REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: HAW
Zone: Kohala Coast Big Island (Upolu Pt. - Keahole Pt.)

ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
5101Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth Kohala Coast (Upolu Pt. - Kawaihae Harbor)
51010001Geographic ReportLapakahi MLCDPending
51010002Geographic ReportFrog RockYes
51010003Geographic ReportKamiloPending
51010004Geographic ReportWaiakailio Bay FRANo
51010005Geographic ReportBlack Point / Malae PointYes
51010006Geographic ReportKei Kei Caverns (North/South)Yes
51010007Geographic ReportUlua CavernsYes
51010008Geographic ReportLava Dome RockYes
51010009Geographic ReportCrystal Cove / Outside Crystal CoveYes
51010010Geographic ReportBlack Point Caves / Black Point SouthYes
51010011Geographic ReportMahukonaYes
51010012Geographic ReportHorseshoe Cove / CavesYes
51010013Geographic ReportKapa'a County ParkYes
51010014Geographic ReportBig SandiesNo
51010015Geographic ReportBlack Point North / Potter's ReefYes
51010016Geographic ReportKawaihae West Outside BreakwaterYes
51010017Geographic ReportKawaihae Harbor InsideYes
51010018Geographic ReportKawaihae North Outside BreakwaterYes
51010019Geographic ReportWackies / CarpenterNo
51010020Geographic ReportBig ArchNo
51010021Geographic ReportWhite RockNo
5102Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Kohala Coast (Kawaihae Harbor - Keahole Pt.)
51020001Geographic ReportPuako FMAYes
51020002Geographic ReportPentagon / Anaehoomalu Bay FRAYes
51020003Geographic ReportKeawaikiNo
51020004Geographic ReportKaupulehu FRANo
51020005Geographic ReportKahuwai Reef/LedgesNo
51020006Geographic ReportMakalawenaNo
51020007Geographic ReportGarden Eel Cove / Manta Ray Bay (dive off airport)Yes
51020008Geographic ReportTouch of GrayYes
51020009Geographic ReportHapuna Beach State ParkNo
51020011Geographic ReportMakolea Point / Manta Cleaning StationYes
51020012Geographic ReportPaniau NorthYes
51020013Geographic ReportPaniau South / End of the Road / RuddlesYes
51020014Geographic ReportTurtles / Turtle MoundYes
51020015Geographic ReportHaunted CavernYes
51020016Geographic ReportKua BayYes
51020017Geographic ReportHoover's Tower / PinnacleYes
51020018Geographic ReportShark LedgeYes
51020019Geographic ReportLAXYes
51020020Geographic ReportCoral CanyonsYes
51020021Geographic ReportPahoehoe Beach ParkYes
51020022Geographic ReportPuako Village EndYes
51020023Geographic ReportKalahuipua'a Orchid Maunalani HotelNo
51020024Geographic ReportPuako FMA - surge/rubble monitoring siteYes
51020025Geographic ReportPuako FMA - shallow-coral monitoring siteYes
51020026Geographic ReportBlack Coral Arches (South Kohala Coast)Yes
51020027Geographic Report6:05 (South Kohala Coast)Yes
51020028Geographic ReportThree StoogesYes
51020029Geographic ReportCoral GardensYes
51020030Geographic ReportMahaiula Bay Kekaha Kap State ParkNo
51020031Geographic ReportHualalai - Four Seasons ResortNo
51020032Geographic ReportVitto's ReefYes
51020033Geographic ReportElbow RockYes
51020034Geographic ReportKukio/Kiaua State ParkNo
51020037Geographic ReportElbow Rock Drift DiveYes
51020039Geographic ReportPuako Boat RampYes
51020040Geographic ReportWaialea Bay MLCD (Beach 69)Yes
51020041Geographic ReportPuako Church (between Village End and Boat Ramp)Yes
51020042Geographic ReportI DunnoYes
51020043Geographic ReportThe AirplaneYes
51020044Geographic ReportMauna Kea Beach (Kauna'oa)No
51020045Geographic ReportPuako Access by power pole 115 Yes
51020046Geographic ReportPuako Access by house 138Yes
51020047Geographic ReportPuako Access by house 152Yes
51020048Geographic ReportPuako BayYes
51020049Geographic ReportAlice's Wonderland / Puako 55Yes
51020050Geographic ReportPuako #76 / Catholic Church / SecretYes
51020051Geographic ReportSkate ParkYes
51020052Geographic Report6th Hole (off Mauna Lani 14th Hole)Yes
51020053Geographic ReportFairmont Orchid HotelYes
51020054Geographic ReportPuako PointYes
51020055Geographic ReportBeach 69 - Jaymie's TurtleYes
51020056Geographic ReportBuddha Point (off Hilton Waikoloa statue)Yes
51020057Geographic ReportSteven's Surprise / Waima (Puako area)Yes
51020058Geographic ReportMauna Lani CavernsNo
51020059Geographic ReportHouse 40No
51020060Geographic ReportKing's ReefYes
51020061Geographic ReportHouse 38Yes
51020062Geographic ReportBridges (NE of Fairmont Orchid)Yes
51020063Geographic ReportAnaeho'omalu Beach / Waikoloa Beach MarriottYes
51020064Geographic ReportWainanalii Pond (Kiholo Bay)Yes
51020065Geographic ReportBeach 49 / Black Sand BeachYes