REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: EAM
Zone: Western Coastal Europe (France, Portugal, and Spain)

ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
41Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern France
42Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern and Western Spain
43Zone Code listGeographic ReportPortugal
4301Zone Code listGeographic ReportCaminha (northern border) to Peniche
4302Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Peniche to Cabo de Sao Vicente
4303Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Berlenga and other islands
4304Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast of Cabo de Sao Vicente to s. border of Spain
43040001Geographic ReportAlto 3No
43040002Geographic ReportSanta 1No
43040003Geographic ReportSanta 2No
43040004Geographic ReportGomesNo
44Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthwest Spain (to Tarifa)