Welcome to Citizen Science Corner, our quarterly feature to celebrate those who recently reached a milestone in our Volunteer Fish Survey Project. Here are achievements from October, November, and December 2022:

Golden Hamlet Award
The Golden Hamlet Club award is for those who have conducted 1000+ REEF surveys. Congratulations to Claude Nichols and Jonathan Lavan, who both recently joined the Golden Hamlet Club! Read more about their achievement in the  November 2022 e-News.

Juvenile Hamlet Award

The Juvenile Hamlet Award is for individuals who have conducted 500+ REEF surveys. You can read more here. Congratulations to our latest Juvenile Hamlet Club member, Karen Bogart!

Experience Level Advancements

REEF Experience Levels are a way for divers and snorkelers to measure their fish ID knowledge along with their surveying experience. From beginner to expert, you'll find plenty of resources and friends to help you along the way. Experience Levels are achieved by submitting a certain number of surveys and passing a fish ID test. For more info, visit www.REEF.org/experiencelevels. Let's hear it for these REEF members who have advanced an Experience Level! All listed below are Level 2 unless otherwise noted.

California (CAL)

Alicia Llorente
Kevin Nuibe
Marc Hernaiz
Vishal Kunnil

Central Indo-Pacific (CIP)

Mary Adams - Level 3

Indian Ocean / Red Sea (IORS)

Carol Cox - Level 3
Ellie Briscoe

Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Deborah Halley

Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP)

Alice Ribbens - Level 5
Laurie Fulton - Level 5
Will Ribbens - Level 4
Eric Frick - Level 3
Janet Camp - Level 3
Jet Long - Level 3
Nan Schmidt - Level 3
Lex Bryant

Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA)

Melanie Moreno - Level 5
Natalie Patetta - Level 4
Carol Risdall - Level 3
Martha Klitzkie - Level 3
Merrick Ekins - Level 3
Thomas Beckman - Level 3
Abigayle Timms
Anthony Bonomi
Beth Smith
Bill Berger
Bryn Mathews
David Phillips-Rees
David Walwyn
Denyce Diener
Diane Kerr
Ellie Allain
Emery Risdall
Gibson Kerr
Jen Downey
Katie Barnes
Katie King-Smith
Maddison Springfield
Sandy Grosvenor
Sarah Weaver
Shannon Finnegan
Stan Witt
Vanessa Rosenmeyer