Caroly’s Notes

Welcome to our December e-News! This month’s edition of e-News starts with a gentle reminder to support our winter fundraising campaign which helps provide the funds for all of the work that we do; information about our collaborative Grouper Moon Project outreach at the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute in Colombia attended by REEF’s Director of Science, Dr. Christy Pattengill-Semmens, and our Invasive Species Program Coordinator, Dr. Alli Candelmo; a profile of REEF member and Tropical Eastern Pacific level 5 expert surveyor Annette Felix; information about our invasive lionfish workshops in Florida led by Alli; notice about our 2019 Fishinar schedule; creative ways to donate that can lower your taxes to boot; and a profile on one of our former Marine Conservation Interns, Alexis Balinski. We have also just set up an Invasive Lionfish Trip to Belize in June 2019, and are accepting registrations now. Finally, we are offering a beautiful REEF calendar for 2019 featuring photos, quotes from our members, and information about REEF events. As for me, next week, I’m attending the Reef Futures 2018 conference here in Key Largo, which brings together coral reef experts from around the world to share the latest science and techniques for coral reef restoration, conservation, and management, and starts up a global effort to dramatically scale-up the impact of restoration efforts. I’m looking forward to meeting with potential REEF partners and former colleagues, and exploring ways to expand REEF’s impact. As always, I look forward to hearing from you any time, with your ideas, questions, or comments. Best Fishes, Caroly