REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: EAM

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
0Zone Code listGeographic Report
1Zone Code listGeographic ReportAzores
11Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern Azores Islands
1101Zone Code listGeographic ReportFlores
11010001Geographic ReportPonta da CaveiraNo
11010002Geographic ReportBaixa do AmigoNo
11010003Geographic ReportBaixo dos Morros (Flores)No
11010004Geographic ReportBaixa Rasa do LagedoNo
11010005Geographic ReportGruta do GaloNo
11010006Geographic ReportIlhéu do GarajauNo
11010007Geographic ReportIlhéu da GadelhaNo
11010008Geographic ReportIlhéu do MonchiqueNo
11010009Geographic ReportSlovonia ShipwreckNo
11010010Geographic ReportBaixa Rasa do LagedoNo
11010011Geographic ReportBaixa do EscolarNo
11010012Geographic ReportPorto das LagesNo
11010013Geographic ReportPorto das PocasNo
11010014Geographic ReportBoqueiraoNo
11010015Geographic ReportBaia de Sao PedroNo
11010016Geographic ReportBaixa do FonsecaNo
11010017Geographic ReportPorto de Ponta DelgadaNo
1102Zone Code listGeographic ReportCorvo
11020001Geographic ReportCaneiro dos MerosYes
11020002Geographic ReportGamelaNo
11020003Geographic ReportBaixa do BuracoNo
11020004Geographic ReportPonta do TopoNo
11020005Geographic ReportMoldinhoNo
11020006Geographic ReportPonta do MarcoNo
11020007Geographic ReportCabeco do XavierNo
11020008Geographic ReportAreiaNo
11020009Geographic ReportPorto Do Casa No
12Zone Code listGeographic ReportCentral Azores Islands
1201Zone Code listGeographic ReportFaial
12010001Geographic ReportEntre-MontesYes
12010002Geographic ReportRadaresYes
12010003Geographic ReportBoca das CaldeirinhasYes
12010004Geographic ReportGruta e Ilhéu NegroYes
12010006Geographic ReportPonta dos CedrosYes
12010007Geographic ReportCapelinhosNo
12010008Geographic ReportMorro de Castelo BrancoYes
12010009Geographic ReportBaixa do Morro (Faial)Yes
12010010Geographic ReportBaixa da FeteiraYes
12010011Geographic ReportViana ShipwreckYes
12010012Geographic ReportMonte da GuiaYes
12010013Geographic ReportPonta da RibeirinhaNo
12010014Geographic ReportVulcão dos CapelinhosYes
12010015Geographic ReportPontão 16 BargeYes
12010016Geographic ReportBaixa dos InhamesYes
12010017Geographic ReportBaixa dos EspalhafatosYes
12010018Geographic ReportBaixa AlagadaYes
12010019Geographic ReportGruta dos Camarões / Baia da GarcaYes
12010020Geographic ReportGruta da PedraYes
12010021Geographic ReportParede do AlmeidaYes
12010022Geographic ReportIlhéu NegroYes
12010023Geographic ReportIlheu PretoYes
12010024Geographic ReportFumaroisYes
12010025Geographic ReportBaia RadaresNo
12010026Geographic ReportFurnasYes
12010027Geographic ReportPedra do SousaYes
1202Zone Code listGeographic ReportPico
12020001Geographic ReportIlhéus da MadalenaYes
12020002Geographic ReportBaixa do NorteYes
12020003Geographic ReportBaixa do SulYes
12020004Geographic ReportBaixa da BarcaYes
12020005Geographic ReportCachorroNo
12020006Geographic ReportArcos do Pocinho-CalhauYes
12020007Geographic ReportPonta do CasteleteNo
12020008Geographic ReportPorto de Sao JoaoYes
12020009Geographic ReportCais do MouratoNo
12020010Geographic ReportIlheus de Sto. AmaroNo
12020011Geographic ReportPonta da ManhenhaNo
12020012Geographic ReportCalheta do Nesquim CaveNo
12020013Geographic ReportPorto das RibeirasNo
12020014Geographic ReportBaia de S. CaetanoYes
12020015Geographic ReportArcos da FormosinhaYes
12020016Geographic ReportArcos do CalhauNo
12020017Geographic ReportCoral e Parede de S. Caetano / Coral and Wall of S. CaetanoYes
1203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSão Jorge
