REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TEP
Zone: Central America

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
61Zone Code listGeographic ReportGuatemala
62Zone Code listGeographic ReportEl Salvador
63Zone Code listGeographic ReportHonduras
64Zone Code listGeographic ReportNicaragua
65Zone Code listGeographic ReportCosta Rica
6501Zone Code listGeographic ReportConventillos - Playa del Coco
650101Zone Code listGeographic ReportConventillos - Cabo Sta. Elena
65010101Geographic ReportBahia CuajiniquilYes
65010109Geographic ReportRaleigh ReefNo
650102Zone Code listGeographic ReportParque Nacional Santa Rosa
650103Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Parque Nacional Santa Rosa - Playa del Coco
65010301Geographic ReportPlease use 65010308 (was Virador Island) No
65010302Geographic ReportSorpresa / Bajo Sorpresa (Islas Pelonas)Yes
65010303Geographic ReportPlaya Hermosa (snorkel near Bosque del Mar)Yes
65010304Geographic ReportBahia CulebraNo
65010305Geographic ReportCabeza de MonoNo
65010306Geographic ReportArrecife Guiri GuiriNo
65010307Geographic ReportMonkeyhead / Cabeza de MonoYes
65010308Geographic ReportVirador / Turning PointYes
65010309Geographic ReportPunta Argentina / Argentina Point (Islas Pelonas) Yes
65010310Geographic ReportTortuga ShipwreckYes
65010311Geographic ReportPlaya Buena West PointYes
65010312Geographic ReportPlaya Jicaro / Four Seasons (Bahia Culebra)Yes
65010313Geographic ReportPlaya Penca (Punta Cacique - Playa Hermosa side)Yes
65010314Geographic ReportPlaya Calzon de PobreYes
65010315Geographic ReportPlaya ArenillasYes
65010316Geographic ReportPlaya Monte BarcoYes
65010317Geographic ReportPlaypen (Islas Pelonas)Yes
65010318Geographic ReportPlaya Calzon de Pobre WestYes
65010319Geographic ReportPlaya Pochote (Papagayo Peninsula)Yes
65010320Geographic ReportPlaya NacascoloYes
65010321Geographic ReportLos Huevos/Punta HuevosYes
65010322Geographic ReportPalmares Parred / Palmares WallYes
65010323Geographic ReportPalmares La Punta / Palmares PointYes
65010324Geographic ReportMerosYes
65010325Geographic ReportPunta Ballena / Whale PointYes
65010326Geographic ReportLa Cruz (Islas Pelonas)Yes
65010327Geographic ReportPunta CaciqueYes
650104Zone Code listGeographic ReportBat Islands / Islas Murcielago (Santa Rosa Marine Park)
65010401Geographic ReportBig Scare (Isla San Pedrito)No
65010402Geographic ReportBlack Rock (off Isla Colorado)No
65010403Geographic ReportBajo Pachote (Isla Catalina)No
65010404Geographic ReportLos Arcos (Isla Las Golondrinas)No
6502Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Playa del Coco - San Juanillo
650201Zone Code listGeographic ReportParque Nacional Marino las Baulas de Guanacaste
650202Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Playa del Coco - Playa Conchal
65020201Geographic ReportIslas Santa Catalina NW sideYes
65020202Geographic ReportPunta GordaYes
65020203Geographic ReportOcotal Resort BeachYes
65020204Geographic ReportPlease use 65010309 (was Argentina Island)No
65020205Geographic ReportShark Sands / Shark Shallows / SharkYes
65020206Geographic ReportPlease use 65010323 (was Palmares)No
65020207Geographic ReportPlease use 65010308 (was Virador)No
65020208Geographic ReportCorridasYes
65020209Geographic ReportPlease use 65010323 (was Punta Malares)No
65020210Geographic ReportPlease use 65010324 (was Meros)No
65020211Geographic ReportAnchor/AnclaYes
65020212Geographic ReportPhantom/FantasYes
65020213Geographic ReportLa Pared / The WallNo
65020214Geographic ReportIslas Santa Catalina South PointYes
65020215Geographic ReportPunta Cacique El Coco / Coco Bay (Guanacoste)Yes
65020216Geographic ReportTortuga (invalid site use 65010310)No
65020217Geographic ReportTiburones / Shark PointYes
65020218Geographic ReportTranquiloYes
65020219Geographic ReportPlease use 65010317 (was Playpen)No
