REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TEP
Zone: Bajo West Punta Coyote-Cabo Falso

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
4101Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Coyote
41010001Geographic ReportSea Gardens, N BiminiNo
41010002Geographic ReportBimini Brown's Cay (Northern Tip Wreck)No
41010003Geographic ReportPunta Santa CruzYes
41010004Geographic ReportRancho Las Cruces Ocean pool areaYes
4102Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía La Ventana
41020001Geographic ReportReef north of El SargentoYes
41020002Geographic ReportProFaunaBaja Coral Restoration SiteYes
4103Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Arena de la Ventana
4104Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Gorda
4105Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Perico, East Cape
41050001Geographic ReportPunta Perico (s. of point)Yes
41050002Geographic ReportPunta Perico North Face (n. of point)Yes
4106Zone Code listGeographic ReportArrecife de las Focas
41060001Geographic ReportLa Reyna (Kerrigan Light)Yes
4107Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Cerralvo
41070001Geographic ReportLa ReinaYes
41070002Geographic ReportLa ReinitaYes
41070003Geographic ReportLa Punta NorteYes
41070004Geographic ReportCarpintero Sea MountYes
41070005Geographic ReportEl Bajo de la ReinaYes
41070006Geographic ReportCarpintero BeachYes
4108Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Montaña
4109Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Los Muertos
41090001Geographic ReportBahia de los Muertos Sand DiveNo
4110Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Pescadero
41100001Geographic ReportPunta Pescadero, East CapeYes
41100002Geographic ReportEl CardinolYes
4111Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Palmas
4112Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Soledad
4113Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Arena
4114Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Pulmo Marine Park
41140001Geographic ReportEl Islote / Pulmo RockYes
41140002Geographic ReportEl Bajo (Cabo Pulmo)Yes
41140003Geographic ReportEileen's Reef (inner Broccoli Forest Reef)No
41140004Geographic ReportRoca de Jonathon (middle Broccoli)No
41140005Geographic ReportPiedras Wohlford Reef (outer Broccoli)No
41140006Geographic ReportCabo Pulmo ShipwrecksYes
41140007Geographic ReportEl Cantil (Cabo Pulmo)Yes
41140008Geographic ReportThe Deep ReefNo
41140009Geographic ReportMermaid's BeachNo
41140010Geographic ReportLos Morros NorteNo
41140011Geographic ReportEl Bajo de los Morros / Los MorrosYes
41140012Geographic ReportEl BajitoNo
41140013Geographic ReportNorth Boat Ramp (rampa del norte del barco)Yes
41140014Geographic ReportBahia Los Frailes (Cabo Pulmo NP)Yes
41140015Geographic ReportLa Esperanza (Cabo Pulmo)Yes
41140016Geographic ReportLas Casitas, Cabo Palmo ReefYes
41140017Geographic ReportEl Vencedor WreckYes
41140018Geographic ReportLa Lobera / Sea Lion Colony (Cabo Pulmo)Yes
41140019Geographic ReportLas AnclasYes
41140020Geographic ReportCanionYes
41140021Geographic ReportEl CienYes
41140022Geographic ReportLos CantilitosYes
41140023Geographic ReportPibes ReefYes
41140024Geographic ReportEl PedregalYes
41140025Geographic ReportLos ChopitosYes
41140026Geographic ReportEl Cantil NorteYes
4115Zone Code listGeographic ReportLos Frailes
41150001Geographic ReportThe Sea Lion ColonyNo
41150002Geographic ReportThe Submarine CanyonNo
41150003Geographic ReportDos Dagos ReefNo
41150004Geographic ReportLos Frailes Bay North End Reef (beach access)Yes
41150005Geographic ReportEl Bledito ReefNo
4116Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca del Tule
4117Zone Code listGeographic ReportArroyo de la Vinorama
41170001Geographic ReportShipwrecks South (El Cardon)Yes
41170002Geographic ReportShipwrecks North (El Cardon)Yes
4118Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Gorda
4120Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanco Gorda / Gorda Bank (Inside/Outside) / Banco Gorda de Adentra
41200001Geographic ReportInner Gorda BankYes
41200002Geographic ReportOuter Gorda BankYes
4121Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San José del Cabo
41210001Geographic ReportEl Ganzo Beach Club / El Ganso Beach ClubYes
4122Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Palmillas
41220001Geographic ReportChilenos BayYes
41220002Geographic ReportGavilanesYes
41220003Geographic ReportThe BlowholeYes
41220004Geographic ReportLos AbanicosYes
41220005Geographic ReportPunta BellaYes
41220006Geographic ReportCerro ColoradoYes
41220007Geographic ReportBajo de 90Yes
41220008Geographic ReportSanta Maria BayYes
41220009Geographic ReportChileno Resort CorridorYes
41220010Geographic ReportRandom Shark Site OffshoreYes
41220011Geographic ReportPalmilla Bay (off Punta Palmillas)Yes
4123Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia y Cabo San Lucas (incl Cabeza Ballena)
41230001Geographic ReportLa Anegada / Anegada RockYes
41230002Geographic ReportThe Point/Land's EndYes
41230003Geographic ReportLa LargaNo
41230005Geographic ReportPelican Rock / Pelican PointYes
41230006Geographic ReportNorth WallYes
41230007Geographic ReportSanta Maria Beach, Marietta CoveYes
41230008Geographic ReportNeptune's FingerYes
41230009Geographic ReportMiddle WallYes
41230010Geographic ReportPlaya Coral NegroYes
41230011Geographic ReportCabeza Ballena (Whale's Head)Yes
41230012Geographic ReportEl Medano BeachYes
4124Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Falso