REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP

ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
0Zone Code listGeographic Report
1Zone Code listGeographic ReportAustralia
11Zone Code listGeographic ReportGreat Barrier Reef
1101Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Grenville GBR Sector
1102Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrincess Charlotte Bay GBR Sector
1103Zone Code listGeographic ReportCooktown/Lizard Island GBR Sector
11030001Geographic ReportCarter ReefNo - report
11030002Geographic ReportNo Name ReefNo - report
11030003Geographic ReportCod HoleNo - report
11030004Geographic ReportLizard IslandNo - report
11030005Geographic ReportSteve's BommieYes
11030006Geographic ReportNear Steve's Bommie (Ribbon Reef)Yes
11030007Geographic ReportSummer Bay (Ribbon Reef 3)Yes
11030008Geographic ReportLighthouse Bommie (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030009Geographic ReportGotham City (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030010Geographic ReportCoral Kingdom (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030011Geographic ReportSnake Pit (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
1104Zone Code listGeographic ReportCairns GBR Sector
11040001Geographic ReportCoral Gardens (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040002Geographic ReportGordon's Mooring (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040003Geographic ReportTracy's Bommie (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040004Geographic ReportFish Bowl (Hastings Reef)Yes
11040005Geographic ReportBreaking Patches (Michalmas Reef)Yes
11040006Geographic ReportLittle Bommie (North Opal Reef)Yes
11040007Geographic ReportAustralis (South Opal Reef)No - report
11040008Geographic ReportAJ's (South Opal Reef)Yes
1105Zone Code listGeographic ReportInnisfail GBR Sector
1106Zone Code listGeographic ReportTownsville and Cape Upstart GBR Sectors
110601Zone Code listGeographic ReportTownsville Sector
110602Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Upstart Sector
1107Zone Code listGeographic ReportWhitsunday GBR Sector
1108Zone Code listGeographic ReportPompey GBR Sector
1109Zone Code listGeographic ReportSwain GBR Sector
1110Zone Code listGeographic ReportCapricorn Bunker Sector
111001Zone Code listGeographic ReportCapricorn Group
11100101Geographic ReportBlue Pools (Heron Reef)Yes
11100102Geographic ReportCoral Grotto (Heron Reef)Yes
11100103Geographic ReportHeron Bommie (Heron Reef)Yes
11100104Geographic ReportCoral Cascades (Heron Reef)Yes
11100105Geographic ReportHole in the Wall (Heron Reef)Yes
111002Zone Code listGeographic ReportBunker Group
12Zone Code listGeographic ReportCoral Sea
1201Zone Code listGeographic ReportOsprey Reef
12010001Geographic ReportNorth HornNo - report
12010002Geographic ReportPavonaNo - report
12010003Geographic ReportCoral CastlesNo - report
12010004Geographic ReportEntrance Osprey ReefNo - report
12010005Geographic ReportFalse EntranceNo - report
12010006Geographic ReportRapid HornNo - report
12010007Geographic ReportSE Corner Osprey ReefNo - report
12010008Geographic ReportEast Wall Osprey ReefNo - report
1202Zone Code listGeographic ReportBougainville Reef
1203Zone Code listGeographic ReportHolmes Reef
13Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth Coast Australia (N. tip of Queensland to W. border of N. Territory)
1301Zone Code listGeographic ReportTorres Strait
14Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern Australia and Australian Island Territories
1401Zone Code listGeographic ReportChristmas Island
1402Zone Code listGeographic ReportCocos Keeling Islands
14020001Geographic ReportFan WallYes
14020002Geographic ReportTwo RidgesYes
14020003Geographic ReportCanonsYes
14020004Geographic ReportBarry's PoolYes
14020005Geographic ReportCabbage PatchYes
14020006Geographic ReportEntranceYes
14020007Geographic ReportThe RipYes
1403Zone Code listGeographic ReportAshmore and Cartier Islands
1404Zone Code listGeographic ReportNW Western Australia (N.Territory border - N. of Perth)
1405Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern Western Australia (Perth - S. Australia border)
15Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Australia
16Zone Code listGeographic ReportVictoria
17Zone Code listGeographic ReportTasmania
18Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew South Wales (NSW)
1801Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern NSW (N. border to Newcastle)
1802Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern NSW (Newcastle to S. border)
1803Zone Code listGeographic ReportLord Howe Island
18030001Geographic ReportBalls PyramidNo - report
18030002Geographic ReportNorth RockNo - report
18030003Geographic ReportSugarloaf (Admiralty Islets)Yes
18030004Geographic ReportMalabar (all reefs, landslide, oasis)Yes
18030005Geographic ReportHorgan's HookYes
18030006Geographic ReportNed's BeachNo - report
18030007Geographic ReportMiddle BeachNo - report
18030008Geographic ReportClear PlaceNo - report
18030009Geographic ReportTenth of June Bommie (Admiralty Islets)Yes
18030010Geographic ReportFlat Rock (Admiralty Islets)No - report
18030011Geographic ReportRoach Island (Admiralty Islets)No - report
18030012Geographic ReportErscott's HoleYes
18030013Geographic ReportGower's PinnacleNo - report
18030014Geographic ReportThe TriangleNo - report
18030015Geographic ReportNo Name (Admiralty Islets)Yes
18030016Geographic ReportRuppert's Reef (Admiralty Islets)Yes
18030017Geographic ReportThe ArchYes
18030018Geographic ReportShark LedgeYes
18030019Geographic ReportComet's HoleYes
18030020Geographic ReportHorseshoeYes
18030021Geographic ReportLa MuertheYes
18030022Geographic ReportSoldier's CapYes
18030023Geographic ReportErscott's BlindYes
19Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Zealand
1901Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Zealand North Island
190101Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoor Knights Islands
19010101Geographic ReportThe Gardens (Aorangi)Yes
1902Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Zealand South Island
2Zone Code listGeographic ReportSolomon Islands
21Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Solomon Islands
2104Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalaita
2105Zone Code listGeographic ReportGuadalcanal
21050001Geographic ReportB1 - Hirasawa Maru (Wide River Ship)Yes
21050002Geographic ReportB2 - Kinugawa MaruNo - report
2106Zone Code listGeographic ReportRussell Islands
21060001Geographic ReportBat CaveYes
21060002Geographic ReportKaramolun Point (Karamolun Island)Yes
21060003Geographic ReportLeru Cut (Leru Island)Yes
21060004Geographic ReportMirror Pond (Mane Island)Yes
21060005Geographic ReportRainbow ReefYes
21060006Geographic ReportUnknown Site on Mary Island (Mary Island / Mborokua)Yes
21060007Geographic ReportNE Mane IslandYes
21060008Geographic ReportLoisolene PointYes
21060009Geographic ReportWhite BeachYes
21060010Geographic ReportWreck of the AnnYes
21060011Geographic ReportUnknown Site on Ta IslandNo - report
21060012Geographic ReportDive Site on Kaukau (Kakou) IslandYes
21060013Geographic ReportFoulai Island (Paradise)No - report
21060014Geographic ReportElephant Reef (Ta Island)No - report
21060015Geographic ReportKafoleon Bay (Mane Island)No - report
21060016Geographic ReportMane South Point (Mane Island)Yes
21060017Geographic ReportLeru Point South (Leru Island)Yes
21060018Geographic ReportMane Point East (Mane Island)Yes
21060019Geographic ReportTaikulumYes
21060020Geographic ReportKisan IslandYes
21060021Geographic ReportLologhan IslandYes
21060022Geographic ReportBarracuda Point (Mary Island / Mborokua)No - report
21060023Geographic ReportBilikiki Bay Moorage on Mary Island (Mary Island / Mborokua)No - report
21060024Geographic ReportJackfish Alley (Mary Island / Mborokua)No - report
21060025Geographic ReportMary Island Bay Crater Ben's Point (Mary Island / Mborokua)No - report
21060026Geographic ReportMary Island Bay Crater South Point (Mary Island / Mborokua)No - report
21060027Geographic ReportAcropora City (Kakou Island)Yes
21060028Geographic ReportPlanet LologhanYes
2107Zone Code listGeographic ReportFlorida Islands and Savo Island
21070001Geographic ReportVelvia / Baby CakeYes
21070002Geographic ReportNembalau RockYes
21070003Geographic ReportKovohika Ridge (Kovohika Island)Yes
21070004Geographic ReportAnuha IslandYes
21070005Geographic ReportTanavula West (Nggela Sule Island)Yes
21070006Geographic ReportSwitzer (Tulagi Island)Yes
21070007Geographic ReportTanavula Point (Nggela Sule Island)Yes
21070008Geographic ReportSimon's Nature Reserve (Mbokonimbeti Island)No - report
21070009Geographic ReportPetrol Point (Nggela Sule Island)No - report
21070010Geographic ReportGhavutu Wharf (Ghavutu Island)No - report
21070011Geographic ReportTwin Tunnels / Twin TubesNo - report
21070012Geographic ReportMaravaghi Bay (Mangalonga Island)No - report
21070013Geographic ReportMavis-Kawanashi Wreck (Tulagi Island)Yes
21070014Geographic ReportPBY Catalina Wreck (Tulagi Island)Yes
2108Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Isabel
2109Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Georgia Group Islands
21090001Geographic ReportLumalihe PassageYes
21090002Geographic ReportChris's Corner (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090004Geographic ReportKaranjou Island and Bay (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090005Geographic ReportTwin Points (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090006Geographic ReportGeorge's Spot (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090007Geographic ReportAnemone Point (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090008Geographic ReportWreck of the Toa Maru #2No - report
21090009Geographic ReportMbili ShallowsYes
21090010Geographic ReportWickham (Vangunu) Island East and West PointYes
21090011Geographic ReportKicha Island (Marovo Island)No - report
21090012Geographic ReportMbulo Lagoon Point (Marovo Island)No - report
21090013Geographic ReportMbulo Canyon (Marovo Lagoon)No - report
21090014Geographic ReportMalamale IslandNo - report
21090015Geographic ReportPipe Dreams (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090016Geographic ReportPoetic Pinnacles (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090017Geographic ReportOut of this World (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090018Geographic ReportLuten's Surprise (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090019Geographic ReportAmazing Grace (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090020Geographic ReportAround the Corner (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090021Geographic ReportRainbow Wall / The Wall (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090022Geographic ReportMoly (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090023Geographic ReportMany Palms (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090024Geographic ReportMinado Eco Lodge - House Reef Left (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090025Geographic ReportAnemone Bay (between Moly and Bili) (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090026Geographic ReportHouse Reef- John Lee's House (Marovo Lagoon)Yes
21090027Geographic ReportFantastic Fans (near Amazing Grace) (Marovo Lagoon)No - report
21090028Geographic ReportThe Palms (between Moly and Bili) (Marovo Lagoon)No - report
21090029Geographic ReportUepi Point (Uepi Island)Yes
21090030Geographic ReportLandoro Garden (Uepi Island)Yes
21090031Geographic ReportTamaleve Wall (Matenana Island)Yes
21090032Geographic ReportNorth Log (Uepi Island)Yes
21090033Geographic ReportCharapoana Point (Charapoana Island)Yes
21090034Geographic ReportGeneral Store (Avavasa Island)Yes
21090035Geographic ReportUepi Channel (Between Uepi and Charapoana Island)Yes
21090036Geographic ReportRoma (Avavasa Island)Yes
21090037Geographic ReportUepi Resort Bungalow Six Snorkel (Uepi Island)Yes
21090038Geographic ReportUepi Resort Dive Dock & Welcome Jetty area (Uepi Island)Yes
21090039Geographic ReportUepi Lagoon Bommies Snorkel (Uepi Island)Yes
21090040Geographic ReportFan Tastic Yes
21090041Geographic ReportGolden Wall (Karanjou Island)Yes
21090042Geographic ReportFanquarium (Karanjou Island)Yes
21090043Geographic ReportGolden Ledges (Karanjou Island)Yes
21090044Geographic ReportRoyal Wall (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090045Geographic ReportGarden of Eden (Turupu Island)Yes
21090046Geographic ReportTreasure Hunt (Turupu Island)Yes
21090047Geographic ReportCotton Candy (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090048Geographic ReportJapan (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090049Geographic ReportBili (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090050Geographic ReportTurupu Wall / Gobyville / Signal Stop (Turupu Island)Yes
21090051Geographic ReportConvention Center (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090052Geographic ReportMagic Mountain (Minjanga Island)Yes
21090053Geographic ReportSecrets (Turupu Island)Yes
21090054Geographic ReportLone PalmYes
2110Zone Code listGeographic ReportChoiseul
2111Zone Code listGeographic ReportShortland Islands
2112Zone Code listGeographic ReportOther Minor Islands
22Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern Solomon Islands
2201Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Cruz Islands (incl Reef Islands)
2202Zone Code listGeographic ReportRennell Island and Bellona Island
2203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Crisobal Island (incl. Three Sisters Islands)
3Zone Code listGeographic ReportPapua New Guinea
31Zone Code listGeographic ReportMilne Bay Province
3101Zone Code listGeographic ReportMilne Bay
31010001Geographic ReportChina StraitNo - report
31010002Geographic ReportMuscootaNo - report
31010003Geographic ReportSullivan's PatchesNo - report
31010004Geographic ReportBanana BommieNo - report
31010005Geographic ReportHibwa ReefNo - report
31010006Geographic ReportTunnel ReefNo - report
31010007Geographic ReportTrish's BommieNo - report
31010008Geographic ReportHeinecke HeavenNo - report
31010009Geographic ReportBoirama ReefNo - report
31010010Geographic ReportWhale ReefNo - report
