lazaria IslandYes
56030005Geographic ReportPatterson Bay (Chatham Strait)Yes
56030006Geographic ReportVancouver Rock (south tip of Baranof)No
56030007Geographic ReportWooden Island (south tip of Baranof)Yes
56030008Geographic ReportKelp PatchYes
56030009Geographic ReportBaranof Rock (Baranof Warm Springs)No
56030010Geographic ReportSugarloaf PointNo
56030011Geographic ReportDusky Boulder ShootYes
56030012Geographic ReportSouth Whale IslandYes
56030013Geographic ReportMakhnati RockYes
56030014Geographic Report6 Mile Rock / Kulichkof RockYes
56030015Geographic ReportRogers RockNo
56030016Geographic ReportSitka HarborNo
56030017Geographic ReportJohn Brown BeachYes
5604Zone Code listGeographic ReportAdmiralty Island
56040001Geographic ReportLumpsuckerYes
56040002Geographic ReportPoint GambierYes
5605Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Bishop to Cape Fanshaw
5606Zone Code listGeographic ReportKupreanof Kuiu and Mitkof Islands
5607Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrince of Wales and adjacent Islands
56070001Geographic ReportPoint StanhopeYes
56070002Geographic ReportGrindall Island RockYes
5608Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Fanshaw to Alaska Canada Border
56080001Geographic ReportMisery IslandYes
56080002Geographic ReportFoggy Bay RockYes
56080003Geographic ReportFoggy PointYes
5609Zone Code listGeographic ReportRevillagigedo and adjacent Islands (including Ketchikan)
56090001Geographic ReportWashington Monument RockYes
56090002Geographic ReportMountain PointYes
56090003Geographic ReportTad's Back YardYes
56090004Geographic ReportRefuge CoveYes