Instead of flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day, why not give your loved one a Whale Shark instead? REEF Conservation Creatures allow gift givers to symbolically adopt an ocean animal in honor of a special person in their life. Conservation Creatures are iconic species that highlight the diversity of ocean ecosystems and encourage understanding and respect for marine life. There are plenty of animals to choose from, including Sea Otters, Flame Angelfish, Manatees, and more. When you symbolically adopt a Conservation Creature, we'll send your receipent the plush, along with a personalized adoption certificate, sticker, and fact sheet with information about the animal's habitat, characteristics, potential threats, and global distribution in REEF's Volunteer Fish Survey Project regions. You can choose to simply purchase the plush, or symbolically adopt the Conservation Creature and support REEF's marine conservation mission. Symbolic adoptions are $40 each, or you can adopt any three Conservation Creatures for $100. You can purchase a symbolic adoption through REEF's online store here.