31010011Geographic ReportGiants at HomeNo - report
31010012Geographic ReportPeer's ReefNo - report
31010013Geographic ReportBoia Boia Waga IslandNo - report
31010014Geographic ReportBlack and SilverNo - report
31010015Geographic ReportCherie'sNo - report
31010016Geographic ReportCobb's CliffNo - report
31010017Geographic ReportWahoo ReefNo - report
31010018Geographic ReportKathy's CornerNo - report
31010019Geographic ReportBasilisk PointNo - report
31010020Geographic ReportDeacon's ReefNo - report
31010021Geographic ReportDinah's BeachNo - report
31010022Geographic ReportBetha's BommieNo - report
3102Zone Code listGeographic ReportEastern D'Entrecasteaux Region
31020001Geographic ReportLipson ShoalNo - report
31020002Geographic ReportBunamaNo - report
31020003Geographic ReportCalypso ReefNo - report
31020004Geographic ReportJennifer's ReefNo - report
31020005Geographic ReportBarbarian ReefNo - report
31020006Geographic ReportBalaban's BommieNo - report
31020007Geographic ReportObservation PointNo - report
31020008Geographic ReportAyer's RockNo - report
31020009Geographic ReportDobu BubblebathNo - report
31020010Geographic ReportDouble Tower- SanaroaNo - report
31020011Geographic ReportSonia ShoalNo - report
31020012Geographic ReportRhino ReefNo - report
31020013Geographic ReportValley ReefNo - report
31020014Geographic ReportWong's Reef No - report
31020015Geographic ReportMary Jane (MJ) ReefNo - report
31020016Geographic ReportHickson's ReefNo - report
31020017Geographic ReportFarrington ShoalNo - report
31020018Geographic ReportEnd PassNo - report
31020019Geographic ReportHumann's Colour BookNo - report
31020020Geographic ReportAmphlett FansNo - report
3103Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern D'Entrecasteaux Region
31030001Geographic ReportMapamoiwa AnchorageNo - report
31030002Geographic ReportMapamoiwa ReefNo - report
31030003Geographic ReportCharlie's TowerNo - report
31030004Geographic ReportTrotman ShoalsNo - report
31030005Geographic ReportKnight PatchesNo - report
31030006Geographic ReportCamel ReefNo - report
31030007Geographic ReportTriple Tower BommieNo - report
31030008Geographic ReportCecilia's ReefNo - report
31030009Geographic ReportPeer's PatchesNo - report
31030010Geographic ReportSee and Sea PassesNo - report
31030011Geographic ReportAnne Lea ReefNo - report
31030012Geographic ReportKeast ReefNo - report
31030013Geographic ReportB17 Bomber Aircraft/BlackjackNo - report
31030014Geographic ReportIpoteto Bay/Ridge (Ipoteto Island)No - report
3104Zone Code listGeographic ReportLouisiade Archipelago and Egum Atoll
31040001Geographic ReportDoubilet ReefNo - report
31040002Geographic ReportWaterman RidgeNo - report
31040003Geographic ReportP38 Lightening AircraftNo - report
31040004Geographic ReportJeremy's ReefNo - report
31040005Geographic ReportPresident Grant- Uluma ReefNo - report
31040006Geographic ReportSouthwest Point- Uluma ReefNo - report
31040007Geographic ReportDaisy's DropoffNo - report
31040008Geographic ReportSkull CaveNo - report
31040009Geographic ReportZero FighterNo - report
31040010Geographic ReportRenard IslandsNo - report
31040011Geographic ReportChasm ReefNo - report
31040012Geographic ReportSnake Passage (Yuma PassageNo - report
31040013Geographic ReportNorth PassNo - report
31040014Geographic ReportLori's CaveNo - report
31040015Geographic ReportFish CityNo - report
31040016Geographic ReportStringer OpeningNo - report
31040017Geographic ReportEgum RockNo - report
31040018Geographic ReportHollis ReefNo - report
31040019Geographic ReportNorthwest PassNo - report
32Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Moresby Eastward
3201Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Moresby
32010001Geographic ReportBasilisk Passage and the FingerNo - report
32010002Geographic ReportNew Marine #7No - report
32010003Geographic ReportOwen StanleysNo - report
32010004Geographic ReportFisherman's Island (Daugo Island)No - report
32010005Geographic ReportLagamaraNo - report
32010006Geographic ReportBava 98No - report
3202Zone Code listGeographic ReportBootless Inlet
32020001Geographic ReportLion IslandNo - report
32020002Geographic ReportBoston Havoc A20 AircraftNo - report
32020003Geographic ReportBig Drop- Sunken BarrierNo - report
32020004Geographic ReportPai IINo - report
32020005Geographic ReportThe End BommieNo - report
32020006Geographic ReportPacific GasNo - report
32020007Geographic ReportBarrier Reef- Bootless Inlet to Round PointNo - report
3203Zone Code listGeographic ReportEastern Fields
32030001Geographic ReportJay's ReefNo - report
32030002Geographic ReportCraig's UltimateNo - report
32030003Geographic ReportCarl's UltimateNo - report
33Zone Code listGeographic ReportTufi and Lae
3301Zone Code listGeographic ReportTufi
33010001Geographic ReportStewart ReefNo - report
33010002Geographic ReportPaul's ReefNo - report
33010003Geographic ReportTony's BommieNo - report
33010004Geographic ReportCyclone ReefNo - report
33010005Geographic ReportVeale ReefNo - report
33010006Geographic ReportS'JacobNo - report
3302Zone Code listGeographic ReportLae
33020001Geographic ReportTenyo MaruNo - report
33020002Geographic ReportHalfway ReefNo - report
33020003Geographic ReportYokohama MaruNo - report
33020004Geographic ReportThe Beacon- SalamauaNo - report
33020005Geographic ReportAquariumNo - report
33020006Geographic ReportSheila's ReefNo - report
33020007Geographic ReportBenalla BanksNo - report
33020008Geographic ReportKotoko MaruNo - report
33020009Geographic ReportShepparton ShoalsNo - report
33020010Geographic ReportTami IslandsNo - report
33020011Geographic ReportSiassi IslandsNo - report
34Zone Code listGeographic ReportBismarck Archipelago
3401Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Britain
340101Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest New Britain (inc. Walindi and Kimbe Bay)
34010101Geographic ReportHanging Gardens No - report
34010102Geographic ReportNumundo Reef (Bob's Knob)No - report
34010103Geographic ReportSchumann IslandNo - report
34010104Geographic ReportRestorf IslandNo - report
34010105Geographic ReportJoy's ReefNo - report
34010106Geographic ReportChristine's ReefNo - report
34010107Geographic ReportKristy Jayne's ReefNo - report
34010108Geographic ReportVanessa's ReefYes
34010109Geographic ReportSusan's ReefNo - report
34010110Geographic ReportInglis ShoalYes
34010111Geographic ReportSouth Ema ReefNo - report
34010112Geographic ReportNorth Ema ReefNo - report
34010113Geographic ReportCape HeussnerNo - report
34010114Geographic ReportSouth Bay Reef - Cecilie's WallNo - report
34010115Geographic ReportBradford ShoalYes
34010116Geographic ReportKimbe Island BommieNo - report
34010117Geographic ReportKimbe IslandNo - report
34010118Geographic ReportOtto's ReefYes
34010119Geographic ReportPaluma ReefNo - report
34010120Geographic ReportThe ArchYes
34010121Geographic ReportLama ShoalNo - report
34010122Geographic ReportFather's ArchYes
34010123Geographic ReportFairway ReefNo - report
34010124Geographic ReportAnn Sophies ReefNo - report
34010125Geographic ReportJoelle's ReefNo - report
34010126Geographic ReportWirey BayYes
34010127Geographic ReportTuare's ReefYes
34010128Geographic ReportGoru Arches (Garove Island)Yes
34010129Geographic ReportDicky's Place (Garove Island)Yes
34010130Geographic ReportDicky's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010131Geographic ReportKrackafat Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010132Geographic ReportThe Crater (Garove Island)Yes
34010133Geographic ReportBarney's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010134Geographic ReportAke's Reef (Garove Island)Yes
34010135Geographic ReportAlice's MoundYes
34010136Geographic ReportShaggy RidgeYes
34010137Geographic ReportJackie's KnobYes
34010138Geographic ReportKillibob's KnobYes
34010139Geographic ReportMeil's ReefYes
34010140Geographic ReportNorman's KnobYes
34010141Geographic ReportJayne's GullyYes
34010142Geographic ReportLeslie's KnobYes
340102Zone Code listGeographic ReportRabaul's Wrecks
34010201Geographic ReportPete's BiplaneNo - report
34010202Geographic ReportGeorge's WreckNo - report
34010203Geographic ReportMitsu Maru and Sugar CharlieNo - report
34010204Geographic ReportManko MaruNo - report
34010205Geographic ReportYamayuri MaruNo - report
34010206Geographic ReportItaly MaruNo - report
34010207Geographic ReportHakkai MaruNo - report
34010208Geographic ReportIwate MaruNo - report
34010209Geographic ReportZero FighterNo - report
34010210Geographic ReportTakubar WreckNo - report
340103Zone Code listGeographic ReportRabaul's Reefs
34010301Geographic ReportMidway ReefYes
34010302Geographic ReportKulau Lodge Beach WrecksNo - report
34010303Geographic ReportBP WharfNo - report
34010304Geographic ReportWest PointNo - report
34010305Geographic ReportThe GrottoNo - report
34010306Geographic ReportGarden of FansNo - report
34010307Geographic ReportSumarine BaseNo - report
34010308Geographic ReportSt. George's Channel SeamountNo - report
34010309Geographic ReportLittle Pigeon and MalisNo - report
34010310Geographic ReportRebecca's CornerNo - report
34010311Geographic ReportRainbow ReefNo - report
34010312Geographic ReportHeaven's GateNo - report
34010313Geographic ReportJapanese World War II TanksNo - report
34010314Geographic ReportReimer's GardenNo - report
34010315Geographic ReportBangkok PassNo - report
3402Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Ireland
34020001Geographic ReportKaplaman ReefNo - report
34020002Geographic ReportEchuca PatchNo - report
34020003Geographic ReportTurtle ReefNo - report
34020004Geographic ReportValerie's ReefNo - report
34020005Geographic ReportBig Fish ReefNo - report
34020006Geographic ReportJapanese Mini-Submarine and ShipwreckNo - report
34020007Geographic ReportChahpman's ReefNo - report
34020008Geographic ReportTaun ReefNo - report
34020009Geographic ReportEagle Ray PassNo - report
34020010Geographic ReportByron StraitNo - report
34020011Geographic ReportMalacanthus PatchNo - report
34020012Geographic Report"Kate" Dive-BomberNo - report
34020013Geographic ReportSteffen StraitNo - report
34020014Geographic ReportAlbatross PassNo - report
34020015Geographic ReportDyaul PointNo - report
34020016Geographic ReportBaldwin's Bridge (Cape George)No - report
3403Zone Code listGeographic ReportOther Bismark Archipelago Islands
34030001Geographic ReportWest Pass Carteret IslandsNo - report
34030002Geographic ReportEntrance to Green Island LagoonNo - report
34030003Geographic ReportSalat Strait Feni IslandsNo - report
34030004Geographic ReportChannel Reef Tabar IslandsNo - report
35Zone Code listGeographic ReportMadang and North Coast
3501Zone Code listGeographic ReportMadang and the North Coast Road
35010001Geographic ReportThe WaterholeNo - report
35010002Geographic ReportBostonNo - report
35010003Geographic ReportThe QuarryNo - report
35010004Geographic ReportWongat Island and Henry LeithNo - report
35010005Geographic ReportMitchell B25 AircraftNo - report
35010006Geographic ReportRasch PassageNo - report
35010007Geographic ReportCoral QueenNo - report
35010008Geographic ReportBarracuda PointNo - report
35010009Geographic ReportMagic PasageNo - report
35010010Geographic ReportPlanet RockNo - report
35010011Geographic ReportCrown Island South ReefNo - report
35010012Geographic ReportBagabag IslandNo - report
3502Zone Code listGeographic ReportHansa Bay
35020001Geographic ReportDaivit Wreck (and Others)No - report
35020002Geographic ReportSushi MaruNo - report
35020003Geographic ReportLaing IslandNo - report
35020004Geographic ReportEncounter ReefNo - report
3601Zone Code listGeographic ReportManus Island; The Western Isles; and Wuvulu
36010001Geographic ReportKaniet IslandNo - report
36010002Geographic ReportSae IslandNo - report
36010003Geographic ReportNorthwest Entrance Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010004Geographic ReportAlacrity Harbor Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010005Geographic ReportSoutheast Entrance Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010006Geographic ReportManta Pass Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010007Geographic ReportLeabon Island Hermit IslandsNo - report
36010008Geographic ReportHeina Island Ninigo IslandsNo - report
36010009Geographic ReportPelleluhu Passage Ninigo IslandsNo - report
36010010Geographic ReportTiata Reef Ninigo IslandsNo - report
36010011Geographic ReportNdrova IslandNo - report
36010012Geographic ReportSouthwest Point of WuvuluNo - report
4Zone Code listGeographic ReportEastern Indonesia (incl. East Timor)
41Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern New Guinea/Bird's Head Peninsula
411Zone Code listGeographic ReportCenderwasih Bay; Yapen, Biak, Numfoor
4111Zone Code listGeographic ReportCenderwasih Bay
41110001Geographic ReportPasir Putih WreckYes
41110002Geographic ReportCross WreckYes
41110003Geographic ReportWreck #2Yes
41110004Geographic ReportMansinam South TipYes
41110005Geographic ReportAnemone Delight (SW Mansinam)Yes
41110006Geographic ReportMios WappiYes
41110007Geographic ReportAuri (near Pulau Roon)Yes
41110008Geographic ReportTanjung Ayami (Pulau Roon)Yes
41110009Geographic ReportNenek Point (Pulau Roon)Yes
41110010Geographic ReportGroovy Passage North (Pulau Roon)Yes
41110011Geographic ReportGroovy Passage South (Pulau Roon)Yes
41110012Geographic ReportYende Jetty (Pulau Roon)Yes
41110013Geographic ReportZero (near Pulau Roon)Yes
41110014Geographic ReportSodompari (near Pulau Roon)Yes
41110015Geographic ReportSilver LiningYes
41110016Geographic ReportPasir PanjangYes
41110017Geographic ReportWild FishYes
41110018Geographic ReportTridacna Yes
41110019Geographic ReportTanjung MangguarYes
41110020Geographic ReportNutabariYes
41110021Geographic ReportKwatisore Seamont AtollYes
41110022Geographic ReportBaganYes
4112Zone Code listGeographic ReportYapen (and nearby islands)
41120001Geographic ReportSawandeh SE (Suwandeh Island)Yes
41120002Geographic ReportSawandeh South (Suwandeh Island)Yes
41120003Geographic ReportSlamiapien East (Slamiapien Island)Yes
41120004Geographic ReportColorful Soft Coral (West Yapen)Yes
41120005Geographic ReportTanjung Yapen (NW Yapen)Yes
4113Zone Code listGeographic ReportBiak (and nearby islands)
41130001Geographic ReportCatalina (Biak)Yes
