REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: Great Barrier Reef

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
1101Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Grenville GBR Sector
1102Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrincess Charlotte Bay GBR Sector
1103Zone Code listGeographic ReportCooktown/Lizard Island GBR Sector
11030001Geographic ReportCarter ReefNo
11030002Geographic ReportNo Name ReefNo
11030003Geographic ReportCod HoleYes
11030004Geographic ReportLizard IslandNo
11030005Geographic ReportSteve's BommieYes
11030006Geographic ReportNear Steve's Bommie (Ribbon Reef)Yes
11030007Geographic ReportSummer Bay (Ribbon Reef 3)Yes
11030008Geographic ReportLighthouse Bommie (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030009Geographic ReportGotham City (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030010Geographic ReportCoral Kingdom (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030011Geographic ReportSnake Pit (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030012Geographic ReportTwo Towers (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030013Geographic ReportClam Beds (Ribbon Reef 5)Yes
11030014Geographic ReportChallenger Bay (Ribbon Reef 10)Yes
11030015Geographic ReportCoral AbyssNo
11030016Geographic ReportWhatsdaspot CapnYes
11030017Geographic ReportLemonade CaveYes
11030018Geographic ReportVertical GardenYes
11030019Geographic ReportWinterwellYes
11030020Geographic ReportNorth Direction IslandYes
11030021Geographic ReportPixie WallYes
11030022Geographic ReportFlare PointYes
1104Zone Code listGeographic ReportCairns GBR Sector
11040001Geographic ReportCoral Gardens (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040002Geographic ReportGordon's Mooring (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040003Geographic ReportTracy's Bommie (Flynn Reef)Yes
11040004Geographic ReportFish Bowl (Hastings Reef)Yes
11040005Geographic ReportBreaking Patches (Michalmas Reef)Yes
11040006Geographic ReportLittle Bommie (North Opal Reef)Yes
11040007Geographic ReportAustralis (South Opal Reef)No
11040008Geographic ReportAJ's (South Opal Reef)Yes
11040009Geographic ReportFitzroy Island NWYes
11040010Geographic ReportFitzroy Island SWYes
11040011Geographic ReportSudbury Cay NWYes
11040012Geographic ReportMojo (Long Bommie) Opal ReefYes
11040013Geographic ReportBashful Bommie (Opal Reef)Yes
11040014Geographic ReportRayban (Opal Reef)Yes
11040015Geographic ReportSudbury Cay Reef NEYes
11040016Geographic ReportPyramids / Coral Garden (Saxon Reef)Yes
11040017Geographic ReportPlayground / Shark Mountain (Norman Reef)Yes
11040018Geographic ReportFingers (Norman Reef)Yes
11040019Geographic ReportT(h)ree Rocks (Saxon Reef)Yes
1105Zone Code listGeographic ReportInnisfail GBR Sector
11050001Geographic ReportHowie Reef, West edgeYes
11050002Geographic ReportTaylor Reef NE side of CayeYes
11050003Geographic ReportBeaver Reef Coral HeadYes
11050004Geographic ReportBeaver Reef Fringing ReefYes
11050005Geographic ReportTaylor Reef (fringing reef north side)Yes
11050006Geographic ReportEddy ReefYes
11050007Geographic ReportFlora ReefYes
1106Zone Code listGeographic ReportTownsville and Cape Upstart GBR Sectors
110601Zone Code listGeographic ReportTownsville Sector
11060101Geographic ReportJohn Brewer ReefYes
11060102Geographic ReportLodestone ReefYes
11060103Geographic ReportOrpheus Island ReefYes
110602Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Upstart Sector
11060201Geographic ReportYongala WreckYes
1107Zone Code listGeographic ReportWhitsunday GBR Sector
11070001Geographic ReportRoylen Bay (Goldsmith Island)Yes
11070002Geographic ReportChalkies Beach North end (Haslewood Island)Yes
11070003Geographic ReportBait Reef (Great Barrier Reef)Yes
