REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC
Zone: Washington

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
21Zone Code listGeographic ReportBLAINE (US Border) - MT VERNON
21000001Geographic ReportLighthouse Marine Park, Point RobertsYes
21000002Geographic ReportLily Point, Point RobertsYes
2110Zone Code listGeographic ReportLummi Island
211001Zone Code listGeographic ReportEliza Island
21100101Geographic ReportEliza RockYes
2111Zone Code listGeographic ReportChuckanut Bay
21110001Geographic ReportChuckanut IslandYes
21110002Geographic ReportChuckanut RockNo
21110003Geographic ReportLarrabee State Park Boat LaunchYes
2112Zone Code listGeographic ReportBellingham Bay
21120001Geographic ReportTaylor Avenue DockYes
21120002Geographic ReportBellingham / Fairhaven Marine ParkYes
2113Zone Code listGeographic ReportVendovi Island
21130001Geographic ReportWedoviYes
22Zone Code listGeographic ReportSAN JUAN ISLANDS
2210Zone Code listGeographic ReportOrcas Island
22100001Geographic ReportPoint Lawrence / Lawrence PointYes
22100002Geographic ReportBell Island - WestYes
22100003Geographic ReportPeapod Rocks NYes
22100004Geographic ReportPeapod Rocks SYes
22100005Geographic ReportNW Crane IslandYes
22100006Geographic ReportBell Island - EastYes
22100007Geographic ReportTommy's DropoffYes
22100008Geographic ReportEast SoundYes
22100009Geographic ReportBird Rocks (East Sound)Yes
22100010Geographic ReportRosario Wall (East Sound)Yes
22100011Geographic ReportHarney Toad / Cable Crossing (Harney Channel)Yes
22100012Geographic ReportCliff Island EastYes
22100013Geographic ReportYellow Island - NorthYes
22100014Geographic ReportDouble Island (east)Yes
22100015Geographic ReportYellow Island -northeastYes
22100016Geographic ReportYellow Island - SouthYes
22100017Geographic ReportYellow Island -WestYes
22100018Geographic ReportShirt-tail ReefYes
22100019Geographic ReportLow Island - NorthYes
22100020Geographic ReportCaldwell Point (Orca Island)Yes
22100021Geographic ReportBayhead Marina (Orcas Island)Yes
22100022Geographic ReportAussie Wall (SanJuan Islands, West Sound Orcas Island)No
22100023Geographic ReportSE Crane IslandYes
22100024Geographic ReportParker ReefYes
22100025Geographic ReportNob Island ReefYes
22100026Geographic ReportJoe's PinnacleYes
22100027Geographic ReportDoe BayYes
22100028Geographic ReportLydia ShoalYes
22100029Geographic ReportMercedes RockYes
22100030Geographic ReportWest Beach ResortYes
22100031Geographic ReportYellow Island West OuterYes
22100032Geographic ReportDeer Harbor DocksYes
22100033Geographic ReportSeverson Eelgrass meadowYes
22100034Geographic ReportNorth BeachYes
2211Zone Code listGeographic ReportShaw Island
22110001Geographic ReportBroken Point - EastYes
22110002Geographic ReportBroken Point - WestYes
22110003Geographic ReportVictoria's SecretYes
22110004Geographic ReportSir Walters Wall (Pt. George)Yes
22110005Geographic ReportNear Point GeorgeYes
22110006Geographic ReportPicnic Cove (eelgrass survey)Yes
22110007Geographic ReportHick's WallYes
22110008Geographic ReportBahrych BayYes
22110009Geographic ReportSouth Point, Shaw IslandYes
22110010Geographic ReportEast Bay off Broken PointYes
2212Zone Code listGeographic ReportLopez Island
22120001Geographic ReportCharles IslandYes
22120002Geographic ReportLong IslandYes
22120003Geographic ReportHumphrey Head JettyYes
22120004Geographic ReportRichardson DockYes
22120005Geographic ReportLong Island Wall / Strawberry Wall / Dawn's BottomYes
22120006Geographic ReportFrost Island - East SideYes
22120007Geographic ReportLong Island South SideYes
22120008Geographic ReportBarlow BayYes
22120009Geographic ReportLong Island North Wall / Pirates Cove WallYes
22120010Geographic ReportReef Net RocksYes
22120011Geographic ReportWatmough HeadYes
22120012Geographic ReportIceberg PointYes
22120013Geographic ReportSwirl Island / Swirl RockYes
22120014Geographic ReportBethke BumpYes
22120015Geographic ReportMarker 4 PinnacleYes
22120016Geographic ReportWhale RocksYes
22120017Geographic ReportHunter BayYes
22120018Geographic ReportColville Island NorthYes
22120019Geographic ReportCarlson Kelp BedsYes
22120020Geographic ReportShark ReefYes
22120021Geographic ReportLumpsucker LaneYes
22120022Geographic ReportDavidson RockYes
22120023Geographic ReportShoal Bay (eelgrass survey)Yes
22120024Geographic ReportOutside Fisherman Bay (eelgrass survey)Yes
22120025Geographic ReportInside Fisherman Bay (eelgrass survey)Yes