41130002Geographic ReportKompang Samberspari (Biak)Yes
4114Zone Code listGeographic ReportNumfoor (and nearby islands)
41140001Geographic ReportManim SEYes
41140002Geographic ReportManim NEYes
41140003Geographic ReportManim NWYes
4115Zone Code listGeographic ReportMapia Atoll
41150001Geographic ReportThe PostYes
41150002Geographic ReportSouth Point (Pulau Pegun)Yes
41150003Geographic ReportThe Spur (mid Mapia)Yes
41150004Geographic ReportThe ChannelYes
412Zone Code listGeographic ReportFakfak Peninsula and Kaimana District
4121Zone Code listGeographic ReportTriton Bay
412101Zone Code listGeographic ReportAiduma
41210101Geographic ReportAndy's RockYes
41210102Geographic ReportBatu Jatu (Fallen Rock)Yes
41210103Geographic ReportBatu Jeruk (Orange Rock)Yes
41210104Geographic ReportBo's Rock / PelangiYes
41210105Geographic ReportChristmas (aka Tim's) RockYes
41210106Geographic ReportDavid's PointYes
41210107Geographic ReportFaukateYes
41210108Geographic ReportFlasher BeachYes
41210109Geographic ReportLittle KomodoYes
41210110Geographic ReportMacro RocksYes
41210111Geographic ReportPulau BagusYes
41210112Geographic ReportSagin IslandYes
41210113Geographic ReportSaruenusYes
41210114Geographic ReportThree RocksYes
41210115Geographic ReportTriton Bay Divers House ReefYes
41210116Geographic ReportYan's RockYes
41210117Geographic ReportGnu RockYes
41210118Geographic ReportLarry's HeavenYes
41210119Geographic ReportHole in OneYes
41210120Geographic ReportPot LuckYes
41210121Geographic ReportFlasher Beach - Flasher patch onlyYes
41210122Geographic ReportJust Around the CornerYes
41210123Geographic ReportBouldersYes
41210124Geographic ReportKicking and ScreamingYes
41210125Geographic ReportWendy's Magic BommieYes
41210126Geographic ReportCornucopia - SakosYes
41210127Geographic ReportOrembaiYes
41210128Geographic ReportTanjung MangkawuYes
41210129Geographic ReportPintu Masuk (near Aiduma)Yes
41210130Geographic ReportRed BeachYes
41210131Geographic ReportNo Name RockYes
412102Zone Code listGeographic ReportNamatote
41210201Geographic ReportNamatote WallYes
41210202Geographic ReportFishing Bagan near NamatoteNo - report
41210203Geographic ReportTanjung NamatoteYes
412103Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Adi
41210301Geographic ReportTanjung Pulau Adi (South Tip)Yes
41210302Geographic ReportTumbutumbu Is. NortheastYes
4122Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Sabuda (and Kaya)
41220001Geographic ReportLighthouse (Pulau Sabuda)Yes
41220002Geographic ReportT-Bone Ridge (Pulau Sabuda)Yes
41220003Geographic ReportPulau Kaya (near Pulau Sabuda)Yes
41220004Geographic ReportThe ChannelYes
4123Zone Code listGeographic ReportMainland Fakfak and Kaimana Regency
41230001Geographic ReportMommon Seamount (Fakfak)Yes
41230002Geographic ReportBatu Cantik (Fakfak)Yes
41230003Geographic ReportNusaulangYes
41230004Geographic ReportPulau DerdiYes
41230005Geographic ReportAny Site in a StormYes
413Zone Code listGeographic ReportRaja Ampat Islands
4131Zone Code listGeographic ReportSayang, Wayag, Quoy, Bag, Uranie Islands
41310001Geographic ReportCathedral Rock (off Wayag)No - report
41310002Geographic ReportFigure of Eight Rock (off Wayag)Yes
41310003Geographic ReportRidge Rock (off Wayag)Yes
41310004Geographic ReportChannel Island (off Wayag)No - report
41310005Geographic ReportMagic Rock (off Bag)No - report
41310006Geographic ReportY Reef (off Bag)No - report
41310007Geographic ReportEdi's Cave (off Unranie) No - report
41310008Geographic ReportHump 2 (off Wayag)Yes
4132Zone Code listGeographic ReportWaigeo (incl. Kawe and Aljui Bay)
41320001Geographic ReportEquator Islands (off Kawe)No - report
41320002Geographic ReportBlack Rock (off Kawe)Yes
41320003Geographic ReportEagle Rock (off Kawe)Yes
41320004Geographic ReportBird Wall/White Arrow, Aljui BayYes
41320005Geographic ReportGanan, Aljui BayYes
41320006Geographic ReportCendana Dock, Aljui BayYes
41320007Geographic ReportEdy's Black Forest, WofohYes
41320008Geographic ReportTen Thousand Tailspots / Wofoh (North Wofoh)Yes
41320009Geographic ReportFish Rock Canyon, WoenohYes
41320010Geographic ReportWoenoh Village - Teluk WoenohYes
41320011Geographic ReportZero Zero, Seprang IslandsYes
41320012Geographic ReportThe Corner, Aljui BayYes
41320013Geographic ReportPulau WoenohYes
41320014Geographic ReportOff The Wall, WoenohYes
41320015Geographic ReportWest Ridge, Equator IslandsYes
41320016Geographic ReportTwo Slots, Equator IslandsYes
41320017Geographic ReportKawe EastYes
41320018Geographic ReportTapokrang JettyYes
4133Zone Code listGeographic ReportDampier Strait (incl. Gam Island; Fam Islands)
41330001Geographic ReportThe Passage, Gam Is.No - report
41330002Geographic ReportYanggelo Sea Mount, Gam Is.No - report
41330003Geographic ReportYanggelo Ridge, Gam Is.Yes
41330004Geographic ReportCitrus Ridge / Barracuda Point (Gam)Yes
41330005Geographic ReportYangello Mangroves/Blue Water Mangroves, Gam Is.No - report
41330006Geographic ReportFriwin Bonda, Gam Is.Yes
41330007Geographic ReportBatu Lima (5 Rocks), Gam Is.No - report
41330008Geographic ReportNudibranch Rock, Gam Is.No - report
41330009Geographic ReportJenbraimuk Reef, Gam Is.No - report
41330010Geographic ReportMios Kon / Yellow Fever (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330011Geographic ReportBlue Magic (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330012Geographic ReportChicken Reef (btw Gam & Mansuar)No - report
41330013Geographic ReportSleeping Baraccuda (btw Gam & Mansuar)No - report
41330014Geographic ReportSardine Reef (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330015Geographic ReportCrossoverNo - report
41330016Geographic ReportSurgeonfish SlopeNo - report
41330017Geographic ReportNew ReefNo - report
41330018Geographic ReportTurtle ReefNo - report
41330019Geographic ReportKos IslandNo - report
41330020Geographic ReportCape KriYes
41330021Geographic ReportCape Kri LagoonYes
41330022Geographic ReportSouth KriNo - report
41330023Geographic ReportKuburan, Kri Is.No - report
41330024Geographic ReportSorido Wall, Kri Is.No - report
41330025Geographic ReportMike's Point (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330026Geographic ReportYenbuba Jetty, Mansuar Is.No - report
41330027Geographic ReportYembuba Bay, Mansuar Is.Yes
41330028Geographic ReportMansuar Barat, Mansuar Is.No - report
41330029Geographic ReportManta Ridge (btw Gam & Mansuar)No - report
41330030Geographic ReportManta Slope (btw Gam & Mansuar)No - report
41330031Geographic ReportManta Sandy (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330032Geographic ReportLalosi Reef (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330033Geographic ReportMelissa's Garden, Fam IslandsYes
41330034Geographic ReportThe Channel, Fam IslandsNo - report
41330035Geographic ReportGam PlateauYes
41330036Geographic ReportOtdima / OttodimaYes
41330037Geographic ReportYanbeser JettyYes
41330038Geographic ReportBatu Kubor YanbubaYes
41330039Geographic ReportAirborekYes
41330040Geographic ReportMy Reef (Penemu/Piaynemo)Yes
41330041Geographic ReportKeruo Channel (Penemu/Piaynemo)Yes
41330042Geographic ReportMayhem (Yanggelo/Yanggefo)Yes
41330043Geographic ReportWay Pretty Shallows (Yanggelo/Yanggefo)Yes
41330044Geographic ReportMangrove RidgeYes
41330045Geographic ReportFuzzy RockYes
41330046Geographic ReportBetween Citrus and Yanggelo Ridges (Gam)Yes
41330047Geographic ReportAirborek JettyYes
41330048Geographic ReportKeruo / Koruo Channel South EndYes
41330049Geographic ReportMansuar PointYes
41330050Geographic ReportMioskon - No NameYes
41330051Geographic ReportGalaxy (Penemu Island)No - report
4134Zone Code listGeographic ReportBatanta and Salawati
41340001Geographic ReportPulau AyemiNo - report
41340002Geographic ReportRaurez / Wruwaerz Slope (Batanta)Yes
41340003Geographic ReportPapua Paradise House Reef 2No - report
41340004Geographic ReportDokor ReefNo - report
41340005Geographic ReportOutside the VillageNo - report
41340006Geographic ReportYengkarom Reef, Brie Is.No - report
41340007Geographic ReportPulau WaiNo - report
41340008Geographic ReportTanjung (Sudut) DayangYes
41340009Geographic ReportC.I. Ranger Station Jetty, DayangYes
41340010Geographic ReportHappy Ending (SW Batanta across from Salawati)No - report
41340011Geographic ReportAlgae PatchYes
41340012Geographic ReportSignal PointNo - report
41340013Geographic ReportYum IslandYes
41340014Geographic ReportBirie Island / Birie East CornerYes
41340015Geographic ReportCoral Patch (at Algae Patch)Yes
41340016Geographic ReportPulau Kecil (Batanta)Yes
41340017Geographic ReportLarry's Promise (Batanta)Yes
41340018Geographic ReportYum Island East (Batanta)Yes
41340019Geographic ReportPulau Dayang Southwest Side (Dyang)Yes
41340020Geographic ReportBen's Village (Birie Island)Yes
41340021Geographic ReportPulau Yum NorthYes
41340022Geographic ReportPapua Paradise Jetty (Birie Island)Yes
4135Zone Code listGeographic ReportKofiau
41350001Geographic ReportWTF Cross Brass MonkeyYes
41350002Geographic ReportPotato HeadYes
41350003Geographic ReportLord of the LandNo - report
41350004Geographic ReportHydroid HeavenYes
41350005Geographic ReportRaja Udang (Kingfisher)Yes
41350006Geographic ReportPulau AyuanYes
4136Zone Code listGeographic ReportFarondi, Wagmab, Balbulol, Efpian, Daram Islands
41360001Geographic ReportIkan Muda, Farondi Is.No - report
41360002Geographic ReportLiving Color (near Daram)Yes
41360003Geographic ReportCandy Store (near Daram)Yes
41360004Geographic ReportTeardropYes
41360005Geographic ReportWagmabYes
41360006Geographic ReportTomulol CaveNo - report
41360007Geographic ReportAndiamo (Daram)Yes
41360008Geographic ReportCamel Rock (Daram)Yes
41360009Geographic ReportThree Sisters (Farondi)Yes
41360010Geographic ReportFarondi Cave (Farondi)Yes
41360011Geographic ReportBlenny Bling (Efpian)Yes
41360012Geographic ReportKilo (Efpian)Yes
41360013Geographic ReportKingfisher (Efpian) Yes
41360014Geographic ReportBumper Cars (Efpian)Yes
41360015Geographic ReportBattyfish (Efpian)Yes
41360016Geographic ReportWarna (Daram)Yes
41360017Geographic ReportMighty Minnie (Daram)Yes
41360018Geographic ReportFusilier Festival (Daram)Yes
41360019Geographic ReportKapalselam (Daram)Yes
41360020Geographic ReportMount Malabar (Daram)Yes
41360021Geographic ReportUnicorny (Daram)Yes
41360022Geographic ReportAndy's Ultimate (Daram)Yes
41360023Geographic ReportParrot's Paradise (PP) (Daram)Yes
41360024Geographic ReportMoby Rocks (Daram)Yes
41360025Geographic ReportMagic Bommies (Daram)Yes
41360026Geographic ReportBatu Tajam (Forundi)Yes
41360027Geographic ReportNorth Farundi (Forundi)Yes
41360028Geographic ReportWagmag Wall (Forundi)Yes
4137Zone Code listGeographic ReportMisool, Wayil, Fiabacet, Yilliet
41370001Geographic ReportMisool House Reef 1 No - report
41370002Geographic ReportMisool House Reef 2 (incuding lagoon)No - report
41370003Geographic ReportSW BatbitiemNo - report
41370004Geographic ReportTeluk KecilNo - report
41370005Geographic ReportSixth SenseNo - report
41370006Geographic ReportEpaulette CityNo - report
41370007Geographic ReportWarakaraket WallNo - report
41370008Geographic ReportEagle's NestNo - report
41370009Geographic ReportMagic MountainYes
41370010Geographic ReportJamur / Warna Ribu / Dunia Kecil (Wayil Island)Yes
41370011Geographic ReportWedding Cake / Taman Rahasia (little islands west of Wayilbatan)Yes
41370012Geographic ReportGorgonian Passage / Neptunes Fansea (between Wayilbatan & Walib)Yes
41370013Geographic ReportRats Reef/Schools Out (little islands b/t Karawapop & Kalig)No - report
41370014Geographic ReportHeads Up Sidedown Under (off SW tip of Kalig)No - report
41370015Geographic ReportKalig Wall / Kalig Kecil / Potato Point (eastern tip of Kalig)Yes
41370016Geographic ReportFiabacet / Warna Ember / Fiabacet Barat (Fiabacet Island)No - report
41370017Geographic ReportThe EggNo - report
41370018Geographic ReportWhale RockYes
41370019Geographic ReportNudi Rock/Tug Boat/TonkaYes
41370020Geographic ReportFiabacet PinnacleNo - report
41370021Geographic ReportBoo WestYes
41370022Geographic ReportSelat 1 & 2No - report
41370023Geographic ReportCamel Rock (Misool)No - report
41370024Geographic ReportSelat 3No - report
41370025Geographic ReportBirthday CakeNo - report
41370026Geographic ReportCape Boo / Boo Window / Batu Timor (Boo Island)Yes
41370027Geographic ReportTempat Lego/Tempatyang Dangkal (Yilliet Island)No - report
41370028Geographic ReportYilliet PinnacleNo - report
41370029Geographic ReportYilliet (#30 on Misool Eco Resort map- east of Yilliet Island)No - report
41370030Geographic ReportGrouperNo - report
41370031Geographic ReportFour Kings (Wayil)Yes
41370032Geographic ReportBarracuda Point / Barracuda RockYes
41370033Geographic ReportBarracuda IIYes
41370034Geographic ReportTank RockYes
41370035Geographic ReportTwo Tree Island (Sagof)Yes
41370036Geographic ReportBaby RockYes
41370037Geographic ReportAnty ChoveyYes
41370038Geographic ReportJulietYes
41370039Geographic ReportRomeoYes
41370040Geographic ReportYilliet BesarYes
41370041Geographic ReportYilliet KecilYes
41370042Geographic ReportAntichoppy / Puri PinnacleYes
41370043Geographic ReportKaleidoscope / Golden Touch (Pele)Yes
41370046Geographic ReportPlease use 41360007 (was Andiamo)No - report
41370047Geographic ReportWhere Eagles DareYes
41370048Geographic ReportMasenta 1 (off Misool)Yes
41370049Geographic ReportMasenta 2 (off Misool)Yes
41370050Geographic ReportBoo Island EastYes
41370051Geographic ReportSabenibnu (Yilliet)Yes
41370052Geographic ReportSabenibnu Kecil (Yilliet)Yes
41370053Geographic ReportW Rock (Karawapop)Yes
41370054Geographic ReportBatu Kecil / Batu Tengah (Karawapop)Yes
41370055Geographic ReportSegaf (Segaf)Yes
41370056Geographic ReportWayil BesarYes
41370057Geographic ReportSegaf 2 Yes
41370058Geographic ReportPulau Kecil / Pandamonium (Pele)Yes
41370059Geographic ReportDobul (Pele)Yes
4138Zone Code listGeographic ReportOther Raja Ampat Islands
41380001Geographic ReportWarna EmberNo - report
41380002Geographic ReportTempat LegoYes
41380003Geographic ReportTempatyang DangkolNo - report
41380004Geographic ReportBatu TimorNo - report
41380005Geographic ReportJamurNo - report
41380006Geographic ReportWarna RibuNo - report
41380007Geographic ReportDunia KecilNo - report