12030001Geographic ReportBaixa da ponta dos RosaisYes
12030002Geographic ReportIlhéu do TopoYes
12030003Geographic ReportBaixa dos RosaisYes
12030004Geographic ReportPonta dos rosaisYes
12030005Geographic ReportMouro de LemosNo
12030006Geographic ReportPesqueiro AltoNo
12030007Geographic ReportUrzelinaNo
12030008Geographic ReportVelasNo
12030009Geographic ReportCalhetaNo
12030010Geographic ReportCascataNo
12030011Geographic ReportMorroNo
12030013Geographic ReportFaja do OuvidorNo
1204Zone Code listGeographic ReportGraciosa
12040001Geographic ReportIlheu do CarapachoYes
12040002Geographic ReportBaixa do LobaoYes
12040003Geographic ReportTerceirenseYes
12040004Geographic ReportBaixa do FerreiraYes
12040005Geographic ReportBaixa do Pesqueiro LongoYes
12040006Geographic ReportIlheu da BaleiaYes
12040007Geographic ReportRestinga do FreireNo
12040008Geographic ReportNaufrágio TerceirenseNo
12040009Geographic ReportPesqueiro LongoNo
12040010Geographic ReportBaixinhasNo
12040011Geographic ReportPorto de Santa CruzNo
12040012Geographic ReportIlheu de PraiaNo
12040013Geographic ReportCorvo ShipwreckNo
12040014Geographic ReportBaia da PocaNo
12040015Geographic ReportBaia da FolgaNo
1205Zone Code listGeographic ReportTerceira
12050001Geographic ReportCinco RibeirasYes
12050002Geographic ReportSilveiraYes
12050003Geographic ReportPoenteYes
12050004Geographic ReportCemitério das ÂncorasYes
12050005Geographic ReportVapor LidadorYes
12050006Geographic ReportGruta dos RatoesYes
12050007Geographic ReportNascenteYes
12050008Geographic ReportPraia da VictoriaYes
12050009Geographic ReportLidadorNo
12050010Geographic ReportCalheta do LagadorNo
12050011Geographic ReportFradinhosNo
12050012Geographic ReportGruta do Ilhéu das CabrasNo
12050013Geographic ReportBaia das Quatro RibeirasNo
12050014Geographic ReportRibeiras CaveNo
12050015Geographic ReportBaia de AngraNo
12050016Geographic ReportSerretaNo
12050017Geographic ReportIlheu do NorteNo
12050018Geographic ReportPorto MartinsNo
12050019Geographic ReportBaia das ContendasNo
12050020Geographic ReportIlheus das CabrasNo
1206Zone Code listGeographic ReportCondor Bank
12060001Geographic ReportCondor Bank (Blue Shark Open Water Dive)Yes
1207Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrincesa Alice Bank
12070001Geographic ReportPrincess Alice BankYes
1208Zone Code listGeographic ReportDom Joao de Castro Bank
12080001Geographic ReportD. João de Castro BankYes
13Zone Code listGeographic ReportEastern Azores Islands
1301Zone Code listGeographic ReportSão Miguel
13010001Geographic ReportArcos do Hotel CalouraYes
13010002Geographic ReportArcos do HotelYes
13010003Geographic ReportBaixa das CastanhetasYes
13010004Geographic ReportPanelaYes
13010005Geographic ReportPorto da CalouraYes
13010006Geographic ReportIlheu OesteYes
13010007Geographic ReportIlheu LesteYes
13010008Geographic ReportBaixa do Ilheu do FradeYes
13010009Geographic ReportPraia da Ribeira QuenteYes
13010010Geographic ReportSanta IriaYes
13010011Geographic ReportBahia de CapelasYes
13010012Geographic ReportDori ShipwreckYes
13010013Geographic ReportLagoaYes
13010014Geographic ReportPorto FormosoNo
13010015Geographic ReportMaiaNo
13010016Geographic ReportPonta do ArnelNo
13010017Geographic ReportBaixa da LobeiraNo
13010018Geographic ReportPonta GarçaNo
13010019Geographic ReportIlhéu de Vila FrancaNo
13010020Geographic ReportCabecos do IlhéuNo
13010021Geographic ReportGalera Este/PanelaNo
13010022Geographic ReportCalouraNo
13010023Geographic ReportBaixa dos PaulosNo
13010024Geographic ReportBaixa do OuroNo
13010025Geographic ReportRelvaNo
13010026Geographic ReportMosteirosNo
1302Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Maria
