Meet our August Fish of the Month, the Redspotted Hawkfish, Amblycirrhitus pinos!

Survey Regions: The Redspotted Hawkfish is found in the Tropical Western Atlantic region. Click here to view the REEF database sightings report for this species.

Size: They grow to about 4 inches.

Identifying Features: Redspotted Hawkfish have a pale body covered with brown bars. Their head, upper body, and dorsal fin are covered in red spots, and like other Hawkfish species, their dorsal fin tips have pom pom-like "tassels."

Fun Facts: There are more than 35 species of Hawkfish worldwide, but the Redspotted Hawkfish is the only Hawkfish species found in the Tropical Western Atlantic. They are often seen perching on coral or flitting around in the open for short distances. In many locations in the Caribbean, they can be seen living on or around blade fire coral in shallow water.

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Photo by Florent Charpin.