REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: Milne Bay Province

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
3101Zone Code listGeographic ReportMilne Bay area
31010001Geographic ReportChina StraitNo
31010002Geographic ReportMuscootaNo
31010003Geographic ReportSullivan's PatchesYes
31010004Geographic ReportBanana BommieNo
31010005Geographic ReportHibwa ReefNo
31010006Geographic ReportTunnel ReefNo
31010007Geographic ReportTrish's BommieNo
31010008Geographic ReportHeinecke HeavenNo
31010009Geographic ReportBoirama ReefYes
31010010Geographic ReportWhale ReefNo
31010011Geographic ReportUse 31040020 (was Giants at Home)No
31010012Geographic ReportPeer's ReefNo
31010013Geographic ReportBoi Boi Waga IslandYes
31010014Geographic ReportBlack and SilverNo
31010015Geographic ReportCherie's ReefYes
31010016Geographic ReportCobb's CliffYes
31010017Geographic ReportWahoo PointYes
31010018Geographic ReportKathy's CornerYes
31010019Geographic ReportBasilisk PointNo
31010020Geographic ReportDeacon's ReefYes
31010022Geographic ReportBetha's BommieNo
31010023Geographic ReportCrinoid City (off Nuakata Island)Yes
31010024Geographic ReportTawali House ReefYes
31010025Geographic ReportLawadi / Lauadi / Dinah's BeachYes
31010026Geographic ReportSponge HeavenYes
31010027Geographic ReportLamosiYes
31010028Geographic ReportTania's ReefYes
31010029Geographic ReportBarracuda PointYes
31010030Geographic ReportAnother Rainy MorningYes
31010031Geographic ReportWhat's the PointYes
3102Zone Code listGeographic ReportEastern D'Entrecasteaux (Sanaroa, Dobu, Normanby Islands)
31020001Geographic ReportLipson ShoalNo
31020002Geographic ReportBunamaYes
31020003Geographic ReportCalypso ReefYes
31020004Geographic ReportJennifer's ReefNo
31020005Geographic ReportBarbarian Reef / Balaban's BommieYes
31020007Geographic ReportObservation PointYes
31020008Geographic ReportAyer's RockNo
31020009Geographic ReportBubblebath (Dobu)Yes
31020010Geographic ReportDouble Tower (Sanaroa)Yes
31020011Geographic ReportSonia ShoalNo
31020012Geographic ReportRhino ReefNo
31020013Geographic ReportValley ReefNo
31020014Geographic ReportWong's Reef Yes
31020015Geographic ReportMary Jane (MJ) ReefNo
31020016Geographic ReportHickson's ReefNo
31020017Geographic ReportFarrington ShoalNo
31020018Geographic ReportEnd PassYes
31020019Geographic ReportHumann's Colour BookNo
31020020Geographic ReportAmphlett FansNo
31020021Geographic ReportWampas / WompasYes
3103Zone Code listGeographic ReportWestern D'Entrecasteaux (Goodenough, Fergusson Islands)
31030001Geographic ReportMapamoiwa AnchorageNo
31030002Geographic ReportMapamoiwa ReefNo
31030003Geographic ReportCharlie's TowerNo
31030004Geographic ReportTrotman ShoalsNo
31030005Geographic ReportKnight PatchesNo
31030006Geographic ReportCamel ReefYes
31030007Geographic ReportTriple Tower BommieYes
31030008Geographic ReportCecilia's ReefYes
31030009Geographic ReportPeer's PatchesNo
31030010Geographic ReportSee and Sea PassesNo
31030011Geographic ReportAnne Lea ReefNo
31030012Geographic ReportKeast ReefYes
31030013Geographic ReportB17 Bomber Aircraft / BlackjackNo
31030014Geographic ReportIpoteto Bay / Ridge (Ipoteto Island)No
3104Zone Code listGeographic ReportLouisiade Archipelago, Conflict Islands, Egum Atoll
31040001Geographic ReportDoubilet ReefYes
31040002Geographic ReportWaterman RidgeNo
31040003Geographic ReportP38 Lightning AircraftYes
31040004Geographic ReportJeremy's ReefNo
31040005Geographic ReportPresident Grant- Uluma ReefNo
31040006Geographic ReportSouthwest Point- Uluma ReefNo
31040007Geographic ReportDaisy's DropoffNo
31040008Geographic ReportSkull CaveNo
31040009Geographic ReportZero FighterNo
31040010Geographic ReportRenard IslandsNo
31040011Geographic ReportChasm ReefNo
31040012Geographic ReportSnake Passage (Yuma PassageNo
31040013Geographic ReportNorth PassNo
31040014Geographic ReportLori's CaveNo
31040015Geographic ReportFish CityNo
31040016Geographic ReportStringer OpeningNo
31040017Geographic ReportEgum RockNo
31040018Geographic ReportHollis ReefNo
31040019Geographic ReportNorthwest PassNo
31040020Geographic ReportGiants at Home / Giants Home (Gonubalabala Island)Yes
31040021Geographic ReportSamarai Jetty / Bottle Shop / Concrete Samarai Jetty (Samarai Island)Yes
31040022Geographic ReportKwato / Ketwo Jetty (Kwato Island)Yes
31040023Geographic ReportDeka Deka (Deka Deka Island)Yes
31040024Geographic ReportPanaesaesa (Panaesaesa Island)Yes
31040025Geographic ReportMike Ridge (Irai Island)Yes
31040026Geographic ReportItmarina Shallows (Itmarina Island)Yes
31040027Geographic ReportThe Channel (Panaboal Island)Yes
31040028Geographic ReportSky City (Irai Island)Yes
31040029Geographic ReportIrai Wall (Irai Island)Yes
31040030Geographic ReportKei IslandYes
31040031Geographic ReportGrant Island EastYes
31040032Geographic ReportGrant Island Wall (South)Yes
31040033Geographic ReportGrant Island NorthYes
31040034Geographic ReportSidea / Sawasawaga (Sariba Island)Yes
31040035Geographic ReportLosulosuwei (Sariba Island)Yes