13020001Geographic ReportPedrinhaYes
13020002Geographic ReportBaixa do AmbrosioYes
13020003Geographic ReportBaixa de Santa BarbaraYes
13020004Geographic ReportTartarugaYes
13020005Geographic ReportFigueiralYes
13020006Geographic ReportBanco João LopesNo
13020007Geographic ReportSupermercado dos BadejosNo
13020008Geographic ReportCaverna da MaiaNo
13020009Geographic ReportIlhéu da VilaNo
13020010Geographic ReportBaixa da PedrinhaNo
13020011Geographic ReportPonta do CasteloNo
1303Zone Code listGeographic ReportFormigas
13030001Geographic ReportIlheu das Formigas / Formigas BankYes
13030002Geographic ReportDollabarat Bank / Banco DollabaratYes
13030003Geographic ReportEast SlopeNo
13030004Geographic ReportOlympia ShipwreckNo
13030005Geographic ReportBaia dos GolfinhosNo
2Zone Code listGeographic ReportMadeira and Canary Islands
21Zone Code listGeographic ReportMadeira Islands
2101Zone Code listGeographic ReportMadeira Island
21010001Geographic ReportThe BowbellYes
21010002Geographic ReportIlheu da ForjaYes
21010003Geographic ReportCarlton HotelYes
21010004Geographic ReportProntoYes
21010005Geographic ReportPonta do GarajauYes
21010006Geographic ReportT-ReefYes
21010007Geographic ReportLava Finger - GalomarYes
21010008Geographic ReportCanico de BaixoYes
21010009Geographic ReportReis MagosYes
21010010Geographic ReportKloster-RiffYes
21010011Geographic ReportPorto NovoYes
21010012Geographic ReportMachicoYes
21010013Geographic ReportAzul House ReefYes
21010014Geographic ReportParede do SardinhaYes
21010015Geographic ReportFarolYes
21010016Geographic ReportArco da BadajaeiraYes
2102Zone Code listGeographic ReportPorto Santo Island
21020001Geographic ReportBaixa do ChinesYes
21020002Geographic ReportMolhe de ForaYes
21020003Geographic ReportBaixa das BicudasYes
21020004Geographic ReportMadeirenseYes
21020005Geographic ReportIlheu de CimaYes
2103Zone Code listGeographic ReportDesertas Islands: Chao, Deserta Grande, and Bugio
22Zone Code listGeographic ReportCanary Islands
2201Zone Code listGeographic ReportPalma
22010001Geographic ReportLa BombillaYes
22010002Geographic ReportPuerto Naos NordYes
22010003Geographic ReportArcos del Charco VerdeYes
22010004Geographic ReportPlaya de La ZamoraYes
22010005Geographic ReportMalpiqueYes
22010006Geographic ReportLas CabrasYes
22010007Geographic ReportLa BajitaYes
22010008Geographic ReportEl FraileYes
22010009Geographic ReportLas PuertasYes
22010010Geographic ReportLos CancajosYes
22010011Geographic ReportPlaya de Los CancajosYes
22010012Geographic ReportEl CanyonYes
22010013Geographic ReportPuerto EspindolaYes
2202Zone Code listGeographic ReportGomera
22020001Geographic ReportPunta GaviotaYes
22020002Geographic ReportRoque del HerreroYes
22020003Geographic ReportLa AntorchaYes
22020004Geographic ReportCala CanteraYes
22020005Geographic ReportEl Espigon de La CuevaYes
2203Zone Code listGeographic ReportHierro
22030001Geographic ReportEl DesiertoYes
22030002Geographic ReportLa Cueva del DiabloYes
22030003Geographic ReportLa HerraduraYes
22030004Geographic ReportEl BajonYes
22030005Geographic ReportLa RestingaYes
22030006Geographic ReportEl RinconYes
22030007Geographic ReportPunta RestingaYes
22030008Geographic ReportEl ArcoYes
22030009Geographic ReportBaja BocaronesYes
22030010Geographic ReportRoque de BonanzaYes
2204Zone Code listGeographic ReportTenerife
22040001Geographic ReportPunta de Teno / La PuntaYes
22040002Geographic ReportDiente de AjoYes
22040003Geographic ReportBarranco SecoYes
22040004Geographic ReportLos ChucosYes
22040005Geographic ReportEl AcuarioYes
22040006Geographic ReportLa AtlantidaYes
