Welcome to Citizen Science Corner, our quarterly feature to celebrate those who recently reached a milestone in our Volunteer Fish Survey Project. Here are achievements from January, February and March, 2024.

Juvenile Hamlet Award

The Juvenile Hamlet Award is for individuals who have conducted 500+ REEF surveys. Congratulations to our latest Juvenile Hamlet Club member, Naomi Wooten! Read more about the Juvenile Hamlet award and others who have achieved it.

Experience Level Advancements

REEF Experience Levels are a way for divers and snorkelers to measure their fish ID knowledge along with their surveying experience. Experience Levels are achieved by submitting a certain number of surveys and passing a fish ID test. For more info, visit www.REEF.org/experiencelevels. Let's hear it for these REEF members who have advanced an Experience Level!

All listed below are Level 2 unless otherwise noted.

California (CAL)

Charlotte Dossey
Chris Clover
Kacie Weiper
Mark Paraschuk
Mary Wholey
Michael DelValle
Ted Molter

Indian Ocean - Red Sea (IORS)

Christina Ewerhardy

Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP)

Janeen Judah
Marla Walther
Martha Ornelas
Neil Ericsson
Stacey Henderson

Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA)

Sarah Weaver - Level 5
Adam Rounce
Addison Maddox
Adrian Noble
Aidan Hussey
Alanna Del Basso
Allan Medina
Alyssa Castro
Amberly Wieczorek
Amelia Gomez Uribe
Andrea Kuljanin
Ariana Lane
Ashley Kusel
Auxane Coutanceau
Baylee Blute
Caleb Mitchell
Chloe Lynn
Davis McLead
Ela Gokcigdem
Eliza Porter
Ella Armbruster
Ella Carmichael
Elliot Tong
Emma Van Prooyen
Faith Linville
Glenn Mitchell
Grace Burtnick
Isabel Hansen
Isabella Ernst
Isabelle Pathik
Jadia Adams
Jaynie Regis
Jessy Thomas
Jody Thomas
John Anderson
Katie Goris
Kelly Doyle
Kristi Carroll Lorin
Landon Juarez
Lara Fitts
Leah Egosi
Lisa Niepelt
Lyndsey Ruiz
Madison Enriquez
Mairi Walker
Mallory Willem
Melissa Meadows
Nick Wilson
Noah Stauch
Olivia Andrisani
Piotr Jankowski
Ramon Newton
Roz-Anna Baker
Rylan Reyes
Sara Tershel
Sebastian Navarro
Sian Mark
Sierra Mulholland
Sofie Misiuta de Brito
Stevie Wittman
Sydney Houck
Tito Oliveras
Tyler Geer
Walker Smith