22120026Geographic ReportAgate Beach County ParkYes
22120027Geographic ReportFisherman Bay (north end)Yes
22120028Geographic ReportSecar RockYes
22120029Geographic ReportDeadman's WallYes
22120030Geographic ReportCastle IslandYes
22120031Geographic ReportColville Reef (west of island)Yes
22120032Geographic ReportLopez PassYes
22120033Geographic ReportReef North of Swirl RockYes
22120034Geographic ReportFrost Island - North endYes
22120035Geographic ReportFisherman Bay SpitYes
22120036Geographic ReportFisherman Bay Lagoon (south end)Yes
22120037Geographic ReportBetween Watmough Head and Boulder IslandYes
2213Zone Code listGeographic ReportBlakely Island
22130001Geographic ReportSW Obstruction IslandYes
22130002Geographic ReportPeavine PassYes
22130003Geographic ReportBlakely Island WallNo
22130004Geographic ReportPete's PinnacleYes
22130005Geographic ReportBlack Rock Yes
2214Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Juan Island (including Henry)
22140001Geographic ReportPile PointYes
22140002Geographic ReportLime Kiln LighthouseYes
22140003Geographic ReportKellet BluffNo
22140004Geographic ReportNorth Turn RockYes
22140005Geographic ReportTurn IslandYes
22140006Geographic ReportSan Juan County ParkYes
22140007Geographic ReportEagle CoveYes
22140008Geographic ReportBreakfast Rock / Dinner Rock (Griffin Bay)Yes
22140009Geographic ReportLarry's Lair / Glass HouseYes
22140010Geographic ReportSmall Pox BayNo
22140011Geographic ReportEagle PointYes
22140012Geographic ReportKellett Reserve WestYes
22140013Geographic ReportKellett Open BayYes
22140014Geographic ReportReuben Tarte ParkYes
22140015Geographic ReportDeadman BayYes
22140016Geographic ReportUW Wall / Friday Harbor Reserve incl. Pt. CautionYes
22140017Geographic ReportPlease use 22240003 Lawson's BluffYes
22140018Geographic ReportO'Neal Island - southsideYes
22140019Geographic ReportO'Neal Island - NW sideYes
22140020Geographic ReportWillow IslandYes
22140021Geographic ReportGoose Island - cattle pass - off San Juan IslandYes
22140022Geographic ReportHat Island - West WallNo
22140023Geographic ReportHuckelberry Island - East WallNo
22140024Geographic ReportEdwards PointNo
22140025Geographic ReportWillow Island - NorthsideNo
22140026Geographic ReportFriday Harbor Lab Harbor and DocksNo
22140027Geographic ReportPema's HouseYes
22140028Geographic ReportReef PointYes
22140029Geographic ReportChristmas ReefYes
22140030Geographic ReportBrunch Reef (Griffin Bay)Yes
22140031Geographic ReportSeiner WreckYes
22140032Geographic ReportHarbor RockYes
22140033Geographic ReportJackie's KnotYes
22140034Geographic ReportTurn Rock - South SideYes
22140035Geographic ReportJackson Beach Park PilingsYes
22140036Geographic ReportJackson Beach Park West EndYes
22140037Geographic ReportSouth BeachYes
22140038Geographic ReportJacksons Beach Argyle Lagoon Eelgrass meadowYes
22140039Geographic ReportBattleship Island EastYes
22140040Geographic ReportBrown Island, SE sideYes
2215Zone Code listGeographic ReportStuart & Spieden Isls. (incl Jones and Flattop)
22150001Geographic ReportGull RockYes
22150002Geographic ReportFlattop Island SouthYes
22150003Geographic ReportFlattop Island Marine ReserveYes
22150004Geographic ReportGreen Point (Spieden Isl)Yes
22150005Geographic ReportTurn PointYes
22150006Geographic ReportSpieden BluffYes
22150007Geographic ReportCharles Point Prevost HBR (Stuart Island)No
22150008Geographic ReportSatellite Island, North WallYes
22150009Geographic ReportAndrea's DebutYes
22150010Geographic ReportJones Island North CoveYes
22150011Geographic ReportSentinel Island - NW sideYes
22150012Geographic ReportDanger ShoalYes
22150013Geographic ReportGossip IslandNo
22150014Geographic ReportSentinel Island - NE sideYes
22150015Geographic ReportSentinel Island - SE cornerYes
22150016Geographic ReportRock NW of Jones Island Marine ParkYes
22150017Geographic ReportJohns Island NW sideYes
22150018Geographic ReportRipple Island NE sideYes
22150019Geographic ReportJones Island SW PointYes
22150020Geographic ReportSatellite Island Bay and Reef North SideYes
2216Zone Code listGeographic ReportWaldron Island
22160001Geographic ReportBare IslandYes
22160002Geographic ReportWhite RockYes
22160003Geographic ReportSkipjack Island SouthYes
22160004Geographic ReportDanger RockYes
22160005Geographic ReportPoint DisneyYes
22160006Geographic ReportCowlitz Bay (Waldron Island)Yes
2217Zone Code listGeographic ReportSinclair Island
22170001Geographic ReportSinclair Island South / Octopus WallYes
