REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC
Zone: Alaska

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
51Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Alaska Coast (Canadian Border to Cape Prince of Wales)
52Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern Alaska Coast (Cape Prince of Wales to Naknek)
53Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlaska Peninsula and Aleutian Chain (Naknek to Cape Douglas)
54Zone Code listGeographic ReportKodiak and adjacent Islands
5401Zone Code listGeographic ReportKodiak Island
54010001Geographic ReportShahafka Cove (mission Beach)Yes
54010002Geographic ReportMill Bay BeachYes
54010003Geographic ReportRam site - Fort AbercrombieYes
54010004Geographic ReportVFW (access code required)Yes
54010005Geographic ReportPillar Creek Yes
54010006Geographic ReportCliff PointYes
54010007Geographic ReportViesoki IslandYes
54010008Geographic ReportInner HumpbackYes
54010009Geographic ReportPinnacle outside Long IslandYes
54010010Geographic ReportOuter HumpbackYes
55Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Central Alaska (Cape Douglas - Yakutat Bay)
5501Zone Code listGeographic ReportCook Inlet - Cape Douglas to Port Chatham inc. Homer
55010001Geographic ReportHomer SpitYes
55010002Geographic ReportFerry DockYes
55010003Geographic ReportYukon IslandYes
55010004Geographic ReportSeldoviaYes
55010005Geographic ReportJakolof BayYes
55010006Geographic ReportTutka BayYes
55010007Geographic ReportKasitsna bayYes
5502Zone Code listGeographic ReportPort Chatham to Aialik Cape
5503Zone Code listGeographic ReportAialik Cape to Cape Puget (including Resurrection Bay and Seward)
55030001Geographic ReportShackleYes
55030002Geographic ReportFox Island WreckYes
55030003Geographic ReportBoulder CityYes
55030004Geographic ReportHidden TreasureYes
55030005Geographic ReportSharktoothNo
55030006Geographic ReportLowell PointNo
55030007Geographic ReportThe BallfieldNo
55030008Geographic ReportSeward Sea Life CenterNo
55030009Geographic ReportHumpy CoveNo
55030010Geographic ReportMary's RockNo
55030011Geographic ReportBarwell IslandNo
55030012Geographic ReportThe GrottoNo
5504Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrince William Sound (Cape Puget to Point Whitshed inc. Whittier)
55040001Geographic ReportSmitty?s CoveYes
55040002Geographic ReportKittywake RookeryNo
55040003Geographic ReportPaulson CoveNo
55040004Geographic ReportCulross PassageYes
55040005Geographic ReportEshamy Bay Site #1Yes
55040006Geographic ReportEshamy Bay Site #2Yes
5505Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Whitshed to Yakutat Bay (including Yakutat Bay)
56Zone Code listGeographic ReportSoutheast Alaska (Yakutat Bay to Canadian Border)
5601Zone Code listGeographic ReportYakutat Bay to Pt. Bishop (including Juneau)
56010001Geographic ReportPrincess KathleenYes
56010002Geographic ReportPrincess Sophia, Vanderbilt ReefYes
56010003Geographic ReportAnn Coleman WallYes
56010004Geographic ReportAdlersheim LodgeYes
56010005Geographic ReportBirdNo
56010006Geographic ReportAuke Rec Dive ParkYes
56010007Geographic ReportLena CoveYes
56010008Geographic ReportAmalga Harbor - Kayak RampYes
56010009Geographic ReportAmalga Harbor - Big IslandYes
56010010Geographic ReportAmalga Harbor - Cabin DiveYes
56010011Geographic ReportLarry's Secret wall No
56010012Geographic ReportBarlow Cove No
56010013Geographic ReportRopeswing CoveNo
56010014Geographic ReportMayflower IslandYes
56010015Geographic ReportAuke Bay Boat HarborYes
56010016Geographic ReportTee Harbor Yes
56010017Geographic ReportJuneau Waterfront No
56010018Geographic ReportSheep Creek No
56010019Geographic ReportShrine of Saint ThereseYes
56010020Geographic ReportDouglas Cold Storage DockYes
56010021Geographic ReportIntermediate Vessel FloatYes
56010022Geographic ReportLightering DockYes
56010023Geographic ReportFalse Outer PointYes
56010024Geographic ReportEagle Beach Kayak RampYes
56010025Geographic ReportSunshine CoveYes
5602Zone Code listGeographic ReportChichagof Island
56020001Geographic ReportSea Lion Wall (Inian Islands - Icy Strait)Yes
56020002Geographic ReportSusan's Hooters (Inian Islands - Icy Strait)No
56020003Geographic ReportWall of Life (Inian Islands - Icy Strait)Yes
56020004Geographic ReportInian WallNo
56020005Geographic ReportGaff Rock (Inian Islands)No
56020006Geographic ReportBasket Bay Point (Chatham Strait)Yes
56020007Geographic ReportBasket Bay WallYes
56020008Geographic ReportSergius RockYes
56020009Geographic ReportSouth Inian Pass ReefYes
56020010Geographic ReportSuloia RockYes
5603Zone Code listGeographic ReportBaranof Island inc. Sitka
56030001Geographic ReportMagic Island Underwater AreaYes
56030002Geographic ReportRob PointYes
56030003Geographic ReportPoint BrownYes
56030004Geographic ReportSt. Lazaria IslandYes
56030005Geographic ReportPatterson Bay (Chatham Strait)Yes
56030006Geographic ReportVancouver Rock (south tip of Baranof)No
56030007Geographic ReportWooden Island (south tip of Baranof)Yes
56030008Geographic ReportKelp PatchYes
56030009Geographic ReportBaranof Rock (Baranof Warm Springs)No
56030010Geographic ReportSugarloaf PointNo
56030011Geographic ReportDusky Boulder ShootYes
56030012Geographic ReportSouth Whale IslandYes
56030013Geographic ReportMakhnati RockYes
56030014Geographic Report6 Mile Rock / Kulichkof RockYes
56030015Geographic ReportRogers RockNo
56030016Geographic ReportSitka HarborNo
56030017Geographic ReportJohn Brown BeachYes
5604Zone Code listGeographic ReportAdmiralty Island
56040001Geographic ReportLumpsuckerYes
56040002Geographic ReportPoint GambierYes
5605Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Bishop to Cape Fanshaw
5606Zone Code listGeographic ReportKupreanof Kuiu and Mitkof Islands
5607Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrince of Wales and adjacent Islands
56070001Geographic ReportPoint StanhopeYes
56070002Geographic ReportGrindall Island RockYes
5608Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Fanshaw to Alaska Canada Border
56080001Geographic ReportMisery IslandYes
56080002Geographic ReportFoggy Bay RockYes
56080003Geographic ReportFoggy PointYes
5609Zone Code listGeographic ReportRevillagigedo and adjacent Islands (including Ketchikan)
56090001Geographic ReportWashington Monument RockYes
56090002Geographic ReportMountain PointYes
56090003Geographic ReportTad's Back YardYes
56090004Geographic ReportRefuge CoveYes