REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: Raja Ampat Islands

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
4131Zone Code listGeographic ReportSayang, Wayag, Quoy, Bag, Uranie Islands
41310001Geographic ReportCathedral Rock (off Wayag)No
41310002Geographic ReportFigure of Eight Rock (off Wayag)Yes
41310003Geographic ReportRidge Rock (off Wayag)Yes
41310004Geographic ReportChannel Island (off Wayag)No
41310005Geographic ReportMagic Rock (off Bag)No
41310006Geographic ReportY Reef (off Bag)No
41310007Geographic ReportEdi's Cave (off Unranie) No
41310008Geographic ReportHump 2 (off Wayag)Yes
4132Zone Code listGeographic ReportWaigeo (incl. Kawe and Aljui Bay)
41320001Geographic ReportEquator Islands (off Kawe)No
41320002Geographic ReportBlack Rock (off Kawe)Yes
41320003Geographic ReportEagle Rock (off Kawe)Yes
41320004Geographic ReportBird Wall/White Arrow, Aljui BayYes
41320005Geographic ReportGanan, Aljui BayYes
41320006Geographic ReportCendana Dock, Aljui BayYes
41320007Geographic ReportEdy's Black Forest, WofohYes
41320008Geographic ReportTen Thousand Tailspots / Wofoh (North Wofoh)Yes
41320009Geographic ReportFish Rock Canyon, WoenohYes
41320010Geographic ReportWoenoh Village - Teluk WoenohYes
41320011Geographic ReportZero Zero, Seprang IslandsYes
41320012Geographic ReportThe Corner, Aljui BayYes
41320013Geographic ReportPulau WoenohYes
41320014Geographic ReportOff The Wall, WoenohYes
41320015Geographic ReportWest Ridge, Equator IslandsYes
41320016Geographic ReportTwo Slots, Equator IslandsYes
41320017Geographic ReportKawe EastYes
41320018Geographic ReportTapokrang JettyYes
4133Zone Code listGeographic ReportDampier Strait (incl. Gam Island; Fam Islands)
41330001Geographic ReportThe Passage, Gam Is.No
41330002Geographic ReportYanggelo Sea Mount, Gam Is.No
41330003Geographic ReportYanggelo Ridge, Gam Is.Yes
41330004Geographic ReportCitrus Ridge / Barracuda Point (Gam)Yes
41330005Geographic ReportYangello Mangroves/Blue Water Mangroves, Gam Is.No
41330006Geographic ReportFriwin Bonda, Gam Is.Yes
41330007Geographic ReportBatu Lima (5 Rocks), Gam Is.No
41330008Geographic ReportNudibranch Rock, Gam Is.No
41330009Geographic ReportJenbraimuk Reef, Gam Is.No
41330010Geographic ReportMios Kon / Yellow Fever (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330011Geographic ReportBlue Magic (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330012Geographic ReportChicken Reef (btw Gam & Mansuar)No
41330013Geographic ReportSleeping Baraccuda (btw Gam & Mansuar)No
41330014Geographic ReportSardine Reef (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330015Geographic ReportCrossoverNo
41330016Geographic ReportSurgeonfish SlopeNo
41330017Geographic ReportNew ReefNo
41330018Geographic ReportTurtle ReefNo
41330019Geographic ReportKos IslandNo
41330020Geographic ReportCape KriYes
41330021Geographic ReportCape Kri LagoonYes
41330022Geographic ReportSouth KriNo
41330023Geographic ReportKuburan, Kri Is.No
41330024Geographic ReportSorido Wall ( Kri Island)Yes
41330025Geographic ReportMike's Point (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330026Geographic ReportYenbuba Jetty, Mansuar Is.No
41330027Geographic ReportYembuba Bay, Mansuar Is.Yes
41330028Geographic ReportMansuar Barat, Mansuar Is.No
41330029Geographic ReportManta Ridge (btw Gam & Mansuar)No
41330030Geographic ReportManta Slope (btw Gam & Mansuar)No
41330031Geographic ReportManta Sandy (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330032Geographic ReportLalosi Reef (btw Gam & Mansuar)Yes
41330033Geographic ReportMelissa's Garden, Fam IslandsYes
41330034Geographic ReportThe Channel, Fam IslandsNo
41330035Geographic ReportGam PlateauYes
41330036Geographic ReportOtdima / OttodimaYes
41330037Geographic ReportYanbeser JettyYes
41330038Geographic ReportBatu Kubor YanbubaYes
41330039Geographic ReportAirborekYes
41330040Geographic ReportMy Reef (Penemu/Piaynemo)Yes
41330041Geographic ReportKeruo Channel (Penemu/Piaynemo)Yes
41330042Geographic ReportMayhem (Yanggelo/Yanggefo)Yes
41330043Geographic ReportWay Pretty Shallows (Yanggelo/Yanggefo)Yes
41330044Geographic ReportMangrove RidgeYes