65020220Geographic ReportPlease use 65010325 (was Punta Ballena)No
65020221Geographic ReportEscorpiones / Escorpion Punta / Scorpion PointYes
65020222Geographic ReportBahia Pez VelaYes
65020223Geographic ReportGuacamayaYes
65020224Geographic ReportRainbowYes
65020225Geographic ReportScuba Point (between Punta Gorda and Tiburones)No
650204Zone Code listGeographic ReportPlaya Langosta - n. San Juanillo (incl. Playa Flam
65020401Geographic ReportFlat RockNo
65020402Geographic ReportIsla Santa Catalina GrandeNo
65020403Geographic ReportElephant Rock / ElefanteYes
65020404Geographic ReportCup Cakes / Las TetesYes
65020405Geographic ReportSombrero West / Two Hats WestYes
65020406Geographic ReportRoca Sucia / Dirty Rock / The WindowYes
65020407Geographic ReportAcuario (Aquarium), OcotalYes
65020408Geographic ReportBajo de MiguelYes
65020409Geographic ReportIslas Santa Catalina Grande EastYes
65020410Geographic ReportIslas BrumelYes
6503Zone Code listGeographic Reports. San Juanillo - Caletas
65030001Geographic ReportPlaya San JuanilloYes
6504Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Caletas - Pta. Corralillo
650401Zone Code listGeographic ReportCuru Bay
65040101Geographic ReportTyre ReefYes
65040102Geographic ReportNancital (Isla Negritos)No
65040103Geographic ReportWest side Alcatrez IslandNo
65040104Geographic ReportBarco Nundido (Punta Georgia)No
65040105Geographic ReportSoutheast Tolinga IslandNo
65040106Geographic ReportSouth Tortuga IslandNo
65040107Geographic ReportPVC ModulesNo
65040108Geographic ReportSouth Tolinga IslandNo
6505Zone Code listGeographic ReportGolfo de Nicoya (Pta. Corralillo - Caldera)
65050001Geographic ReportTortuga Isl.Yes
6506Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Caldera - Quepos
65060001Geographic ReportPlaya LimoncitoYes
65060002Geographic ReportConejo RocksYes
65060003Geographic ReportBass RockYes
6507Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Quepos - Pta. Mala
650701Zone Code listGeographic ReportParque Nacional Manuel Antonio
65070101Geographic ReportPunta QueposYes
65070102Geographic ReportIsla LagoNo
65070103Geographic ReportEl Acuario, Parque Nacional Manuel AntonioYes
65070104Geographic ReportBiesanzYes
65070105Geographic ReportEl ToroYes
65070106Geographic ReportCaptains RockYes
65070107Geographic ReportStarfish GardenYes
65070108Geographic ReportCanyonsYes
65070109Geographic ReportGemelasYes
65070110Geographic ReportSnapperrockYes
65070111Geographic ReportSouthPointYes
65070112Geographic ReportGeoRidgeYes
650702Zone Code listGeographic ReportParque Nacional Marino Ballena
65070201Geographic ReportBajo NegroYes
65070202Geographic ReportPunta UvitaYes
65070203Geographic ReportIsla BallenaYes
65070204Geographic ReportLa ViudaYes
6508Zone Code listGeographic ReportPeninsula de Osa (s. Pta. Mala - Bajo Sucio)
65080001Geographic ReportCana Blanca Golfo Dulce Costa RicaYes
65080002Geographic Report20 MinutosYes
650801Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla del Cano
65080101Geographic ReportEl Ancla / AnchorYes
65080102Geographic ReportBarco / El Barco Hundido / ShipwreckYes
65080103Geographic ReportCueva de los Tiburones / Cave of the SharksYes
65080104Geographic ReportBajo el Diablo / Under the DevilYes
65080105Geographic ReportIsla EsteYes
65080106Geographic ReportCatarataYes
65080107Geographic ReportParaisoYes
65080108Geographic ReportPiedra JurelesYes
65080109Geographic ReportParaiso Barco / Paradise BoatYes
65080110Geographic ReportEl Faro / LighthouseYes
65080111Geographic ReportIsla SurYes
65080112Geographic ReportArcos / ArchesYes
65080113Geographic ReportCirujanos 1 and 2 / Surgeonfish ReefYes
65080114Geographic ReportCoquitosYes
65080115Geographic ReportParaiso Somero / Shallow ParadiseYes
6509Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Baja Sucio - Pta. Gorda
6510Zone Code listGeographic ReportCocos Island
65100001Geographic ReportIsla PajaraYes