41380008Geographic ReportIkan MudaNo - report
42Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Spice Islands (aka North Maluku)
4201Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern Halmahera and Islands
42010001Geographic ReportNenas Village Mano IslandYes
42010002Geographic ReportNenas Village East Mano IslandYes
42010003Geographic ReportPulau Mano ChannelYes
42010004Geographic ReportBatu Anyer (Joronga Island)No - report
42010005Geographic ReportNorth Wall (Joronga Island)No - report
42010006Geographic ReportTerumba Gora (Goraichi Group)No - report
42010007Geographic ReportRenne's Rock (Goraichi Group)No - report
42010008Geographic ReportTamo Tamo (Goraichi Group)No - report
42010009Geographic ReportKayoa IslandYes
42010010Geographic ReportMakian IslandYes
42010011Geographic ReportTernate IslandYes
42010012Geographic ReportTifore IslandYes
42010013Geographic ReportEdge (Patintie Strait)No - report
42010014Geographic ReportBatu Jabu (Patintie Strait)Yes
42010015Geographic ReportProco Channel (Patintie Strait)Yes
4202Zone Code listGeographic ReportSula and Obi Islands
42020001Geographic ReportPulau PisangYes
4203Zone Code listGeographic ReportBacan Islands
42030001Geographic ReportPasirkaro Reef Mandioli IslandYes
42030002Geographic ReportTeluk Kasiruta Yes
4204Zone Code listGeographic ReportEastern Halmahera and Islands
4205Zone Code listGeographic ReportMorotai
43Zone Code listGeographic ReportSulawesi
431Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth Sulawesi
4311Zone Code listGeographic ReportLembeh Strait
43110001Geographic ReportBimoli WreckNo - report
43110002Geographic ReportGoby-a-CrabYes
43110003Geographic ReportKapal IndahYes
43110004Geographic ReportPulau AbadiYes
43110005Geographic ReportMawali WreckYes
43110006Geographic ReportCritter HuntYes
43110007Geographic ReportPolice PierYes
43110008Geographic ReportSarena West / Serena PointYes
43110009Geographic ReportNudi FallsYes
43110010Geographic ReportKBR House ReefYes
43110011Geographic ReportAer Prang (1-2-3)Yes
43110012Geographic ReportJahir (1-2-3)Yes
43110013Geographic ReportMakawide (1-2-3) /Makawide Wall/SlopeYes
43110014Geographic ReportTanjung TebalYes
43110015Geographic ReportNudi Retreat (1, 2, 3)Yes
43110016Geographic ReportMagic RockYes
43110017Geographic ReportBatu Sandar / Batu SanderYes
43110018Geographic ReportRetak LarryYes
43110020Geographic ReportTeluk Kembahu / TK (1, 2, 3)Yes
43110021Geographic ReportAngel's WindowYes
43110022Geographic ReportHairball (1-2)Yes
43110023Geographic ReportAw Shucks (1-2)Yes
43110024Geographic ReportBatu Merah (1-2)Yes
43110025Geographic ReportPulau PutusYes
43110026Geographic ReportBatu Angus (1-2)Yes
43110027Geographic ReportCalifornia DreamingYes
43110028Geographic ReportJiko YanceYes
43110029Geographic ReportPante Parigi (1-2)Yes
43110030Geographic ReportKasawari WreckNo - report
43110031Geographic ReportMagic Creak / Magic CrackYes
43110032Geographic ReportTandurusa (1-2)Yes
43110033Geographic ReportAer Bajo (1-2-3)Yes
43110034Geographic ReportTanjung KuberYes
43110035Geographic ReportBiancaYes
43110036Geographic ReportRojas / RojosYes
43110037Geographic ReportTanjung SlopeYes
43110038Geographic ReportBatu Kapal (1-2)Yes
43110039Geographic ReportDante's WallYes
43110040Geographic ReportKainah's TreasureYes
43110041Geographic ReportDelima PointYes
43110042Geographic ReportPearl FarmYes
43110043Geographic ReportJolehaYes
43110044Geographic ReportKareko BatuYes
43110045Geographic ReportKareko PasirYes
43110046Geographic ReportPante AboYes
43110047Geographic ReportPintu ColadaYes
43110048Geographic ReportSea GrassYes
43110049Geographic ReportTanjung Kusu KusuYes
43110050Geographic ReportHemiYes
43110051Geographic ReportTanjung MawaliYes
43110052Geographic ReportPapasunganYes
43110053Geographic ReportTrikoraYes
43110054Geographic ReportMandarin PlaceYes
43110055Geographic ReportTanjung KuningYes
43110056Geographic ReportLampu BiruYes
43110057Geographic ReportPante Rotan (1-2)Yes
43110058Geographic ReportMadidir (1-2-3)Yes
43110059Geographic ReportNaemundung PointYes
43110060Geographic ReportSerena BesarYes
43110061Geographic ReportSerena SouthYes
43110062Geographic ReportPinnacle XYes
43110063Geographic ReportJari JariYes
43110064Geographic ReportRetak BechoYes
43110065Geographic ReportSurpriseYes
43110066Geographic ReportHey NusYes
43110067Geographic ReportPulau DuaYes
43110068Geographic ReportPante JicoYes
43110069Geographic ReportCoral KabongYes
43110070Geographic ReportMandolangYes
43110071Geographic ReportBatu BuniangYes
43110072Geographic ReportJico DolongYes
43110073Geographic ReportLembeh Resort House ReefYes
4312Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth mainland Sulawesi, Bangka and nearby islands
43120001Geographic ReportBatu PuntengYes
43120002Geographic ReportBatu PutihYes
43120003Geographic ReportBatu Pendeta (The Pope's Rock)Yes
43120004Geographic ReportDemak (Bangka)Yes
43120005Geographic ReportBatu Mandi (Pulau Bangka)No - report
43120006Geographic ReportSahaung (Pulau Bangka)Yes
43120007Geographic ReportTG Husi (Pulau Bangka)No - report
4313Zone Code listGeographic ReportBunaken National Marine Park and Manado
43130001Geographic ReportJalan Masuk NainNo - report
43130002Geographic ReportBarracuda Point (Mantehage)Yes
43130003Geographic ReportGorango (Mantehage)Yes
43130004Geographic ReportBango (Mantehage)Yes
43130005Geographic ReportTangkasi MantehageYes
43130006Geographic ReportPangalingan (Manado Tua)Yes
43130007Geographic ReportTanjung Kopi (Manado Tua)Yes
43130008Geographic ReportMuka Gereja (Manado Tua)Yes
43130009Geographic ReportBualo (Manado Tua)Yes
43130010Geographic ReportNegri (Manado Tua)Yes
43130011Geographic ReportBeni's Point (Manado Tua)No - report
43130012Geographic ReportMike's Point (Bunaken)Yes
43130013Geographic ReportTanjung Parigi (Bunaken)Yes
43130014Geographic ReportPaser Panjang (Bunaken)No - report
43130015Geographic ReportSachiko Point (Bunaken)Yes
43130016Geographic ReportBunaken Timur 1 & 2 (Bunaken)Yes
43130017Geographic ReportPosi-posi (Bunaken)No - report
43130018Geographic ReportPangalisan (Bunaken)Yes
43130019Geographic ReportJanjung Paser (Bunaken)No - report
43130020Geographic ReportMuka Kampung (Bunaken)Yes
43130021Geographic ReportLekuan 1 (Bunaken)Yes
43130022Geographic ReportLekuan 2 (Bunaken)Yes
43130023Geographic ReportLabasong (Bunaken)Yes
43130024Geographic ReportLekuan 3 (Bunaken)Yes
43130025Geographic ReportCelah Celah (Bunaken)Yes
43130026Geographic ReportAlung Banua (Bunaken)Yes
43130027Geographic ReportJohnson's Wall (Bunaken)Yes
43130028Geographic ReportFukui (Bunaken)Yes
43130029Geographic ReportRon's Point (Bunaken)No - report
43130030Geographic ReportMandolin (Bunaken)Yes
43130031Geographic ReportTengah (Bunaken)Yes
43130032Geographic ReportRaymond's Point (Bunaken)Yes
43130033Geographic ReportSiladen Point/Siladen (south tip of Siladen)Yes
43130034Geographic ReportGunther's Point (Manado)No - report
43130035Geographic ReportGabet (Manado)No - report
43130036Geographic ReportBatu Meja (Manado)No - report
43130037Geographic ReportTanjung Pisok (Manado)No - report
43130038Geographic ReportMeras (Manado)No - report
43130039Geographic ReportBlack Rock (Manado)No - report
43130040Geographic ReportMolas Shipwreck (Manado)No - report
43130041Geographic ReportBatas Kota (Manado)No - report
43130042Geographic ReportCity Extra (Manado)No - report
43130043Geographic ReportBMJ (Manado)No - report
43130044Geographic ReportBulo 1&2 (Manado)No - report
43130045Geographic ReportCritter Circus/Circus 1 2 & 3 (Manado)No - report
43130046Geographic ReportTambala (Manado)No - report
43130047Geographic ReportBorgo (Manado)No - report
43130048Geographic ReportMutiara (Manado)No - report
43130049Geographic ReportTitoi 2 (Manado)No - report
43130050Geographic ReportDragon/Batu Batu (The Stones/Rocks) ManadoNo - report
43130051Geographic ReportTitoi 1 (Manado)No - report
43130052Geographic ReportRuman Ikan (Manado)No - report
43130053Geographic ReportEmma Point (Manado)No - report
43130054Geographic ReportTanjung KelapaNo - report
43130055Geographic ReportBethlehem (Poopoh) 1 2 & 3 (Manado)No - report
43130056Geographic ReportMalcom (Manado)No - report
43130057Geographic ReportPantai Kecil (Manado)No - report
43130058Geographic ReportManguni (Manado)No - report
43130059Geographic ReportBunaken SeaGardens Resort House ReefYes
43130060Geographic ReportEngine PointYes
43130061Geographic ReportWhite Cross / Mera'sYes
43130062Geographic ReportKatamaran (off Manado Tateli Beach Resort)Yes
43130063Geographic ReportDua TiangYes
43130064Geographic ReportCelebesYes
43130065Geographic ReportCha Cha (Bunaken)Yes
43130066Geographic ReportBolungYes
43130067Geographic ReportTiwohoYes
4314Zone Code listGeographic ReportSangihe Archipelago, Siau, and Other Surrounding Islands
432Zone Code listGeographic ReportCentral Sulawesi
4321Zone Code listGeographic ReportTogian Islands
4322Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanggai Islands
433Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth / Southeast Sulawesi
4331Zone Code listGeographic ReportWakatobi (inc. Buton Island)
43310001Geographic ReportHouse Reef (Wakatobi)Yes
43310002Geographic ReportTurkey BeachYes
43310003Geographic ReportConchitaYes
43310004Geographic ReportThe ZooYes
43310005Geographic ReportBarracudaYes
43310006Geographic ReportLiabaleYes
43310007Geographic ReportMalabeaYes
43310008Geographic ReportTeluk MayaYes
43310009Geographic ReportTrailblazerYes
43310010Geographic ReportTanjung LinteaYes
43310011Geographic ReportPocketsYes
43310012Geographic ReportFan 38 EastYes
43310013Geographic ReportFan 38 WestYes
43310014Geographic ReportSpiral CornerYes
43310015Geographic ReportMagnificaYes
43310016Geographic ReportCornucopiaYes
43310017Geographic ReportBatfish WallYes
43310018Geographic ReportFan GardenYes
43310019Geographic ReportStarshipYes
43310020Geographic ReportGalaxyYes
43310021Geographic ReportPinki's WallYes
43310022Geographic ReportBlack ForestYes
43310023Geographic ReportLorenzo's DelightYes
43310024Geographic ReportPastelsYes
43310025Geographic ReportInka's PaletteYes
43310026Geographic ReportBrian's ChoiceYes
43310027Geographic ReportChannelYes
43310028Geographic ReportTanjung PatokNo - report
43310029Geographic ReportDunia BaruYes
43310030Geographic ReportWaitii RidgeYes
43310031Geographic ReportTable Coral CityYes
43310032Geographic ReportTeluk WaitiiYes
43310033Geographic ReportKollo-Soha BeachYes
43310034Geographic ReportRomaYes
43310035Geographic ReportMari MabukNo - report
43310036Geographic ReportGunung WahaNo - report
43310037Geographic ReportAli ReefNo - report
43310038Geographic ReportEel ValleyNo - report
43310039Geographic ReportWaha TopYes
43310040Geographic ReportKulatiNo - report
43310041Geographic ReportBladeYes
43310042Geographic ReportCoral HillNo - report
43310043Geographic ReportPintu TimurNo - report
43310044Geographic ReportMermaidYes
43310045Geographic ReportFish Wall (Binongko Island)Yes
43310046Geographic ReportCavern Wall (Binongko Island)Yes
43310047Geographic ReportNdaa Light HouseYes
43310048Geographic ReportNdaa Drop OffYes
43310049Geographic ReportNdaa SelatanYes
43310050Geographic ReportBeku's Reef (Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310051Geographic ReportPintu Barat (Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310052Geographic ReportKarang Kapal (off Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310053Geographic ReportLikuan Reef (Kaledupo Atoll)No - report
43310054Geographic ReportEscape from Imperial/Gone with the Wind (off Buton Island)No - report
43310055Geographic ReportTanjung Landola (off Buton Island)No - report
43310056Geographic ReportMandarin City / Vatican (off Buton Island)Yes
43310057Geographic ReportMagic Pier (off Buton Island)Yes
43310058Geographic ReportCheeky Beach / Banana Beach / In Between (off Buton Island)Yes
43310059Geographic ReportAsphalt Pier (Buton Island)Yes
43310060Geographic ReportNew Pier (Buton Island)Yes
43310061Geographic ReportIman's Reef (NW Kapota)No - report
43310062Geographic ReportBoomies Fish Market North-South / Fishmarket Pinnacle (off Kapota/Kambode)Yes
43310063Geographic ReportNortheast Kapota AtollNo - report
43310064Geographic ReportLatipu Reef (Kapota Atoll)No - report
43310065Geographic ReportKampenauneNo - report
43310066Geographic ReportMetropolis (Kampenaune)No - report
43310067Geographic ReportNorth Wall Hoga IslandNo - report
43310068Geographic ReportHoga Buoy #3No - report
43310069Geographic ReportOuter Pinnacle Hoga IslandYes
43310070Geographic ReportTerrace Garden Hoga IslandNo - report
43310071Geographic ReportBianca (Buton Island)Yes
43310072Geographic ReportKaledupa PointYes
43310073Geographic ReportKaledupa SelatanYes
43310074Geographic ReportKampung Populia (Binongko Island)No - report
43310075Geographic ReportOtiolo West (Otiolo)No - report
43310076Geographic ReportTanjung Bury (Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310077Geographic ReportTanjung Baru (Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310078Geographic ReportTurtle Town (Kapota Atoll)No - report
43310079Geographic ReportLagoon - Orange Wall (Kapota Atoll)No - report
43310080Geographic ReportFishmarket Wall North (Kapota Atoll)No - report
43310081Geographic ReportNeptune's Garden (Kaledupa Atoll)No - report
43310082Geographic ReportLobster WallYes
43310083Geographic ReportOuter WallYes
43310084Geographic ReportKaledupa WallYes
43310085Geographic ReportAllegra's WallYes
43310086Geographic ReportSawa UtaraYes
43310087Geographic ReportMalabea WestYes
43310088Geographic ReportLiabale WestYes
43310089Geographic ReportMalabea EastYes
4332Zone Code listGeographic ReportSelayar Islands
4333Zone Code listGeographic ReportTakabonerate Islands
44Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern Spice Islands (aka Maluku)
4401Zone Code listGeographic ReportAmbon
44010001Geographic ReportLain Lain (Lain Island)Yes
44010002Geographic ReportHukurila IIYes
44010003Geographic ReportPintu KotaYes
44010004Geographic ReportLaha Jetty / Laha 1 / Laha 1.5Yes
44010006Geographic ReportLaha 2Yes
44010008Geographic ReportAir Manis / Aer ManisNo - report
44010009Geographic ReportMagicNo - report
44010010Geographic ReportMaluku House ReefNo - report
44010011Geographic ReportBlue Duck JettyYes