41330045Geographic ReportFuzzy RockYes
41330046Geographic ReportBetween Citrus and Yanggelo Ridges (Gam)Yes
41330047Geographic ReportAirborek JettyYes
41330048Geographic ReportKeruo / Koruo Channel South EndYes
41330049Geographic ReportMansuar PointYes
41330050Geographic ReportMioskon - No NameYes
41330051Geographic ReportGalaxy (Penemu Island)No
41330052Geographic ReportSawandarek JettyYes
41330053Geographic ReportBatu RufusYes
41330054Geographic ReportRansiwor (Kri Island)Yes
41330055Geographic ReportMethos Homestay House ReefYes
4134Zone Code listGeographic ReportBatanta and Salawati
41340001Geographic ReportPulau AyemiNo
41340002Geographic ReportRaurez / Wruwaerz Slope (Batanta)Yes
41340003Geographic ReportPapua Paradise House Reef 2No
41340004Geographic ReportDokor ReefNo
41340005Geographic ReportOutside the VillageNo
41340006Geographic ReportYengkarom Reef, Brie Is.No
41340007Geographic ReportPulau WaiNo
41340008Geographic ReportTanjung (Sudut) DayangYes
41340009Geographic ReportC.I. Ranger Station Jetty, DayangYes
41340010Geographic ReportHappy Ending (SW Batanta across from Salawati)No
41340011Geographic ReportAlgae PatchYes
41340012Geographic ReportSignal PointNo
41340013Geographic ReportYum IslandYes
41340014Geographic ReportBirie Island / Birie East CornerYes
41340015Geographic ReportCoral Patch (at Algae Patch)Yes
41340016Geographic ReportPulau Kecil (Batanta)Yes
41340017Geographic ReportLarry's Promise / Urun EastYes
41340018Geographic ReportYum Island East (Batanta)Yes
41340019Geographic ReportPulau Dayang Southwest Side (Dyang)Yes
41340020Geographic ReportBen's Village (Birie Island)Yes
41340021Geographic ReportPulau Yum NorthYes
41340022Geographic ReportPapua Paradise Jetty (Birie Island)Yes
41340023Geographic ReportBibbi's ReefYes
41340024Geographic ReportKampung BaruYes
41340025Geographic ReportYenkarumYes
41340026Geographic ReportWai WallYes
41340027Geographic ReportManta WaiYes
41340028Geographic ReportBirie SlopeYes
41340029Geographic ReportPulau Dua ExpressYes
41340030Geographic ReportWai WestYes
41340031Geographic ReportFish HeavenYes
41340032Geographic ReportPulau DuaYes
41340033Geographic ReportGua Kecil / Goa KecilYes
41340034Geographic ReportSau Yador ReefYes
41340035Geographic ReportBirie's EndYes
41340036Geographic ReportAyofYes
41340037Geographic ReportUrun WestYes
41340038Geographic ReportGadis PointNo
41340039Geographic ReportDokri NorthYes
41340040Geographic ReportArefi BrauNo
4135Zone Code listGeographic ReportKofiau
41350001Geographic ReportWTF Cross Brass MonkeyYes
41350002Geographic ReportPotato HeadYes
41350003Geographic ReportLord of the LandNo
41350004Geographic ReportHydroid HeavenYes
41350005Geographic ReportRaja Udang (Kingfisher)Yes
41350006Geographic ReportPulau AyuanYes
4136Zone Code listGeographic ReportFarondi, Wagmab, Balbulol, Efpian, Daram Islands
41360001Geographic ReportIkan Muda, Farondi Is.No
41360002Geographic ReportLiving Color (near Daram)Yes
41360003Geographic ReportCandy Store (near Daram)Yes
41360004Geographic ReportTeardropYes
41360005Geographic ReportWagmapYes
41360006Geographic ReportTomulol CaveNo
41360007Geographic ReportAndiamo (Daram)Yes
41360008Geographic ReportCamel Rock (Daram)Yes
41360009Geographic ReportThree Sisters (Farondi)Yes
41360010Geographic ReportFarondi Cave (Farondi)Yes
41360011Geographic ReportBlenny Bling (Efpian)Yes
41360012Geographic ReportKilo (Efpian)Yes
41360013Geographic ReportKingfisher (Efpian) Yes
41360014Geographic ReportBumper Cars (Efpian)Yes
41360015Geographic ReportBattyfish (Efpian)Yes
41360016Geographic ReportWarna (Daram)Yes
41360017Geographic ReportMighty Minnie (Daram)Yes
41360018Geographic ReportFusilier Festival (Daram)Yes
41360019Geographic ReportKapalselam (Daram)Yes
41360020Geographic ReportMount Malabar (Daram)Yes
41360021Geographic ReportUnicorny (Daram)Yes
41360022Geographic ReportAndy's Ultimate (Daram)Yes
41360023Geographic ReportParrot's Paradise (PP) (Daram)Yes
41360024Geographic ReportMoby Rocks (Daram)Yes
41360025Geographic ReportMagic Bommies (Daram)Yes
41360026Geographic ReportBatu Tajam (Forundi)Yes
41360027Geographic ReportNorth Farundi (Forundi)Yes
