REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: CIP
Zone: Lembeh Strait

ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
43110001Geographic ReportBimoli WreckNo
43110002Geographic ReportGoby-a-CrabYes
43110003Geographic ReportKapal IndahYes
43110004Geographic ReportPulau AbadiYes
43110005Geographic ReportMawali WreckYes
43110006Geographic ReportCritter HuntYes
43110007Geographic ReportPolice PierYes
43110008Geographic ReportSarena West / Serena PointYes
43110009Geographic ReportNudi FallsYes
43110010Geographic ReportKBR House ReefYes
43110011Geographic ReportAer Prang (1-2-3)Yes
43110012Geographic ReportJahir (1-2-3)Yes
43110013Geographic ReportMakawide (1-2-3) /Makawide Wall/SlopeYes
43110014Geographic ReportTanjung TebalYes
43110015Geographic ReportNudi Retreat (1, 2, 3)Yes
43110016Geographic ReportMagic RockYes
43110017Geographic ReportBatu Sandar / Batu SanderYes
43110018Geographic ReportRetak LarryYes
43110020Geographic ReportTeluk Kembahu / TK (1, 2, 3)Yes
43110021Geographic ReportAngel's WindowYes
43110022Geographic ReportHairball (1-2)Yes
43110023Geographic ReportAw Shucks (1-2)Yes
43110024Geographic ReportBatu Merah (1-2)Yes
43110025Geographic ReportPulau PutusYes
43110026Geographic ReportBatu Angus (1-2)Yes
43110027Geographic ReportCalifornia DreamingYes
43110028Geographic ReportJiko YanceYes
43110029Geographic ReportPante Parigi (1-2)Yes
43110030Geographic ReportKasawari WreckNo
43110031Geographic ReportMagic Creak / Magic CrackYes
43110032Geographic ReportTandurusa (1-2)Yes
43110033Geographic ReportAer Bajo (1-2-3)Yes
43110034Geographic ReportTanjung KuberYes
43110035Geographic ReportBiancaYes
43110036Geographic ReportRojas / RojosYes
43110037Geographic ReportTanjung SlopeYes
43110038Geographic ReportBatu Kapal (1-2)Yes
43110039Geographic ReportDante's WallYes
43110040Geographic ReportKainah's TreasureYes
43110041Geographic ReportDelima PointYes
43110042Geographic ReportPearl FarmYes
43110043Geographic ReportJolehaYes
43110044Geographic ReportKareko BatuYes
43110045Geographic ReportKareko PasirYes
43110046Geographic ReportPante AboYes
43110047Geographic ReportPintu ColadaYes
43110048Geographic ReportSea GrassYes
43110049Geographic ReportTanjung Kusu KusuYes
43110050Geographic ReportHemiYes
43110051Geographic ReportTanjung MawaliYes
43110052Geographic ReportPapasunganYes
43110053Geographic ReportTrikoraYes
43110054Geographic ReportMandarin PlaceYes
43110055Geographic ReportTanjung KuningYes
43110056Geographic ReportLampu BiruYes
43110057Geographic ReportPante Rotan (1-2)Yes
43110058Geographic ReportMadidir (1-2-3)Yes
43110059Geographic ReportNaemundung PointYes
43110060Geographic ReportSerena BesarYes
43110061Geographic ReportSerena SouthYes
43110062Geographic ReportPinnacle XYes
43110063Geographic ReportJari JariYes
43110064Geographic ReportRetak BechoYes
43110065Geographic ReportSurpriseYes
43110066Geographic ReportHey NusYes
43110067Geographic ReportPulau DuaYes
43110068Geographic ReportPante JicoYes
43110069Geographic ReportCoral KabongYes
43110070Geographic ReportMandolangYes
43110071Geographic ReportBatu BuniangYes
43110072Geographic ReportJico DolongYes
43110073Geographic ReportLembeh Resort House ReefYes