2219Zone Code listGeographic ReportCypress Island
22190001Geographic ReportStrawberry Island / GobsmackedYes
22190002Geographic ReportLittle Cone Island, SW sideYes
22190003Geographic ReportEagle CliffYes
22190004Geographic ReportCypress Reef (N End)Yes
22190005Geographic ReportCypress HeadYes
22190006Geographic ReportPelican WallYes
22190007Geographic ReportRevolutionYes
22190008Geographic ReportNW Big Cone IslandYes
22190009Geographic ReportLittle Cone Island, North sideYes
2220Zone Code listGeographic ReportGuemes Island
22200001Geographic ReportMel's Wall - East Wall - Guemes IslandNo
22200002Geographic ReportGuemes Island Resort (north of)Yes
22200003Geographic ReportHungover HeadYes
22200004Geographic ReportSaddlebag Island, West sideYes
22200005Geographic ReportHunt's ParkYes
22200006Geographic ReportJack IslandYes
2221Zone Code listGeographic ReportFidalgo Island (including Allan and Burrows)
222101Zone Code listGeographic ReportAnacortes
22210101Geographic ReportMarch PointYes
22210102Geographic ReportBurrows ChannelYes
22210103Geographic ReportGreen Point (WA Park, Fidalgo Is.)Yes
22210104Geographic ReportPOA Pier 1 and 2 / O Ave BeachYes
22210105Geographic ReportUse 22210207 (was NW Island)No
22210107Geographic ReportPlease use 22210401 (was Burrows Island, NE corner)No
22210108Geographic ReportSkyline Marina WallYes
22210109Geographic ReportWyman's Marina / Secret Cove / U Ave beachYes
22210110Geographic ReportAnacortes Ship HarborYes
222102Zone Code listGeographic ReportRosario Beach
22210201Geographic ReportUrchin RocksYes
22210202Geographic ReportNorth CliffNo
22210203Geographic ReportRosario Beach - general areaNo
22210204Geographic ReportSares HeadYes
22210205Geographic ReportRosario Beach FlatsNo
22210206Geographic ReportBowman Bay Rock - Deception Pass State ParkYes
22210207Geographic ReportNorthwest Island (off Rosario Beach)Yes
22210208Geographic ReportTriton Wall (near Sares Head)Yes
22210209Geographic ReportCove at Lighthouse Point (Bowman Bay)Yes
222103Zone Code listGeographic ReportAllan Island
22210301Geographic ReportAllan Island North SideYes
22210302Geographic ReportWilliamson Rocks (off Allan Island)Yes
22210303Geographic ReportDennis ShoalYes
22210304Geographic ReportYoung Island SE InletYes
22210305Geographic ReportAllan Island SE SideYes
22210306Geographic ReportYoung Island SW tipYes
222104Zone Code listGeographic ReportBurrows Island
22210401Geographic ReportBurrows Island NE CornerYes
22210402Geographic ReportBurrows Island LighthouseYes
22210403Geographic ReportBurrows BayYes
2222Zone Code listGeographic ReportDecatur
22220001Geographic ReportJames Island North SideYes
22220002Geographic ReportCannonball Quarry in Thatcher PassYes
22220003Geographic ReportJames Island East SideYes
22220004Geographic ReportBird Rocks, South EndYes
2223Zone Code listGeographic ReportSamish Island
22230001Geographic ReportSamish BayYes
2224Zone Code listGeographic ReportSucia and Matia Islands
22240001Geographic ReportSucia Islands NorthYes
22240002Geographic ReportEwing CoveYes
22240003Geographic ReportLawson's Bluff - Sucia IslandYes
22240004Geographic ReportKelsey's Wall (Ewing Island North Side)Yes
22240005Geographic ReportAround corner from Matia Island DockYes
22240006Geographic ReportPuffin IslandYes
22240007Geographic ReportShallow Bay (Sucia)Yes
2225Zone Code listGeographic ReportPatos Island
22250001Geographic ReportBoundary Pass BuoyYes
22250002Geographic ReportKing Crab Hole - Patos IslandYes
23Zone Code listGeographic ReportHOOD CANAL
2310Zone Code listGeographic ReportTermination Point - Oak Head (Toandos Penninsula)
23100001Geographic ReportThe SistersYes
23100002Geographic ReportParadise ReefNo
23100003Geographic ReportKitsap Memorial State ParkYes
2320Zone Code listGeographic ReportDabob Bay
23200001Geographic ReportPulali Point East WallYes
23200002Geographic ReportPulali Point West WallYes
23200003Geographic ReportThe Pinnacle (Seamount)Yes
23200004Geographic ReportSeal RockYes
23200005Geographic ReportPoint Whitney Shellfish Lab Pipeline (by ponds)Yes
23200006Geographic ReportBlack PointYes
23200007Geographic ReportPleasant Harbor MarinaYes
23200008Geographic ReportPulali Point South Fingers / WallYes
23200009Geographic ReportPleasant Harbor WDFW Boat RampYes
23200010Geographic ReportPleasant Harbor State Park MoorageYes
23200011Geographic ReportBlack Point North Tip (Boston Point)Yes
23200012Geographic ReportBroken Leg RocksYes