22040007Geographic ReportLos Arcos de Playa San JuanYes
22040008Geographic ReportCueva de los CerebrosYes
22040009Geographic ReportVallitoYes
22040010Geographic ReportPlaya Paraiso El AnclaYes
22040011Geographic ReportPlaya Paraiso The MushroomsYes
22040012Geographic ReportPlaya Paraiso Bahia del PrincipeYes
22040013Geographic ReportPuertitoYes
22040014Geographic ReportLas Americas Beach FrontYes
22040015Geographic ReportPlaya las Vistas Los CristianosYes
22040016Geographic ReportPlaya Callao Los CristianosYes
22040017Geographic ReportEl MeridianYes
22040018Geographic ReportStingray PalaceYes
22040019Geographic ReportPalm Mar WallYes
22040020Geographic ReportCueva de PalmarYes
22040021Geographic ReportBlack CoralYes
22040022Geographic ReportRoncadores de la FallaYes
22040023Geographic ReportCondesito ShipwreckYes
22040024Geographic ReportPal Mar FaroYes
22040025Geographic ReportRoncadores del FaroYes
22040026Geographic ReportGalletas PuertoYes
22040027Geographic ReportStingraysYes
22040028Geographic ReportThe MushroomYes
22040029Geographic ReportMontana AmarillaYes
22040030Geographic ReportSan MiguelYes
22040031Geographic ReportArmenimeYes
22040032Geographic ReportCueva EleviteroYes
22040033Geographic ReportAbadesYes
22040034Geographic ReportAbades NorteYes
22040035Geographic ReportCaleta Cueva de La ArenaYes
22040036Geographic ReportCaleta de La MargazaYes
22040037Geographic ReportEl Bosque de Coral NegroYes
22040038Geographic ReportPuntilla de La VirgenYes
22040039Geographic ReportEl PorisYes
22040040Geographic ReportLas ErasYes
22040041Geographic ReportEl TabladoYes
22040042Geographic ReportPlaya ChicaYes
22040043Geographic ReportLa CaletaYes
22040044Geographic ReportEl PetonYes
22040045Geographic ReportLos Roncadores del Tenerife TourYes
22040046Geographic ReportLa Central de Las CaletillasYes
22040047Geographic ReportPunta de Las AnemonasYes
22040048Geographic ReportTabaibaYes
22040049Geographic ReportRadazulYes
22040050Geographic ReportPlaya de La Nea AnfiteatroYes
22040051Geographic ReportVeril de ManolitoYes
22040052Geographic ReportBocacangrejo La ParedYes
22040053Geographic ReportPuerto de La Cruz HarborYes
22040054Geographic ReportLa CatedralYes
22040055Geographic ReportLa ChimeneaYes
22040056Geographic ReportKaminYes
22040057Geographic ReportValle de Los PescesYes
22040058Geographic ReportLabyrinthYes
22040059Geographic ReportGarachicoYes
22040060Geographic ReportLos SilosYes
2205Zone Code listGeographic ReportGran Canaria
22050001Geographic ReportKalais WreckYes
22050002Geographic ReportLa Catedral (Gran Canaria)Yes
22050003Geographic ReportBaja de San FernandoYes
22050004Geographic ReportBajada de CaletaYes
22050005Geographic ReportSardinaYes
22050006Geographic ReportLas MerinasYes
22050007Geographic ReportVenegueraYes
22050008Geographic ReportCermona IIYes
22050009Geographic ReportBaja de ArguineguinYes
22050010Geographic ReportRussian Wreck / El PajarYes
22050011Geographic ReportArrecife ArtificialYes
22050012Geographic ReportChucho RifYes
22050013Geographic ReportArinagaYes
22050014Geographic ReportPlaya del CabronYes
22050015Geographic ReportEl CabronYes
22050016Geographic ReportLa GerardiaYes
22050017Geographic ReportPunta de La SalYes
22050018Geographic ReportTufiaYes
22050019Geographic ReportTaliarteYes
22050020Geographic ReportPecio Arona WreckYes
2206Zone Code listGeographic ReportFuerteventura
22060001Geographic ReportPuerto de Morro JableYes
22060002Geographic ReportEl CabetonYes
22060003Geographic ReportEl MuelleYes
22060004Geographic ReportEl Veril GrandeYes
22060005Geographic ReportEl Veril ChicoYes
22060006Geographic ReportBoat TowerYes
22060007Geographic ReportMil OjosYes