65100002Geographic ReportRoca Sucia / Dirty RockYes
65100003Geographic ReportIsla Manuelita - NW sideYes
65100004Geographic ReportSubmerged RockYes
65100005Geographic ReportBajo Alcyone / AlcyoneYes
65100006Geographic ReportIsla Cascara / Viking RockYes
65100007Geographic ReportIsla Manuelita - SW sideYes
65100008Geographic ReportIsla Manuelita - shallowYes
65100009Geographic ReportLobster RockYes
65100010Geographic ReportSilverado (near Ulloa)Yes
65100011Geographic ReportCabo Dampier / Manta CornerYes
65100012Geographic ReportShark Fin Rock/Lone Stone/Piedra SolitariaYes
65100013Geographic ReportDos Amigos PequenoYes
65100014Geographic ReportDos Amigos GrandeYes
65100015Geographic ReportPunta MariaYes
65100016Geographic ReportChatham Bay Waterfall / Bahia ChathamYes
65100017Geographic ReportUlloa / Isla UlloaYes
65100018Geographic ReportIsla Manuelita - ChannelNo
65100019Geographic ReportPan de Azucar / Sweet BreadNo
66Zone Code listGeographic ReportPanama
6601Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta. Burica - Pta. Cativo
660101Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla de Coiba
66010101Geographic ReportFrijolesYes
66010102Geographic ReportRancheria RockYes
66010103Geographic ReportKevin's RockYes
66010104Geographic ReportWahoo RockYes
66010105Geographic ReportCorriente RockYes
66010106Geographic ReportIglesias BayYes
66010107Geographic ReportCenter RockYes
66010108Geographic ReportEntrance RockYes
66010109Geographic ReportSplit RockYes
66010110Geographic ReportEast FaceYes
66010111Geographic ReportClub PacificoYes
66010112Geographic ReportWhaletail RockYes
66010113Geographic ReportLighthouseNo
66010114Geographic ReportSeahorse RockYes
66010115Geographic ReportDamselfish PointYes
660102Zone Code listGeographic ReportLadrones Islands
66010201Geographic ReportLadronitosYes
66010202Geographic ReportBajo OchoYes
66010203Geographic ReportPuntas BlancasYes
66010204Geographic ReportMayan TemplesYes
66010205Geographic ReportHeadbanger's BallYes
66010206Geographic ReportLA FreewayYes
66010207Geographic ReportBarritaYes
66010208Geographic ReportZoroYes
66010209Geographic ReportHancock's CoveYes
660103Zone Code listGeographic ReportMontuosa Island
66010301Geographic ReportTrident PinnaclesYes
66010302Geographic ReportPuntitas BonitasYes
66010303Geographic ReportMontuosa AnchorageYes
660104Zone Code listGeographic ReportContreras Islands
66010401Geographic ReportProspect RockYes
66010402Geographic ReportSmithsonian RockYes
66010403Geographic ReportMoray PointYes
66010404Geographic ReportFisherman's DreamYes
66010405Geographic ReportContreras CutYes
66010406Geographic ReportRobinson's AquariumYes
66010407Geographic ReportRockpileYes
66010408Geographic ReportSeafan RidgeYes
66010409Geographic ReportBug GulchYes
66010410Geographic ReportCoral CoveYes
660105Zone Code listGeographic ReportSecas Island and nearby islands
66010501Geographic ReportIsla Cavada NE BayYes
6602Zone Code listGeographic Reporte. of Pta. Cativo - Pta. Mariato
6603Zone Code listGeographic Reporte. of Pta. Mariato - Pta. Mala
6604Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Pta. Mala - Pta. Chame
66040001Geographic ReportIguana Island / Las MorenasYes
66040002Geographic ReportIsla FarallonYes
66040003Geographic ReportFarallon Beach / Playa FarallonYes
6605Zone Code listGeographic Reporte. of Pta. Chame - Pta. del Credo
66050001Geographic ReportMorro Point - Taboga IslandYes
6606Zone Code listGeographic ReportArchipielago de las Perlas
66060001Geographic ReportPachita IslandNo
66060002Geographic ReportCatalina IslandNo
660601Zone Code listGeographic ReportContadora Island
66060101Geographic ReportPlaya EjecutivaYes
66060102Geographic ReportPlaya de Las SuecasYes
6607Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Pta. del Credo - Sta. Barbara
6608Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Sta. Barbara - Colombia border