23200013Geographic Report85 StairsYes
23200014Geographic ReportPoint Whitney Shellfish Labs South Pipeline (by main building)Yes
2330Zone Code listGeographic ReportQuatsap Pt. and Misery Pt. - Potlatch State Park
23301Zone Code listGeographic ReportQuatsap Pt. and Misery Pt - Eldon
23301002Geographic ReportQuatsap PointYes
23301003Geographic ReportRosie's Ravine (deep wall)Yes
23301004Geographic ReportGoby Garden (shallow wall)Yes
23301005Geographic ReportTriton HeadYes
23301006Geographic ReportThe Knuckle / Flagpole Point East - (deep)Yes
23301007Geographic ReportMike's Beach ResortYes
23301008Geographic ReportElephant WallYes
23301009Geographic ReportArrowhead (Hood Canal)Yes
23301010Geographic ReportMisery Point NorthYes
23301011Geographic ReportMisery Point SouthYes
23301012Geographic ReportFlagpole Point West (shallow)Yes
23301013Geographic ReportWreck of the F/V Skookum, Seabeck BayYes
23301014Geographic ReportHidden Cove PointYes
23301015Geographic ReportScenic Beach State ParkYes
23301016Geographic ReportBoyd's Boulders / Boydski's BouldersYes
23301017Geographic ReportFulton Creek ReefYes
23301018Geographic ReportParadise CoveYes
23301019Geographic ReportTriton Cove State ParkYes
23303Zone Code listGeographic ReportEldon - Lilliwaup
23303001Geographic ReportJorsted Creek AreaYes
23303002Geographic ReportAyock Point NorthYes
23304Zone Code listGeographic ReportLilliwaup - Potlatch State Park
23304001Geographic ReportOctopus HoleYes
23304002Geographic ReportHoodsportNo
23304003Geographic ReportYellowhouseYes
23304004Geographic ReportUse 23400006 (duplicate)No
23304005Geographic ReportSund Rock North Wall Marine PreserveYes
23304006Geographic ReportSund Rock (south wall)Yes
23304007Geographic ReportWhip GardenYes
23304008Geographic ReportGlen Ayr MotelYes
23304009Geographic ReportCloud Nine / Dewatto WallYes
23304010Geographic ReportSunrise MotelYes
23304011Geographic ReportLittle Dewatto Bay - south sideYes
23304012Geographic ReportIngvald Gronvold Park (next to dive shop)Yes
23304013Geographic ReportKat's CornerYes
2340Zone Code listGeographic ReportPotlatch State Park - Lynch Cove (s. end of Canal)
23400001Geographic ReportTwanoh State ParkYes
23400002Geographic ReportUse 23301012 (was Flagpole Point West)No
23400003Geographic ReportOlympic Vista (Hood Canal East of Union)Yes
23400004Geographic ReportSimply CionaYes
23400005Geographic ReportAyers PointYes
23400006Geographic ReportPotlatch State ParkYes
24Zone Code listGeographic ReportMT VERNON-EVERETT
2401Zone Code listGeographic ReportSkagit Bay
2402Zone Code listGeographic ReportWhidbey Island
24020001Geographic ReportKeystone State Park JettyYes
24020002Geographic ReportFort Ebey State ParkNo
24020003Geographic ReportPossession Point FingersYes
24020004Geographic ReportPossession Point Ferry WreckYes
24020005Geographic ReportLangley Tire ReefYes
24020006Geographic ReportKeystone State Park PilingsYes
24020007Geographic ReportDeception Pass State ParkYes
24020008Geographic ReportGedney / Hat Island BarYes
24020009Geographic ReportAdmiralty Beach / Driftwood Park Coupeville Tire ReefYes
24020010Geographic ReportNorth Wall Deception Pass (S. side Pass / Canoe island)Yes
24020011Geographic ReportStrawberry Island Deception Pass State ParkYes
24020012Geographic ReportBen Ure Island (North Side)Yes
24020013Geographic ReportSouth Camp CaseyYes
24020014Geographic ReportDouble Bluff / Big FishYes
24020015Geographic ReportRolling Hills Pier - Penn CoveYes
24020016Geographic ReportGlendale - Whidbey IslandYes
24020017Geographic ReportPossession Beach Waterfront ParkYes
24020018Geographic ReportDeception Island, West sideYes
24020019Geographic ReportKeystone area between Jetty and PilingsYes
24020020Geographic ReportAdmiralty BeachYes
24020021Geographic ReportDriftwood Park / Admiralty Beach 2 (by cement blockhouse)Yes
24020023Geographic ReportKeystone General - no site specifiedYes
24020024Geographic ReportHolmes HarborYes
24020025Geographic ReportEbey's Landing SouthYes
24020026Geographic ReportHolmes Harbor Boat RampYes
24020027Geographic ReportBeverly Beach (Whidbey Island)Yes
24020028Geographic ReportWonn Beach (Greenbank)Yes
24020029Geographic ReportWhidbey Camano Land TrustYes
24020030Geographic ReportCanoe Pass South side (mid north side of Canoe / Pass Island)Yes
24020031Geographic ReportSnatelum PointYes
2403Zone Code listGeographic ReportCamano Island State Park
24030001Geographic ReportOnamac PointYes
24030002Geographic ReportLowell PointYes