22060008Geographic ReportEl MuellitoYes
22060009Geographic ReportLa EmboscadaYes
22060010Geographic ReportMoleYes
22060011Geographic ReportBarranco Yes
22060012Geographic ReportNuevo HorizonteYes
22060013Geographic ReportLa Burrera del CaseronYes
22060014Geographic ReportEl Bajon del RioYes
22060015Geographic ReportLa CarreraYes
22060016Geographic ReportEl MarrajoYes
22060017Geographic ReportLas SetasYes
22060018Geographic ReportLa GrutaYes
22060019Geographic ReportEl CalamareoYes
22060020Geographic ReportLas AnclasYes
22060021Geographic ReportAmerican StarYes
2207Zone Code listGeographic ReportLanzarote
22070001Geographic ReportPechigueraYes
22070002Geographic ReportMontana Roja ReefYes
22070003Geographic ReportPlaya FlamingoYes
22070004Geographic ReportPlaya DoradoYes
22070005Geographic ReportLas ColoradasYes
22070006Geographic ReportPapagayoYes
22070007Geographic ReportPecios del Barranco QuiquereYes
22070008Geographic ReportThe Wrecks Costa CaleroYes
22070009Geographic ReportAgujero AzulYes
22070010Geographic ReportErizos WrecksYes
22070011Geographic ReportEl Veril de Playa Chica Zona DerechaYes
22070012Geographic ReportMuelle de Playa ChicaYes
22070013Geographic ReportEl OjoYes
22070014Geographic ReportCueva de Las GambasYes
22070015Geographic ReportPlaya Chica (Lanzarote)Yes
22070016Geographic ReportCathedralYes
22070017Geographic ReportEl Veril de Playa Chica Zona IzquierdaYes
22070018Geographic ReportVeril de FarionesYes
22070019Geographic ReportFerionesYes
22070020Geographic ReportArendelasYes
22070021Geographic ReportRichies PlaceYes
22070022Geographic ReportWaikikiYes
22070023Geographic ReportTemple Hall WreckYes
22070024Geographic ReportCosta TeguiseYes
22070025Geographic ReportPlaya del JablilloYes
22070026Geographic ReportMala CoveYes
22070027Geographic ReportMala Acantilado IzquierdaYes
22070028Geographic ReportMala Acantilado DerechoYes
22070029Geographic ReportPunta de Jameos del AguaYes
22070030Geographic ReportCaleta del GuinchoYes
22070031Geographic ReportVeril de Las LangostasYes
22070032Geographic ReportVeril de las AnclasYes
22070033Geographic ReportMontana Amarilla (Isla Graciosa)Yes
22070034Geographic ReportLa Burrera (Isla Graciosa)Yes
2208Zone Code listGeographic ReportSavage Islands
3Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Verde Islands
31Zone Code listGeographic ReportBarlavento (Windward) Cape Verde Islands
3101Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanto Antão
31010001Geographic ReportLes GrottesYes
3102Zone Code listGeographic ReportSão Vicente
31020001Geographic ReportSao PedroYes
3103Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Luzia
3104Zone Code listGeographic ReportIlhéu Branco and Ilhéu Raso
3105Zone Code listGeographic ReportSão Nicolau
3106Zone Code listGeographic ReportSal
31060001Geographic ReportTchu-KlassaYes
31060002Geographic ReportSt. Antao WreckYes
31060003Geographic ReportAncoraYes
31060004Geographic ReportCaldaiaYes
31060005Geographic ReportTres GrottesYes
31060006Geographic ReportBorisYes
31060007Geographic ReportKwarcit WreckYes
31060008Geographic ReportPontinhaYes
31060009Geographic ReportDunasYes
31060010Geographic ReportChampignonsYes
31060011Geographic ReportPeridaoYes
31060012Geographic ReportPonta PretaYes
3107Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoa Vista
31070001Geographic ReportCret-CheuYes
31070002Geographic ReportRobys PlaceYes
31070003Geographic ReportShark PointYes
31070004Geographic ReportAlcatrazYes
32Zone Code listGeographic ReportSotavento (Leeward) Cape Verde Islands
3201Zone Code listGeographic ReportMaio
3202Zone Code listGeographic ReportSantiago
32020001Geographic ReportVelhaYes