44010012Geographic ReportKaca LengkungNo - report
44010013Geographic ReportBatu Badiri / Batu Bandiri / Standing RockYes
44010014Geographic ReportMiddle PointNo - report
44010015Geographic ReportHukurila CaveYes
44010016Geographic ReportLaha 3 / Rhino CityYes
44010017Geographic ReportBubble PointYes
44010018Geographic ReportPante NamaYes
44010019Geographic ReportHama HusuYes
44010020Geographic ReportKampung BaruYes
44010021Geographic ReportDive into Ambon House MuckYes
44010022Geographic ReportBaguala SlopeYes
44010023Geographic ReportBaguala Sea MountYes
44010024Geographic ReportHollywoodYes
44010025Geographic ReportACOM (Ambon City of Music)Yes
44010026Geographic ReportFrankie's Point / CornerYes
44010027Geographic ReportJetty Aer ManisNo - report
44010028Geographic ReportBatu LubangNo - report
44010029Geographic ReportTirta 2No - report
44010030Geographic ReportBubble Point 2No - report
44010031Geographic ReportHukurilaNo - report
44010032Geographic ReportNamaLatuNo - report
44010034Geographic ReportTower TawiriNo - report
44010035Geographic ReportALFA BarYes
44010036Geographic ReportHolland's Spot / Loving Cave(Ambon)Yes
44010037Geographic ReportPsychedelic RiseYes
44010038Geographic ReportAmahusuYes
44010039Geographic ReportAmahusu BeachYes
44010040Geographic ReportEerie Chicane / Eri PointYes
44010041Geographic ReportLeahari PointYes
44010042Geographic ReportHard Boiled / Batu Lumpar / Cara MistikYes
44010043Geographic ReportPulau Pombo / Pombo IslandYes
44010044Geographic ReportPom-Pombo / Pompon BooYes
44010045Geographic ReportYoram PointNo - report
4402Zone Code listGeographic ReportOther Lease Islands (incl Seram and Buru)
440201Zone Code listGeographic ReportBuru and adj. Islands
440202Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeram and adj. Islands
44020201Geographic ReportPular Tujuh SargasmYes
44020202Geographic ReportMakina MagicYes
44020203Geographic ReportHata Mata/Tanjung SialYes
44020204Geographic ReportFlying FishNo - report
44020205Geographic ReportBoano Slope (Boano Island)Yes
44020206Geographic ReportDon't Take the Coconuts (Asaudi Islands)Yes
4403Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanda Islands (Bandaneira - Lontar -  Hatta)
440301Zone Code listGeographic ReportBandaneira
44030101Geographic ReportHotel Maulana Banda Molang JettyYes
44030102Geographic ReportLava FlowYes
44030103Geographic ReportTanjung BurungYes
44030104Geographic ReportTempat MalamNo - report
44030105Geographic ReportGunung Api SlopeYes
44030106Geographic ReportKraka Island / LighthouseYes
44030107Geographic ReportTrigger Happy (Kapal)Yes
44030108Geographic ReportGurung BandaYes
44030109Geographic ReportBatu Kapal (Bandaneira)Yes
44030110Geographic ReportPohon Miring (Bandaneira)Yes
44030111Geographic ReportPulau Pisang (Bandaneira)Yes
440302Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanda Lontar
44030201Geographic ReportTanjung NamaNo - report
440303Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Ai
44030301Geographic ReportKampung AiYes
44030302Geographic ReportSoutheast side of Pulau AiYes
440304Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Run
44030401Geographic ReportNailaka (Pulau Run)Yes
44030402Geographic ReportTanjung Noret (Run Island)Yes
440305Zone Code listGeographic ReportSuanggi
44030501Geographic ReportSuanggi NE cornerYes
44030502Geographic ReportSuanggi SE cornerYes
44030503Geographic ReportSuanggi W sideYes
440306Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Hatta / Pulau Rozengain
44030601Geographic ReportKarang Hatta (Hatta Island)Yes
44030602Geographic ReportHatta Wall (Hatta Island)Yes
4404Zone Code listGeographic ReportKai Islands; Watubela and Gorong Archipelagos
44040001Geographic ReportKoon Timor (Scheiss Platz) Palau KoonYes
44040002Geographic ReportKarang SakitYes
44040003Geographic ReportKasiui Wall (Kasiui / Kasirui Island SE corner)Yes
44040004Geographic ReportKurkap SeamountYes
44040005Geographic ReportKasiui East SideYes
44040006Geographic ReportKasiui JettyYes
44040007Geographic ReportPulau TioorYes
44040008Geographic ReportPulau UranYes
44040009Geographic ReportPunto Pio (Kurkap)Yes
44040010Geographic ReportKurkap Atoll NorthYes
44040011Geographic ReportToo Many Fish (Pulau Koon)Yes
44040012Geographic ReportMadu Madorang (Pulau Madorang)Yes
4405Zone Code listGeographic ReportAru and Tanimbar Islands
440501Zone Code listGeographic ReportTanimbar Islands
44050101Geographic ReportVaiwar Slope (Vaiwar Island)Yes
4406Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeti - Sermata - Dai and Babar Islands
44060001Geographic ReportPelangi 1 / Rainbow (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060002Geographic ReportPelangi 2 (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060003Geographic ReportShip to Dai (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060004Geographic ReportTo Dai For (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060005Geographic ReportEndey's Garden (Pulau Dai)Yes
44060006Geographic ReportTanjung Dai (Dai Island)Yes
44060007Geographic ReportTanjung Kampung (Dai Island)Yes
44060008Geographic ReportDai Wall (Dai Island)Yes
440601Zone Code listGeographic ReportBabar/Wetan/Dawera/Daweloor Islands
44060101Geographic ReportA Bit Far Rock (off Dawera Island)Yes
44060102Geographic ReportDawera WallYes
44060103Geographic ReportSHD - Pulau Dawera North sideYes
44060104Geographic ReportSponge Delight (Dawera Island)Yes
44060105Geographic ReportDragon Wall (Dawera Island)Yes
44060106Geographic ReportTanjung Dragon (Dawera Island)Yes
440602Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeti / Sermata / Meatimiarang Islands
44060201Geographic ReportTg Panelu (Kalapa - Sermata Group)Yes
44060202Geographic ReportAtoll - SE Point (Meatimiarang)Yes
4407Zone Code listGeographic ReportDamar/Nila/Terbang/Utara/Serua
44070001Geographic ReportDusbough / Dusborgh NE Tip (N. Nila Island)Yes
44070002Geographic ReportDusbough West Tip (N. Nila Island)Yes
44070003Geographic ReportDusbough Tengah (N. Nila Island)Yes
44070004Geographic ReportTerbang Utara / Terbang Ridge (North Terbang)Yes
44070005Geographic ReportTerbang Selatan North Point / Wall (South Terbang)Yes
44070006Geographic ReportTerbang Selatan EastYes
44070007Geographic ReportNildesperandum (west side) - Sea MountYes
44070008Geographic ReportTanjung Tulwomnausi Point (Nila island)Yes
44070009Geographic ReportTerbang Utara (North Terbang west side)Yes
44070010Geographic ReportPurple Haze (South Terbang west side)Yes
44070011Geographic ReportThe Opera House Yes
44070012Geographic ReportDamar WallYes
44070013Geographic ReportDamar BeachYes
44070014Geographic ReportTerbang Selatan WestYes
44070015Geographic ReportDusborgh Atoll (near Nila)Yes
44070016Geographic ReportBommie Beach / Pulau Nila (Nila)Yes
44070017Geographic ReportNilsdesperandum SouthYes
44070018Geographic ReportNilsdesperandum NorthYes
44070019Geographic ReportTanjung Keke (Serua Island)Yes
44070020Geographic ReportKeke Reef Right (Serua Island)Yes
44070021Geographic ReportKeke Reef Left (Serua Island)Yes
4408Zone Code listGeographic ReportWetar/Reong/Nyata/Romang
440801Zone Code listGeographic ReportWetar / Reong
44080101Geographic ReportTanjung Maluang / Reong North PointYes
44080102Geographic ReportMasuk SungaiYes
44080103Geographic ReportBay of Reong (Wetar)Yes
44080104Geographic ReportPulau Reong South SlopeYes
44080105Geographic ReportLarry's Tower (Wetar Island)Yes
44080106Geographic ReportDinding Utara (North Wall - Reong)Yes
44080107Geographic ReportDinding Timur (East Wall - Reong)Yes
44080108Geographic ReportTidak Ada Syabandar / There is No Harbormaster (Reong)Yes
44080109Geographic ReportNunukae / Tanjung Nunukai (Wetar)Yes
44080110Geographic ReportPulau Reong (north side)Yes
44080111Geographic ReportSnowYes
44080112Geographic ReportBlack SandsYes
44080113Geographic ReportSouth Wall (Reong)Yes
44080114Geographic ReportNE Wall (Reong)Yes
440802Zone Code listGeographic ReportNyata / Romang / Maopora / Telang
44080201Geographic ReportKarang TimorNo - report
44080202Geographic ReportDinding SelatanYes
44080203Geographic ReportPulau Maopora East TipYes
44080204Geographic ReportRumah KudaYes
44080205Geographic ReportRomang Southern TipYes
44080206Geographic ReportHose F (Romang Island)Yes
44080207Geographic ReportChicken Run (Romang Island)Yes
44080208Geographic ReportNyata (NE side)Yes
44080209Geographic ReportCrack House (near west point of Nyata)Yes
44080210Geographic ReportNyata UtaraYes
44080211Geographic ReportNyata LighthouseYes
44080212Geographic ReportPulau Laut west sideYes
44080213Geographic ReportPulau Telang north sideYes
44080214Geographic ReportGlorious Garden (Pulau Nyata)Yes
4409Zone Code listGeographic ReportOther Barat Daya Islands (excl Wetar)
4410Zone Code listGeographic ReportGunungapi
44100001Geographic ReportIkan BanyakYes
44100002Geographic ReportKarang SelatanNo - report
4411Zone Code listGeographic ReportLucipara and Mai (Turtle Group)
44110001Geographic ReportKarang TimorNo - report
4412Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsolated Banda Sea Islands
441201Zone Code listGeographic ReportGili Manuk
44120101Geographic ReportPohon Kelapa / Manuk Barat (Gili Manuk)Yes
44120102Geographic ReportBig Ridge / Gili Gili Ridges (Gili Manuk)Yes
44120103Geographic ReportTanjung Kelapa / Tanjung Manuk (Gili Manuk)Yes
44120104Geographic ReportEight Wonders/South Ridge (Manuk Island)Yes
44120105Geographic ReportManuk Cliff (Manuk Island)Yes
45Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Timor
46Zone Code listGeographic ReportLesser Sunda Islands/Nusa Tenggara Group
461Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern Lesser Sunda Archipelago
4611Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Timor
4612Zone Code listGeographic ReportSavu Group
4613Zone Code listGeographic ReportSumba
4614Zone Code listGeographic ReportTimor-Leste
461401Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Atauro
46140101Geographic ReportGreen Buoy / Haru InaYes
46140102Geographic ReportRed Buoy / Watu AiiYes
46140103Geographic ReportSouth JettyYes
46140104Geographic ReportOuter Reef / Haru UhuralaYes
46140105Geographic ReportAdara NearshoreYes
46140106Geographic ReportAdara LMMAYes
46140107Geographic ReportRaiketaYes
46140108Geographic ReportVila SouthYes
46140109Geographic ReportRaiketa OuterYes
462Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Lesser Sunda Archipelago
4621Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlor (incl. Buaya - Kepa - Ternate - Pura Islands)
462101Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlor
46210101Geographic ReportMucky Mosaic / Mucky MosqueYes
46210102Geographic ReportMini WallYes
46210107Geographic ReportTreetops, Alor-KecilYes
46210108Geographic ReportThe CathedralNo - report
462102Zone Code listGeographic ReportBuaya
46210201Geographic ReportCave Point - Buaya IslandYes
462103Zone Code listGeographic ReportKepa
462104Zone Code listGeographic ReportTernate
46210401Geographic ReportBabylon (Ternate)Yes
462105Zone Code listGeographic ReportPura
46210502Geographic ReportKarang Utara - Palau PuraNo - report
46210503Geographic ReportPancuran / SlugfestYes
46210504Geographic ReportClown ValleyYes
46210505Geographic ReportPak Yan's Village / Village of Happy Kids / Kampung Anak Senang / Tanjung Yan VillageYes
46210506Geographic ReportPleasant BoardroomYes
46210507Geographic ReportBig Foot (South Pura)Yes
46210508Geographic ReportSchool Out (Pura)Yes
46210509Geographic ReportSolong Bali Wall (Pura)Yes
46210510Geographic ReportSolong Bali Jetty (Pura)Yes
4622Zone Code listGeographic ReportPantar; Lembata/Kawula; Adonara; Solor; Komba Islands
462201Zone Code listGeographic ReportPantar
46220101Geographic ReportHot Property (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220102Geographic ReportRibbon Eel Run (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220103Geographic ReportWest End Reef (Beangabang Bay)No - report
46220104Geographic ReportRainbow RockNo - report
46220105Geographic ReportNew Jetty (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220106Geographic ReportNorth Point (Beangabang Bay)Yes
46220107Geographic ReportWatu BaluYes
46220108Geographic ReportWatu ileYes
46220109Geographic ReportBeangabang Bay West SideYes
46220110Geographic ReportLapan (off Pantar)Yes
462202Zone Code listGeographic ReportLembata / Kawula
46220201Geographic ReportSizzlerYes
46220202Geographic ReportBacatan LedgesYes
46220203Geographic ReportEast NeiraYes
46220204Geographic ReportRadio ReefYes
46220205Geographic ReportLembata/Kawula Ferry PierYes
46220206Geographic ReportLamanipoNo - report
46220207Geographic ReportDindling LewalingYes
46220208Geographic ReportWatu Waratun / Wara Wuntun NorthYes
46220209Geographic ReportWatu Waratun / Wara Wuntun SouthYes
46220210Geographic ReportWatu Waratun / Wara Wuntun Village / Wrassedemonium / Lava Flow / Black Sand WallYes
46220211Geographic ReportTakat PrauYes
46220212Geographic ReportNubbin PointYes
46220214Geographic ReportWatu Waratun / Wara Wuntun PointYes
46220215Geographic ReportBacatan WallYes
46220216Geographic ReportBacatan Wall 2Yes
46220217Geographic ReportTanjung WaiwowanYes
46220218Geographic ReportPandang PasirYes
462203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSolor
462204Zone Code listGeographic ReportAdonara
46220401Geographic ReportPoint between Kodih Kele & Sagu InletNo - report
46220402Geographic ReportTanjung WotanYes
46220403Geographic ReportIpet Dropoff and Ridge (off NE Adonara)Yes
462205Zone Code listGeographic ReportKomba Volcano
46220501Geographic ReportKomba Korner (Komba Volcano)Yes
46220502Geographic ReportKomba WaterfallNo - report
4623Zone Code listGeographic ReportFlores - Besar (and adj. islands)
462301Zone Code listGeographic ReportFlores
46230101Geographic ReportMaumere PierNo - report
46230102Geographic ReportFish Market - MaumereYes
46230103Geographic ReportTanjung Gedong WestNo - report
46230104Geographic ReportGedong BayYes
46230105Geographic ReportGedong WallNo - report
46230106Geographic ReportSerbete ReefYes
46230107Geographic ReportPertamina PierNo - report
46230108Geographic ReportRiung (Flores)Yes
46230109Geographic ReportPulau Kalong (off Flores)Yes
462302Zone Code listGeographic ReportBesar
46230201Geographic ReportLebantour No - report
