REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TEP
Zone: Punta Cabeza Mechuda - Punta San Lorenzo

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
3501Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Cabeza Mechuda
3502Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Coyote
3503Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de La Paz
35030001Geographic ReportPichilingue (Cantamar Resort)Yes
35030002Geographic ReportEl MogoteYes
35030003Geographic ReportLa Concha isloteYes
35030004Geographic ReportEl Cajete Sargasso ReefYes
35030005Geographic ReportEl Cajete WallYes
35030006Geographic ReportPlaya TecoloteYes
35030007Geographic ReportSan RafaelitoYes
35030008Geographic ReportPhosphorus Mine Pier and Wreck (San Juan de la Costa) Yes
35030009Geographic ReportPichilingue Beach (north end)Yes
35030010Geographic ReportCooper RockYes
35030101Geographic ReportIsla Gaviota (Isla Lobos)Yes
3504Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Prieta
3505Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Lorenzo
3506Zone Code listGeographic ReportEspiritu Santo, La Partida, Los Islotes
35060001Geographic ReportPunta Lobos / Old Sea LionsYes
35060002Geographic ReportEl Bajo - NE of Isla La PartidaYes
35060003Geographic ReportEl Bajito - NW of Isla La PartidaYes
35060004Geographic ReportLos Islotes ArchYes
35060005Geographic ReportLos MuellecitosNo
35060006Geographic ReportRoca Tintorera (La Partida Island)Yes
35060007Geographic ReportIsla La PartidaNo
35060008Geographic ReportIsla Ballena (shoreline not wreck)Yes
35060009Geographic ReportSwanne / Suwannee Reef / Swanee River / Roca SwanyYes
35060010Geographic ReportFang Ming / Chinese WreckYes
35060011Geographic ReportSalvatierra WreckYes
35060012Geographic ReportRookery Shallows - Los IslotesYes
35060013Geographic ReportLos Islotes WestYes
35060014Geographic ReportNorth Side Boulders, Los IslotesNo
35060015Geographic ReportBahia San GabrielNo
35060016Geographic ReportPunta PrietaYes
35060017Geographic ReportLos Islotes CaveYes
35060018Geographic ReportJawfish Sand Los Islotes (S. of Rookery Shallows)Yes
35060019Geographic ReportC-59 Frigate / Minesweeper (Navy Wreck)Yes
35060020Geographic ReportPunta Catedral (Cathedral Point next to C59)No
35060021Geographic ReportLapas 3 WreckYes
35060022Geographic ReportLa Lobera del ParditoNo
35060023Geographic ReportBahia CocinaNo
35060024Geographic ReportMangroves Lagoon Bahia CocinaNo
35060025Geographic ReportUse 35030007 (was San Rafaelito)No
35060026Geographic ReportPearl Farm (San Gabriel Bay)Yes
35060027Geographic ReportEl Corralito Coral ReefYes
35060028Geographic ReportEl Corralito Rocky ReefYes
35060029Geographic ReportSea Lion Colony Zone A (Los Islotes)Yes
35060030Geographic ReportCoral Reef / Los Islotes East Yes
35060031Geographic ReportS. of Ensenada Grande 2 (Isla La Partida)Yes
35060032Geographic ReportEnsenade Grande N. Side (Isla La Partida)Yes
35060033Geographic ReportIsla El CandeleroYes
35060034Geographic ReportBahia Candelero, south side Yes
35060035Geographic ReportBahia San GabrielYes
35060036Geographic ReportCabeza de la Ballena Yes
35060037Geographic ReportTintoreraYes
35060038Geographic ReportEnsenada Grande Mobula DiveYes
35060039Geographic ReportLos Islotes North Yes
35060040Geographic ReportLos Islotes SouthYes
35060041Geographic ReportFun Baja Tent BeachYes
35060042Geographic ReportThe MonumentYes
35060043Geographic ReportPunta El Cardonal (Isla la Partida)Yes
35060044Geographic ReportPizaron Blanco (Isla la Partida)Yes
35060045Geographic ReportLa Biblioteca / The LibraryYes
35060046Geographic ReportBalandra Bay (North side, west of Playa Balandra)Yes
35060048Geographic ReportEl AbnegadoYes
35060049Geographic ReportLa BarraYes
35060050Geographic ReportPaileboteYes
35060051Geographic ReportEl EmbudoYes
35060052Geographic ReportBonanza (Camp)Yes