32020002Geographic ReportLeuchtturmYes
32020003Geographic ReportPlateauYes
32020004Geographic ReportVogelwandYes
3203Zone Code listGeographic ReportFogo
3204Zone Code listGeographic ReportBrava
4Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern Coastal Europe (France, Portugal, and Spain)
41Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern France
42Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern and Western Spain
4200Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Coast of Spain
4201Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern Coast of Spain
42010001Geographic ReportBatea Terra (Arousa)Yes
42010002Geographic ReportCrossYes
42010003Geographic ReportForcadosYes
42010004Geographic ReportVinosYes
43Zone Code listGeographic ReportPortugal
4301Zone Code listGeographic ReportCaminha (northern border) to Peniche
43010001Geographic ReportU-1277 German submarine wreck (Porto)Yes
43010002Geographic ReportPelo NegroYes
43010003Geographic ReportVarna WreckYes
43010004Geographic ReportBrenhaYes
43010005Geographic ReportNavio do Norte WreckYes
43010008Geographic ReportBatelao WreckYes
43010009Geographic ReportSilver Valley WreckYes
4302Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Peniche to Cabo de Sao Vicente
43020001Geographic ReportRiver Gurara Wreck (Sesimbra)Yes
43020002Geographic ReportBatelao / Molhe de Fora (Sesimbra)Yes
43020003Geographic ReportJardim das Gorgonias / Garden of Gorgonians (Sesimbra)Yes
43020004Geographic ReportPedra do Meio / Middle Stone (Sesimbra)Yes
43020005Geographic ReportPedra do Leao (Lion's Stone)Yes
4303Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Berlenga and other islands
43030001Geographic ReportPrimaveraYes
43030002Geographic ReportParede do CavaleteYes
43030003Geographic ReportBaia do ForteYes
43030004Geographic ReportCova do SonoYes
4304Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast of Cabo de Sao Vicente to s. border of Spain
43040001Geographic ReportAlto 3No
43040002Geographic ReportSanta 1No
43040003Geographic ReportSanta 2No
43040004Geographic ReportGomesNo
44Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthwest Spain (to Tarifa)
5Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern Mediterranean (Strait of Gibraltar - Tyrhenian Sea)
51Zone Code listGeographic ReportSpain (East Coast)
5101Zone Code listGeographic ReportBalearic Islands (Ibiza, Mallorca, Minorca)
510101Zone Code listGeographic ReportMallorca / Majorca
51010101Geographic ReportIlleta Sur / Sa IlletaYes
52Zone Code listGeographic ReportFrance (South Coast)
5201Zone Code listGeographic ReportCorsica
52010001Geographic ReportBelgian Dry (Calvi Bay)Yes
52010002Geographic ReportLa Revelata (Calvi Bay)Yes
52010003Geographic ReportSt. Francois (Calvi Bay)Yes
53Zone Code listGeographic ReportItaly (West Coast)
5301Zone Code listGeographic ReportSardinia
5302Zone Code listGeographic ReportLiguria
5303Zone Code listGeographic ReportTuscany
5304Zone Code listGeographic ReportLazio
53040001Geographic ReportGrand Hotel L'Approdo Beach (Terracina)Yes
53040002Geographic ReportStabilimento Amerigo (Terracina)Yes
5305Zone Code listGeographic ReportCampania
5306Zone Code listGeographic ReportBasilicata
5307Zone Code listGeographic ReportCalabria
5308Zone Code listGeographic ReportSicily
6Zone Code listGeographic ReportCentral and Eastern Mediterranean (incl. Aegean and Levantine Seas)
61Zone Code listGeographic ReportMediterranean Sea
62Zone Code listGeographic ReportIonian Sea
63Zone Code listGeographic ReportAegean Sea
6301Zone Code listGeographic ReportGreece Coastal
6302Zone Code listGeographic ReportTurkey Coastal