24030003Geographic ReportCamano Island Boat Ramp AreaYes
24030004Geographic ReportCama Beach State ParkYes
24030005Geographic ReportNorth Beach, Camano Island State ParkYes
24030006Geographic ReportMadrona MudpitYes
2404Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Susan and Possession Sound
24040001Geographic ReportMukilteo State Park / Lighthouse ParkYes
24040002Geographic ReportMukilteo Fuel Pier (removed 2016)Yes
24040003Geographic ReportMukilteo T - DockYes
24040004Geographic ReportMukilteo Tire ReefsYes
24040005Geographic ReportKayak Point Regional County Park CoveYes
24040006Geographic ReportKayak Point Regional County Park North BeachYes
24040007Geographic ReportBoeing Pier / Dock / Edgewater Beach Park (north of Mukilteo)Yes
24040008Geographic ReportOld Mukilteo Ferry Dock PilingsYes
2405Zone Code listGeographic ReportMinor and Smith Islands
24050001Geographic ReportSW Side Kelp Forest (Smith)Yes
25Zone Code listGeographic ReportEVERETT - SEATTLE
2510Zone Code listGeographic ReportEdmonds
251001Zone Code listGeographic ReportEdmonds UW Park
25100100Geographic ReportEdmonds UW Park (no site specified)Yes
25100101Geographic ReportDry Dock, Edmonds UWPYes
25100102Geographic ReportEnhancements, Edmonds UWPYes
25100103Geographic ReportCathedrals, Edmonds UWPYes
25100104Geographic ReportTube Henge, Edmonds UWPYes
25100105Geographic ReportZig Zag, Edmonds UWPYes
25100106Geographic ReportHiccup, Edmonds UWPYes
25100108Geographic ReportNorth End, Edmonds UWPYes
25100109Geographic ReportThe Jetty, Edmonds UWPYes
251002Zone Code listGeographic ReportOutside Edmonds
25100201Geographic ReportOil DockYes
25100202Geographic Report100 ft. Rock (Meadowdale)Yes
25100203Geographic ReportEdmonds Fishing PierYes
25100204Geographic ReportEdmonds South BreakwaterYes
25100205Geographic ReportSunset Bay Beach CampYes
25100206Geographic ReportPicnic PointYes
25100207Geographic ReportOlympic Beach ParkYes
25100208Geographic ReportMeadowdale Beach ParkYes
2511Zone Code listGeographic ReportEdwards Pt. - Meadow Pt.
25110001Geographic ReportBoeing Creek ReefYes
26Zone Code listGeographic ReportSEATTLE - OLYMPIA
261Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeattle - Point Defiance
2611Zone Code listGeographic ReportBainbridge Island
26110001Geographic ReportNorranders Reef / Rockaway BeachYes
26110002Geographic ReportOrchard RocksYes
26110003Geographic ReportBlakely RockYes
26110004Geographic ReportBlakely HarborYes
26110005Geographic ReportPoint WhiteYes
26110006Geographic ReportMetridium WallYes
26110007Geographic ReportPoint White Dock (Crystal Springs Pier)Yes
26110008Geographic ReportSE Pier of SR 305 BridgeYes
26110009Geographic ReportDevil's BoulderYes
26110010Geographic ReportFort Ward State ParkYes
26110011Geographic ReportNW Orchard Rocks (PMSC2)Yes
26110012Geographic ReportThe CribsNo
26110013Geographic ReportSouth Wing PointYes
26110014Geographic ReportFay Bainbridge State ParkYes
26110015Geographic ReportToe Jam RocksYes
26110016Geographic ReportBattle Point NorthYes
26110017Geographic ReportLikers PointYes
26110018Geographic ReportSeattle Aquarium Pier 59Yes
26110019Geographic ReportAgate PassNo
26110020Geographic ReportShangrila (Blakely Rock East)Yes
26110021Geographic ReportChina Wall (Blakely Wall East)No
26110022Geographic ReportThe Boss Wreck (Blakely Harbor)Yes
26110023Geographic ReportBainbridge ReefYes
26110024Geographic ReportDecatur Reef (Restoration Point)Yes
2612Zone Code listGeographic ReportVashon Island
26120001Geographic ReportDalco WallYes
26120002Geographic ReportMaury Island Regional Park PierYes
26120003Geographic ReportBottle Garden (Tramp Harbor)Yes
26120004Geographic ReportSandy Shores PierYes
26120005Geographic ReportPlease use 26140015 (was Ed Munro Seahurst Park)No
26120006Geographic ReportKVI TowerYes
26120007Geographic ReportMaury Island Barges (Old Glacier Gravel Pit)Yes
26120008Geographic ReportPortage Vashon (Maury Island south of Bottle Gardens)Yes
26120009Geographic ReportDockton ParkYes
26120010Geographic ReportBlake Island ReefYes
26120011Geographic ReportThe MurphYes
26120012Geographic ReportDockton 5Yes
26120013Geographic ReportQuartermaster WreckYes
26120014Geographic ReportTramp Harbor Fishing PierYes
2613Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Seattle Area
26130001Geographic ReportAlki PipelineYes
26130002Geographic ReportAlki Artificial / Fishing Reef (north end buoy)Yes
26130003Geographic ReportUse 26140016 (was Des Moines Sunken Boat)No
