REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: SOP
Zone: Other Fiji Islands

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
520401Zone Code listGeographic ReportGau Island
52040101Geographic ReportJim's Alley (Gau Island)Yes
52040102Geographic ReportNigali Passage (Gau Island)Yes
52040103Geographic ReportAnthias Avenue (Gau Island)Yes
52040104Geographic ReportHarold's Bay (Gau Island)No
52040105Geographic ReportLovu Village Visit (Gau Island)Yes
52040106Geographic ReportAnthias IIYes
52040107Geographic ReportOutside Slope Nigali PassageYes
52040108Geographic ReportJungle Jig (Gau Island)Yes
520402Zone Code listGeographic ReportTaveuni Island (inc. Somo Somo Strait, Matangi and Rabi Islands)
52040201Geographic ReportBarracuda Hole (Somo Somo Strait)Yes
52040202Geographic ReportFish Factory (Somo Somo Strait)Yes
52040203Geographic ReportRainbow Passage (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040204Geographic ReportGreat White Wall (Somo Somo Strait)Yes
52040205Geographic ReportThe Zoo (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040206Geographic ReportSam's Point (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040207Geographic ReportNuku Reef (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040208Geographic ReportMatangi Island WestYes
52040209Geographic ReportThe Rock (Matangi Island)Yes
52040210Geographic ReportAlbert Cove East Entrance Pass (Rabi Island)Yes
52040211Geographic ReportAlbert Cove East Anchorage (Rabi Island)Yes
52040212Geographic ReportAlbert Cove West Entrance Pass (Rabi Island)Yes
52040213Geographic ReportNorth Cove - East Side (Matangi Island)Yes
52040214Geographic ReportThe Ledge (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040215Geographic ReportFreeway (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040216Geographic ReportJerry's Jellies (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040217Geographic ReportCoral Garden (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040218Geographic ReportBlue Ribbon Eel Reef (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040219Geographic ReportStorm Warning (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040220Geographic ReportRainbows End (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040221Geographic ReportAnnies Bommies (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040222Geographic ReportThe Curve (Somo Somo Strait)No
52040223Geographic ReportThe Stairs (Vuna Reef)No
52040224Geographic ReportParadise Taveuni House ReefYes
52040225Geographic ReportOrgasm (Vuna Reef)Yes
52040226Geographic ReportFossen's SlopeYes
52040227Geographic ReportPurple WallYes
52040228Geographic ReportPurple West CoastYes
520403Zone Code listGeographic ReportKadavu Island
52040301Geographic ReportJapanese GardenYes
52040302Geographic ReportNurseryYes
52040303Geographic ReportFish MarketYes
52040304Geographic ReportShark AlleyYes
52040305Geographic ReportPurple Wall 2Yes
52040306Geographic ReportBeacons ReefYes
52040307Geographic ReportCoral GardenYes
52040308Geographic ReportPurple WallYes
52040309Geographic ReportMNMYes
52040310Geographic ReportDay DreamYes
52040311Geographic ReportMellow Yellow (Kadavu Island)Yes
52040312Geographic ReportPitonsYes
52040313Geographic ReportEye CatcherYes
52040314Geographic ReportDonna EllaYes
52040315Geographic ReportStop OverYes
52040316Geographic ReportRobert's ReefYes
52040317Geographic ReportRichard's BommieYes
52040318Geographic ReportTerraceYes
52040319Geographic ReportBig PointYes
52040320Geographic ReportOutside Two Tree IslandYes
52040321Geographic ReportDavid's ReefYes
52040322Geographic ReportMatava House ReefYes
52040323Geographic ReportManta Reef (Matava Manta Dive)Yes
520404Zone Code listGeographic ReportOno Island (inc. Bulia, Yaukuvelevu, Dravuni)
52040401Geographic ReportBouwa BommiesYes
52040402Geographic ReportDark Cave of Broken StoneYes
52040403Geographic ReportYabu TwoYes
52040404Geographic ReportYabuYes
52040405Geographic ReportSwimming PoolsYes
52040406Geographic ReportMutiny WaiYes
52040407Geographic ReportJack's ReefYes
52040408Geographic ReportBlue CaveYes
52040409Geographic ReportSplit Rock (Ono Island)Yes
52040410Geographic ReportBroken StoneYes
52040411Geographic ReportYabu PassageYes
52040412Geographic ReportCabbage PatchNo
52040413Geographic ReportMai Dive House ReefNo
52040414Geographic ReportArchwayNo
52040415Geographic ReportArchway IINo
52040416Geographic ReportGeorgia's ReefNo
52040417Geographic ReportNadrauNo
52040418Geographic ReportDravuni PassageYes
520405Zone Code listGeographic ReportOvalau and nearby islands
52040501Geographic ReportLeleuvia IslandYes