46230202Geographic ReportPulau Besar - West Wall No - report
46230203Geographic ReportMaragajongYes
46230204Geographic ReportPomana KecilYes
46230205Geographic ReportPulau BabiYes
462303Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Raja
46230301Geographic ReportIkan Mudah DuaNo - report
4624Zone Code listGeographic ReportRinca and Komodo (and adj. islands)
462401Zone Code listGeographic ReportNusa Kode area
46240101Geographic ReportCrinoid CanyonYes
46240102Geographic ReportCannibal Rock / Nurdin SpiritYes
46240103Geographic ReportRodeo RockYes
46240104Geographic ReportPelican Head / Disaster BayYes
46240105Geographic ReportWhite BeachYes
46240106Geographic ReportTorpedo AlleyYes
46240107Geographic ReportYellow Wall (of Texas)Yes
46240108Geographic ReportDevil's CornerYes
46240109Geographic ReportBouldersYes
46240110Geographic ReportPisangYes
462402Zone Code listGeographic ReportRinca
46240201Geographic ReportLoh Buaya WestYes
46240202Geographic ReportTengah No - report
46240203Geographic ReportKomodo Walk / Dragon WalkYes
46240204Geographic ReportWainiluYes
46240205Geographic ReportWainilu Kecil (small east island)Yes
462403Zone Code listGeographic ReportPulau Padar
46240301Geographic ReportPillarsteenNo - report
46240302Geographic ReportTaman Rahasia (Padar)Yes
46240303Geographic ReportThree SistersYes
46240304Geographic ReportSecret PadarYes
46240305Geographic ReportPadar BayNo - report
46240306Geographic ReportPasir PutihYes
46240307Geographic ReportSecret GardenYes
46240308Geographic ReportPadar ReefYes
462404Zone Code listGeographic ReportKomodo
46240401Geographic ReportPink Beach KomodoYes
46240402Geographic ReportBatu Bolong NorthNo - report
46240403Geographic ReportTatawa KecilNo - report
46240404Geographic ReportLehok Sera PointYes
46240405Geographic ReportGerman FlagYes
46240406Geographic ReportManta AlleyYes
46240407Geographic ReportTeluk DaratYes
46240408Geographic ReportLehok Sera WreckYes
46240409Geographic ReportKarang Makassar / Gili MakassarYes
46240410Geographic ReportGolden PassageYes
46240411Geographic ReportGLD BayYes
46240412Geographic ReportBatu MontjoYes
46240413Geographic ReportTakat MakassarYes
46240414Geographic ReportSabita (Komodo)Yes
462405Zone Code listGeographic ReportGili Lawa
46240501Geographic ReportStaghorn ForestNo - report
46240502Geographic ReportCristal / Crystal Rock (Gili Lawa Laut)Yes
46240503Geographic ReportCastle RockYes
46240504Geographic ReportToko TokoNo - report
46240505Geographic ReportTeluk PasirYes
46240506Geographic ReportEl TorroNo - report
46240507Geographic ReportCoral GardenYes
46240508Geographic ReportShotgunYes
46240509Geographic ReportAquarium (Gili Lawa Laut)Yes
46240510Geographic ReportDarat Passage / Darat Reef (Gili Lawa Darat)Yes
462406Zone Code listGeographic ReportKomodo NP Small Islands
46240601Geographic ReportSiaba Besar East sideYes
46240602Geographic ReportSebayor Kecil Yes
46240603Geographic ReportSiaba Besar Island WestYes
46240604Geographic ReportTatawa Besar IslandYes
46240605Geographic ReportMauanYes
46240606Geographic ReportBatu BolongYes
46240607Geographic ReportKarang MakasarYes
46240608Geographic ReportSiaba KecilYes
462407Zone Code listGeographic ReportGili Motang and Baleh
46240701Geographic ReportBaleh SouthYes
46240702Geographic ReportBaleh NorthYes
46240703Geographic ReportLady MotaYes
4625Zone Code listGeographic ReportSumbawa - Banta - Sangeang - Moyo
462501Zone Code listGeographic ReportSumbawa
46250101Geographic ReportTanjung TohohNo - report
46250102Geographic ReportTanjung SeiYes
46250103Geographic ReportUnusual Suspects / Fuzzy BottomYes
46250104Geographic ReportPulau UlarYes
462502Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanta
46250201Geographic ReportStar WarsNo - report
46250202Geographic ReportLittle WorldNo - report
46250203Geographic ReportGPS PointNo - report
46250204Geographic ReportCrittersYes
46250205Geographic ReportCircusYes
46250206Geographic ReportWest PointYes
46250207Geographic ReportK2Yes
46250208Geographic ReportRoller CoasterYes
46250209Geographic ReportSpanish StepsYes
46250210Geographic ReportTanduk RusaYes
46250211Geographic ReportGili Banta BayNo - report
462503Zone Code listGeographic ReportSangeang
46250301Geographic ReportBlack Magic No - report
46250302Geographic ReportTekno Reef No - report
46250303Geographic ReportBlack DunesNo - report
46250304Geographic ReportBlack Forest / Hot Rocks / The BubblesYes
46250305Geographic ReportBohon MarahYes
46250306Geographic ReportBonto Muck Dive / Bontoh Bay / Bonto ReefYes
46250307Geographic ReportMike's ReefYes
46250308Geographic ReportLighthouse Reef / Black MagicYes
46250309Geographic ReportBlack DiamondYes
46250310Geographic ReportThe Ledge (Sangeang Island)Yes
46250311Geographic ReportHoly Cow (Sangeang Island)Yes
46250312Geographic ReportMenjeng Wall (Sangeang)Yes
46250313Geographic ReportSangeang WestYes
462504Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoyo and Satonde Islands
46250401Geographic ReportKarang UtuyaNo - report
46250402Geographic ReportMoyo ReefYes
46250403Geographic ReportBlack RockYes
46250404Geographic ReportJake's ReefYes
46250405Geographic ReportSatondaYes
46250406Geographic ReportAngel RidgeYes
4626Zone Code listGeographic ReportLombok
46260001Geographic ReportSenggigi / Sangigi Beach (Lombok)Yes
462601Zone Code listGeographic ReportGili Islands
46260101Geographic ReportTurtle Haven (Gili Trawangan)Yes
46260102Geographic ReportHalik (Gili Trawangan)Yes
46260104Geographic ReportEastside Beach (Gili Trawangan)Yes
46260105Geographic ReportGili Meno NE sideYes
46260106Geographic ReportGili Meno SE sideYes
46260107Geographic ReportDeep TurboYes
46260108Geographic ReportShark PointYes
46260109Geographic ReportHidden ReefYes
46260110Geographic ReportBounty WreckYes
4627Zone Code listGeographic ReportBali
462701Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Bali (incl. Nusa Penida; E. of Singjara - Kuta)
46270101Geographic ReportMangrove Point (Nusa Lembongan)Yes
46270102Geographic ReportGiant Trevally (Nusa Penida)Yes
46270103Geographic ReportWall Bay (Nusa Penida)Yes
46270104Geographic ReportMesatiYes
46270105Geographic ReportSidem MacroYes
46270106Geographic ReportGili TepekongYes
46270107Geographic ReportGili MimpangYes
46270108Geographic ReportManta PointYes
46270109Geographic ReportJetty, Amok BayYes
46270110Geographic ReportBlue Lagoon Drop OffYes
46270112Geographic ReportBlue LagoonYes
46270113Geographic ReportTemple, Blue LagoonYes
46270114Geographic ReportTanjun JabunYes
46270115Geographic ReportWhite Sand BeachYes
46270116Geographic ReportTulamben Drop OffYes
46270117Geographic ReportTulamben Coral GardenYes
46270118Geographic ReportLiberty Ship WreckYes
46270119Geographic ReportCrystal BayYes
46270120Geographic ReportManta PointYes
46270121Geographic ReportSeraya SecretsYes
46270122Geographic ReportBulakan ReefYes
462702Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Bali (W. of Kuta - Singara)
46270201Geographic ReportTaman Sari Bali ResortYes
46270202Geographic ReportBajul Bay (Pemuteran / Menjangan)Yes
46270203Geographic ReportPulau Menjangan Drop OffYes
46270204Geographic ReportPOS 1 / Jetty Post 1 (Menjangan)Yes
46270205Geographic ReportUnderwater Cave (Menjangen)Yes
46270206Geographic ReportPOS 2 / Jetty Post 2 (Menjangen)Yes
5Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern Indonesia (Greater Sunda Islands incl. Borneo) and Malaysia
51Zone Code listGeographic ReportGreater Sunda Islands Indonesia (and Brunai)
5101Zone Code listGeographic ReportJava
510101Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Java
510102Zone Code listGeographic ReportCentral Java
510103Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Java
510104Zone Code listGeographic ReportKarimunjawa
51010401Geographic ReportKarimunjawa Menjangan KecilYes
51010402Geographic ReportKarimunjawa Menjangan BesarYes
51010403Geographic ReportKarimunjawa Pulau BurungYes
51010404Geographic ReportKarimunjawa Cemera KecilYes
51010405Geographic ReportKarimunjawa Cemera BesarYes
51010406Geographic ReportKarimunjawa Gosong SelokaYes
51010407Geographic ReportKarimunjawa Palau GosongYes
51010408Geographic ReportKarimunjawa Gosong TengahYes
5102Zone Code listGeographic ReportKalimantan
5103Zone Code listGeographic ReportSumatra
510301Zone Code listGeographic ReportAceh (Sumatra)
51030101Geographic ReportPulau Weh Paradise House ReefYes
51030102Geographic ReportGapang Bay House ReefYes
51030103Geographic ReportLimbo (Gapang)Yes
5104Zone Code listGeographic ReportBorneo
5105Zone Code listGeographic ReportBrunai
52Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalaysia
5201Zone Code listGeographic ReportPeninsular Malaysia
520101Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Peninsular Malaysia
520102Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Peninsular Malaysia
52010201Geographic ReportHMS Repulse WreckYes
5202Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Malaysia- Sarawak and Sabah
5203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSipidan
6Zone Code listGeographic ReportAndaman Sea; Gulf of Thailand; and South China Sea
61Zone Code listGeographic ReportAndaman Sea (Andaman and Nicobar Islands, W. Thailand, and Myanmar)
6101Zone Code listGeographic ReportNicobar Islands
6102Zone Code listGeographic ReportAndaman Islands
6103Zone Code listGeographic ReportMyanmar
610301Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoscos Islands (Tanintharyi Region)
610302Zone Code listGeographic ReportMergui Archipelago (Tanintharyi Region)
61030201Geographic ReportThree Islets / Shark CaveYes
61030202Geographic ReportRocky IslandYes
6104Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern Thailand
610401Zone Code listGeographic ReportSurin Islands
61040101Geographic ReportRichelieu RockYes
610402Zone Code listGeographic ReportSimilan Islands
61040201Geographic ReportKoh Bon / Koh Bon West RidgeYes
61040202Geographic ReportBreakfast BendYes
61040203Geographic ReportWest of EdenYes
61040204Geographic ReportAnita's ReefYes
61040206Geographic ReportKoh Tachai PinnacleYes
61040207Geographic ReportKoh Bon PinnacleYes
61040208Geographic ReportSouth of EdenYes
61040209Geographic ReportBeacon ReefYes
61040210Geographic ReportKoh Tachai ReefYes
61040211Geographic ReportDeep SixYes
61040212Geographic ReportElephant Rock / Elephant HeadYes
61040213Geographic ReportStonehengeYes
610403Zone Code listGeographic ReportPhuket and nearby islands
61040301Geographic ReportKoh Dok MaiYes
61040302Geographic ReportShark PointYes
61040303Geographic ReportKoh Bida NokYes
61040304Geographic ReportKoh Haa Nua #1 - The ChimneyYes
61040305Geographic ReportHin DaengYes
61040306Geographic ReportHin MuangYes
61040307Geographic ReportKoh Bida NaiYes
61040308Geographic ReportTurtle Bay Maya NorthNo - report
61040309Geographic ReportKoh Haa Yai #1 - The CathedralYes
61040310Geographic ReportKoh Haa Lagoon #4Yes
61040311Geographic ReportKoh Haa Rock #6No - report
61040312Geographic ReportMarita's Rock (Marina Bay - Racha Noi)Yes
61040313Geographic ReportRacha Noi BayYes
61040314Geographic ReportRacha Yai Bay 1 & 2Yes
61040315Geographic ReportKoh Haa #3Yes
61040316Geographic ReportKoh Haa Cave #5Yes
61040317Geographic ReportKled KaewYes
61040318Geographic ReportHin KlangYes
61040319Geographic ReportHin Bida / Shark PointYes
62Zone Code listGeographic ReportGulf of Thailand and South China Sea (E. Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam)
6201Zone Code listGeographic ReportEastern Thailand
620101Zone Code listGeographic ReportNarathiwat, Pattani, Songkhla, Nakhon Si Thammarat
620102Zone Code listGeographic ReportSurat Thani (incl. Koh Samui and Koh Tao)
62010201Geographic ReportTwin Peaks (Koh Tao)No - report
62010202Geographic ReportJapanese Gardens (Koh Tao)No - report
62010203Geographic ReportJunkyard Reef /Maehaad Reef (Koh Tao)No - report
62010204Geographic ReportMango Bay (Koh Tao)No - report
62010205Geographic ReportAow Leuk (Koh Tao)No - report
620103Zone Code listGeographic ReportChumphon
620104Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrachuap Khiri Khan, Phetchaburi
620105Zone Code listGeographic ReportSamut Songkhram - Chachoengsao
620106Zone Code listGeographic ReportChonburi (incl. Pattaya and Sattahip area)
620107Zone Code listGeographic ReportRayong Province
62010701Geographic ReportAlhambra Rock / Hin Alhambra WestYes
62010702Geographic ReportAlhambra Rock / Hin Alhambra EastYes
620108Zone Code listGeographic ReportChanthaburi Province
620109Zone Code listGeographic ReportTrat Province (incl. Koh Chang)
6202Zone Code listGeographic ReportCambodia
6203Zone Code listGeographic ReportVietnam
620301Zone Code listGeographic ReportNha Trang Bay Marine Protected Area
62030101Geographic ReportFisherman's BightYes
62030102Geographic ReportSmall RockYes
63Zone Code listGeographic ReportChina (South China Sea)
6301Zone Code listGeographic ReportHong Kong SAR
630101Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Territories
63010101Geographic ReportShelter Island SouthYes
63010102Geographic ReportShelter Island NorthYes
63010103Geographic ReportBluff IslandYes
63010104Geographic ReportLung Wa Wan (shore dive)Yes
63010105Geographic ReportLong Ke Wan BayYes
63010106Geographic ReportConic IslandYes
63010107Geographic ReportLittle Palm Beach EastYes
63010108Geographic ReportLittle Palm Beach WestYes
63010109Geographic ReportBasalt Island SW sideYes
63010110Geographic ReportPort Island (Hong Kong)Yes
64Zone Code listGeographic ReportTaiwan
65Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Japanese Islands (incl. Yaeyama, Okinawa, Kagoshima, Daito)
6501Zone Code listGeographic ReportYaeyama Islands
6502Zone Code listGeographic ReportOkinawa Islands
650201Zone Code listGeographic ReportOkinawa Mainland
65020101Geographic ReportZampa Misaki / Bolo PointYes
65020102Geographic ReportMaeda FlatsYes
65020103Geographic ReportMaeda Point / Maeda MisakiYes
65020104Geographic ReportBig Time ResortYes
65020105Geographic ReportWater Treatment PlantYes
65020106Geographic ReportWater Treatment Plant #2Yes
65020107Geographic ReportSunabe Seawall / Curry HouseYes
65020108Geographic ReportSunabe Seawall / Arc DiveYes
65020109Geographic ReportSunabe Seawall JunkyardYes
65020110Geographic ReportRunway LightsYes
65020111Geographic ReportKadena NorthYes
