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Do you have a group of friends, family, dive buddies, or colleagues who want to participate in the Fish Out of Water 5K together? Then form a "Fish Shoal". Create a fun name for your group and designate a Shoal Captain to submit the information using the button below.

Form a Fish Shoal

Each member of your Shoal still needs to register for the race here

When registering, there is a place on the Race Registration form to list your Shoal Name. Also as part of registration, participants will each select their desired Fish Team (in 2021, there are five options - Bandit Angelfish, China Rockfish, Golden Hamlet, Madarinfish, and Spiny Lumpsucker). Members of a given Fish Shoal do not need to select the same Fish Team.

Want inspiration? Scroll down to check out the list of 2021 Fish Shoal names registered so far.


So you may be wondering... why are we calling your group a Fish Shoal and not a Fish School? The answer is because each member of your group will select their own Fish Team and they don't have to pick the same species. A simple group of fish is called a "shoal." It can contain a number of species. Shoaling makes it easier for fish to find food because more individuals are on the lookout. Large numbers also help fish find mates. In addition, being in a group offers some protection against predators, similar to hiding in a crowd. A group of the same species of fish that swim together and move in a synchronized manner is referred to as a "school."

There is no additional cost to form a Shoal. It's just a fun way to build camaraderie among your racemates. We encourage Shoals to get creative with costumes, themes, prompts, etc.

*Reminder - creating a Fish Shoal does not include registration for the Fish Our of Water 5K. Each participant still needs to register for the race here. Creating a Fish Shoal just provides an opportunity for extra fun and promotion.

Presenting the 2021 Fish Shoals! 

Want to form a Shoal? Click the button above to form your Shoal and then encourage your friends, family, or co-workers to join your Shoal and participate in the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K.

1st Plaice Ribbon(fish)
Atlantic Spadefish
Awesome PHIsh Trackers
Blue Crabs
Blue Marine
Blue Oasis Dive Centre
Blue Planet Scuba
Chicago Rainbow 5K Runners
Chickens of the Sea
Coral Restoration Foundation Coral Crew
Crab Rave
Deep Divas and Odie
Fairy Basslets
Fast and Furious - Starring Fin Diesel
Fintastic Flying Fish Shoal
First Coast Fish
Fish Are Friends
Fishies and Oceans
Flapping Dingbats
Flying Fox(grove) Fish
Giant Striders
Group O' Divers
Harbor WildWatch
Houston Eagle Rays
Just Keep Swimming
Kenni's Coral Krew
Knucklehead Sharks
Kraken Drinks
Kraken Up
Los Marlins
Maui Fish
Maui Mermaids
Mean Green Machine
Ocean Quest Dive Team
Sea Flap Flaps
SECONN Stripers
Semmens Super Sharks
Shark Bait
Sharky Malarkey
Team Ctenophore!
The Bull Shark Bandits
The Nudies
The Opulent Octopuses
The Shoal Offs
Tinker's Butterflyfish
Wateree Rock Beauties