REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: IORS
Zone: Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Aden

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
31Zone Code listGeographic ReportPakistan
32Zone Code listGeographic ReportIran
33Zone Code listGeographic ReportKuwait
34Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaudi Arabia (East Coast)
35Zone Code listGeographic ReportQatar
36Zone Code listGeographic ReportUnited Arab Emirates (UAE)
3601Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Coast UAE
36010001Geographic ReportSunset Mall BeachYes
36010002Geographic ReportSunset Kite BeachYes
36010003Geographic ReportJumeirah 3 BeachYes
36010004Geographic ReportRoda Beach (Dubai)Yes
3602Zone Code listGeographic ReportEastern Coast UAE
36020001Geographic ReportSnoopy Island (Fujairah)Yes
36020002Geographic ReportDibba RockYes
37Zone Code listGeographic ReportOman
3701Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth / Southeast Coast Oman (Yemen Border - Ras Al Haad)
37010001Geographic ReportRas MirbatYes
37010002Geographic ReportMarriott WreckYes
37010003Geographic ReportHamdis BlockYes
37010004Geographic ReportWreck Concrete City (near Salalah)No
37010005Geographic ReportClorexYes
37010006Geographic ReportFrankensteinYes
37010007Geographic ReportMirbat ValleyYes
37010008Geographic ReportChinese Wreck / China WreckYes
37010009Geographic ReportBird IslandYes
37010010Geographic ReportBarco BlockYes
37010011Geographic ReportRamal QanaYes
37010012Geographic ReportEagle BayYes
37010013Geographic ReportTina's ValleyYes
37010014Geographic ReportBetang Sanch / Wokan Wreck (near Raz al Jinz Turtle Reserve)Yes
37010015Geographic ReportTurtle Beach Point RocksYes
3702Zone Code listGeographic ReportHallaniyat Islands
37020001Geographic ReportThe Cave (Hasikiyah Island)Yes
37020002Geographic ReportMini Gozo / The Arch (Hasikiyah Island)Yes
37020003Geographic ReportCoral Bay (Hasikiyah Island)Yes
37020004Geographic ReportFish Highway (Schmies Island)Yes
37020005Geographic ReportAngry Grouper (Schmies Island)Yes
37020006Geographic ReportSchmies Fingers (Schmies Island)Yes
37020007Geographic ReportQibliyah Rock (Al Qibliyah Island)Yes
37020008Geographic ReportGotta Qibliyah (Al Qibliyah Island)Yes
37020009Geographic ReportGotta Schmies (Schmies Island)Yes
37020011Geographic ReportThe Aquarium (Hasikayah Island)Yes
37020012Geographic ReportThe Plateau (Hasikayah Island)Yes
37020013Geographic ReportCoral Garden (Al Sawda)Yes
37020014Geographic ReportFarsha (Al Sawda)Yes
37020015Geographic ReportSchmies Wall (Schmies Island)Yes
37020016Geographic ReportCanal Garden (Al Qibliyah)Yes
3703Zone Code listGeographic ReportMasirah Island
37030001Geographic ReportShab Tawil / Tawiel ReefYes
37030002Geographic ReportBovy ReefNo
37030003Geographic ReportMasirah ChannelYes
37030004Geographic ReportRas Kaydah Point Yes
3704Zone Code listGeographic ReportNortheast Coast Oman (west of Ras Al Haad)
37040001Geographic ReportAl Munassir WreckYes
37040002Geographic ReportTurtle Reef Near Al Munassir WreckYes
37040003Geographic ReportJissah PointYes
37040004Geographic ReportSeahorseYes
37040005Geographic ReportMermaid CoveYes
37040006Geographic ReportDecorator BayYes
37040007Geographic ReportAl-Bustan Palace (Ritz) RocksYes
3705Zone Code listGeographic ReportDaymaniyat Islands
37050001Geographic ReportAquariumYes
37050002Geographic ReportSira North (Sira)Yes
37050003Geographic ReportSira South (Sira)No
37050004Geographic ReportMouse Trap (Sira)No
37050005Geographic ReportTito's Run (Police Island)Yes
37050006Geographic ReportPolice Run (Police Island)Yes
37050007Geographic ReportJunn Center Wall (Junn Island)Yes
37050008Geographic ReportThree Sisters (Police Island)Yes
3706Zone Code listGeographic ReportFahal Island
37060001Geographic ReportFahal Island NorthYes
37060002Geographic ReportFahal Island Coral GardensYes
37060003Geographic ReportFahal Island West SideYes
38Zone Code listGeographic ReportYemen (South Coast / Socotra)
3801Zone Code listGeographic ReportSocotra (Yemen)