65020112Geographic ReportJamsYes
65020113Geographic ReportKadena StepsYes
65020114Geographic ReportDevils CoveYes
65020115Geographic ReportMalibu BeachYes
65020116Geographic ReportOnna PointYes
65020117Geographic ReportHorse Shoe BeachYes
65020118Geographic ReportToilet BowlYes
65020119Geographic ReportSeragaki Inner ReefYes
65020120Geographic ReportSeregaki Outer ReefYes
65020121Geographic ReportGorilla ChopYes
65020122Geographic ReportEagle PipesYes
65020123Geographic ReportUSS EmmonsYes
65020124Geographic ReportOkuma NorthYes
65020125Geographic ReportHedo DomeYes
65020126Geographic ReportHedo MisakiYes
65020127Geographic ReportHedo Three PoolsYes
65020128Geographic ReportKin BlueYes
65020129Geographic ReportKin RedYes
65020130Geographic ReportTengan PierYes
65020131Geographic ReportMiyagiYes
65020132Geographic ReportMama San BeachYes
65020133Geographic ReportSouthern LinksYes
65020134Geographic ReportSuicide CliffsYes
65020135Geographic ReportChannel CrevassYes
650202Zone Code listGeographic ReportKerama Islands
650203Zone Code listGeographic ReportKume, Tonaki, Aguni Islands
6503Zone Code listGeographic ReportKagoshima Islands
6504Zone Code listGeographic ReportDaito Islands
7Zone Code listGeographic ReportPhilippines
71Zone Code listGeographic ReportLuzon Region (incl. Batanes and Babuyan Islands)
7101Zone Code listGeographic ReportAnilao Area - Batangas Calumpan Peninsula and Maricaban Island
71010001Geographic ReportCathedral RockNo - report
71010002Geographic ReportEagle PointNo - report
71010003Geographic ReportMainitNo - report
71010004Geographic ReportKirby's Reef / Kirby's Rock (Caban Island)Yes
71010005Geographic ReportBeatrice RockNo - report
71010006Geographic ReportBethlehem / Better than Lembeh (Marcaban Island)Yes
71010007Geographic ReportBahura (Anilao)No - report
71010008Geographic ReportSepoc WallNo - report
71010009Geographic ReportMapatingNo - report
71010010Geographic ReportNelson's RockNo - report
71010011Geographic ReportArthur's Rock / Crystal Blue Resort House ReefYes
71010012Geographic ReportSecret Bay SouthYes
71010013Geographic ReportSecret Bay NorthYes
71010014Geographic ReportDarilaud / Daryl Laut (Caban Island)Yes
71010015Geographic ReportLayeg Layeg (Caban Island)Yes
71010016Geographic ReportAnilao PierYes
71010017Geographic ReportMinet Bubbles / Bubbles PointYes
71010018Geographic ReportSand ViewYes
71010019Geographic ReportSecret Garden (Buceo Anileo Beach and Dive Resort House Reef)Yes
71010020Geographic ReportTwin Rock (Planet Dive Resort)Yes
71010021Geographic ReportDead PalmYes
71010022Geographic ReportEl Sombrero East (Caban Island)Yes
71010024Geographic ReportKoalaYes
71010025Geographic ReportAnilao Beach Club House ReefYes
71010026Geographic ReportDive & Trek House ReefYes
71010027Geographic ReportEl Sombrero SW SideYes
71010028Geographic ReportHeidi's PointYes
71010029Geographic ReportSaimsimYes
71010030Geographic ReportRed RockYes
71010031Geographic ReportOlympicYes
7102Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Galera (Mindoro)
71020001Geographic ReportGAL-42 BouldersYes
71020002Geographic ReportGAL-48Yes
71020003Geographic ReportGAL-55Yes
71020004Geographic ReportGAL-57Yes
71020005Geographic ReportGAL-56Yes
71020006Geographic ReportGAL-60Yes
71020007Geographic ReportWest EscarceoYes
71020008Geographic ReportManila ChannelYes
71020009Geographic ReportGAL-88Yes
71020010Geographic ReportLalaguna LagoonYes
71020011Geographic ReportSinandigan WallYes
71020012Geographic ReportDungon Wall / Dungon BeachYes
71020013Geographic ReportCoral CoveYes
71020014Geographic ReportKilima Beach / StepsYes
71020015Geographic ReportFantasea ReefNo - report
71020016Geographic ReportSabang PointYes
71020017Geographic ReportSabang WrecksYes
71020018Geographic ReportMontaniNo - report
71020019Geographic ReportSLL ReefNo - report
71020020Geographic ReportErnie's PointYes
71020021Geographic ReportCanyonsYes
71020022Geographic ReportThe Giant ClamsNo - report
71020023Geographic ReportWreck PointYes
71020024Geographic ReportBouldersYes
7103Zone Code listGeographic ReportVerde Island
71030001Geographic ReportVER-15Yes
71030002Geographic ReportVER-16Yes
71030003Geographic ReportVER-17Yes
71030004Geographic ReportVER-18Yes
71030005Geographic ReportVER-19Yes
71030006Geographic ReportNW Corner Verde IslandYes
71030007Geographic ReportVER-22Yes
71030008Geographic ReportVER-23Yes
71030009Geographic ReportThe Drop Off/Pinnacle (Verde Island)No - report
71030010Geographic ReportCoral Gardens (Verde Island)No - report
7104Zone Code listGeographic ReportTablas, Romblon, Sibuyan and surrounding islands
710401Zone Code listGeographic ReportTablas Island
71040101Geographic ReportBinocot BeachYes
71040102Geographic ReportHinag-Oman BayYes
71040103Geographic ReportBudiong Fish SanctuaryYes
71040104Geographic ReportOdiongan/Ferrol BoundaryYes
710402Zone Code listGeographic ReportRomblon Island
72Zone Code listGeographic ReportVisayas Region
7201Zone Code listGeographic ReportSamar Island
7202Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeyte Island
7203Zone Code listGeographic ReportBohol Island
72030001Geographic ReportMagic Oceans House ReefYes
72030002Geographic ReportParadise Garden (Bluestar Resort House Reef)Yes
72030003Geographic ReportVirgen East (Virgin)Yes
72030004Geographic ReportVirgen West (Virgin)Yes
72030005Geographic ReportTurtle PointYes
72030006Geographic ReportSnappers CaveYes
72030007Geographic ReportCavernYes
72030008Geographic ReportLumayagYes
72030009Geographic ReportDap-DapYes
72030010Geographic ReportWonder WallYes
720301Zone Code listGeographic ReportPanglao Island
72030101Geographic ReportAlona Beach House Reef - WreckYes
72030102Geographic ReportArco PointYes
72030103Geographic ReportDanao WallYes
72030104Geographic ReportDoljo PointYes
72030105Geographic ReportKalipayan WallYes
720302Zone Code listGeographic ReportBalicasag Island
72030201Geographic ReportDiver's Heaven / Rico's WallYes
72030202Geographic ReportBlack Forest / Royal GardenYes
72030203Geographic ReportCathedral WallYes
72030204Geographic ReportBalicasag Marine SanctuaryYes
72030205Geographic ReportAmbo PointYes
720303Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabilao Island
72030301Geographic ReportLa Estrella House ReefYes
72030302Geographic ReportLighthouse / Lighthouse 2 (Cabilao Island)Yes
72030303Geographic ReportCabilao Marine SanctuaryYes
72030304Geographic ReportGorgonianYes
72030305Geographic ReportFallen TreeYes
72030306Geographic ReportLoocYes
72030307Geographic ReportLighthouse 1 (Cabilao)Yes
72030308Geographic ReportSharks PointYes
7204Zone Code listGeographic ReportCebu Island
72040001Geographic ReportOslob Whale Shark StationYes
720401Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoalboal
72040101Geographic ReportPanagsama Beach House Reef / Sardine DiveYes
72040102Geographic ReportWhite BeachYes
72040103Geographic ReportTalisayYes
72040104Geographic ReportKasaiYes
72040105Geographic ReportTongo PointYes
72040106Geographic ReportSanctuary EastYes
72040107Geographic ReportCopton PointYes
72040108Geographic ReportBanlot PointNo - report
72040109Geographic ReportEyoy PointYes
72040110Geographic ReportDolphin HouseYes
72040111Geographic ReportGobie Point / Goby PointYes
72040112Geographic ReportBasdiotYes
72040113Geographic ReportWhite HouseYes
72040114Geographic ReportArigay PointYes
720402Zone Code listGeographic ReportPescador Island
72040201Geographic ReportPescador WestYes
72040202Geographic ReportPescador EastYes
72040203Geographic ReportNW Wall (Pescador Island)No - report
72040204Geographic ReportCathedral (Pescador)Yes
72040205Geographic ReportCoral Garden (Pescador)Yes
72040206Geographic ReportSE Wall (Pescador Island)Yes
720403Zone Code listGeographic ReportSumilon Island
72040301Geographic ReportSumilon Guard HouseNo - report
72040302Geographic ReportLighthouse (Sumilon)No - report
72040303Geographic ReportCottage Point (Sumilon Island)No - report
72040304Geographic ReportBarracuda (Sumilon Island)Yes
720404Zone Code listGeographic ReportCalanggaman / Capitancillo Islands
72040401Geographic ReportBlack Coral Point (Calanggaman Island)Yes
72040402Geographic ReportNW Corner Calanggaman IslandYes
72040403Geographic ReportCapitancillo (Capitancillo Island)Yes
720405Zone Code listGeographic ReportGato Island
72040501Geographic ReportWest Wall Gato Island / NW GatoYes
72040502Geographic ReportEast Wall Gato Island / SE GatoYes
72040503Geographic ReportSouth GatoYes
720406Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalapascua Island incl. Monad Shoal
72040601Geographic ReportDeep RockYes
72040602Geographic ReportDeep SlopeYes
72040603Geographic ReportBantigueYes
72040604Geographic ReportMonad ShoalYes
72040605Geographic ReportBugtong BatoYes
72040606Geographic ReportLighthouse (Malapascua Island)No - report
72040607Geographic ReportChocolate IslandYes
72040608Geographic ReportNorth PointYes
72040609Geographic ReportDakit Dakit (Malapascua Island)Yes
7205Zone Code listGeographic ReportNegros Island
720501Zone Code listGeographic ReportDauin (South of Dumaguete)
72050101Geographic ReportMainitYes
72050102Geographic ReportSan Miguel NorthYes
72050103Geographic ReportSan Miguel TiresYes
72050104Geographic ReportSan Miguel Reef SouthYes
72050105Geographic ReportAtlantis Dumaguete House ReefYes
72050106Geographic ReportSahara ReefYes
72050107Geographic ReportSahara DeepNo - report
72050108Geographic ReportPuntaNo - report
72050109Geographic ReportCeresNo - report
72050110Geographic ReportShallow CarsNo - report
72050111Geographic ReportCars / Car WreckNo - report
72050112Geographic ReportDauin NorteYes
72050113Geographic ReportDauin SurYes
72050114Geographic ReportGinama-anYes
72050115Geographic ReportMasaplod NorteNo - report
72050116Geographic ReportPyramidsNo - report
72050117Geographic ReportMasaplod Sur (South)Yes
72050118Geographic ReportBahura / Northern Bahura (Dumaguete Mandarinfish Dive)No - report
72050119Geographic ReportPura Vida House Reef / Luca SanctuaryYes
72050120Geographic ReportTalisayYes
72050121Geographic ReportVIP House ReefYes
72050122Geographic ReportNain NorthNo - report
72050123Geographic Reportinvalid location (dupe with 72050118)No - report
72050124Geographic ReportMarinaYes
72050125Geographic ReportBulakYes
720502Zone Code listGeographic ReportApo Island
72050201Geographic ReportLargahanYes
72050202Geographic ReportBaluarteNo - report
72050203Geographic ReportChapel PointYes
72050204Geographic ReportKatipananYes
72050205Geographic ReportRock Point WestYes
72050206Geographic ReportCoconut PointNo - report
72050207Geographic ReportCogon PointNo - report
72050208Geographic ReportMamsa PointNo - report
72050209Geographic ReportKan-uranNo - report
72050210Geographic ReportMarine SanctuaryNo - report
72050211Geographic ReportRock Point EastNo - report
720503Zone Code listGeographic ReportSiquijor Island
72050301Geographic ReportMai-tiNo - report
72050302Geographic ReportPaliton Wall South / Paliton 1Yes
72050303Geographic ReportPaliton Wall North / Paliton 2Yes
72050304Geographic ReportTambisanNo - report
72050305Geographic ReportStaghorn PointYes
7206Zone Code listGeographic ReportPanay Island
720601Zone Code listGeographic ReportBorocay Island
72060101Geographic ReportDiniwidNo - report
72060102Geographic ReportBalinghaiNo - report
72060103Geographic ReportAngol PointNo - report
73Zone Code listGeographic ReportMindanao Region
7301Zone Code listGeographic ReportZamboanga Peninsula
7302Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Mindanao
73020001Geographic ReportAgutayan Island / White Island Marine SanctuaryYes
73020002Geographic ReportSunset Beach (near Lugait) / Rendo's ReefYes
73020003Geographic ReportBanaug Pinnacle / Mantangale House ReefYes
73020004Geographic ReportSipaca BatoYes
73020005Geographic ReportMantangale MuckYes
73020006Geographic ReportParaisoYes
73020007Geographic ReportAquarium (Duka Resort)Yes
73020008Geographic ReportSanta InezYes
7303Zone Code listGeographic ReportDavao Region
7304Zone Code listGeographic ReportSOCCSKSARGEN
7305Zone Code listGeographic ReportCaraga
7306Zone Code listGeographic ReportARMM (mainland Mindanao)
7307Zone Code listGeographic ReportSulu Archipelago
7308Zone Code listGeographic ReportCamiguin Island
73080001Geographic ReportMantigue IslandYes
73080002Geographic ReportCabuan Yes
73080003Geographic ReportGiant Clam Sanctuary / Cantaan Clam Garden / Kabila BeachYes
7309Zone Code listGeographic ReportDinagat Island
7310Zone Code listGeographic ReportSiargao Island
74Zone Code listGeographic ReportPalawan Region
7401Zone Code listGeographic ReportTubbataha Reef
74010001Geographic ReportSeafan Alley (North Atoll)No - report
74010002Geographic ReportWashing Machine (North Atoll)Yes
74010003Geographic ReportShark Airport/Sharky Shallows(North Atoll)Yes
74010004Geographic ReportEast Face (North Atoll)No - report
74010005Geographic ReportSouth Park (North Atoll)No - report
74010006Geographic ReportGorgonian Channel (North Atoll)No - report
74010007Geographic ReportAmos Rock (North Atoll)Yes
74010008Geographic ReportRanger Station #1,2,3 (North Atoll)Yes
74010009Geographic ReportMalayan Wreck/Malayan Point/Malayan Wall (North Atoll)Yes
74010010Geographic ReportTerraces (North Atoll)No - report
74010011Geographic ReportT Wreck (South Atoll)No - report
74010012Geographic ReportBlack Rock - North Face (South Atoll)No - report
74010013Geographic ReportBlack Rock - East Face (South Atoll)Yes
74010014Geographic ReportDelsan Wreck (South Atoll)Yes
74010015Geographic ReportDelsan Corner (South Atoll)No - report
74010016Geographic ReportStaghorn Point(South Atoll)Yes
74010017Geographic ReportLighthouse Wall (South Atoll)No - report
74010018Geographic ReportLighthouse Cove (South Atoll)No - report
74010019Geographic ReportKo-ok (South Atoll)No - report
74010020Geographic ReportEiger Wall (South Atoll)No - report
74010021Geographic ReportWall Street (North Atoll)Yes
74010022Geographic ReportTriggerfish City (South Atoll)Yes
74010023Geographic ReportSW Wall (South Atoll)Yes
74010024Geographic ReportD. Schubba (North Atoll)No - report
74010025Geographic ReportJessie Beazley Reef - EastNo - report
74010026Geographic ReportJessie Beazley Reef - WestYes
8Zone Code listGeographic ReportMicronesia (incl. Marianas; Palau; Guam; Federated States; Marshall Isl.)
81Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Mariana Islands
8101Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Group Northern Mariana Islands
8102Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern Group Northern Mariana Islands
810201Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaipan
81020101Geographic ReportGrotto in SaipanNo - report
81020102Geographic ReportEagle Ray cityNo - report
810202Zone Code listGeographic ReportTinian and Aguijan
81020201Geographic ReportFleming WallNo - report
81020202Geographic ReportTwin CoralNo - report
81020203Geographic ReportDump CoveNo - report
81020204Geographic ReportTinian GrottoNo - report
810203Zone Code listGeographic ReportRota
81020301Geographic ReportSenhanom Cave / Rota HoleYes
81020302Geographic ReportSub Chaser 1 (at Coral Garden)No - report
81020303Geographic ReportA-FrameNo - report
81020304Geographic ReportCable RunNo - report
81020305Geographic ReportCoral GardenYes
81020306Geographic ReportEast HarborNo - report
81020307Geographic ReportFireworksNo - report
81020308Geographic ReportFrench TunnelNo - report
81020309Geographic ReportHarnom PointNo - report
81020310Geographic ReportHobbit HouseNo - report
81020311Geographic ReportJerry's ReefNo - report
81020312Geographic ReportJoanne's Reef / Johanne's ReefYes
81020313Geographic ReportLiyang Rai / King's CaveNo - report
81020314Geographic ReportPearlman TunnelNo - report
81020315Geographic ReportPinatang Park / Pinatang ReefYes
81020316Geographic ReportPona PointNo - report
81020317Geographic ReportSailigai Tunnel / Sailigai ArchYes
81020318Geographic ReportSenhanom Wall / Senhanom ReefYes
81020319Geographic ReportShoun MaruNo - report
81020320Geographic ReportSmuggler Ships of IlekNo - report
81020321Geographic Report7 ScrewsNo - report
81020322Geographic ReportSnake EyesNo - report
81020323Geographic ReportSub Chaser 2No - report
81020324Geographic ReportSongton Reef (Sunset Villa)No - report
81020325Geographic ReportTable TopNo - report
81020326Geographic ReportTakatoshi PointNo - report
81020327Geographic ReportTurtle RidgeNo - report
81020329Geographic ReportFirst Point (south side of Wedding Cake Mtn.)Yes
82Zone Code listGeographic ReportGuam
8201Zone Code listGeographic ReportGuam
82010001Geographic ReportPati PointNo - report
82010002Geographic ReportScuba CutNo - report
82010003Geographic ReportRitidian PointNo - report
82010004Geographic ReportNapoleon CutNo - report
82010005Geographic ReportOctopus ReefNo - report
82010006Geographic ReportThe TunnelNo - report
82010007Geographic ReportDouble ReefNo - report
82010008Geographic ReportThe PinnacleNo - report
82010009Geographic ReportNorthern CavesNo - report
82010010Geographic ReportTanguisson BeachNo - report
82010011Geographic ReportGun BeachNo - report
82010012Geographic ReportBig BlueNo - report
82010013Geographic ReportHilton WallNo - report
82010014Geographic ReportPalace WallNo - report
82010015Geographic ReportAgana BayNo - report
82010016Geographic ReportAsan CutNo - report
82010017Geographic ReportCamel RockNo - report
82010018Geographic ReportPiti Bomb HolesYes
82010019Geographic ReportPiti StingraysNo - report
82010020Geographic ReportPiti ChannelNo - report
82010021Geographic ReportAmphitheaterNo - report
82010022Geographic ReportLuminaoNo - report
82010023Geographic ReportBlue & WhiteYes
82010024Geographic ReportRMS ScotiaNo - report
82010025Geographic ReportThe WallNo - report
82010026Geographic ReportBlue HoleYes
82010027Geographic ReportCreviceNo - report
82010028Geographic ReportBarracuda RockNo - report
82010029Geographic ReportSharks PitYes
82010030Geographic ReportOld Wive's BeachNo - report
82010031Geographic ReportDadi BeachNo - report
82010032Geographic ReportRizal BeachNo - report
82010033Geographic ReportHap's ReefNo - report
82010034Geographic ReportCemetery WallNo - report
82010035Geographic ReportAmtrakNo - report
82010036Geographic Report11 Mile ReefNo - report
82010037Geographic ReportFish BowlNo - report
82010038Geographic ReportAnae CavesNo - report
82010039Geographic ReportCoral GardensNo - report
82010040Geographic ReportPete's ReefNo - report
82010041Geographic ReportBlack Coral KingdomNo - report
82010042Geographic ReportNathan's DentNo - report
82010043Geographic ReportTwin Drop-offNo - report
82010044Geographic ReportFouha BayNo - report
82010045Geographic ReportUmatec BeachNo - report
82010046Geographic ReportToguon BayNo - report
82010047Geographic ReportBile BayNo - report
82010048Geographic ReportCocos WestNo - report
82010049Geographic ReportCocos EastNo - report
82010050Geographic ReportGlory PointNo - report
82010051Geographic ReportInarajanNo - report
82010052Geographic ReportTagachangNo - report
82010053Geographic ReportPago Bay Marine LabNo - report
82010054Geographic ReportFish Eye Marine ParkYes
82010055Geographic ReportHilton Guam Resort and Spa House BeachNo - report
820101Zone Code listGeographic ReportApra Harbor
82010101Geographic ReportAmerican TankerYes
82010102Geographic ReportBarge ReefNo - report
82010103Geographic ReportCabras WallNo - report
82010104Geographic ReportCoke Bottle ReefNo - report
82010105Geographic ReportFamily BeachNo - report
82010106Geographic ReportFinger ReefYes
82010107Geographic ReportFuel PierNo - report
82010108Geographic ReportGab Gab IYes
82010109Geographic ReportGab Gab IIYes
82010110Geographic ReportHidden ReefNo - report
82010111Geographic ReportHourglass ReefNo - report
82010112Geographic ReportKitsugawa MaruNo - report
82010113Geographic ReportOuthouse BeachNo - report
82010114Geographic ReportSan LuisNo - report
82010115Geographic ReportSea PlaneNo - report
82010116Geographic ReportSeabee JunkyardNo - report
82010117Geographic ReportSMS CormoranYes
82010118Geographic ReportSpanish StepsNo - report
82010119Geographic ReportSponge ReefNo - report
82010120Geographic ReportSumay IINo - report
82010121Geographic ReportSurprise ReefNo - report
82010122Geographic ReportTokai MaruYes
82010123Geographic ReportTugNo - report
82010124Geographic ReportVal BomberNo - report
82010125Geographic ReportVeckis ReefNo - report
82010126Geographic ReportWestern ShoalsYes
83Zone Code listGeographic ReportPalau
8301Zone Code listGeographic ReportPalau
83010001Geographic ReportSam's Tours PierYes
83010002Geographic ReportSt. Cardinal's #1 (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010003Geographic ReportSt. Cardinal's #2 (Inner lagoon) Yes
83010004Geographic ReportChandelier Cave (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010005Geographic ReportShort Drop Off (SE of Koror)Yes
83010006Geographic ReportNeco's Bay / Wall (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010007Geographic ReportPincher's Lagoon (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010008Geographic ReportDisney Lake (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010009Geographic ReportRembrandt's (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010010Geographic ReportNgedebus Coral GardenYes
83010011Geographic ReportFairylandYes
83010012Geographic ReportNew Drop OffYes
83010013Geographic ReportTurtle Cove Yes
83010014Geographic ReportIro Wreck (Inner lagoon)Yes
83010015Geographic ReportGerman Channel Yes
83010016Geographic ReportBlue Corner-south Yes
83010017Geographic ReportBig Drop Off (Ngemelis Island)Yes
83010018Geographic ReportBlue HoleNo - report
83010019Geographic Report1/2 a Day WreckNo - report
83010020Geographic ReportBarnum's WallNo - report
83010021Geographic ReportUlong ChannelYes
83010022Geographic ReportSandy Bar / Sandy ParadiseYes
83010023Geographic ReportSiaes TunnelYes
83010024Geographic ReportNgemeli's WallNo - report
83010025Geographic ReportGerman WallYes
83010026Geographic ReportGerman Coral GardenNo - report
83010027Geographic ReportJake's Seaplane (near runway)No - report
83010029Geographic ReportFern's Dropoff / Turtle WallYes
83010030Geographic ReportWonder ChannelYes
83010031Geographic ReportClam CityYes
83010032Geographic ReportNgerechong OutsideYes
83010033Geographic ReportDenges PassYes
83010034Geographic ReportHelmet / Depth Charger Wreck Yes
83010035Geographic ReportLighthouse ChannelYes
83010036Geographic ReportMandarinfish LakeYes
83010037Geographic ReportUlong House Reef (Aggressor Anchorage)Yes
83010038Geographic ReportAlexis Coral GardenYes
83010039Geographic ReportSiaes CornerYes
83010040Geographic ReportDexter's Wall / Ngemelis Coral GardenYes
83010041Geographic ReportPalau Pacific Resort House ReefYes
84Zone Code listGeographic ReportFederated States of Micronesia
8401Zone Code listGeographic ReportYap Islands
84010001Geographic ReportStammtischNo - report
84010002Geographic ReportMi'l / Miil ChannelYes
84010003Geographic ReportVertigoYes
84010004Geographic ReportBuena VistaYes
84010005Geographic ReportYap CavernsYes
84010006Geographic ReportTelegraph ReefYes
84010007Geographic ReportSlow N EasyYes
84010008Geographic ReportO'Keefe's ReefNo - report
84010009Geographic ReportAliko ReefNo - report
84010010Geographic ReportSpanish WallsYes
84010011Geographic ReportMagic KingdomYes
84010012Geographic ReportLionfish WallNo - report
84010013Geographic ReportGoofnuw ChannelYes
84010014Geographic ReportGoofnuw Mini-wallNo - report
84010015Geographic ReportCabbage PatchYes
84010016Geographic ReportGilman WallYes
84010017Geographic ReportNorth Pass (just N of Tradewind)No - report
84010018Geographic ReportO'Keefe's PassageNo - report
84010019Geographic ReportGapou ReefNo - report
84010020Geographic ReportHide & SeekNo - report
84010021Geographic ReportPealak CornerNo - report
84010022Geographic ReportMa MangrovesNo - report
84010023Geographic ReportRainbow Reef (Mandarinfish Site)No - report
8402Zone Code listGeographic ReportChuuk (Truk) Islands
8403Zone Code listGeographic ReportPohnpei Islands
8404Zone Code listGeographic ReportKosrae Island
85Zone Code listGeographic ReportMarshall Islands
8501Zone Code listGeographic ReportRatak Chain
8502Zone Code listGeographic ReportRalik Chain
99990000Geographic ReportPlaceholder Zone Code (DO NOT SUBMIT)No - report