REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: IORS
Zone: Red Sea

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
41Zone Code listGeographic ReportYemen (West Coast and Islands)
42Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaudi Arabia (West Coast)
43Zone Code listGeographic ReportJordan
44Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsrael
44000001Geographic ReportSatil WreckYes
44000002Geographic ReportPrincess BeachYes
45Zone Code listGeographic ReportEgypt
4501Zone Code listGeographic ReportSinai Peninsula
45010001Geographic ReportThistlegorm WreckYes
45010002Geographic ReportLighthouse (Dahab)Yes
45010003Geographic ReportHouse Reef Right (Big Blue Dahab)Yes
45010004Geographic ReportEel GardenYes
45010005Geographic ReportMashrabaYes
45010006Geographic ReportHouse Reef Left (Big Blue Dahab)Yes
45010007Geographic ReportBannerfish BayYes
45010008Geographic ReportUm Sid (Dahab)Yes
45010009Geographic ReportThe Caves (Dahab)Yes
45010010Geographic ReportEl Bells - Blue HoleYes
45010011Geographic ReportBlue Hole (Right Side)Yes
45010012Geographic ReportCanyon GardensYes
45010013Geographic ReportThe CanyonYes
45010014Geographic ReportThe IslandsYes
45010015Geographic ReportGolden Blocks to Moray GardenYes
45010016Geographic ReportMoray Garden (Right)Yes
45010017Geographic ReportMoray Garden (Left)Yes
45010018Geographic ReportGabr el-Bint North (Dahab)Yes
45010019Geographic ReportGabr el-Bint South (Dahab)Yes
45010020Geographic ReportGolden Blocks LeftYes
45010021Geographic ReportSheraton (Sharm El SheikhYes
4502Zone Code listGeographic ReportSuez to Hurghada
45020001Geographic ReportRosalie Moller WreckYes
45020002Geographic ReportSha'ab Reef - Abu NuhasYes
45020003Geographic ReportChrisoula K Wreck - Abu NuhasYes
45020004Geographic ReportDolphin HouseYes
45020005Geographic ReportEl Fanous / Lighthouse / Torfa Fanous EastYes
45020006Geographic ReportEl Mina WreckYes
45020007Geographic ReportSmall Giftun Island South / Divers AlleyYes
45020008Geographic ReportAbu Hashish SudYes
45020009Geographic ReportSud Abu Ramada (Small Giftun Island)No
45020010Geographic ReportTurft el Shahed (Small Giftun Island)No
45020011Geographic ReportBalena WreckYes
45020012Geographic ReportSea Star Beau Rivage HotelYes
45020013Geographic ReportShabh Abou GalawaYes
45020014Geographic ReportAbou GalawaYes
45020015Geographic ReportFanadierYes
45020016Geographic ReportGotaa Abou RamadaYes
4503Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. of Hurghada to Quseir
450301Zone Code listGeographic ReportBig and Little Brother Islands
45030101Geographic ReportLittle Brother IslandYes
45030102Geographic ReportSW Wall Little Brother IslandYes
45030103Geographic ReportBig Brother IslandNo
45030104Geographic ReportWest Wall of Big Brother IslandYes
45030105Geographic ReportSouth End of Big Brother IslandYes
45030106Geographic ReportNumidia Wreck (Big Brother Island)Yes
4504Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. of Quseir to Sudan Border
45040001Geographic ReportMarsa El ShounaYes
45040002Geographic ReportElphinstone ReefYes
45040003Geographic ReportSha'ab SharmYes
45040004Geographic ReportGota SheleniatYes
45040005Geographic ReportMarsa Abou Dabbab NorthYes
45040006Geographic ReportMarsa Abou Dabbab SouthYes
45040007Geographic ReportSharm Abou DabbabYes
45040008Geographic ReportMarsa Hermez NorthYes
45040009Geographic ReportMarsa Shagra NorthYes
45040010Geographic ReportMarsa Shagra SouthYes
45040011Geographic ReportMarsa Gabal El RosasYes
45040012Geographic ReportGorgonia BeachYes
45040013Geographic ReportHankorabYes
45040014Geographic ReportSiyal IslandYes
45040015Geographic ReportUm El Sheikh IslandYes
45040016Geographic ReportMarsa Mobarak NorthYes
45040017Geographic ReportMarsa Mobarak SouthYes
45040018Geographic ReportAbou Nawas GardenYes
45040019Geographic ReportTorombiYes
45040020Geographic ReportAbu Dabab NorthYes
45040021Geographic ReportAbu Dabab SouthYes
45040022Geographic ReportShaab Abou Dabbab 4Yes
45040023Geographic ReportMarsa Nakari NorthYes
45040024Geographic ReportMarsa Nakari SouthYes
45040025Geographic ReportWadi El Gemal House ReefYes
45040026Geographic ReportRas BaghdadyYes
45040027Geographic ReportMarsa Umm El AbbasYes
45040028Geographic ReportShaab GubarYes
45040029Geographic ReportAlmathufYes
450401Zone Code listGeographic ReportDaedalus Reef
45040101Geographic ReportDaedalus Reef (NE tip)Yes
45040102Geographic ReportDaedalus Reef (South end)Yes
45040103Geographic ReportDaedalus Reef (West side)No
45040104Geographic ReportAnemone City (Daedalus NW)No
45040105Geographic ReportDaedalus Reef (SE side)No
450402Zone Code listGeographic ReportFury Shoals
45040201Geographic ReportSha'ab Claude / Sha'ab ClaudiaYes
45040202Geographic ReportSataya/Dolphin ReefYes
46Zone Code listGeographic ReportSudan
47Zone Code listGeographic ReportEritrea
48Zone Code listGeographic ReportDjibouti