Fire up your computers and mobile devices! It's time for more of your favorite online REEF Fishinars, our special brand of free, interactive, live webinars. You can join us from your home, sitting in the car or coffeeshop, or anywhere you have an internet connection. More info about our Fishinars and how to register can be found here.

Sand and Silt in the Salish Sea - Feb. 12 at 7pm Pacific time: February's Fishinar focuses on the Salish Sea - that body of water inland from the Pacific coast that spans from Puget Sound in Washington up into British Columbia in Canada. Many divers avoid diving in sandy, silty areas because they're "boring" - but true fish geeks know that silty-bottomed habitats are home to many unique fish and invertebrates. Janna Nichols will be teaching this one. Click here to register.

Central Indo-Pacific Top 25 - March 16 at 8pm Eastern time: If you've ever been to the Central Indo-Pacific region, you know it's fish overload at first glance! Christy Semmens will help you narrow your focus down to the top 25 fish, which will eliminate those fishy anxiety attacks. (You know the ones - where there's colorful fish everywhere and you don't have a clue what they are!) Click here to register.