REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: SOP
Zone: Vatu-i-ra Barrier Reef and Makongi Channel

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
51020101Geographic ReportCat's MeowYes
51020102Geographic ReportHumann Nature (Bligh Water)Yes
51020103Geographic ReportUndeNAIAble Reef / WallYes
51020104Geographic ReportE-6 / Cathedrals / North WallYes
51020105Geographic ReportMt. Mutiny / Hi-8Yes
51020107Geographic ReportWhite Rock (Makogai Island)No
51020108Geographic ReportGolden Rock (Wakaya Island)No
51020109Geographic ReportWakaya Pass (Wakaya Island)No
51020110Geographic ReportGem Stone (Wakaya Island)No
51020111Geographic ReportSand Point (Wakaya Island)No
51020112Geographic ReportRustic Arch (Makogai Island)No
51020113Geographic ReportCoral Corner / Pure Magic / Instant Replay (Vatu-i-ra)Yes
51020114Geographic ReportGo Mo / G6 (Vatu-i-ra)Yes
51020115Geographic ReportMellow Yellow ( Vatu-i-ra )Yes
51020116Geographic ReportMaytag (Vatu-i-ra)Yes
51020117Geographic ReportHoward's DinerYes
51020118Geographic ReportWhite Wall (aka Channel, Wakaya Island)Yes
51020119Geographic ReportVatu Vai (Wakaya Island)Yes
51020120Geographic ReportWakaya Bay Anchor by Chance (Nai'a Anchorage Wakaya Island)Yes
51020121Geographic ReportWhole Shebang (Vatu-i-ra)Yes
51020122Geographic ReportAlacrity Pass / Vatu Express (Vatu-i-ra)Yes
51020123Geographic ReportVatu-i-ra Island Site AYes
51020124Geographic ReportCharlie's Garden (Vatu-i-ra)Yes
51020125Geographic ReportNukurauvula (Nananu-i-ra)Yes
51020126Geographic ReportGolden Sunset / Golden Dreams (Nananu-i-ra)Yes
51020127Geographic ReportRick's Rocks (Makogai Island)Yes
51020128Geographic ReportBecky's (Makogai Island)Yes
51020129Geographic ReportPinball Alley (Makogai Island)Yes
51020130Geographic ReportRon's Delight (Makogai Island)Yes
51020131Geographic ReportVatu Vula (Makogai Island)Yes
51020132Geographic ReportLion's Den (Wakaya Island)Yes
51020133Geographic ReportNasi YalodinaYes
51020134Geographic ReportGreen ReefNo
51020135Geographic ReportMoses ReefNo
51020136Geographic ReportAquariumYes
51020137Geographic ReportCalm RockYes
51020138Geographic ReportDominoes (Makogai Island)Yes
51020139Geographic ReportHalf PipeYes
51020140Geographic ReportChristineYes
51020141Geographic ReportJoji's ReefYes
51020142Geographic ReportBlue Ridge (Wakaya Island)Yes
51020144Geographic ReportAlacrity WallYes
51020147Geographic ReportChina ShopYes
51020148Geographic ReportHole in One (Wakaya Island)Yes
51020149Geographic ReportWedding ChapelYes
51020150Geographic ReportThe MazeYes
51020151Geographic ReportNananu-i-ra Point (Nananu-i-Ra Island)Yes
51020152Geographic ReportMakogai Village ReefYes
51020153Geographic ReportMakodroga Point (Makogai Island)Yes
51020154Geographic ReportMakogai PeninsulaYes
51020155Geographic ReportMakogai Village Jetty / Village DockYes
51020156Geographic ReportUndeNAI'Able PinnacleYes
51020157Geographic ReportGrottos (Nananu-i-ra)Yes
51020158Geographic ReportTwo Pinnacles (Nananu-i-ra)Yes
51020159Geographic ReportLabyrinth (Nananu-i-ra)Yes
51020160Geographic ReportEaster Kangaroo (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020161Geographic ReportMary's Maytag (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020162Geographic ReportPandora's Box (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020164Geographic ReportPlease use 51020113 (was Instant Replay)No
51020165Geographic ReportBlack Magic Mountain (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020166Geographic ReportPotluck (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020167Geographic ReportGarden of Eden (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020168Geographic ReportJosh's Site (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020170Geographic ReportPurple Haze (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020172Geographic ReportStone Flowers (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020173Geographic ReportVatu VonuYes
51020174Geographic ReportPeaceful Feeling (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020175Geographic ReportEasy Feeling (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020176Geographic ReportFish For All (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020177Geographic ReportWhiptail Way (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes
51020178Geographic ReportLighthouse Reserve (Vatu-i-Ra)Yes