REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: IORS
Zone: Southern Atolls

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
2401Zone Code listGeographic ReportVaavu Atoll (Felidhu Atoll)
24010001Geographic ReportKudiboli KanduYes
24010002Geographic ReportFulidhoo CavesYes
24010003Geographic ReportThe WallYes
24010004Geographic ReportAlimathaa KanduYes
24010005Geographic ReportAlimathaa / Alimatta JettyYes
24010006Geographic ReportMiyara Kandu / Shark PointYes
24010007Geographic ReportDhevana / Dhewana KanduYes
24010008Geographic ReportFelidhoo KanduYes
24010009Geographic ReportLhiththolhu KanduYes
24010010Geographic ReportFushi KanduYes
24010011Geographic ReportFotteyo Kandu / Hurahu KanduYes
24010012Geographic ReportEast PointYes
24010013Geographic ReportRakeedhoo Corner / Rakeedhoo FaruYes
24010014Geographic ReportMathaa GiriYes
24010015Geographic ReportAnbara GiriYes
24010016Geographic ReportVali ThilaYes
24010017Geographic ReportDhakunu Kandu / Dekunu KanduNo
24010018Geographic ReportHanjahi GiriNo
24010019Geographic ReportKahabu GiriNo
2402Zone Code listGeographic ReportMeemu Atoll (Mulakatholhu)
24020001Geographic ReportVattaru KanduYes
24020002Geographic ReportVanhuravalhi KanduYes
24020003Geographic ReportShark's TongueYes
24020004Geographic ReportMantas and MoreYes
24020005Geographic ReportBoahura ExpressYes
24020006Geographic ReportChapati TilasYes
24020007Geographic ReportPretty in PinkYes
24020008Geographic ReportSimply the BestYes
24020009Geographic ReportPicassoYes
24020010Geographic ReportMedhufushi TilaYes
24020011Geographic ReportRayvilla WreckYes
24020012Geographic ReportDhekuna ThilaYes
24020013Geographic ReportKurali BeruYes
24020014Geographic ReportVangurar AlhiNo
24020015Geographic ReportDhigaru HulbaYes
24020016Geographic ReportMeemu Mulee BegruYes
24020017Geographic ReportMolham KaholuYes
2403Zone Code listGeographic ReportFaafu Atoll (North Nilandhe Atoll)
24030001Geographic ReportFilitheyo OutsideYes
24030002Geographic ReportFilitheyo HousereefYes
2404Zone Code listGeographic ReportDhaalu Atoll (South Nilandhe Atoll)
24040001Geographic ReportMeedhoo CavesYes
24040002Geographic ReportVelavaru KanduYes
24040003Geographic ReportVelavaru ThilaYes
24040004Geographic ReportBandidhoo GiriYes
2405Zone Code listGeographic ReportThaa Atoll (Kolhumadulu)
24050001Geographic ReportDhiffushi KanduYes
24050002Geographic ReportDhiyamigiliYes
2406Zone Code listGeographic ReportLaamu Atoll (Hadhdhunmathi)
24060001Geographic ReportIsdhooYes
24060002Geographic ReportMaabaidhoo KanduYes
24060003Geographic ReportMundoo KanduNo
2407Zone Code listGeographic ReportHuvadhu Atoll
24070001Geographic ReportVilingili KanduYes
24070002Geographic ReportKuredhdhoo KanduYes
24070003Geographic ReportNilandhoo KanduYes
24070004Geographic ReportNilandhoo GiriYes
24070005Geographic ReportHafsa ThilaYes
24070006Geographic ReportMaafushi BeruYes
24070007Geographic ReportShort Cut ChannelYes
24070008Geographic ReportMeradhoo KanduYes
24070009Geographic ReportMeradhoo ThilaYes
24070010Geographic ReportDhevana ThilaYes
24070011Geographic ReportHootu KanduYes
24070012Geographic ReportKaadedhdhoo KanduYes
24070013Geographic ReportKondey KanduYes
24070014Geographic ReportDhiyadhooYes
24070015Geographic ReportMaarehaa KanduYes
24070016Geographic ReportVaadhoo ThilaYes
24070017Geographic ReportMofzaa ThilaYes
24070018Geographic ReportVodamulaaYes