63020001Geographic ReportCesmeYes
63020002Geographic ReportDidimYes
63020003Geographic ReportKazikliYes
63020004Geographic ReportMarmarisYes
63020005Geographic ReportFethiyeYes
63020006Geographic ReportKormen Adasi Beach (Kas, Antalya)Yes
6303Zone Code listGeographic ReportThracian Sea Group (inc. Thasos, Samothrace, Lemnos)
6304Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Aegean Group (inc. Lesbos, Chios, Ikaria, Samos)
6305Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Sporades (inc. Skyros)
6306Zone Code listGeographic ReportCyclades (inc. Melos, Paros, Naxos, Thera, Andros)
6307Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaronic Islands (Salamis, Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetsai)
6308Zone Code listGeographic ReportDodecanese (inc. Rhodes)
6309Zone Code listGeographic ReportCrete (and nearby islands)
64Zone Code listGeographic ReportLevantine Sea
6401Zone Code listGeographic ReportCyprus
64010001Geographic ReportSt George's Island (Latchi)Yes
64010002Geographic ReportBlue Lagoon (Latchi)Yes
64010003Geographic ReportWhite River (Paphos)Yes
64010004Geographic ReportSea Caves (Paphos)Yes
64010005Geographic ReportAmphitheatre (Paphos)Yes
64010006Geographic ReportCynthiana Wreck (Paphos)Yes
64010007Geographic ReportAchilleas Wreck (Paphos)Yes
64010008Geographic ReportHarbour (Paphos)Yes
64010009Geographic ReportCap Greco CavesYes
64010010Geographic ReportGreen Bay (Protaras)Yes
64010011Geographic ReportMandria Beach (Cyprus)Yes
64010012Geographic ReportAncient Amathus - Outer HarborYes
7Zone Code listGeographic ReportAdriatic Sea
71Zone Code listGeographic ReportCroatia
7101Zone Code listGeographic ReportIstria
71010001Geographic ReportBumbisteYes
71010002Geographic ReportBaron Gautsch WreckYes
71010003Geographic ReportSv. Ivan na PuciniYes
7102Zone Code listGeographic ReportSplit Archipelago (Brac, Hvar, Vis and nearby islands)
71020001Geographic ReportMlini BeachYes
71020002Geographic ReportDubovica BeachYes
71020003Geographic ReportMilna BeachYes
7103Zone Code listGeographic ReportMakarska Riviera
71030001Geographic ReportPunta Rata BeachYes
71030002Geographic ReportMakarska BeachYes
8Zone Code listGeographic ReportIrish, North and Baltic Seas
81Zone Code listGeographic ReportUnited Kingdom
8101Zone Code listGeographic ReportEngland
8102Zone Code listGeographic ReportWales
8103Zone Code listGeographic ReportScotland
8104Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Ireland
8105Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsle of Man
82Zone Code listGeographic ReportIreland
83Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthwestern Europe (Belgium, The Netherlands)
8301Zone Code listGeographic ReportBelgium
8302Zone Code listGeographic ReportThe Netherlands
83020001Geographic ReportZeelandbrug (Zierikzee)Yes
83020002Geographic ReportFrans Kok-rif (Dreischor)Yes
83020003Geographic ReportNieuwe Kerkweg (Den Osse)Yes
84Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Coastal Europe / Russia
8401Zone Code listGeographic ReportGermany
8402Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoland
8403Zone Code listGeographic ReportKaliningrad (Russia)
8404Zone Code listGeographic ReportLithuania
8405Zone Code listGeographic ReportLatvia
8406Zone Code listGeographic ReportEstonia
8407Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern Coastal Russia
85Zone Code listGeographic ReportScandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland)
8501Zone Code listGeographic ReportDenmark
8502Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorway
8503Zone Code listGeographic ReportSweden
8504Zone Code listGeographic ReportFinland