We are now accepting registrations for our Invasive Lionfish Trip aboard the Belize Aggressor III on June 8-15, 2019. This trip will be led by Invasive Species Program Coordinator, Alli Candelmo, Ph.D., and Education Program Manager, Ellie Splain. This Invasive Lionfish Trip is part of REEF’s ongoing effort to monitor the establishment and consequences of invasive lionfish on native fish populations and reef ecosystems. In addition to learning about lionfish biology and ecology, as well as the background of the invasion, participants will have the opportunity to be trained in safe collection and handling procedures, such as removing lionfish with pole spears, ZooKeeper devices, and hand nets, as well as hands-on lessons in lionfish dissections and filleting. Join this trip today for a fun way to play an active role in addressing the lionfish invasion. 

For complete details including pricing and package inclusions, visit the trip webpage here. To register, please e-mail trips@REEF.org