41360028Geographic ReportWagmap Wall (Forundi)Yes
41360029Geographic ReportNo ContestYes
41360030Geographic ReportPlateauYes
41360031Geographic ReportWagmap SlopeYes
41360032Geographic ReportHollow Island / Pulau BalbulolYes
41360033Geographic ReportJellyfish Lake (Hollow Island / Balbulol)Yes
4137Zone Code listGeographic ReportMisool, Wayil, Kalig, Fiabacet, Yilliet
41370001Geographic ReportMisool House Reef 1 (including North Lagoon and reefs)No
41370002Geographic ReportMisool House Reef 2 (South Beach, Lagoon, Blue Hole)No
41370003Geographic ReportSW BatbitiemNo
41370004Geographic ReportTeluk KecilNo
41370005Geographic ReportSixth SenseNo
41370006Geographic ReportEpaulette CityNo
41370007Geographic ReportWarakaraket WallNo
41370008Geographic ReportEagle's NestNo
41370009Geographic ReportMagic MountainYes
41370010Geographic ReportJamur / Warna Ribu / Dunia Kecil (Wayil Island)Yes
41370011Geographic ReportWedding Cake / Taman Rahasia (little islands west of Wayilbatan)Yes
41370012Geographic ReportGorgonian Passage / Neptunes Fansea (between Wayilbatan & Walib)Yes
41370013Geographic ReportRats Reef / Schools Out (little islands b/t Karawapop & Kalig)No
41370014Geographic ReportHeads Up Sidedown Under (off SW tip of Kalig)No
41370015Geographic ReportKalig Wall / Kalig Kecil / Potato Point (eastern tip of Kalig)Yes
41370016Geographic ReportFiabacet / Warna Ember / Fiabacet Barat (Fiabacet Island)Yes
41370017Geographic ReportThe EggNo
41370018Geographic ReportWhale RockYes
41370019Geographic ReportNudi Rock/Tug Boat/TonkaYes
41370020Geographic ReportFiabacet PinnacleNo
41370021Geographic ReportBoo WestYes
41370022Geographic ReportSelat 1 & 2No
41370023Geographic ReportCamel Rock (Misool)No
41370024Geographic ReportSelat 3No
41370025Geographic ReportBirthday CakeNo
41370026Geographic ReportCape Boo / Boo Window / Batu Timor (Boo Island)Yes
41370027Geographic ReportTempat Lego/Tempatyang Dangkal (Yilliet Island)No
41370028Geographic ReportYilliet PinnacleNo
41370029Geographic ReportYilliet (#30 on Misool Eco Resort map- east of Yilliet Island)No
41370030Geographic ReportGrouperNo
41370031Geographic ReportFour Kings (Wayil)Yes
41370032Geographic ReportBarracuda Point / Barracuda RockYes
41370033Geographic ReportBarracuda IIYes
41370034Geographic ReportTank RockYes
41370035Geographic ReportTwo Tree Island (Sagof)Yes
41370036Geographic ReportBaby RockYes
41370037Geographic ReportAnty ChoveyYes
41370038Geographic ReportJulietYes
41370039Geographic ReportRomeoYes
41370040Geographic ReportYilliet BesarYes
41370041Geographic ReportYilliet KecilYes
41370042Geographic ReportAntichoppy / Puri PinnacleYes
41370043Geographic ReportKaleidoscope / Golden Touch (Pele)Yes
41370046Geographic ReportPlease use 41360007 (was Andiamo)No
41370047Geographic ReportWhere Eagles DareYes
41370048Geographic ReportMasenta 1 (off Misool)Yes
41370049Geographic ReportMasenta 2 (off Misool)Yes
41370050Geographic ReportBoo Island EastYes
41370051Geographic ReportSabenibnu (Yilliet)Yes
41370052Geographic ReportSabenibnu Kecil (Yilliet)Yes
41370053Geographic ReportW Rock (Karawapop)Yes
41370054Geographic ReportBatu Kecil / Batu Tengah (Karawapop)Yes
41370055Geographic ReportSegaf (Segaf)Yes
41370056Geographic ReportWayil BesarYes
41370057Geographic ReportSegaf 2 Yes
41370058Geographic ReportPulau Kecil / Pandamonium (Pele)Yes
41370059Geographic ReportDobul (Pele)Yes
41370060Geographic ReportKanim SWYes
41370061Geographic ReportWara Ridge (Warakaraket)Yes
41370062Geographic ReportWayili RockYes
41370063Geographic ReportJolotiaYes
41370064Geographic ReportGus RidgeNo
41370065Geographic ReportRep KimaNo
41370066Geographic ReportSouth KaligYes
41370067Geographic ReportNorth KaligNo
41370068Geographic ReportMarsemol Island (Misool House Reef area)Yes
4138Zone Code listGeographic ReportOther Raja Ampat Islands
41380001Geographic ReportWarna EmberNo
41380002Geographic ReportTempat LegoYes
41380003Geographic ReportTempatyang DangkolNo
41380004Geographic ReportBatu TimorNo
41380005Geographic ReportJamurNo
41380006Geographic ReportWarna RibuNo
41380007Geographic ReportDunia KecilNo
41380008Geographic ReportIkan MudaNo