Barrend Hamlet by Janna Nichols
7/9/2020 8:00pm EDT
Christy and Brice Semmens

Please join REEF for another fun FISHY HOUR with a game of Fishardy - a fish Jeopardy-style game. This version will be for fish found in our Tropical Western Atlantic region!

Tropical Western Atlantic
Lionfish - photo by Carol Cox
6/16/2020 8:00pm EDT
Dr. Alli Candelmo

Join REEF staff Dr. Alli Candelmo for an update on current research findings of the invasive lionfish in the Tropical Western Atlantic. 

[Originally scheduled for Wednesday, December 4th, 2019, but rescheduled due to Presenter illness]

Tropical Western Atlantic
5/29/2020 8:00pm EDT
Christy and Brice Semmens

Join us for another rollicking good fun hour of playing Fish Jeopardy, this time featuring fish and invertebrates found in all our REEF regions around the world! This game is just for fun, but if you learn something along the way, that's even better.

General / Other Taxa
Crown Butterfly - photo by Carol Cox
5/20/2020 8:00pm EDT
Dr. Christy Semmens

Join Dr. Christy Semmens in a presentation on the endemic fish of the beautiful Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

Fish species included in this session are:

South Pacific / Indo Pacific / Indian Ocean / Red Sea
5/8/2020 8:00pm EDT
David Ehlert, Game Show Host

Have some socially-distanced fun during your COVID-19 time at home by joining us online for version 2.0 of our interactive game you can play at home - Fish Jeopardy (with a twist)!

Tropical Western Atlantic
Indigo Hamlet - photo by Carlos Estape
4/16/2020 8:00pm EDT
Janna Nichols

Please join Janna Nichols in a presentation on the fishes of Guanaja, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras in our Tropical Western Atlantic region.
Fish species taught in this session include:

Tropical Western Atlantic