26130004Geographic ReportSeacrest Park Cove 2 (Alki)Yes
26130005Geographic ReportStatue of Liberty (Alki Beach)Yes
26130006Geographic ReportBrace Point SouthYes
26130007Geographic ReportSeacrest Park Cove 3 (Alki)Yes
26130008Geographic ReportAlki Junk YardYes
26130009Geographic ReportSeacrest Park Cove 1 (Alki)Yes
26130010Geographic ReportNorth Lincoln ParkYes
26130011Geographic Report53rd Avenue SW CSO aka AlkiYes
26130012Geographic ReportLowman Beach (Murray Pumpstation)Yes
26130013Geographic ReportJack's BlockNo
26130014Geographic ReportNorth end of Don Armeni boat ramp parkYes
26130015Geographic ReportMicrosoftYes
26130016Geographic ReportDon Armeni Boat Ramp SouthYes
26130017Geographic ReportAlki LighthouseYes
2614Zone Code listGeographic ReportBurien - Tacoma Area
26140001Geographic ReportLes Davis Pier Artificial ReefYes
26140002Geographic ReportNarrows Bridge, East sideYes
26140003Geographic ReportSaltwater State ParkYes
26140004Geographic ReportThree Tree Point NorthYes
26140005Geographic ReportDash Point Fishing PierYes
26140006Geographic ReportOld Town DockYes
26140007Geographic ReportRedondo M.S.C. Pier (MaST)Yes
26140008Geographic ReportOwen BeachYes
26140009Geographic ReportRuston Way - Commencement BayNo
26140010Geographic ReportLobster Shop WallYes
26140011Geographic ReportDall's IslandYes
26140012Geographic ReportRedondo Floating BreakwaterYes
26140013Geographic ReportTacoma Pooper Pipe / Marine Park PipelineYes
26140014Geographic ReportHarbor Lights / Dickman MillYes
26140015Geographic ReportSeahurst ParkYes
26140016Geographic ReportDes Moines Sunken BoatYes
26140017Geographic ReportShenanigansYes
26140018Geographic ReportThree Tree Point SouthYes
26140019Geographic ReportKatie DownsYes
26140020Geographic ReportSilver CloudYes
26140021Geographic ReportCummings Park Pilings Yes
26140022Geographic ReportRedondo Beach (South of Boat Ramp)Yes
26140023Geographic ReportChinese Reconciliation ParkYes
26140024Geographic ReportSouth of SWMSPYes
26140025Geographic ReportPyramid Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140026Geographic ReportMPA Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140027Geographic ReportNorthern Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140028Geographic ReportNorth of Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140029Geographic ReportRedondo NorthYes
26140030Geographic ReportRuston Point / Arsenic Wall / Historic FerryYes
26140031Geographic ReportFoss WaterwayYes
26140032Geographic ReportDes Moines Marina PierYes
26140033Geographic ReportHeron PointYes
26140034Geographic ReportLogan's RunYes
2615Zone Code listGeographic ReportKing Co line (north) to S. Elliot Bay
261501Zone Code listGeographic ReportN. King Co. line to Medow Pt/Shilshole Bay
26150101Geographic ReportRichmond Beach Marine ParkYes
26150102Geographic ReportCarkeek ParkYes
261502Zone Code listGeographic ReportShilshole Bay
26150201Geographic ReportGolden GardensNo
26150202Geographic ReportShilshole Marina North Jetty 2nd LightNo
26150203Geographic ReportShilshole Northern Entrance/Seaview Avenue PierYes
26150204Geographic ReportShilshole Marina South Jetty 3rd LightYes
26150205Geographic ReportWreck of the OmarYes
26150206Geographic ReportNorth Discovery Park Kelp BedYes
26150207Geographic ReportDauntless WreckYes
26150208Geographic ReportVertical BargeYes
26150209Geographic ReportHorizontal BargeYes
26150210Geographic ReportShilshole Bay - Outside BreakwaterYes
26150211Geographic ReportSecret Beach (Ballard Elks Lodge)Yes
26150212Geographic ReportNW 60th Viewpoint (Shilshole Bay)Yes
26150213Geographic ReportCommodore Park (near the Locks)Yes
261503Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Point Lighthouse to Duwamish Head (incl. Elliot Bay)
26150301Geographic ReportSeattle Aquarium Pier 59No
26150302Geographic ReportMagnolia Barges 4 Mile RockYes
26150303Geographic ReportMagnolia Jetty (Smith Cove)Yes
262Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Defiance - Olympia
2621Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt. Defiance - Nisqually River
26210001Geographic ReportPt. Defiance North WallYes
26210002Geographic ReportPt. Defiance West WallYes
26210003Geographic ReportNarrows Bridge (West End)Yes
26210004Geographic ReportDay Island WallYes
26210005Geographic ReportTitlow BeachYes
26210007Geographic ReportSunnyside Beach (Steilacoom)Yes
26210008Geographic ReportMilepost 8 (The Narrows)No
