REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: IORS
Zone: Indian Ocean Islands

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
61Zone Code listGeographic ReportMadagascar
6100Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Side Madagascar
61000001Geographic ReportNosy FahoYes
6101Zone Code listGeographic ReportIle Sainte Marie
61010001Geographic ReportAlbrand (Ile Sainte Marie)Yes
61010002Geographic ReportRocher Des Baleiniers (Ile Sainte Marie)Yes
6102Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Side Madagascar
61020001Geographic ReportAndavadoaka 1Yes
61020002Geographic ReportAndavadoaka 2Yes
61020003Geographic ReportAndavadoaka 3Yes
61020004Geographic ReportAndavadoaka 4Yes
62Zone Code listGeographic ReportComoro Islands and other Scattered Islands in the IO
63Zone Code listGeographic ReportReunion, Mauritius, Rodrigues
6301Zone Code listGeographic ReportReunion
6302Zone Code listGeographic ReportMauritius
63020001Geographic ReportMerville Reef (Grand Baie)Yes
63020002Geographic ReportConfetti Bay (Coin de Mire)Yes
6303Zone Code listGeographic ReportRodrigues
63030001Geographic ReportPort Mathurin, RodriguesYes
64Zone Code listGeographic ReportChagos Archipelago
6401Zone Code listGeographic ReportDiego Garcia
64010001Geographic ReportRZ1Yes
64010002Geographic ReportA1Yes
64010003Geographic ReportRZ2Yes
64010004Geographic ReportLN2Yes
64010005Geographic ReportC1Yes
64010006Geographic ReportLS1Yes
64010007Geographic ReportLSEYes
64010008Geographic ReportRBNYes
64010009Geographic ReportCAPYes
64010011Geographic ReportSPYes
64010012Geographic ReportLWYes
65Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeychelles
6501Zone Code listGeographic ReportInner Seychelles
650101Zone Code listGeographic ReportMahe (Grand Anse Mahe)
65010101Geographic ReportJoker ReefYes
65010102Geographic ReportBeau Vallon ReefYes
65010103Geographic ReportTwin Barges WreckYes
65010104Geographic ReportDredger WreckYes
65010105Geographic ReportBaie Ternay Marine ParkYes
65010106Geographic ReportMatoopa Point / MatoupeYes
65010107Geographic ReportFishermans Cove ReefYes
65010108Geographic ReportL'ilot IslandYes
65010109Geographic ReportVacoa ReefNo
65010110Geographic ReportCerf Island Marine ParkYes
65010111Geographic ReportL' Habitation (Cerf Island)Yes
65010112Geographic ReportGrouper PointYes
65010113Geographic ReportAquarium (Mahe)No
65010114Geographic ReportScala ReefNo
65010115Geographic ReportRay's PointNo
65010116Geographic ReportChucklesNo
65010117Geographic ReportBrissareNo
65010118Geographic ReportWhale Rock (Mahe Island)No
65010119Geographic ReportDragon TeethNo
65010120Geographic ReportConception NorthNo
65010121Geographic ReportConception SouthYes
65010122Geographic ReportMoyenne IslandYes
65010123Geographic ReportShark BankYes
65010124Geographic ReportAlice in WonderlandYes
65010125Geographic ReportIntendance RockYes
65010126Geographic ReportAnse ForbansYes
65010127Geographic ReportPort LaunayYes
65010128Geographic ReportShark PointYes
65010129Geographic ReportNapolean InnYes
65010130Geographic ReportFairy Island / North Anse Royal BeachYes
650102Zone Code listGeographic ReportPraslin and nearby Islands
65010201Geographic ReportShark RockNo
65010202Geographic ReportCaiman RockNo
65010203Geographic ReportCriminal RockNo
65010204Geographic ReportAlbatrosNo
65010205Geographic ReportBooby RockNo
65010206Geographic ReportWhale Rock (Praslin Island)No
65010207Geographic ReportChannel RockNo
65010208Geographic ReportLow Channel RockNo
65010209Geographic ReportSmall SisterNo
65010210Geographic ReportWest Sister BankNo
65010211Geographic ReportCoral GardenNo
65010212Geographic ReportAnse Lazio (Praslin Island)Yes
65010213Geographic ReportRed Point (Curieuse)Yes
65010214Geographic ReportCoral Garden (Curieuse)Yes
65010215Geographic ReportAve MariaYes
65010216Geographic ReportWhite BankYes
65010217Geographic ReportAnse Severe (La Digue)Yes
6502Zone Code listGeographic ReportOuter Seychelles