REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: IORS
Zone: Northern Atolls

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
2201Zone Code listGeographic ReportShaviyani Atoll (North Miladhunmadulu)
2202Zone Code listGeographic ReportMaamakunudhoo Atoll
2203Zone Code listGeographic ReportNoonu Atoll (South Miladhunmadulu)
2204Zone Code listGeographic ReportRaa Atoll (North Maalhosmadulu)
22040001Geographic ReportHuruvalhi House ReefYes
22040002Geographic ReportVaadhoo ReefYes
22040003Geographic ReportHuruvalhi Faru (Carpe Vita Resort House Reef)Yes
22040004Geographic ReportBeriyan ThilaYes
2205Zone Code listGeographic ReportBaa Atoll (South Maalhosmadulu)
22050001Geographic ReportDhonfanu FaruYes
22050002Geographic ReportKakaa ThilaYes
22050003Geographic ReportAnanthara Kihavah FaruYes
22050004Geographic ReportNelivaru HaaYes
22050005Geographic ReportKumadu / KamadhooYes
22050006Geographic ReportReethi BeachYes
22050007Geographic ReportHanifaru BayYes
22050008Geographic ReportDhonfanu ThilaYes
22050009Geographic ReportDharavandhooYes
22050010Geographic ReportNelivaru ThilaYes
22050011Geographic ReportDhigali HaaYes
22050012Geographic ReportMadu Thila / Maahdu GiriYes
22050013Geographic ReportFaresYes
22050014Geographic ReportYellow Wall / Kihaa FaruYes
22050015Geographic ReportDhigali GiriYes
22050016Geographic ReportMaahdu House ReefYes
2206Zone Code listGeographic ReportLhaviyani Atoll (Faadhippolhu)
22060001Geographic ReportKuredu ExpressYes
22060002Geographic ReportZafari ReefYes
22060003Geographic ReportKuda KanduYes
22060004Geographic ReportFushifaru KanduYes
22060005Geographic ReportVavvaru Out ReefYes
22060006Geographic ReportThe ShipyardYes
22060007Geographic ReportKahlifushifaru CornerYes
22060008Geographic ReportNakolhu GiriYes
22060009Geographic ReportAquariumYes
22060010Geographic ReportTinga GiriYes
22060011Geographic ReportBodu GiriYes
22060012Geographic ReportLatheef ReefYes
22060013Geographic ReportCoral GardenYes
22060014Geographic ReportKuredu House ReefYes
22060015Geographic ReportKuredu CavesYes
2207Zone Code listGeographic ReportGoidhu Atoll
2208Zone Code listGeographic ReportGhaafaru Atoll
2209Zone Code listGeographic ReportRasdhu / Rasdhoo Atoll
22090001Geographic ReportMiyaru FaruYes
22090002Geographic ReportNorth ChannelYes
22090003Geographic ReportVeligandu NorthYes
22090004Geographic ReportVeligandu EastYes
22090005Geographic ReportMadivaru CornerYes
22090006Geographic ReportHammerhead PointYes
22090007Geographic ReportRasdhoo ReefYes
22090008Geographic ReportHoli FaruYes
22090009Geographic ReportKuramathi WreckYes
22090010Geographic ReportThree PalmsYes
22090011Geographic ReportBodu GahYes
22090012Geographic ReportCaves (Rasdhu)Yes
22090013Geographic ReportBodu AsheyYes
22090014Geographic ReportRasdhoo MadivaruYes
22090015Geographic ReportManta Thila (Rasdhoo)Yes
22090016Geographic ReportRasdhoo Manta Rock / Manta PointYes