26210009Geographic ReportSaltar's Point (Steilacoom)Yes
26210010Geographic ReportToliva ShoalYes
26210011Geographic ReportSolo Point BeachYes
2622Zone Code listGeographic ReportNisqually River - Cooper Point (W. Budd Inlet)
26220001Geographic ReportTolmie BargesYes
26220002Geographic ReportSwantown MarinaYes
27Zone Code listGeographic ReportOLYMPIC PENINSULA
2701Zone Code listGeographic ReportHood Head - Dungeness Bay
270101Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Townsend
27010101Geographic ReportFort Worden State Park Artificial ReefYes
27010102Geographic ReportUnion WharfYes
27010103Geographic ReportMarine Science Center Wharf (Fort Worden State Park)Yes
27010104Geographic ReportNorth BeachYes
27010105Geographic ReportPoint Hudson JettyYes
27010106Geographic ReportOld Alcohol Plant Marina (Port Hadlock)No
27010107Geographic ReportComet WreckYes
27010108Geographic ReportRanger WreckYes
27010109Geographic ReportSwain'sYes
27010110Geographic ReportPoint Wilson Kelp Beds (NW side of point)Yes
27010111Geographic ReportMonroe Street Boat RampYes
27010112Geographic ReportOld Ferry Landing Port TownsendYes
270102Zone Code listGeographic ReportMarrowstone Island and Indian Island
27010201Geographic ReportFort Flagler Artificial ReefYes
27010202Geographic ReportAlaska Reefer WreckYes
270103Zone Code listGeographic ReportDiscovery Bay
27010301Geographic ReportEd's FaultYes
27010302Geographic ReportWarhawk WreckYes
27010303Geographic ReportGardiner Boat LaunchYes
270104Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Ludlow Area
27010401Geographic ReportKlas RockYes
27010402Geographic ReportMats Mats QuarryYes
270105Zone Code listGeographic ReportSequim Bay
27010501Geographic ReportPort Williams Boat RampYes
27010502Geographic ReportSequim Bay State Park DockYes
2702Zone Code listGeographic ReportDungeness Bay - Kydaka Point
270201Zone Code listGeographic ReportDungeness Bay - Pillar Pt (incl. Pt. Angeles)
27020101Geographic ReportSalt Creek Westmost Stairs (Tongue Point)Yes
27020102Geographic ReportSalt Creek Middle West Stairs (Tongue Point)Yes
27020103Geographic ReportSalt Creek Middle East Stairs (Tongue Point)No
27020104Geographic ReportSalt Creek Eastmost Stairs (Tongue Point)Yes
27020105Geographic ReportEdiz Hook ParkYes
27020106Geographic ReportEdiz Hook Cell TowerYes
27020107Geographic ReportFreshwater BayYes
27020108Geographic ReportCrescent BeachYes
27020109Geographic ReportJamestown Eel Grass BedYes
27020110Geographic ReportDiamond Knot WreckYes
27020111Geographic ReportPort Angeles Yacht ClubYes
27020112Geographic ReportEdiz Hook Log DumpYes
27020113Geographic ReportMartha FossYes
27020114Geographic ReportDungeness CraneYes
27020115Geographic ReportPort Angeles City PierYes
27020116Geographic ReportBachelor RockYes
27020117Geographic ReportBill's CoveYes
27020118Geographic ReportCormorant CliffYes
27020119Geographic ReportOcean CoveYes
270202Zone Code listGeographic ReportPillar Pt - Kydaka Pt. (incl. Clallum Bay)
27020201Geographic ReportEagle PointNo
27020202Geographic ReportSekiu Rocks Reef (west of Jetty)Yes
27020203Geographic ReportSekiu Jetty (the actual jetty)Yes
27020204Geographic ReportCoho Resort JettyYes
27020205Geographic ReportRed Shack - Clallam BayYes
27020206Geographic ReportSlip Point EastYes
2703Zone Code listGeographic ReportKydaka Point - Cape Flattery
270301Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Flattery - Koitlah Pt (OCNMS boundary)
27030101Geographic ReportKoitlah PointYes
27030102Geographic ReportWarm House BeachYes
27030103Geographic ReportChibahdehl RocksYes
27030104Geographic ReportPuffin Pt (between Chibendahl and Slant Rocks)Yes
27030105Geographic ReportSlant RockYes
27030106Geographic ReportMushroom RockYes
27030107Geographic ReportBox Canyon (West of Mushroom Rock)Yes
27030108Geographic ReportTatoosh (Tatooche) Island SouthYes
27030109Geographic ReportOle's HoleYes
27030110Geographic ReportTatoosh (Tatooche) Island EastYes
27030111Geographic ReportKydikabbit PointYes
27030112Geographic ReportJanna's JoyYes
27030113Geographic ReportFour Fathoms Near Duncan RockYes
27030114Geographic ReportGnome Zone - West Tatoosh IslandYes
27030115Geographic ReportWhalebackYes
27030116Geographic ReportSteve's CavesYes
270302Zone Code listGeographic ReportKydaka Point (124 21.5W) - E. of Koitlah Pt (Neah Bay)
27030201Geographic ReportHoko River Reef (west of Kydaka Pt)No
27030202Geographic ReportPinnacle Rock (MM 4)Yes
27030203Geographic ReportThird Beach Reef / FingersYes