11070004Geographic ReportAlcyonaria Point - Butterfly Bay (Hook Island)Yes
11070005Geographic ReportCataran Bay East side (Border Island)Yes
11070006Geographic ReportHook Reef (Great Barrier Reef)Yes
11070007Geographic ReportHook Reef Pinnacles (Great Barrier Reef)Yes
11070008Geographic ReportPeter Bay (Whitsunday Island)Yes
11070009Geographic ReportMantaray Bay (Hook Island)Yes
1108Zone Code listGeographic ReportPompey GBR Sector
11080001Geographic ReportVictor Bay West side, Keswick IslandYes
1109Zone Code listGeographic ReportSwain GBR Sector
11090001Geographic ReportSweetlip Reef, Swain SectorYes
1110Zone Code listGeographic ReportCapricorn Bunker Sector
11100001Geographic ReportWest of Wyndham Cove (Great Keppel Island)Yes
11100002Geographic ReportButterfish Bay (Great Keppell Island)Yes
11100003Geographic ReportPassage Rocks (between Great Keppell and Middle Islands)Yes
111001Zone Code listGeographic ReportCapricorn Group (Fitzroy, Wistari, Northwest, Heron))
11100101Geographic ReportBlue Pools (Heron Reef)Yes
11100102Geographic ReportCoral Grotto (Heron Reef)Yes
11100103Geographic ReportHeron Bommie (Heron Reef)Yes
11100104Geographic ReportCoral Cascades (Heron Reef)Yes
11100105Geographic ReportHole in the Wall (Heron Reef)Yes
11100106Geographic ReportPinnacle (Fitzroy Reef Lagoon)Yes
11100107Geographic ReportFitzroy Reef (outside pass)Yes
11100108Geographic ReportFitzroy Lagoon east side, inner edge of fringing reefYes
11100109Geographic ReportFitzroy Lagoon southeast corner, isolated coral-headYes
11100110Geographic ReportFitzroy Lagoon west of the pass, inner edge of fringing reefYes
11100111Geographic ReportFitzroy Outside the pass on the West sideYes
11100112Geographic ReportFitzroy Lagoon, west of public boat-moorings, isolated coral-headYes
11100113Geographic ReportWistari Reef outside edge at northeast corner, near public boat-mooringYes
11100114Geographic ReportNorth West Island, north of island on outside edge of fringing reefYes
11100115Geographic ReportFitzroy Lagoon (SE side)Yes
11100116Geographic ReportMast Head Island NW sideYes
11100117Geographic ReportFitzroy Reef SE Inner EdgeYes
111002Zone Code listGeographic ReportBunker Group (Lady Musgrave, Lady Elliot)
11100201Geographic ReportShallow Reef SE (Lady Musgrave Island Lagoon)Yes
11100202Geographic ReportPinnacle (Lady Musgrave Island Lagoon)Yes
11100203Geographic ReportBarrier Reef Inside Edge (Lady Musgrave Island Lagoon)Yes
11100204Geographic ReportShallow Reef E (Lady Musgrave Island Lagoon)Yes
11100205Geographic ReportUse 11100106 (was Pinnacle - Fitzroy Reef Lagoon)No
11100206Geographic ReportUse 11100107 (was Fitzroy Reef - outside pass)No
11100207Geographic ReportLady Musgrave outside lagoon entranceYes
11100208Geographic ReportLady Musgrave Inside lagoon reefYes
11100209Geographic ReportLady Musgrave pinnacle inside lagoonYes
11100210Geographic ReportLady Elliot Island East SideYes
11100211Geographic ReportLady Elliot Island West SideYes
11100212Geographic ReportMusgrave Reef Outside the Pass on the East sideYes
11100213Geographic ReportLady Musgrave Lagoon east side, inner edge of fringing reef Yes
11100214Geographic ReportLady Musgrave Lagoon East Side (north of 11100213)Yes
11100215Geographic ReportLady Musgrave Lagoon Deep Pinnacles (just inside the pass)Yes
11100216Geographic ReportLady Musgrave Outside (SW of pass)Yes
11100217Geographic ReportLady Musgrave SE Reef (inside lagoon)Yes
11100218Geographic ReportLady Musgrave Outside Lagoon (.6 miles SW entrance)Yes
1111Zone Code listGeographic ReportQueensland South of Cap. Bunk Sector to NSW
11110001Geographic ReportTangalooma Wrecks North End (Moreton Bay)Yes
11110002Geographic ReportTangalooma Wrecks Middle (Moreton Bay)Yes
11110003Geographic ReportTangalooma Wrecks South End (Moreton Bay)Yes