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How does a 5K work? |How to register? | Other ways to support marine conservation |What's included in the 5K fee? | Participating in a group | Sharing your 5K experience | Is there a social contest?| Recording your 5K time |Can packages be shipped internationally? |
Can you participate if you don't want the race swag? |What is the Oceans for All fund? |What is the history of this event?
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How does a virtual 5K work?

When you sign up for the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K, you’ll pay a registration fee (varies by registration deadlines). Proceeds of the registration fee support the REEF Oceans for All Fund prior to the race, all registered participants will receive:

  • Limited-edition Fish Out of Water 5K shirt (cooling performance long sleeve unisex style shirt)
  • Race bib (digital PDF you can cutomize and print at home) Download here!
  • 5 vinyl stickers each featuring one of the 2022 Fish Teams

The Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K will take place June 6-12, 2022. You can choose to walk, run, bike, hike, or any other creative mode of movement to complete the 5K in your community. You can complete the 5K in one day or over multiple days throughout the week. 

How do I register for the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K?

Registration for the 2022 Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K is currently open! Visit our registration page to sign up. 

How else can I support marine conservation through the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K?

When submitting your registration, you’ll have the opportunity to join the REEF Ocean All-Stars by adding a donation to your 5K registration. The Fish Out of Water Virutal 5K benefits the REEF Oceans For All Fund, which supports individuals who have had limited opportunities to learn about, experience, and explore the ocean. The fund reduces barriers that limit diverse individuals and groups from participating in REEF programs through scholarships and other outreach initiatives. REEF Ocean All-Stars will receive special recognition along with regular donor benefits. 

REEF’s Ocean All-Stars donation levels:

  • $600 Supports Discovery Programs for two groups. Each program includes four hours of hands-on ocean activities for up to 30 students. 
  • $200 Supports Virtual Field Trips for two classrooms
  • $100 Supports an Ocean Explorers reference library for a classroom
  • $50 Supports an Ocean Explorers one-hour live demo or lesson for a classroom
  • $??? Your desired donation, a gift of any size makes a difference

What's included in each of the race packages?

The 2022 race packages will include:

  • Limited edition race shirt (long sleeve cooling performance unisex style)
  • Race bib (digital PDF you can cutomize and print at home). Download here!
  • 5 vinyl stickers each featuring one of the 2022 Fish Teams vinyl 

Packages include domestic shipping within the US. Flat rate shipping at $25 will apply to international addresses. Some exclusions apply. Packages will be shipped 2-3 weeks before the race. You can register and pay for multiple people in one transaction; only one shipping address per transaction.

Can I participate in the race as part of a group?

Yes! Visit our ‘Form a Fish Shoal’ page for more information. You can compete with your local dive shop, family, friends, and more! Any group of individuals, even from different geographic locations, can form a Fish Shoal together. Create a fun name for your group and designate a Shoal Captain to submit the information. Then each individual will register and list the Fish Shoal name on their registration form. Members of a Shoal do not need to select the same Fish Team (that is why it’s called a Shoal and not a School, shoals can contain different species but schools are typically the same species). Shoals are encouraged to get creative with their name, costumes, themes, and please – send us photos and videos of the fun! It doesn’t cost extra to form a Shoal.

How can I share my race experience with REEF?

When you finish your 5K, help us celebrate with you! Please send us race day photos or videos, so we can recognize your accomplishment and celebrate virtually. Share your race photos with us at 5Krace@REEF.org or on social media by tagging REEF. You can also use the hashtags #REEFRace and #FishOutOfWater5K!

Is there a social contest this year?

Yes! Anyone who shares a photo of themselves in their race gear on social media with at least one of the hashtags given above (#REEFRace or #FishOutOfWater5K), or by sending us a photo by email to 5Krace@REEF.org, will be entered to win a basket of REEF goodies!

If you plan on sharing your photos on social media to be entered into the raffle drawing, be sure your check your post privacy settings on set to public before sharing your 5K photos. 

Do I need to record my time for completing the 5K?

It's up to you. If you track your time and distance using a fitness watch or app on your phone, we encourage you to share your success with us after the race. Before race week, we will provide a survey form link for participants who want to submit their race time. All submissions will go directly to REEF, and the form will allow you to keep your time submission anonymous if you prefer. 

Can my race package be shipped internationally?

Yes! We can ship your package anywhere. There is no cost for US domestic shipping. International shipping will incur a $25 flat rate fee. Some exclusions apply. 

Can I participate even if I do not want the race swag?

Yes! If you do not want some or all of the included race swag, but want to participate, let us know in the Questions and Comments section of the race registration form. 

What is the Oceans for All Fund?

The REEF Ocean for All Fund is a pooled scholarship fund supported by businesses, foundations, and individuals committed to investing in a more equitable future for marine conservation. This fund promotes inclusive opportunities for people to connect with, enjoy, and learn about the underwater world. REEF works in partnership with established organizations that serve underrepresented groups to identify communities and groups to provide in-person and online programs, ensuring that cultivating connections with the ocean is not limited by zip code. The Oceans for All Fund reduces barriers that might limit diverse individuals and groups from participating in Ocean Explorers Programs and other REEF programs. To learn more about the Oceans for All Fund, click here here.

What is the history of this event?

In 2020, during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, REEF initiated the virtual 5K as a way to bring our community together. The inaugural race had almost 500 participants from 37 states and 8 countries. Click here to see more results from past events. 

Need more information?

If you have any further questions about the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K, please email 5Krace@REEF.org or call 305-852-0030.