27030204Geographic ReportAndalusia Wreck (Bow), Bullman BayYes
27030205Geographic ReportAndalusia Wreck (Stern), Bullman BayYes
27030206Geographic ReportSouth Finger Reef (The Fingers), Waadah IslandYes
27030207Geographic ReportDuncan RockYes
27030208Geographic ReportNorth Finger Reef (The Fingers), Waadah IslandYes
27030209Geographic ReportDeep East Fingers (Waadah Raceway), Waadah IslandYes
27030210Geographic ReportNeah Bay Marina Dock (aka Makah)Yes
27030211Geographic ReportWaadah Island FingersYes
27030212Geographic ReportSandy area S. of Deep East Fingers reef, Waadah IslandYes
27030213Geographic ReportKelp Reef E.of Green can buoy, near Second BeachYes
27030214Geographic ReportRockhead (Neah Bay Jetty outside)Yes
27030215Geographic ReportSE of Koitlah PointYes
27030216Geographic ReportEye of the TigerYes
2810Zone Code listGeographic ReportKitsap Peninsula (Port Gamble - Gig Harbor (includes Poulsbo and Bremerton))
28100002Geographic ReportWautauga BeachYes
28100003Geographic ReportOrchard Point Artificial ReefYes
28100004Geographic ReportPoint Richmond Minesweeper WreckYes
28100005Geographic ReportSunrise Beach County ParkYes
28100006Geographic ReportBremerton MarinaYes
28100007Geographic ReportPoint Washington NarrowsYes
28100008Geographic ReportHarper Ferry Dock (Yukon Harbor)Yes
28100010Geographic ReportManchester State ParkYes
28100011Geographic ReportPoint Glover / Point Glover FingersYes
28100012Geographic ReportPt. Richmond BeachYes
28100013Geographic ReportIllahee State Park (Kitsap Penninsula, WA)Yes
28100014Geographic ReportWatermans Wall (11 Mile Point/ Lighthouse)Yes
28100015Geographic ReportWarren Avenue Bridge, BremertonYes
28100016Geographic ReportManette Bridge, BremertonYes
28100017Geographic ReportWest of Pt. Glover - Rich PassageYes
28100018Geographic ReportSullivan Point WallYes
28100019Geographic ReportThe Tides Tavern (Gig Harbor)Yes
28100020Geographic ReportEast Gig Harbor Public Boat RampYes
28100021Geographic ReportSulphur SpringsYes
28100022Geographic ReportTracyton Boat LaunchYes
28100023Geographic ReportWaterman BeachYes
28100024Geographic ReportIlahee Tire Reef (Ilahee Town Dock)Yes
28100025Geographic ReportWynn Jones ParkYes
28100026Geographic ReportJefferson Point MinesweeperYes
28100027Geographic ReportJerisich Dock (Gig Harbor)Yes
28100028Geographic ReportMaritime Pier (Gig Harbor)Yes
2820Zone Code listGeographic ReportGig Harbor - Devil's Head (Key Peninsula)
28200001Geographic ReportPenrose Point State Park (Key Peninsula)Yes
28200002Geographic ReportLongbranch Marina (Filucy Bay)Yes
2821Zone Code listGeographic ReportFox Island
28210001Geographic ReportToy Point (Fox Island)Yes
28210002Geographic ReportZ's Reef / Zees Reef (Fox Island)Yes
28210003Geographic ReportWest Wall Fox IslandYes
28210004Geographic ReportKopachuck Artificial Reef (Carr Inlet)Yes
28210005Geographic ReportFox Island BridgeYes
28210006Geographic ReportEast Wall Fox IslandYes
28210007Geographic ReportFox Island historic ferry terminalYes
28210008Geographic ReportTanglewood IslandYes
2822Zone Code listGeographic ReportMcNeil, Anderson and nearby Islands
28220001Geographic ReportEagle Island West RidgeYes
28220002Geographic ReportCarlson Bay (Anderson Island)Yes
2830Zone Code listGeographic ReportDevil's Head (Key Peninsula) - Shelton (except Case Inlet)
28300001Geographic ReportUse 28200002 (was Longbranch Marina)No
2831Zone Code listGeographic ReportCase Inlet
28310001Geographic ReportWreck at Taylor Bay (Case Inlet)Yes
28310002Geographic ReportSteamboat Island Wall (Squaxin Passage)Yes
28310003Geographic ReportHartstene Point Marina (Indian Cove)Yes
28310004Geographic ReportHope Island East SideYes
28310005Geographic ReportHope Island Marine Park CampYes
29Zone Code listGeographic ReportCAPE FLATTERY - N COLUMBIA RIVER (Pacific Coast)
2901Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Flattery - Cape Alava
29010001Geographic ReportSkagway RocksYes
29010002Geographic ReportFuca PillarYes
29010003Geographic ReportStrawberry RockNo
29010004Geographic ReportRock SE of Fuca PillarYes
29010005Geographic ReportRock SW of Fuca PillarYes
29010006Geographic ReportBodelteh Islands (SE of)Yes
2902Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Alava - Teahwhit Head
2903Zone Code listGeographic ReportTeahwhit Head - Copalis River (OCNMS boundary)
29030001Geographic ReportCopalis PinnaclesYes
2904Zone Code listGeographic ReportCopalis River - Cape Disappointment (WA/OR border)